The Devil in Dover: An Insider's Story of Dogma v. Darwin

The Devil in Dover: An Insider's Story of Dogma v. Darwin in Small-town America ➜ [Epub] ❧ The Devil in Dover: An Insider's Story of Dogma v. Darwin in Small-town America By Lauri Lebo ➦ – Local newspaper reporter Lauri Lebo was handed the story of a lifetime when the Dover Pennsylvania School Board adopted a measure to reuire its ninth grade biology students to learn about intelligent Local newspaper reporter Lauri Lebo was in Dover: PDF É handed the story of a lifetime when the Dover Pennsylvania School Board adopted a measure to reuire its ninth grade biology students to learn about intelligent design In a case that recalled the famed Scopes “monkey” trial and made international headlines eleven parents sued the The Devil PDF/EPUB ² school board When the case wound up in federal court before a George W Bush–appointed judge Lebo had a front row seatDestined to become reuired reading for a generation of journalists scientists and science teachers as well as for anyone concerned about the separation of church and state The Devil in Dover is Devil in Dover: ePUB ✓ Lebo’s widely praised account of a perfect storm of religious intolerance First Amendment violations and an assault on American science education Lebo skillfully probes the compelling background of the case introducing us to the plaintiffs the defendants the lawyers and a parade of witnesses along with Judge John E Jones who would eventually Devil in Dover: An Insider's eBook ¾ condemn the school board’s decision as one of “breathtaking inanity”With the antievolution battle having moved to the state level—and the recent passage of state legislation that protects the right of schools to teach alternatives to evolution—the story will continue to be relevant for years to come.

  • Hardcover
  • 238 pages
  • The Devil in Dover: An Insider's Story of Dogma v. Darwin in Small-town America
  • Lauri Lebo
  • English
  • 15 January 2016
  • 9781595582089

10 thoughts on “The Devil in Dover: An Insider's Story of Dogma v. Darwin in Small-town America

  1. Bill Kerwin Bill Kerwin says:

    An interesting although far from gripping examination of the Intelligent Design court case involving the Dover Pennsylvania school board the Discovery Institute and the People for the American Way It demonstrates that thou shalt not bear false witness is for the evangelical right no than an optional commandment Lebo a local reporter is particular effective when she shows how the fundamentalist members of the school board clearly lied on the witness stand and how their fellow religionists her own father included declined to condemn these bearers of false witness because God was clearly on their side

  2. Andrew Breslin Andrew Breslin says:

    Orangutans split off from the common ancestor to all of today's great apes about 12 million years ago Gorillas diverged about 4 million years after that Then about 4 million years ago our evolving primate progenitor split again one line producing today’s chimpanzees and bonobos The other evolved to become human beings a species with the unprecedented ability to think deeply and use reason and mathematics and science and logic With the notable exception of “intelligent design” proponentsIf you are not alarmed at religious fundamentalist crackpots possessed of the approximate level of scientific knowledge typically seen in say a tuna casserole and their attempts to foist upon unsuspecting schoolchildren a steaming pile of balderdash based on a literal acceptance of the mythology of Neolithic goat herders then you probably are one of the fundamentalist crackpots That seems unlikely though as you have made it this far in to this review undissuaded by vocabulary above a 4th grade level What is so truly disturbing about Lauri Lebo’s brilliant account of the aforementioned fundies’ attempts to veto science with their specific faith is not the ignorance of the creationists which is too obvious to retain much shock value If you believe that the millions of species of plant and animal with whom we now share this world are each directly descended from ancestors that just a few thousand years ago somehow managed to fit into a boat that measured 300 cubits long then what I have to wonder with some pity and amazement is it like to be as bad at math as you are? Also do you know what a cubit is? I broke my cubit stick but I think it’s about 18 inches No what’s truly astonishing is their sheer brazen dishonesty and utter absence of any lingering shred of integrity Because what the fundies did was lie on stacks of bibles in court shamelessly perjuring themselves while jeopardizing the livelihoods and careers of others to promote their own lunatic agenda It’s a fascinating account of one of the most important intellectual crises civilization has ever faced Science itself is under a massive attack Climate change evolution and basic elementary principles of economics are all being systematically denied by people who “don’t believe” science that they don’t come remotely close to understanding because it conflicts with their faith People have the right to believe whatever they want to believe They can believe that the Garden of Eden actually existed that Noah’s ark was real that people in the distant past who claimed to have been designated as messengers from a Supreme Being were not simply lying charlatans They can believe that the Earth is not 45 billion years old But it’s not science It’s the opposite of science It’s specifically denying science because it conflicts with the superstitions of ancient goat herders who weren’t any better at math or logical scientific analysis than their modern day counterparts thousands of years later in the creationist movement but apparently not even a little bit worseIf people want to teach their children that nearly all the world’s scientists and in fact the vast majority of people who can do math are all involved in a massive conspiracy to deceive them perhaps at the behest of some malevolent horned boogie man then that is their prerogative But they can do that at home not in a science classroom And if they are teaching them that there is even a whiff of a controversy within the scientific community regarding evolution rather than an overwhelming virtually unanimous consensus then what they are teaching their children is a naked shameless lie Lebo’s sobering tale is given a humanizing dimension by details of conflicts with her beloved father who was alas firmly on the side of faith and not science I can relate There are fundamentalist crackpots in my own family and I’ve met many others most of them very nice people upon whom I would never wish any harm It saddens me to see their capacity for critical thought brutally butchered by oppressive faith None of them is remotely ualified to teach biology because the sum total of their “knowledge” of where human beings came from is based entirely on the creation myths of ancient illiterate nomadsI don’t expect to ever have any kids so my particular evolutionary line having come millions of years from my great great etc grandpappy that Miocene Epoch primate mentioned above has finally after all this time come to an end But maybe you’ve sueezed out a descendent or two and maybe you’d like them to grow up in a world in which we continue to evolve as we have for millions of years and not devolve reverting to less intelligent less knowledgeable creatures than we once were If so then you ought to be prepared to stand up for science reason rationality and against ignorance absurdity and blind acceptance of scripture even when it conflicts with vast mountains of scientific data If not then flying spaghetti monster help us all

  3. Mazola1 Mazola1 says:

    This account of the Pennsylvania intelligent design trial was written by a reporter for one of the local newspapers Hence the description in the subtitle an insider's story of dogma v darwinism in small town America Ms Lebo was personally acuainted with many of the key players She grew up in Dover and reported on the school board prior to the lawsuit which made Dover famous She was well aware of the tensions and hostilities leading up to the lawsuit which were greatly magnified by the trial Her father was a fundamentalist Christian pastor and she freuently found herself at odds with him about issues of science and faithMs Lebo sketches the conflict between supporters and opponents of the school board's decision to inject a reference to intelligent design into the science curriculum as well as the confict between herself and her father But as she writes the trial wasn't just about those conflicts It was also about this country The believers and nonbelievers Will this dividing line of religious fundamentalism always be there and always separate us like a fault line running through our hearts? Anyone else pondering this uestion will find her book useful source material as it is a lucid explanation of the fundamentalistic mindset as well as the world view of those on the other side and the gulf that separates themThe book briefly summarizes the trial hitting the high points but its description of the personalities and actions of the key players as well as the author's own ambivalence about some of them and her role as a journalist is what sets this book apart from other books about the trial The book helps us to understand why the intelligent design issue and the trial evoked such strong feelings both in Dover and by extension in the whole countryWhy would the board take actions which its lawyer warned would trigger a costly lawsuit the board would probably lose? Why would board members commit perjury in such an obvious fashion that the judge referred the matter to the local district attorney? Why would her own newspaper ask her to re write the story she wrote the day the board's key scientific expert was eviscerated on cross examination to make it favorable to the pro intelligent design side? What does journalistic objectivity mean when the reporter comes to see or believe that one side of a controversy is right and the other is wrong? These are just a few of the knotty problems the book deals withWhile the book can be read as the tale of the breathtaking inanity of what the school district did it can also be read as a story of our judicial system When Judge John E Jones III a George W Bush appointee to the federal bench was announced as the trial judge intelligent design supporters were enthusiastic describing him as a good old boy brought up through the conservative ranks and opining that unless Judge Jones wants to cut his career off at the knees he isn't going to rule against the wishes of his political allies In other words they thought he was one of them and as such would not and could not rule against them on an issue of such importance to fundalmentalists Of course that's just what he did leading Bill O'Reilly to brand him a fascist and conservative bloggers to call him Jackass Jones The Judge in his decision finding that intelligent design is not science but is religion and cannot constitutionally be taught in public school science courses took care to deny that he is an activist judgeNonetheless Ann Coulter bitterly charged that the darwinists didn't win on science persuasion or the evidence what trial did she watch? but by finding a court to hand them everything they want on a silver platter To which the Judge later responded that Ann Coulter foments a kind of civic stupidity in my opinion Which only goes to prove that Judge Jones obviously read Ann Coulter's opinion pieces with far care than she read his opinion in the Dover caseJudge Jones believes that accusations that he is an activist judge threaten to tear at the fabric of our system of justice and that the premise of those who make these accusations is that judges can and should act in a partisan manner rather than strictly adhering to the rule of law He says that to those who believe that judges must cast aside precedents and rule as according to an agenda let me say that I believe that the public's dependence upon the impartiality and the integrity of judges is absolutely essential to its confidence in its judicial system This book says a lot about many uintessentially American things including our brand of religious fundamentalism and our system of public education But perhaps the proudest portrait it draws is its depiction of our system of justice which somehow managed to work just as it should in a democracy despite being at the center of a maelstrom of emotion and controversy

  4. Nikki Byer Nikki Byer says:

    Compelling and relevant are two words to describe the book I just finished The Devil in Dover is the succinct account of the Kitzmiller vs Dover trial on Intelligent Design The author Lauri Lebo who I am proud to call a friend was one of the local reporters from the York Daily Record who covered the trial Besides being a story of local interest that includes places I’m familiar with it has much far reaching importance For me Lauri’s account of how the Dover school board tried to insert the teaching of creationism into the 9th grade science curriculum helped me to gain insight into the current sneaky attacks on the Separation of Church and State For example in the Dover case the defendants claimed that Judge Jones who was appointed by George W Bush was an activist judge Jones derided the school board members’ behavior as “breathtaking inanity” and ruled that Intelligent Design was not science Fast forward to 2019 and we hear our president claim that when the court system rules against him the judges are biased Lauri’s book explains why Evangelicals and Fundamentalists are trying to supplant far right judges in our courts The Devil in Dover has many other relevant comparisons to current times There is blatant bald faced lies even under oath—something Lauri tried to shed light on in her writing There is “what aboutism”—just exchange “but Hillary” with “but Bill” There’s hostility and division— neighbor against neighbor; father against daughter One of the most heartfelt and poignant parts of the story was the struggle between Lauri and her Fundamentalist father And there’s the dismissal and contempt for science and education While now it’s climate change then it was whether we teach our children that the Earth is 45 billion years old and our diverse natural world evolved through natural selection and survival of the fittest OR that the dinosaurs and people existed together like Fred Wilma Flintstone and their pet Dino I highly recommend this to anyone who has concerns about the direction our country is headed My prediction is that the case covered in this well written book is not going to end the attacks on science and courts It’s just a point on a continuum with an unknown end Last point For those of you who know Lauri Lebo— ask about the Flying Spaghetti Monster

  5. John John says:

    This book is not about the battle between religion and science—it’s about the battle between truth and lies Since the Supreme Court outlawed teaching of biblical creationism in 1987 religious fundamentalist have continued to scheme to undermine the teaching of common origins and Darwinian evolution through natural selection Fundamentalists “evolved” ‘Creation Science’ sic into ‘Intelligent Design’ which was adopted into the high school science curriculum of Dover PA in 2004 For enthusiasts of science and reason the 2005 Kitzmiller v Dover Area School District is the most famous court case to date in this young century The story is told by Lauri Lebo a local Dover reporter for the small hometown newspaper I have been fascinated by this case and have read and watched everything written by the principle players Ken Miller Barbara Forrest Eugenie Scott Robert Pennock Kevin Padian etc PBS did a terrific job in their 2 hour documentary “God on Trial” and Matthew Chapman authored an excellent narrative of these dare I say ‘epic’ events in his 2007 book “40 Days and 40 Nights Darwin Intelligent Design God OxyContin and Other Oddities on Trial in Pennsylvania” Chapman interestingly is the great great grandson of Charles Darwin I went into this book with low expectations because after all Lauri Leo has spent her life as a small town newspaper reporter What a delightful surprise I found Lebo is an excellent story teller and captures the local flavor and local impact exceptionally well Her personal reactions and reflections are poignant and moving because she like everyone in Dover was deeply personally effected Lebo is charming but uses a rapier wit to expose the vacuous dissemination and outright lies of everyone yes all the parties on the side of God Lebo’s presentation made me finally aware of why I have been so personally involved personally obsessed and personally just plain pissed off at this canaille H L Menken’s word describing the creationists in Dayton TN in 1925 This rabble with their theocratic pseudoscience is threatening our democracy my democracy They are laughable and absurd and extraordinarily dangerous to everything America has ever stood for Lauri Lebo has nailed them with an iron fist This book is a must read Charlie Pierce by the way has an excellent chapter in his little book Idiot America on the recent lunacy in Dover PA He uotes a local fundamentalist pastor just before the start of the trial as saying ‘Our town has been invaded by the intellectual and educated’ FROM THE BOOK“The job before democracy is to get rid of such canaille If it fails they will devour it H L Mencken “If you believe this heavenhell truly believe this then how could anything else matter? The First Amendment scientific reality the truth? All this would mean nothing And for those of us who don’t believe can’t believe we have to bear the weight of this fear “What would it be like to go a week without being judged?”“According to sworn testimony intelligent design had nothing to do with God Then Pat Robertson says if you don’t support it God will hate you These clowns want it both ways” “It wasn’t just that its ID supporters—everyone from Dover’s school board to the Discovery Institute—were lying Intelligent design’s entire premise is a lie nothing but a bait and switch fraud They promised scientific proof But in the end Michael Behe said all they had was faith that what they were espousing was true” Judge Jones’ opinion ID’s backers have sought to avoid the scientific scrutiny which we have now determined it cannot withstand by advocating that the controversy but not ID itself should be taught in science class This tactic is at best disingenuous at worst a canard canard a deliberately false report or rumor especially something silly intended as a joke It is our view that a reasonable objective observer would reach the inescapable conclusion that ID is an interesting theological argument but that it is not science” “The Board brazenly chose not to follow the advice of their only science education resources the teachers” “The breathtaking inanity of the Board’s decision is evident when considered against the factual backdrop which had now been fully revealed at this trial” inane – silly absurd ridiculous idiotic stupid frivolous childish immature mindless “Although Defendants attempt to persuade the Court that each Board member who voted for the biology curriculum change did so for the secular purpose of improving science education and to exercise critical thinking skills their contentions are simply irreconcilable with the record evidence Their asserted purposes are a sham” “The inescapable truth is that both Bonsell and Buckingham Board members lied” “The citizens of the Dover area were poorly served by the members of the Board who voted for the ID policy It is ironic that several of these individuals who so staunchly and proudly touted their religious convictions in the public would time and again lie to cover their tracks and disguise the real purpose behind the ID policy”

  6. Douglas Douglas says:

    Part courtroom drama part science lesson part memoir all woven together to make a fascinating story Even though the events took place in 2005 the attitudes and motivations of the central characters give insight into what is going on in our country today

  7. Pumpkinbear Pumpkinbear says:

    The debate between Creationism and Evolution is WAY than simple black and white Well it IS simple black and white since Creationism is religion and Evolution is science but how creationism and evolution are perceived how they are promoted how they are defendedTHAT is way than simple black and whiteLebo has a uniue perspective on the debate since she is both a journalist with the talent to do than just uote and summarize although how far she should take this ability and whether it permits her to make judgments on these issues is another relevant uestion in this book and she happens to live in this particular small town where the school board tried to slip Creationism into their science classes AND her father is a fundamentalist Christian who'd be just fine with all the kids in America learning about God instead of scienceThe best uality of Lebo's writing here is to make you feel as maddened and frustrated as she clearly is Why those self professed Christians are LYING They're lying to promote Christian propaganda No matter what other awful things some Christians get up to we all know they're not supposed to LIE while still neatly working through the sometimes complicated and convoluted proceedings so that you actually understand at least what happened and when it happened regardless of whether or not you can figure out why some of this stuff happenedLebo's book is a lesson to me that even though my family homeschools I need to stay involved with what's going on in our local school district So far our school board only does run of the mill negligent stuff like threatening to fire all the school librarians and middle school language teachers and all the art teachers etc if the community didn't approve a property tax increase and then when we did approve it firing a bunch of people anyway and proposing a new plan to buy a billion ipads for the schoolchildren instead but if they ever united under a secret agenda like this board did who knows what mischief they could make? It's also a lesson that the separation of church and state is all well and good but there certainly weren't any outspoken atheists at that trial reminding the world that there's also nothing wrong with having no religion at all I wonder how THAT would have gone over in that town?

  8. Cara Cara says:

    The strength and weakness of this book is that Lebo is a local she knew all of the players knew their neighbors knew the reporters who were called liars and compelled to testify That knowledge allows her to paint certain individuals such as Buckingham an oxycontin abusing authoritarian religious zealot with sympathy I found myself feeling sorry for him towards the end of the book She also uses the intelligent design trial to examine her relationship with her father a fundamentalist Christian who sees the world so differently from her and with whom she is constantly trying to obtain some acknowledgment that the world is complex than fundamentalists portray Her depiction of their relationship is poignant and movingI also really liked her point that the new mantra that journalism should be fair and balanced ends up distorting the truth There isn't real balance in the creationismintelligent design v evolution controversy The former theories are simply dogma; the latter is an actual scientific theory that is supported by the known evidence To portray both sides as having eual validity undermines the one role of the media which is to educate its readers about current events and issues The importance of being objective and truthful as opposed to some artificial concept of fair and balanced is particularly striking today when so much of the mass media appears driven by ratings and the need to keep corporate owners and advertisers happy but which is leading to increasingly uneducated and polarized citizenryWhere i thought the book was hampered by her insider status was in her depiction of the trial itself I liked how she conveyed the energy of the courtroom but I found her descriptions of trial to be incomplete and sometimes disjointed She reported the highlights but I feel without providing enough context to allow the reader to put the case together in hisher own mind I shared her enthusiasm as she educated herself about evolutionary theory and came to enjoy the scientific testimony but it was sometimes hard to put all of it together I'm not sure that Lebo understood how it all went together which would certainly hinder any attempt to explain it to someone else Still this is a fascinating and human account of one of the interesting cases from the last 20 years and well worth a read

  9. John John says:

    A Remarkable Poignant and Vivid Account of the Kitzmiller vs Dover Trial as Told By a Local JournalistIf Fundamentalist Protestant Christian religious zealots Alan Bonsell and Bill Buckingham had sought to introduce the teaching of Intelligent Design in the biology classrooms of New York City's Stuyvesant High School then theirs would have been an utterly spectacular failure recognized by many as a blatantly brazen attempt in injecting religion into science classrooms Why? Though in recent years Stuyvesant High School may be better known as the high school where best selling memoirist Frank McCourt taught English and creative writing for nearly two decades the school itself has a nearly century old reputation as America's foremost high school devoted to the sciences mathematics and engineering; the prestigious alma mater of such distinguished alumni as the late Joshua Lederberg one of the school's four Nobel Prize laureate alumni former president of Rockefeller University and a leading pioneer of molecular biology mathematician and University of Chicago president Robert Zimmer political pundit Dick Morris molecular biologist Eric Lander leader of one of the two teams which seuenced successfully the human genome and physicists Brian Greene and Lisa Randall Neither its principal who has vowed in public that Intelligent Design will never be taught there as long as he serves nor its faculty nor its parents would have permitted it Further had sixty copies of Intelligent Design textbook Of Pandas and People appeared suddenly in the school's library I am certain that some enterprising students might have used them in a scientific experiment testing their buoyancy in the briny waters of the Hudson River For an insightful look at Stuyvesant High School itself I strongly encourage readers to buy my friend Alec Klein's A Class Apart which is available for purchase here at com In the interest of full disclosure both Klein and I are fellow alumni of Stuyvesant High School and Brown University Located in the southeastern corner of the state of Pennsylvania the small rural town of Dover is not New York City; its high school Dover High School probably doesn't come close to matching Stuyvesant's celebrated academic excellence Nor does the town of Dover resemble even remotely New York City's cosmopolitan religious and ethnic diversity Instead Dover is located in Pennsylvanian Dutch country and like much of the United States part of a Fundamentalist Protestant Christian Bible Belt in which most of its citizens are devout Christians who strongly believe in the Bible's literal truth and they regard with ample suspicion and hostility an atheistic idea like Darwin's Theory of Evolution via Natural Selection In such an environment it isn't surprising that former Dover Area School District board members Bonsell and Buckingham succeeded in persuading the board to adopt a policy sympathetic to the teaching of Intelligent Design However it is surprising that they did so contrary to the wishes of Dover High School's science faculty who clearly understood that theirs was a deceitful effort towards introducing a religious doctrine Intelligent Design into the high school's 9th grade biology classrooms Indeed much later at the conclusion of the Kitzmiller vs Dover trial Judge John E Jones III would harshly condemn the Dover Area School District board for ignoring the sound advice of these teachers and acting against their wishes Among the many reporters covering the six week long Kitzmiller vs Dover trial in the Fall of 2005 the finest included several local reporters such as York Daily Record's education reporter Lauri Lebo whose beat covered the First Amendment issues raised by the Dover Area School Board's advocacy of Intelligent Design Now in The Devil in Dover Lauri Lebo has written a terse but uite compelling personal account of the trial told from the perspective of someone who knew many of those involved in the unfolding legal drama For example she mentions Bill Buckingham in the acknowledgements section of her book still counting him as a friend simply because of their mutual admiration for bluegrass music and his excellence as a raconteur It is an intensely personal account since Lebo had to wrestle with personal demons both during and after the trial hoping to reconcile herself to her father a Born Again Fundamentalist Protestant Christian and the owner of the local radio station devoted exclusively to Christian programming It is also a splendidly written account replete with a simple almost poetic prose style that could remind readers of Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes in its sincerity It is also the most riveting account I have read yet of the Kitzmiller vs Dover Area School District trial and one which deserves to take its place alongside Edward Humes' Monkey Girl and Matthew Chapman's 40 Days and 40 Nights as the finest books published so far on the trial itself Lebo uickly introduces us to those on the Dover Area School District board like Bonsell and Buckingham who were passionately advocating Intelligent Design without making a serious effort in trying to understand it and in determining whether it was truly a viable scientific alternative to contemporary evolutionary theory Indeed I am delighted that Lebo also provides a remarkably complete summary of the origins of the Intelligent Design movement mentioning briefly the now infamous Wedge Document whose crypto Fascist objectives included the successful introduction of Intelligent Design theory into science classrooms throughout the United States; her coverage only lacks the ample detail and insightful analysis of the movement that is found in Edward Humes' Monkey Girl She suggests that the 91101 terrorist attacks evoked a strong spiritual reawakening among many Americans especially those in Dover creating a political and cultural atmosphere which led inexorably to a school board uite sympathetic to the teaching of Intelligent Design in Dover High School's science classrooms even if its members were only vaguely familiar with its principal tenets like the concept of Irreducible Complexity Hers is an appealing uite compelling argument but one I am uite skeptical of for several reasons the least of which is recognizing that Intelligent Design creationism and other kinds of creationism had enjoyed ample support among Fundamentalist Protestant Christians long before the 91101 terrorist attacks I had known people like Alan Bonsell and Bill Buckingham many years before as a Brown University undergraduate within its Campus Crusade for Christ campus chapter membership; many of its leaders were friends with whom I had much in common politically while ignoring our radically divergent interests in science and religion Indeed I became the token Darwinist on an Ad Hoc Committee on Origins which sponsored a Creation Science vs Evolution debate held at Brown's hockey rink between Henry Morris the president of the San Diego based Institute for Creation Research and Ken Miller a young assistant professor of biology who had recently returned to his undergraduate alma mater The debate resembled a religious revival meeting of the kind described so vividly by Lebo since most of those present were from Fundamentalist Protestant Christian churches in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts It is clear from Lebo's compelling saga that the Dover Area School District board led by the likes of Bonsell and Buckingham was boldly going where no other school board had gone before in its blatant effort at injecting Christianity into Dover High School science classrooms during the summer and fall of 2004 A board that was ignoring not only the educational guidance provided by veteran teacher Berta Spahr and her Dover High School science colleagues but also defying the wishes of its own attorneys who recognized the potentially perilous course that the board was undertaking towards a potential First Amendment lawsuit against itself Not only a potential First Amendment lawsuit but also potential charges of perjury loomed after several board members including Bonsell and Buckingham denied under oath that creationism was discussed at several acrimonious board meetings which were covered by two of Lebo's York Daily Record colleagues and another journalist from a local television station They also refused to admit again under oath how sixty copies of the Intelligent Design textbook Of Pandas and People were purchased from money raised via a private church donation Lebo deftly switches back and forth between the board's shenanigans to the potential interest shown in its activities from the National Center for Science Education the Discovery Institute and the Thomas More Law Center whose attorneys would serve as the board's principal defense attorneys during the Kitzmiller vs Dover trial Without uestion the most riveting portions of The Devil in Dover are Lebo's extensive recollections of the trial testimony itself Reading her version of events during Ken Miller's cross examination by defense attorney Patrick Gillen and Intelligent Design advocate Michael Behe's bizarre exchanges with lead plaintiff attorney Eric Rothschild over the very definition of science and the evolutionary implications of immunology one is left indelibly with a strong impression of how important these testimonies were in Judge Jones' well reasoned and well stated decision; a decision that was not replete with instances of plagiarism and judicial activism as many Intelligent Design creationists and other creationists have contended freuently here at com their own websites like Bill Dembski's Uncommon Descent and elsewhere but instead a brilliant legal document which underscored Jones' keen understanding of what constituted valid science contemporary evolutionary theory and why Intelligent Design was really a fraudulent idea whose primary aim was to inject Christian religious values into science classrooms Yet the missing link that tied Intelligent Design to religion was unearthed by philosopher Barbara Forrest in a brilliant piece of detective work; her courtroom testimony may be the most compelling that I have read from any of the books devoted to this trial In The Devil in Dover Lauri Lebo demonstrates how she became a committed journalist interested in reporting only the truth ignoring the pleas from her editors to offer balance between the opposing sides A commitment for which she paid dearly in losing the trust and respect of her father and then finally her decades old job as a local newspaper reporter But a superb commitment in support of the truth that we the public should salute Lauri Lebo for her ample courage and determination in putting an end to The Devil in Dover Hers is a book which deserves a wide readership especially since the Discovery Institute is still aggressively pursuing its crypto Fascist Wedge Strategy as though it was some latter day group of Visigoths Vandals and Huns seeking to destroy all that is noble and just in Western Civilization Oddly enough by mere coincidence not by Intelligent Design it is being published mere weeks after the debut of Ben Stein's pathetic cinematic mendacious intellectual pornography Expelled No Intelligence Allowed which contends that there is a virulent mainstream scientific witch hunt against Intelligent Design advocates and euates most odiously Darwinism with Nazism The Devil in Dover also deserves ample critical acclaim as one of the best books published this year; it is truly a spellbinding affirmation of my apt description of Intelligent Design as mendacious intellectual pornography Reposted from my 2008 review

  10. gnarlyhiker gnarlyhiker says:

    Evangelist Some people would have you believe dinosaurs existed millions of years ago It's just not true God created the earth six thousand years ago I tell my kids you have to remember dinosaurs and human beings lived on the earth at the same timeTony What like The Flintstones?Evangelist It's in the BibleChristopher T Rex in the garden of eden? No way Adam and Eve would be runnin' all the time scared shitless The Bible says it was Paradise The Sopranos

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