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Jack Stenhouse Mysteries [Read] ➲ Jack Stenhouse Mysteries By Frank A. Ruffolo – Thomashillier.co.uk Beautiful women are dying in Fort Lauderdale from the bite of a black mamba the deadliest snake in Africa Then during the feast of Saturnalia a serial killer targets prostitutes during a cold winter i Beautiful women are dying in Fort Lauderdale from the bite of a black mamba the deadliest snake in Africa Then during the feast of Saturnalia a serial killer targets prostitutes during a cold winter in New York CityJoin Detective Jack Stenhouse a seasoned professional with the Fort Lauderdale PD as he cruises the hot asphalt in his ’ Hemi Road Runner Follow Jack with his girlfriend Didi a woman with a name to match her attributes as he moves to the Big Apple and joins the First Jack Stenhouse MOBI :↠ Precinct as the new recruit on dutyLearn how the Shadow of Death accompanies Jack like an albatross around his neck Find out if the Saturnalian Affect will cloud his judgmentNow enter the mysterious world of Jack Stenhouse If you dare.

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  1. Ella Ella says:

    This is a two for one as it has two separate novellas The story is connected by the main characters Jack Stenhouse is one of the leading homicide detectives in Fort Lauderdale and he is sick of the heat and the slow case load he wants action As soon as he sends off his resume and gets some notice from the first precinct in NY he get involved in a big case in Fort Lauderdale This Triple murder case has some twist and turns that keep you turning the page to see what happens nextOnce the case is solved he transfers to the big city The weather Fort Lauderdale verses New York are so drastic The summer hear in Florida makes the New York winter cold that much cold to him Adjusting to a new city and new climate is only a few things that are different To ease him into the faster pace Jack is given a cold case to work on To their surprise the cold case becomes active once again when another body shows up with the same MO Slowly Jack and his new partner are able to find clues to help them start solving the caseEach book starts a little slow but it is setting up the ground work for the story and once the ground work is set the story pulls you in There are a few small twist that make you uestion what will happen next Looking forward to see if there will be any stories to add to the series

  2. Angelle Angelle says:

    OK I need I can't wait to see what Frank Ruffolo has up his sleeve in his next book

  3. Bill Bill says:

    I won a paperback copy of “Jack Stenhouse Mysteries” by Frank A Ruffalo on Goodreadscom and am posting an honest review I gave it a rating of 3 starsThis book is a run of the mill police procedural featuring Jack Stenhouse a cocky Fort Lauderdle detective who solves a series of murders involving prostitutes killed by a deadly snake venom Jack constantly complains about the oppressive south Florida heat while running around with his stripper girl friend Didi She’s even drafted by the police to help capture the murderer All the while Jack keeps repeating the same lame jokes bathroom and otherwise He’s so proud of his ‘68 Road Runner that he has to beep the horn twice each time he drives off Simply juvenile behavior and tiresome to read Much of the dialogue seems forced and unrealistic I just kept shaking my headOnce the murders are solved Jack gets a job in New York City a change of scenery and temperature he craves He’s immediately assigned to a case involving a series of murders related to the pagan festival of Saturnalia Jack determines that some of New York’s bigshots are tied to the case It’s clear who the murderer is and eventually the case is solved You just have to plod through all the silliness to reach the endNitpicking Jack is described on page 1 as having eyes a shade grayer than blue However on the front cover Jack appears to have brown eyes Go figure

  4. Sheila Sheila says:

    I wanted to like Jack Stenhouse except once I met him in the book I didn’t like him except pretty soon I was kind of oddly hooked—he has depth than the surface allows Jack Stenhouse has the traditional failed marriages sardonically sexist attitude to women and the general downbeat misery of a noir detective But behind it all he’s eager to solve the case; he just might really love Didi; he does have hope for the future; and he does in fact respect the skills of his female colleagues besides admiring their assetsPole dancing and cup size feature large in Didi’s assets giving rise to a nice juxtaposition of showcasing the female form versus abuse and cruelty On the streets there’s a similarly thought provoking contrast between casual and violent crime There’s corruption laziness and serious crime solving And there’s a uick sharp narrator skipping from thought to deed to conseuence as fast as Jacks’ beloved Hemi racing down the streetDon’t look for depth deep thought or lengthy backstory But enjoy a surprisingly vulnerable protagonist in two fast told honestly enjoyable tales Travel from Florida to New York Then look out for Disclosure I met the author online

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