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Natures Fifth Season [Download] ✤ Natures Fifth Season By Michelle Muto – Four short stories and one novella from author Michelle Muto Eleanor Two teens meet their match during a home invasion when they encounter the elderly homeowner The Goblin An eight year old boy ponder Four short stories and one novella from author Michelle Muto Eleanor Two teens meet their match during a home invasion when they encounter the elderly homeowner The Goblin An eight year old boy ponders the rules of monsters and the creature that lives under his bed Crossroads A midnight trip across a desolate highway takes a husband and wife farther than they expected Dear Maddy During a winter long stay at a remote mountain cabin a man writes letters to a ghost and soon begins to uestion his Natures Fifth MOBI :↠ sanity Touch Everyone needs a second chance The heartfelt story of a young girl an abandoned dog and the unbreakable bond between them.

About the Author: Michelle Muto

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8 thoughts on “Natures Fifth Season

  1. Laura *Little Read Riding Hood* Laura *Little Read Riding Hood* says:

    With 5 stories I ran the spectrum of emotions giggling at Elanore to creeped out or just flat out scared at the next two the fourth story what can I say I expected it but was still surprised and then Touch the last story I thought I was going to die from saddness and bittersweet tears Ugh Anything that can make me giggle and cry in leas than 100 pages is a fantastic read Pick it up

  2. Shirley Shirley says:

    This is a group of short stories that represent the seasons Spring Summer Fall Winter and Nature’s Fifth Season Trust me it’ll make sense when you read it Each one has some form of paranormal aspect Some of the stories are funny and cute They all have at least one interesting twist Some are down right creepy and I dare you to read the last story and not shed a tear This is the perfect book to pick up when you’re in between reads or just want to read through one of them when you have a little bit of spare time Eleanor The description of Eleanor above pretty much says it all The tables are turned on a pair of teenagers when they decide to take on Eleanor She may look like a defenseless little old cat lady but appearances can fool you I almost felt sorry for them at the end almost ; The Goblin How many kids are afraid of the monster who lives under their bed or in their closet? Jeremy had some pretty steadfast rules when it came to monsters and he tried not to break them I’m glad I read this one when my days of checking under the bed and in the closet for my kids were long over shivers Crossroads Honesty is the best policy especially when it comes to marriage This couple learned an important lesson about honesty and some interesting conseuences of keeping secrets Dear Maddy I can honestly say that I didn’t see the twist in Dear Maddy coming The story was a series of letters written to the ghost of a man left behind after her death That’s pretty much all I can say without giving anything away Touch Oh Colt such a good dog This story was uniue in a lot of ways but mainly because it was told totally from the dog’s perspective It began with Colt at the Pound on the day that he found his new Forever Home with Becca and her family Touch covers the life span of Colt and beyond I have to be honest I knew what I was in for when I started reading Touch but I still wasn’t prepared If you are a dog lover be forewarned This story will bring back every memory you’ve tucked away if you’ve ever loved and lost a dog Even if you’re not a dog lover I dare you again not to feel something when you read this story There is no doubt in my mind that dogs sense than we can imagine Michelle Muto reinforces that in Touch and gives them a ‘voice’ that I totally believe they internally have sigh

  3. Thomas Amo Thomas Amo says:

    This is my third book by author Michelle Muto Just when you think you've gotten used to an author's style they change up on you in the most pleasant of ways Nature's Fifth Season was a book that made me feel like I was a teenager again reading Stephen King's Night Shift It has all the elements of nice chills and disturbing turns It was nice to see her tackle the anthology format I hope she writes of them I won't do any spoilers Each story stands perfectly on it's own two in particular grabbed me One on a very visceral level and the other emotionallyIt's very visual in style and makes a great afternoon read or if you'd like some creepy just before bedtime literature

  4. Joyce Hunt Joyce Hunt says:

    I love short stories but some authors just can't write them very well However Michelle can and did for this book I bought this book this morning and inhaled it Every story was well crafted pulling the reader in without the need to a lot of back story Loved it and look forward to reading of this author's work

  5. A Book Vacation A Book Vacation says:

    This was so amazing I especially loved The Fifth Season story Wow

  6. Donna Fitzpatrick Donna Fitzpatrick says:

    Great collection of short stories Highly recommended I've often said that well crafted short stories are harder to write than full novels because the author has such a small amount of words in which to develop the characters give us some backstory and tie up one or several plotlines This author nails it

  7. Shellee Shellee says:

    I loved these short stories From giggling to sobbing and everything in between I am so glad I read this anthology

  8. Aviar Savijon Aviar Savijon says:

    A great collection of short stories a must read

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