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Deaths Realm ❮Reading❯ ➳ Deaths Realm ➬ Author Anthony Rivera – There's something that awaits you on the road ahead lurking in the darkness at the intersection between the Here and the HereafterIt's at the crossroads of this existence and the next where the forces There's something that awaits you on the road ahead lurking in the darkness at the intersection between the Here and the HereafterIt's at the crossroads of this existence and the next where the forces of the Living and the Dead converge in a terrifying place known as Death's Realm And it's here where armies from either side of the veil wage an everlasting battle in the struggle for controlThis is a volume containing sixteen stories of those wars by award winning modern masters of the horror and speculative fiction genresDEATH'S REALM FEATURESOMNISCOPIC by Rhoads Brazos Mankind has forever sought proof of existence beyond death This terrifying Lovecraftian tales proves that sometimes the secrets of the universe are better left undiscoveredSOME OTHER DAY by John FD Taff Following the death of his mother a boy goes to great lengths to maintain a relationship with his grief stricken father no matter the cost to all of mankindHAUNTER by Hank Schwaeble Matthew has found love again after a tragic loss but the nightmares of the past threaten his new reality and seem determined to repeat themselvesBURIAL SUIT by John C Foster An ex con embarks on a dangerous journey to ensure his dead father's soul finds safe passage to eternity risking his own in the processNINE by Aaron Polson An anthropologist's obsession with a lost civilization becomes strangely intertwined with the bizarre behavior of her two young sonsPENUMBRA by Jay Caselberg Newly dead a young man is determined to reach across the veil to the woman he left behind refusing to let death stand in the way of their true loveFOXHOLE by JG Faherty As the only survivors of a military unit engaged in a jungle battle soldiers and childhood buddies stop at nothing to protect each other from the unseen enemy that pursues themDROWNING by Gregory L Norris Edgard miraculously escaped death when he survived the sinking of Titanic Having made a new life for himself in America a terrifying force threatens to drag him back to the dark and icy waters of the North AtlanticTHE WEIGHT by Jane Brooks Experiencing debilitating pain that has her at the edge of consciousness a woman struggles with the events of her past in order to remain aliveHARDER YOU FALL by Brian Fatah Steele The ability to talk to the dead has provided Madeline a lavish lifestyle Now desiring something she must find a way to escape the influence of her dark mentorMIRRORWORLD by Martin Rose All Jude needed was the signature of a Satanist on divorce papers What he got instead was an untimely death and a tortured hereafter thanks to some dangerous black magicMARCH HAYS by Matthew Pegg When WWII leaves him wounded Sam finds himself in a familiar place where pleasant memories of his youth are darkened by a terrifying specterHIGH ART by Karen Runge and Simon Dewar Raymond is living the life he always dreamed of now that his wife is out of the picture But he uickly begins to uestion whether divorce would have been less painfulA PIRATE'S RANSOM by Jay O'Shea Somali pirates discover a disabled abandoned freighter adrift in the warm waters of the Arabian Sea yet it is mysteriously covered in ice They soon realize they should have let this opportunity pass them byTO TOUCH THE DEAD by Paul Michael Anderson When our possessions are all that remain of our existence future psychics from the People's History Project are employed to catalog the energy we've left behind with horrifying conseuencesYOU ONLY DIE ONCE by Stephen Graham Jones There are no pearly gates or angels on high to welcome the dead into the afterlife Instead there is only mysterious rooms filthy shadows and terrifying beings.

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  1. Lilyn G. | Sci-Fi & Scary | Lilyn G. | Sci-Fi & Scary | says:

    Death’s Realm is one of the best horror anthologies I’ve read There was no story I hated and several that I loved I think that the editors did a fantastic job with not only the selection of the stories but also their placement Too many times it seems like all the best stuff is at the beginning and the end of one of these books with middle being a unimaginative slog I also felt like the pacing and tension of Death’s Realm stories were consistent throughout My favorite stories were Omniscopic Some Other Day Mirrorworld and To Touch the Dead I knew going into Omniscopic that I was in for a treat having read Devil’s Trill by Rhoads Brazos in the past I was familiar with only a few other writers in the anthology besides himOverall I’m very pleased with Death’s Realm and would definitely recommend it for people wanting a well edited excellently curated anthology The fact that this one just happens to come from a small press is just a bonusFor specific thoughts and ratings on the individual stories please see belowOmniscopic by Rhoads Brazos – I was simultaneously intrigued disgusted curious and horrified Holy crap If something like knowing those little mites you can’t see are burrowing into your follicles then this is the type of story you don’t want to read Because you’ll itch shiver and shudder in repulsion for some time afterward Trust me on this Gah 55Some Other Day by John FD Taff – I had no idea where this one was going None So when I finally did clue in it was at the very end and I definitely had a “Holy crap”moment Grief and belief can do amazing things 55Haunter by Hank Schwaeble – This was a well written tale of insanity but the dead baby card just doesn’t ever do it for me 45Burial Suit by John C Foster – My least favorite so far but still rife with atmosphere and imagery that burns itself across your brain I liked the noir ish feel and was surprised by the ending 45Nine by Aaron Polson – The first story in the series that has done nothing for me I even reread it and it just leaves me completely blank Wasn’t a bad read just wasn’t a good one 35Penumbra by Jay Caselberg – More interesting than the last one but unlike the first few I knew immediately where this was going so there was no real surprise Did like the small twist at the end though 45Foxhole by JG Faherty – See notes on previous story Same thing 45Drowning by Gregory L Norris – I liked this this one It went kind of where I was epecting but not exactly The atmosphere was fantastic A solid read 45The Weight by Jane Brooks – I don’t know what I think about thisIt’s very well written and definitely made me sympathize with the main character but at the same time something about it just puts me off a little bit 35Harder You Fall by Brian Fatah Steele – While there were some predictable elements to this I still really liked it I definitely didn’t see the twist on the monster coming 45Mirrorworld by Martin Rose – Holy crap This was disturbing and fascinating and well written and well done I loved that ending 55March Hays by Matthew Pegg – I didn’t like this one as much I guess the “oh look heshe was really here the whole time” just gets old uick Well written but boring nonetheless 35High Art by Karen Runge and Simon Dewar – There was a line in this that bugged me “Even her snores were sensual somehow” Snoring is a sign of a narrowing or obstruction of some part of the airway while you’re breathing It is not sensual It’s a sign of a medical issue That aside – this was a delightfully twisted little tale that almost made my gorge rise 45A Pirate’s Ransom by Jay O’SHea – Eh it was okay Nothing to say 35To Touch the Dead by Paul Michael Anderson – This reminded me a bit of Chris Chesler’s The Kalbrandt Institute Archives It’s well told and imagined I wanted to know even as I was perfectly content with what I was given 55You Only Die Once by Stephen Graham Jones – Well this the final entry into the Death’s Realm Anthology leaves me with a solid case of “What in the world did I just read?” Its disturbing and imaginative and I think I’ll probably read it again before I write up my official review just to see if I missed something I should have caught 45I received a free copy of this book from the publisher It in no way influences my opinions

  2. The Scary Reviews The Scary Reviews says:

    I'm a huge fan of Grey Matter Press and have read each and every book they have published  Each book has an amazing group of writers that are collected to make up the particular theme  From the first book Dark Visions I to this latest release Death’s Realm the uality of writing and diversity of authors is amazing  Many of the authors have stories in the different books and I definitely have many favorites and always find a few to add to that list  When Death’s Realm was first announced I thought what better subject could ever be collected  It felt like Grey Matter Press had hit the nail on its head while the Horror genre is their main focus I was excited to see a set of Horror stories dealing with death as a theme  There are so many great stories here to read and I have mentioned a few that really stood out and stuck with me“Omniscopic” by Rhoads Brazos leads off this anthology of fantastic stories  Omniscopic is a dark and very frightening science fiction story and what a great way to start this collection  This is the kind of science fiction that scares me and gives me goose bumps  A scientist looks to discover what lies in the beyond the unknown and if life exists just beyond our ability to see or feel it  The technology created by the author is wonderfully imaginative and well versed As our main character Boas shows off his new discovery and demonstrates his creation we find that sometimes it’s best to leave the unknown alone  Knowing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be in the pages of Omniscopic“Some Other Day” by John FD Taff is an emotional slap in the face the author tells a horror story with such strong ties woven with emotion that you’ll remember this story for some time to come  A young boys mother dies leaving a grieving son and father  With only one parent left the son wants to spend and time with his Dad but he is too devastated to be the father his son needs  All the son wants to do is spend time playing catch in the yard but the weather is always bad and rain always seems to ruin his plans  The son asks everyday if they can play and the father says “some other day” after hearing this too many the son decides to take care of the weather himself by singing “rain rain go away” With everything he has he wants nothing but a sunny summer day This story really hits you where it counts especially for a parent who has had to tell a child “some other day”“Haunted” by Hank Schweable presents and interesting and tense story about a man who is haunted by his late wife This is an excellent story told from two views first the reporter looking back at the events and the internal dialog by the man being haunted As the story unfolds the perspective flips back and forth until we learn just how haunted this man is Hank tells a frightening and disturbing tale he makes you think everything isn’t always what it seems or that things aren’t as black and white as we assume they are I was really swept up in this story right from the start and felt like I was looking through the eyes of our haunted character  In the end our poor character is driven to madness from his haunting dead wife“Prenumbra” by Jay Caselberg is an excellent ghost story with a great twist ending He had me believing his story and then I get to the twist and POW I had to rewind the whole story in my mind and see it for what it really was It was very Sixth Sense all is not what you think it is  A man is so in love with a women that doesn’t even know he exists  The lengths he goes to to get her to notice him are crazy and when she does this is where I said “wow I didn’t see that coming”  This is great story telling that sucked me in from the beginning  After reading his story “Collage” in Dark Visions I and this story I’m now a fan of Jay Caselberg“Foxhole” by JG Faherty is about two men in the middle of war in a foxhole who escape the immediate danger only to see how far the human body can go  Two men will do whatever it takes to make it to safety after leaving their foxhole  As the days wear on they become increasing weaker and weaker  I was so wrapped up in the storytelling and desire for these two men to make it to safety I didn’t see the ending coming  That is how a great story should be and in this case was written  JG Faherty tells a ghostly tale that left me wondering if it was a nightmare or the twisted reality of war“Drowning” by Gregory L Norris is a chilling tale about a man haunted by the fear of drowning and his narrow escape from a sinking ship  The man is so distraught and paranoid he seeks the help of a psychic to help him she gives him a firm warning about water  To his chagrin he does his best but this is a story from Death’s Realm  Sometimes you can escape fate and sometimes you can’t no need to guess in this case  Gregory paints the scenes with vivid clarity and fills the story with an overwhelming sense of dread that had me gripped to the final sentence“The Weight” by Jane Brooks is another story that stands out to me in this anthology  She tells a chilling tale that hits you where it hurts a place most of would rather not be taken  I was really looking forward to a story by the author who tags herself as Horrible Jane and with good reason  A daughter and mother have a most unfortunate relationship and the weight is that the loving daughter can take  I could feel the character’s heaviness and hope to escape the weight she has felt her entire life  Life isn’t easy and sometimes death is the only escape unfortunately for her or maybe it wasn’t I’ll let you decide“Mirrorworld” by Martin Rose is excellent and a really original premise being trapped in a mirror isn’t all it seems  The story is cleverly written and I thoroughly enjoyed how Martin Rose lays out the story and he writes great dialogue between the protagonist and antagonist  One man in a mirror and the other thinking he is in control because he is on the outside looking in  The storytelling is dark and our character is written with a desperation that you can feel and I was taken from one reality in to another  It really makes you think about the magic within mirrors and what is looking at you as you look at yourself“High Art” by Karen Runge and Simon Dewar is one hell of a well written story  The protagonist Ray an amazingly well written character he is the kind of person who thinks his sht doesn’t stink and I loved road he traveled in the pages of High Art  He decides that having his wife taken out of the picture and having his new hottie is better than a divorce  Well Ray thought wrong as everything slowly unravels and well you can imagine how the rest turns out  You can’t escape death karma will make sure of that and as they say “karma is a bitch”There are many other great stories that fill the pages of Death’s Realm and these were just a few to give you a feel of what is waiting  Death of course is awaiting us all here some brutal that others some twisted and still some that are far beyond what I could have imagined  Each of the authors has a very uniue view and style to their storytelling and with death as the common denominator it’s a win for everyone  This is a fine fine anthology and a must read for the Horror lover in all of us or if death is your love then you’ve found yourself one hell of a book

  3. Rich D. Rich D. says:

    As longtime readers of The Horror Bookshelf are probably already aware I am a huge fan of the anthology collections released by Grey Matter Press Each anthology they have released has featured a different theme but the level of talent contained within the pages and the publisher's commitment to outstanding dark fiction is apparent in every volume After reading all of their releases Grey Matter Press has established themselves as one of the few publishers who I would read any of their books without uestion based on the merit of their past releasesWhen I heard about the release of Death's Realm it immediately became one of my most anticipated releases of 2015 and I must say it did not disappoint Contained within the anthology are 16 original horror tales that explore the unknowns of the afterlife These are not your typical ghost or haunted house stories though there is a ton of variety that push the boundaries of the genre to some exciting placesAs with any of Grey Matter Press' previous anthologies it is hard to pick favorites as each author conjures up some truly frightening and original stories that are sure to please horror fans Everyone will have their own favorites but these were a few that really stood out to me and beg for future re readsSome Other Day by John FD Taff My most anticipated story from this collection was John FD Taff's latest Some Other Day It is the story of a father and his son struggling to deal with the aftermath of the death of the mother The father slips into a downward spiral of depression haunted by the constant memories of his wife while his son desperately clings to the few things that remind him of his mother Despite their attempts at moving on they never talk about their feelings and it takes a devastating event to bring them closer together and finally confront their grief I have been a fan of Taff's work ever since I first discovered him and it seems like he is operating at the peak of his powers lately This story is downright heartbreaking and packs an emotional punch that makes it obvious why Taff has been dubbed The King of Pain Now I could be totally wrong and I probably am but while reading this story I couldn't help but think of possible connections to the world depicted in The Long Long Breakdown from Taff's stellar collection The End in all BeginningsJG Faherty Foxhole Foxhole follows two soldiers Gaston and Pierre who are childhood friends who find themselves in the midst of a war set in an undetermined future Finding themselves outnumbered the two friends must lean on each other for any hope of survival They are lost in the jungle with no weapons radio or food and all seems lost Faherty's writing is vivid and perfectly captures the brutality and carnage of war and the desperation felt by the characters The twist at the end is a little predictable but the way it is handled still sent shivers down my spineBrian Fatah Steele's Harder You Fall I remember reading Steele's story Delicate Spaces in Dark Visions Volume 1 and it was definitely one of the most frightening haunting stories I have read so I was pretty excited to read what he came up with for Death's Realm Harder You Fall is a uniue story of revenge that details the work of Madeline and Cavallero necromancers who use their supernatural gifts to prey on the dead for their own personal gain Madeline is dependent on Cavallero since he discovered her at her darkest point and helped her develop her powers to control and make sense of the frightening visions that led to her running away from home However it uickly becomes clear to Madeline that Cavallero has ulterior motives and she struggles with guilt over what Cavallero has helped her become and the things he made her witness Madeline finally reaches her breaking point and turns to the spirits she has helped exploit to try to make things right Steele's descriptions of the spirits are truly horrifying but the true evil comes from the sickening actions of the living charactersPaul Michael Anderson's To Touch The Dead takes place in a futuristic setting where people die and are given a serial number Long after the people are gone all that remains of their lives are personal belongings that contain traces of psychic energy which are stored in the building for the People's History Project These belongings are only accessible to Memory Coordinator's people who are able to tap into this energy and record the last moments of their owners before moving on to the next case However Gregor is not like most Memory Coordinators I get the impression the Memory Coordinators and those behind the People's History Project are emotionless and go about their duties with a sense of detachment but Gregor is different Gregor develops empathy for those who have passed on and digs deeper into the artifacts than any other Memory Coordinator in order to truly remember the people who others have long since forgotten He pushes his abilities to the limit in his efforts and ultimately pays a heavy priceAll of these stories fall within the horror genre and are highly entertaining but they also achieve something much meaningful as they uncover some very raw and human emotions Matthew Pegg's March Hays contains plenty of chills but at its core is the story of love and has a very touching ending Jane Brook's The Weight puts a supernatural spin on dealing with traumas of the past and learning to let goDeath's Realm is a truly great collection I may have only highlighted a few of my favorites but the anthology is full of great stories by some truly amazing authors There is something for every horror fan here whether you lean towards atmospheric horror Gregory L Norris' Drowning or some of the bloodier takes on the genre Simon Dewar and Karen Runge's High Art This collection is not to be missed2015 is shaping up to be a huge year for Grey Matter Press with at least three books scheduled for release First up is the brand new John FD Taff novella The Sunken Cathedral which will be released in March There are also two anthologies on the horizon the music inspired Savage Beasts and Monsters I am definitely looking forward to all of these releases as they are all on my Most Anticipated Reads of 2015 list

  4. Suzy Michael Suzy Michael says:

    I was given a copy by the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest reviewDeath's Realm is an anthology of speculative horror with it's sights set on the here and the hereafter Several authors with spectacular storytelling skills broach the grim subject of Death from a myriad of different perspectives Anthony Rivera and Sharon Lawson brought together such talent whose writing skills create short tales that will deeply resonate with the reader long after they have finished reading itDeath's Realm is a compilation of 16 short stories by a flurry of diverse authors each offering a different angle on death dying and musings on where we go after we die The writers featured in this horror volume are Hank Schwaeble Stephen Graham Jones JG Faherty Paul Michael Anderson Jay Caselberg John FD Taff Aaron Polson Gregory L Norris Martin Rose Simon Dewar Karen Runge Brian Fatah Steele John C Foster Jane Brooks Jay O'Shea Matthew Pegg and Rhoads Brazos In Death's Realm I was introduced to some fantastic new talent at least to me which was exciting There were also some familiar and well respected names I saw and couldn't wait to read what they have come up with on this subject I'll just point out a few of my favoritesPenumbra by Jay Caselberg is about a newly deceased young man who is determined to not let death stand in the way of him and his true love he left behind This was a great story with a great twistMirror World by Martin Rose is about a man that needs the signature of a practicing Satanist on a legal document What he was not expecting was the nefarious work of black magic that damned him when he unexpectedly died Anything with the occult is a win for me But this also delves into Heaven and Hell and Purgatory and the tortures that may lie in the hereafterTo Touch the Dead by Paul Michael Anderson takes on the speculation of whether or not people are still connected to their belongings after they have died A group is formed to find out with not so pleasant results Honestly just a great creepy paranormal storyThese tales will mess with your head your beliefs your emotions They will crank up your anxiety to 11 and keep you there for the duration of time the authors have you in their death grip no pun intended The wide range of views on this subject by a variety of various authors flowed seamlessly Reading this collection is a truly raw visceral experience I really couldn't find a faultDeath's Realm and it's collection of fantastic authors gives you a taste of Death and it's reality is all too bitter This fantastically grim anthology approaches a theme that is probably one of the most feared realities we face as humans A stark reality that we cannot run from but instead will only run to it and meet our fate that is waiting Waiting in a heavenly or ghastly form Only one way to find out

  5. Mommacat Mommacat says:

    Death is the theme of this anthology from Grey Matter Press But unlike other anthologies you're probably used to reading you're not going to be reading the same short story one after the other Not only are these extremely well written and well edited stories what a concept huh? but they are different from all that stuff you've been wading through in the past If I had to choose favorites I would pick the stories by Karen Runge and John C Foster Amazing

  6. Debra Debra says:

    OVERVIEW16 authors contribute short stories that fall under the umbrella of ThrillerHorror or somewhere between the two The subject of each story is ‘DEATH’ – Violence Blood in varying condition and uantity and Gore features high in this context Ghosts too mainly vengeful ones is the specialism in most cases There is common link and approach taken to comply with the reuired structure and so the cutting edge element is forever present for that reason Some stories have the uality edge over others but the writing is skilfully clever and imaginative every time A short bio follows each story which profiles the authors in a few short paragraphsCONTENT1 Omniscope by Rhodes Brazos – Short Story is of the ‘trapping’ of victimsWriting well written – Brazos adopts a simplicity that really works in this short story formatDeath portrayed in terms of undergoing scientific experimentation of sorts2 Some Other Day by John F D Taff –the spirit of a dead mother is controlling her sonWriting the tone is modest to maintain the tragic irony of the taleDeath She is a wife and a mother who has passed away but this is about her After Life She appears in the living world as a sinister spectre3 Haunter by Hank Schwaeble – an evil spirit seeks vengeance on one manWriting the inclusion of media news reporting moves the plot along nicely although in an effort to shock the momentum is lost at times Contains strong expletives and sexual references are very baseDeath comes in the form of the man’s possible psychosis and by his own murderous actions4 Burial Suit by John C Foster – this is about criminal lives Like father Like son This gangster story has everything from funeral parlour to backstreet motel pocket revolvers to bodies in the trunk of a carWriting a strong theme with added interest Some swearingDeath is the ‘laying out’ of a male corpse revenge killings etc5 Nine by Aaron Polson – Charlie is dead; and this is about him his wife an Archaeologist and their two sonsWriting Polson takes a softer angle than that of the majority of contributors and this is weirdly romantic Tribal ritual is a strong themeDeath is represented in human artefacts and body parts appearing funeral references etc6 Penumbra by Jay Caselberg – This is a ghost story of the traditional kindWriting includes listed definitions of the word meaning of ‘Ghost’ The story telling is a little weak but it has a spooky little twist at the end Some swear wordsDeath is related to a dead man who continues his stalking habit even after he has died7 Foxhole by J G Faherty – a dramatic war story yet is one of compassion and companionshipWriting Faherty demonstrates the art of short story writing extremely wellDeath is graphically represented in battle wound description of the gruesomely fataland 8 Drowning by Gregory L Norris –is this a story of personal tragedy? Or one of survival? A clue may be in the title but it is still a uestion to ponder and holds the fascination until the reveal at the endWriting language is descriptive and the dialogue is excellentDeath this is a Titanic story Time hopping happens but death is always by drowning9 The Weight by Jane Brooks – Leigh has been hospitalised the pain in her spine is chronic Concerned husband Rob is at bedside but she fears a cruel destiny awaits her Under sedation she is experiencing emotional abuse and anguish from her vicious and nasty ‘Mama’Writing Brooks really does convey the misery that her character is experiencing and so it is an absorbing readDeath is referred to many times in Leigh’s tortured conversation with her dead Mother10 Harder you Fall – Brian Fatah Steele – Cavallaro eats ghosts and has recruited Madeline She is fast on becoming his ‘protégé’ albeit a reluctant oneWriting this is text book horror in short The story builds and reaches a really grotesue crescendo Sexuality and expletives are just mild references Not a vampire story but has the same kind of allureDeath is everywhere in this tale11 MirrorWorld by Martin Rose – the talk is of two worlds existing side by side Which one is real? This tells of a strange 2D place a bird keeper and a child possessedWriting ‘The Birdman of Alcatraz’ meets ‘The Exorcist’ A well constructed pieceDeath is undoubtedly present throughout because of the dark tone Rose sets death falls upon characters in a twist at the end12 March Hays by Matthew Pegg – Soldier Sam has been badly wounded Lily a constant friend is a nurse at the hospital but this love story separates itself from the traditional somewhat because it features creepy Old Tod and his hammerWriting In the first person we move from the present backward into the memories of Sam and then cleverly forwards in decades Pegg’s writing is elouent and his story packs a few punchesDeath is represented in conflicts in a storybook myth in ghosts the graveyard the chapel; funeral etc13 High Art by Karen Runge and Simon Dewar – Raymond has been having regular sex with a well known news reporter He has enjoyed the challenge of bedding the TV celebrity because he has been bored living with his artist wife and he is unable to tolerate her insecurities any longer Raymond starts a chain of unfortunate events and both women have fallen foul by the end Raymond has to witness an evil act before he gets his just desertsWriting so homicidal and macabre is this story; that it would sit just as well under Crime fiction as it does under the horror label The sexual content is high crude language featuresDeath is by a thousand cuts14 A Pirate’s Ransom by Jay O Shea – The crew of a ‘ghost’ ship are dead but before the pirate gang namely Fareed Old Boy and others can lay claim to it events take a turn for the worse Main character Jamal narrates a modern take on an old themeWriting the sophisticated use of language makes this a real attention grabber Some Religious referencesDeath arrives to those who are cursed15 To Touch The Dead by Paul Michael Anderson – artefacts that co ordinators find at a historic site where many people had died in a bombing are taking on a psychic energy of their ownWriting and language is ‘down to earth’ This is a mystery and has an air of suspense that keeps you reading on Some swearing some religiousspiritual referencingDeath comes to ‘victims’ of the supernatural in ritual type occurrences bleeding and haemorrhaging of external orifices of the body happens16 You Only Die Once by Stephen Graham Jones – a dark story with much poignancy A young girl and her boyfriend are dead She is constantly observing his deteriorating condition But why should she? He killed them after all but still the attention she pours on him is very touchingWriting is not that explicit or gory but somehow it really penetrates the psycheDeath is in many descriptive passages about being dead or observing death throughoutCONCLUSIONHaving read and re read for the purpose of reviewing each story holds its own distinction Recommended

  7. Danielle Danielle says:

    Would you like a portable piece of horror to carry with you? If so Gray Matter Press has once again assembled a collection of short stories with a wide range of story lines a variety of authors that is well edited to form a cohesive volume No reader can be without favorites and I can honestly say I did not find a slow read in the book There were certainly some unforgettable characters I found myself in love with John C Foster's The Loose as well on the edge of my seat with anxiety for Mathew Pegg's Sam Lily and disgusted with Brian Fatah Steele's Cavallaro I have to admit I was crushed fully crushed for Paul Michael Anderson's Gregor There were numerous other characters that handled every emotion under the sun Brilliant writing all aroundWell Done

  8. Danielle Danielle says:

    Would you like a portable piece of horror to carry with you? If so Gray Matter Press has once again assembled a collection of short stories with a wide range of story lines a variety of authors that is well edited to form a cohesive volume No reader can be without favorites and I can honestly say I did not find a slow read in the book There were certainly some unforgettable characters I found myself in love with John C Foster's The Loose as well on the edge of my seat with anxiety for Mathew Pegg's Sam Lily and disgusted with Brian Fatah Steele's Cavallaro I have to admit I was crushed fully crushed for Paul Michael Anderson's Gregor There were numerous other characters that handled every emotion under the sun Brilliant writing all aroundWell Done

  9. The Grim Reader The Grim Reader says:

    Take a trip into Death's RealmAnthony Rivera and Sharon Lawson have once again succeeded in compiling a fantastic horror anthology Grey Matter Press for me is the go to publisher for uality dark fiction To go into each story on offer here in detail I feel would spoil the enjoyment for readers looking at this review I will simply say that I enjoyed all the stories on offer however my personal favourites were the shorts from John FD Taff Paul Michael Anderson Hank Schwaeble and the collaboration between Simon Dewar and Karen Runge There are many anthologies available but this one is a cracker Buy it now Thank me later

  10. Craig Peterson Craig Peterson says:

    A decent collection of work Just like any other short story collection there’s the good the bad and the ugly There was really only one story that I actually though about skipping after I started reading but ended up finishing But to be fair the zombie genre is not my thing anyways so to call the story out wouldn’t be fairMy favorite though was The Burial Suit by John Foster I even went to the Kindle store after finishing the story and purchased a short story collection by him Looking forward to getting into it But overall a good collection I really enjoy short stories as I can get a story in when I have some spare time and none of these were to long where I couldn’t accomplish that Even though as mentioned I’m not a zombie fan Grey Matter does a good job of putting all types of horror into this and other collections to keep all readers happy

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