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  1. Thomas Thomas says:

    The Purple Scarab follows Edmund Peabody grandson of the great archaeologist Colonel Percival Peabody in a race for magical Egyptian artifacts before the Nazis can get their hands on them and use them to win the Second World WarThe novel starts out strong as our characters hunt for treasure only to be foiled by Colonel Peabody’s nemesis and competitor Strasser The pace slows down a bit during the middle of the story but it picks up again towards the conclusion with a race against the Nazis to save one of history’s most prominent men – Winston ChurchillAll of the characters were well written each of them with their own uirks and personalities Edmund Peabody isn’t a terribly complex protagonist but the story flows through his perspective well enough Supporting character’s Chander Peabody and Amelia Tripp also had their compelling moments and their adventure with Edmund made for a fun read Colonel Peabody and his relationship with antagonist Strasser helped to make the hunt for the artifacts personal I hope to learn about their troubled past in future novelsWith magical artifacts mummies ghosts and enemies around every corner The Purple Scarab is a good start to the League of the Sphinx series Anyone who enjoys treasure hunting and history spiced with magic would do well to try it out

  2. Barbara Barbara says:

    This was a wonderful story with lots of action and I enjoyed it very much Set during World War II it includes archaeology in Egypt the Blitz in London Nazi’s doing dastardly deeds an international cast of characters Prime Minister Churchill an ancient castle ghosts mummies and other supernatural shenanigans and three courageous teens Edmond Peabody his adopted brother Chander and their friend Amelia Tripp are all 15 years old and eager to help with the war effort The boys have been sent to the ancestral castle in the English countryside to stay with their grandfather Colonel Peabody where Amelia has been sent by her parents as well With a plot cooked up by the Nazi’s to foil they just might get their chance to contribute to the fight I always appreciate action packed stories and this one had plenty With vivid descriptions of bombing during the Blitz and other hardships of the war I felt like I was there There were some pretty tense moments but also some comic relief especially through the antics of one of the castle’s resident ghosts I look forward to reading of this series in the future

  3. Max Gaddis Max Gaddis says:

    Great book by a great author If only he could finish the Romulus Buckle series I'm dying here

  4. Ryan Young Ryan Young says:

    Wonderful readWhat an adventurous and captivating read I ove reading about the antics and going ones of world war 2 Looking forward to the next book

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The League of the Sphinx The Purple Scarab ❮Download❯ ➹ The League of the Sphinx The Purple Scarab ➾ Author Richard Ellis Preston Jr. – In The League of the Sphinx The Purple Scarab the first novel in RE Preston's seven book adventure series set in the chaos of the Second World War 15 year old Edmund Peabody Chander Peabody and Amelia In The League of the MOBI î of the Sphinx The Purple Scarab the first novel in RE Preston's seven book adventure series set in the chaos of the Second World War year old Edmund Peabody Chander Peabody and Amelia Tripp discover a powerful ancient The League PDF or Egyptian scarab and must use its dark magic to rescue Winston ChurchillThe Second World War has begun and things are going badly for England Brothers Edmund Peabody and Chander Peabody join their old soldierarchaeologist grandfather the Colonel in a desperate race against the League of the MOBI ó Nazis to recover a set of seven ancient Egyptian scarabs powerful enough to make victorious the side which possesses themEdmund and Chander joined by the dauntless Amelia Tripp must battle with mummies castle ghosts Nazi spies and their own demons as they struggle League of the Sphinx The eBook à to prevent the scarabs from falling League of the Sphinx The eBook à into the hands of the enemy They discover dark secrets about their family their castle and the secret organization which has brought the sarcophagus of Neferu with them from EgyptThe ghost of Neferu appears beautiful and beguiling and she pledges to assist the teenagers just as they realize that their Prime Minister Winston Churchill is also in immediate danger from the same forces who threaten them Edmund Chander and Amelia have no choice but to try to activate the magic of the scarabs an unpredictable magic as old mysterious and dark as the Gods of the ancient Egyptians themselves.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 200 pages
  • The League of the Sphinx The Purple Scarab
  • Richard Ellis Preston Jr.
  • English
  • 10 June 2016

About the Author: Richard Ellis Preston Jr.

Richard Ellis Preston of the MOBI î Jr is a science fiction and historical fiction author whose first published work is the Chronicles of the Pneumatic Zeppelin steampunk series from North Richard was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Ontario Canada He attended the The League PDF or University of Waterloo where he obtained an honors BA in English with an Anthropology minor He also earned a Radio and Television Broad.