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Swan Dive Elliott Lisbon Mystery #3 ❮Download❯ ➺ Swan Dive Elliott Lisbon Mystery #3 ✤ Author Kendel Lynn – Thomashillier.co.uk It’s Opening Night at the Ballantyne Foundation’s production of The Nutcracker but it’s curtains for the Sugar Plum Fairy When her body is found backstage fatally poisoned by a cupcake she baked It’s Opening Night at the Elliott Lisbon PDF ✓ Ballantyne Foundation’s production of The Nutcracker but it’s curtains for the Sugar Plum Fairy When her Swan Dive eBook ´ body is found backstage fatally poisoned by a cupcake she baked herself rumors turn to suicide But Elli Lisbon director of the Dive Elliott Lisbon PDF º Ballantyne and coordinator of the ballet smells something rotten amidst the sugar and spiceAs Elli applies her PI in training skills on the troupe of suspects she discovers an eccentric herbalist a temperamental chef a stalking choreographer and a bevy of backstage secrets Between her off the record investigation duty as director and highly charged love life she finds herself caught in a dance to stay one pirouette ahead of a half baked killer.

  • Paperback
  • 250 pages
  • Swan Dive Elliott Lisbon Mystery #3
  • Kendel Lynn
  • English
  • 18 August 2016
  • 9781941962510

About the Author: Kendel Lynn

Kendel Lynn is a Southern Elliott Lisbon PDF ✓ California native who now parks her flip flops in Dallas Texas She read her first Alfred Swan Dive eBook ´ Hitchcock and the Three Investigators at the age of seven and has loved mysteries ever since Her debut novel Board Stiff was Dive Elliott Lisbon PDF º an Agatha Award nominee for Best First Novel It features Elliott Lisbon a mostly amateur sleuth who has a slight aversion to all things germy and is only.

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    “Elli conducts her detecting with confidence and an occasional lack of foresight but she has the skills and intelligence to pull it off The enjoyable worlds of professional dance and cooking elevate this mystery and Elli is an admirable and engaging heroine Deft writing and clever dialogue further ensure that readers will be looking forward to the next installment in Elli's adventures” – Kings River Life Magazine

  2. Debbie Debbie says:

    I loved this book I'm always excited when I see another Elliott Lisbon book available for me to read and review This was my third in the series and I desperately await for the nextElliott Lisbon is in charge of running the Ballantyne foundation and it sounds like a pretty nice job She is taking PI courses to help out the Ballantyne's and the members of the board who it seems one of them or someone close to them is always getting into some kind of trouble And then there two special men in her life One is the local headmaster and one is the chief of police who never keeps her completely in the loop on the cases they are working Even though she is usually the one that actually solves them The location off the Atlantic coast and typically warm and the uirky characters that keep showing up really help to make this a delightful and entertaining read I would just like to hang out with this character and knock back a few margaritas Thanks Henery Press and Net Galley for providing me this free e galley in exchange for an honest review

  3. Lauri Rottmayer Lauri Rottmayer says:

    Another wonderful book by Kendel Lynn I read the book that came before Swan Dive and fell in love with the character of Elliott Lisbon She's smart and while she works running the Ballantine Foundation she's also working towards her private investigator's licenseWhen one of the dancers in the foundation's production of the Nutcracker turns up dead Elliot is right in the middle of the scene of the crime She works to find out what happens because she feels the police are going in the wrong direction The relationships between Maddy and Ransom are sorted out in this book and I'm happy with how that turned out Maddy seems like a really great guy but Ransom seems the one she should be withThis book was fun to read and kept me guessing until the very end I'm looking forward to the next book

  4. Jenna Jenna says:

    Swan Dive has so many of my favorite things The Nutcracker ballet Christmas wit humor and perhaps most importantly sparkling writing by Kendel Lynn This is the third Elliott Lisbon mystery and my favorite thus far I finally decided if I was Team Ransom or Team Matty and in the sign of a great plot in my humble opinion was completed blindsided by the culprit Nothing dampens an opening night like finding the body of a principal dancer But as we all know the show must go on That catch phrase follows Elliott Lisbon around throughout Swan Dive whether the show in uestion was The Nutcracker the Palm Fig celebration or decorating the Ballantyne Foundation Christmas tree Somehow she always pulls it off admirablyI really love the warmth in the way Mr Mrs Ballantyne are written as well as the sharply distinctive personalities attributed to characters like Zibby and Jane Working with a board for a nonprofit at The Day Job I can appreciate the nuances of the Foundation staff and board members And like previous books I am reserving the right to nab some of Elliott's creative ideas for events and gatherings Elliott is funny and smart full of wit and many other attractive ualities; she's the kind of character you wish you could befriend And like Elliott I finally decided which Team I'm on with regard to the men in her life Swan Dive is a great read; I highly recommend adding it to the top of your to be read pile Many thanks to my friends at Henery Press for the advance copy of Swan Dive

  5. Lynn Farris Lynn Farris says:

    This is the third book in the Elliott Lisbon Mystery series by Kendel Lynn The first book in the series “Board Stiff” received a prestigious Agatha Award Nomination for First Novel“Swan Dive” opens with the Sea Pine Island Community Theatre’s production of the Nutcracker sponsored by the Ballantyne Foundation During the show Elliott Lisbon the director of the Ballentyne gets a text message announcing the fifth calamity of the night But this time the issue is larger than a nutcracker’s tassel popping off the Sugar Plum Fairy Lexie Allen is dead When the police determine her death was due to the poison berries in the cupcakes she baked herself they wonder whether it was a suicide or an accident Elliott suspecting something far nefarious decides to investigateThe investigation takes you to an herbalist’s garden a cooking show and a dance studio a mashup of “Chopped” “Dance Moms” and “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” The result is lots of fun However there are some serious issues addressed in the book which makes it an interesting book for book clubsTo read the rest of the review see

  6. Jo Dervan Jo Dervan says:

    Elliot Lisbon is the director of the Ballantyne Foundation and also a wannabe private investigator The Foundation siutated on an island off the South Carolina coast is in the midst of the Christmas holidays The annual Nutcracker Suite ballet is sponsored by the Foundation and on opening night the star Lexie is killed Elie decides to find the murderer even as others are killedThis Is the third book in a series about the aspiring PI who works and lives amidst Southern gentry The author uses humor and complicated romantic relationships to define the main character and her genteel but wacky sidekicks

  7. Kim Kim says:

    The Sugar Plum fairy is found dead on the opening night of The Nutcracker run by the Ballantyne Foundation She was poisoned by a cupcake that she had baked herself and suicide is suspected or is it murder? Elliott Lisbon runs the Ballantyne Foundation and is also yearning to be a Private Investigator She decides to investigate the murder herself She is busy with her job the investigation and a busy love life and tries to find out who is responsible A lovely setting off the Atlantic a great place to live This is part of a series that I haven’t read before nice easy readsWith many thanks to the publisher and Net Galley for a copy of this book to review

  8. Gena DeBardelaben Gena DeBardelaben says:

    ARC NetgalleyCozy mystery set on Sea Pine Island which I'm assuming is a play on Sea Pines ResortPlantation on Hilton Head Island The author refers to Beaufort SC so it's supposed to be set in the low country somewhere in that vicinity It was interesting to picture exactly where the book was set as my family has spent many summer days at the beach on Hilton HeadLooking forward to in the seriesEdit Upgrade to 4 stars I went back and read another in this series Whack Job and the I read the I like Elliott Lisbon When's the next?

  9. ❂ Murder by Death ❂ Murder by Death says:

    Another excellent entry in a very strong well written series I love these characters and I'm thrilled the love triangle seems to be resolved in this one I can't wait for the next bookFull review

  10. JoAnne McMaster (Any Good Book) JoAnne McMaster (Any Good Book) says:

    Elliott Lisbon Director of the Ballantyne Foundation is at their production of The Nutcracker when she is called backstage It seems the Sugar Plum Fairy of the production is dead apparently from an accidental poisoning But Elliott of course doesn't believe it and is asked by the Ballantynes to find the killer However this doesn't sit well with Elliott's ex boyfriend Detective Nick Ransom who wants her to stay out of the investigation and tries to convince her the death was nothing than a terrible accident caused when Lexie inadvertently used a poisonous ingredient when she baked the deadly foodBut Elliott is having none of it Lexie was only nineteen and had plans for her life which has convinced Elliott she was murdered; so under the blessing of her employers she is determined to find out the truth But finding the truth is turning out to a lot difficult when nothing around her is exactly what it appears to be and secrets abound regarding almost everyone she speaks with As the book progresses we are party to those secrets and drawn deeper into a mystery of why was this young girl killed and who could have hated her enough to do such a thing? I'm loath to say because I feel that this would be giving away too much of the book but let me tell you that this is definitely very good Elliott is an intelligent woman although her eating habits are not the best in my opinion who is training to become a private investigator has a fairly demanding job and is beginning to date her friend Matty while still on the fence about her ex love Nick She doesn't take unnecessary chances or stupidly blunder into situations where she has no control I like that which is probably why I enjoyed the book that and the fact that it takes place at Christmas another one of those things I really loveWhat I don't like is Jane She appears to not like Elliott for some reason and got downright nasty with her something a professional should not have done regardless of the situation That alone was enough to make me dislike her We are also told that Elliott doesn't eat seafood which is odd to me because I'd live on the stuff if I could but we are not told why I would have liked to have known this I haven't yet read the first in the series but it appears I may have to in order to get an answer to this uestion Aside from these two things the rest of the book flowed smoothly along giving me a chance to sit down and dig deep into the mystery right along with Elliott All in all an enjoyable mystery that is highly recommendedI received a free copy in exchange for an honest review but this in no way influenced my decision

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