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Getting Old Is to Die for ✭ Getting Old Is to Die for Books ✯ Author Rita Lakin – Gladdy Gold may have gone from dyed in the wool New Yorker to South Florida retiree but she’s loving every minute of it Between poolside gossip a hot to trot boyfriend and a booming detective busine Is to eBook ☆ Gladdy Gold may have gone from dyed in the wool New Getting Old Epub / Yorker to South Florida retiree but she’s loving every minute of it Old Is to PDF ↠ Between poolside gossip a hot to trot boyfriend and a booming detective business life couldn’t be sunnier—until a trip back north with her sister Evvie leads to murder and mayhem starring the usual suspectsUnbeknownst to Gladdy her fellow detectives are hot on her trail Sophie Bella and Ida no sooner land their tootsies in the Big Apple than trouble promptly finds them But while the girls go deep undercover posing as bag ladies to catch a criminal there’s another surprise awaiting Gladdy Her boyfriend Jack is in town too—and he’s reopening a forty seven year old cold case the murder of Gladdy’s husband Can Gladdy and Jack join forces to solve a decades old crime—and maybe heal some wounded hearts in the process.

  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Getting Old Is to Die for
  • Rita Lakin
  • English
  • 03 July 2014
  • 9780440243878

About the Author: Rita Lakin

Is to eBook ☆ Gladdy Gold.

10 thoughts on “Getting Old Is to Die for

  1. Kathy Kathy says:

    In the 4th book of the series both Gladdy and her sister Evie develop a severe case of homesickness and leave Florida for a visit to New York and Connecticut Little does Gladdy know that Jack is already in NY trying to solve the mystery of her husband's murder so many years ago Feeling left out the other three girls of the gang also visit NY and have their own adventures

  2. Drebbles Drebbles says:

    It’s been 47 years but Gladdy Gold has never uite gotten over the death of her husband Her boyfriend Jack wants their relationship to grow deeper so unbeknownst to Gladdy he travels from Florida to New York to try and find out after all these years who murdered Gladdy’s husband While he’s doing that Gladdy is in Florida working with her friends solving cases with their thriving detective agency Unaware of what Jack is doing Gladdy thinks their relationship is over Jack hopes it is just beginning – which one of them is right?“Getting Old is to Die For” is the fourth book in Rita Lakin’s Gladdy Gold mystery series and it is the best one so far While Gladdy and her elderly but intrepid gang her sister Evvie Ida Bella and Sophie do use their detective skills to solve a case in Florida most of the book takes place in New York and focuses on Jack’s attempt to find out who killed Gladdy’s husband also named Jack This works wonderfully since readers get to meet both Gladdy’s and Jack’s families which helps develop them even as characters The New York scenes are excellently done and I could feel my mouth water as Lakin described some of the delis Gladdy and Jack went intoWhile this series really can’t be considered a cozy mystery series it is not hardboiled either There are some genuinely tragic moments the way Gladdy’s husband died and some very sad moments a case Gladdy and the girls investigate in Florida and the way her husband’s death affected several people But Lakin does inject some humor in the book when Ida Bella and Sophie visit New York Their reason for visiting there wasn’t very believable nor is anything that happens to them there believable but it is very funny – something that is welcome in a series that can be a little depressing at times“Getting Old is to Die For” is a nice entry in a series that improves with each book The first three books in the series are “Getting Old is Murder” “Getting Old is the Best Revenge” and “Getting Old is Criminal” Enjoy

  3. G G says:

    I think that I am going to have to let this series go I thought this book had fillerfluff than actual mystery More like chic lit with some mystery thrown in My biggest issue though and the reason I gave 2 stars instead of 3 is because the whole thing is written in present tenseSo instead of it being written Jack said it was written Jack says Normal reading experience I heard the phone ringing and walked over and answered itHow this author would write it I hear the phone ringing and I walk over and answer itSeriously It about drove me to distraction I kept fixing the tense in my mind as I was reading

  4. Tory Wagner Tory Wagner says:

    The Getting Old series features a team of elderly women living in Fort Lauderdale FL They work together to solve mysteries under their leader Gladdy In this book Gladdy's boyfriend decides to solve the mystery of her husband who was murdered in NYC when Gladdy was a young woman with a child While Jack is trying to solve this mystery the team of women are solving other mysteries including why a young woman refuses to visit her parents as well as the capture of a church thief The characters are all appealing and if you like a light mystery this series may be for you

  5. Val Val says:

    It was an adventure The girls having a fit that Gladdy and Evvie were going up North to visit family was so childish that I wanted to skip parts about them BUT thank goodness I didn't cause that got FUNNY 😂 Jack going to New York for Gladdy was so romantic and I admit I cried 😢 Please please please let them finally get together and investigate happily ever after😊 It was nice to get away from Evvie grieving over her murderer sorry if I offend anyone for awhile but I am curious about the ex showing up

  6. Marisa Young Marisa Young says:

    After a falling out with her boyfriend and dealing with a case about family a senior sleuth decides to leave her home in Florida and visit her family in NYC Meanwhile the boyfriend an ex NYPD detective travels to NYC to investigative a cold case the murder of his girlfriend's husband many years ago Great characters entertaining story

  7. Josi Josi says:

    Another enjoyable Gladdy Gold book I liked the change of scenery I also liked getting to meet their kids and grandkids

  8. D. Wickles D. Wickles says:

    I enjoy this series with the ladies of the Gladdy Gold Private Investigations They are hilarious

  9. Kiki Kiki says:

    Such a great series

  10. Paul Pessolano Paul Pessolano says:

    I have been asked many times to suggest a good mystery that does not contain sexual content or explicit language uite honestly it is not easy to come with many titles that honor these reuests However I just finished oneGetting Old is to Die For stars Gladdy Gold and her troup of girlfriends the youngest of which is 71 years old They are living in a retirement village in Florida adn keep active by solving crimes Gladdy is being pursued by Jack Langford who is a former New York detective She is having trouble making a commitment because her husband's death 30 years ago remains unsolvedJack decides to go to New York to try and solve the cold case but does not tell Gladdy of his intentions By the way the daughters of both Jack and Gladdy live in New YorkThe book has them all coming together in New York Gladdy who feels a need to visit her daughter and her family The rest of the girls because they feel they have been snubbed by Gladdy go to the Big Apple to have a good timeThe come together to solve not only the mystery of Gladdy's husband's death but are able to solve an unrelated crime in the processI would not rank this as on the great who done its but would classify it as a fun mystery that can be read and enjoyed by everyone

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