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The Boy Most Likely To ❮EPUB❯ ❄ The Boy Most Likely To ✿ Author Huntley Fitzpatrick – The romantic companion to My Life Next Door—great for fans of Sarah Dessen and Jenny Han  Tim Mason was The Boy Most Likely To find the liuor cabinet blindfolded need a liver transplant and driv The romantic companion to My Life Next Door—great Most Likely eBook ☆ for fans of Sarah Dessen and Jenny Han  Tim Mason was The Boy Most Likely To find the liuor cabinet blindfolded need a liver The Boy PDF \ transplant and drive his car into a house Alice Garrett was The Girl Most Likely To  well not date her little brother’s baggage burdened best friend for starters For Tim it wouldn’t Boy Most Likely PDF/EPUB é be smart to fall for Alice For Alice nothing could be scarier than falling for Tim But Tim has never been known for making the smart choice and Alice is starting to wonder if the “smart” choice is always the right one When these two crash into each other they crash hard Told in Tim’s and Alice’s distinctive disarming entirely compelling voices this novel is for readers of The Spectacular Now Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and Paper Towns.

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  1. Danielle (Love at First Page) Danielle (Love at First Page) says:

    35 4 starsWhere do I even start with this review? I have been waiting for Tim Mason’s book for years now having first met and fell in love with him in My Life Next Door Reckless charming charismatic down on his luck red headed Tim Mason His was a happy ending I wanted than anything I definitely built up in my head how I imagined this would go which is probably where things went wrong While my rating is a positive one when I think about The Boy Most Likely To there’s a hole there waiting be filled with my expectations What I wanted A summertime romance light and lovely and swoony with just the right amount of heartbreak What I got A story full of complications and heartache subplots I wasn’t expecting a romance that was barely felt until than halfway through the book This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but while reading I just kept thinking this is not the romance story I envisioned for Tim which caused some frustration Like we got of Sam and Jase in My Life Next Door I wanted of a focus on Tim and Alice’s relationship I wanted the swoons to be out in full force Did I still love Tim and Alice together? Absolutely He’s a bit of mess – an AA member kicked out of school and his parents’ house – but he’s trying to pick up the pieces and start over Tim may not have his life figured out but he’s a genuine guy warm and funny and someone you want to be around Alice is his opposite a control freak with a heavy load of responsibly on her shoulders At first she sees Tim as just another person in her life she has to take care of but there’s attraction there and eventually their relationship takes a much different shape It moves slowly and I would have liked many scenes of them together but what we do get is toe curling Huntley Fitzpatrick knows her way around delicious kisses and once again she gives us a memorable “first time” that is so beautifully written Tim and Alice have a few ups and downs throughout the story as they deal with their own personal issues but I did like their growing friendship and chemistry Like I said though the book has its hand in many different cookie jars As we’ve come to expect from Huntely’s books the theme of family is very much present It was great being back with the Garretts and seeing this big family with an even bigger heart stick together through everything The kids are also pretty stinkin’ adorable But even they get waylaid by other characters and subplots I didn’t care for like Alice’s ex boyfriend and what I’ll refer to as Tim’s situation I have to be vague to avoid spoilers but I wasn’t all that crazy about the catalyst for Tim’s growth I loved his incredibly sincere and sympathetic voice and I loved seeing such an easy to love guy become a better person but that story line didn’t always ring true for me It was also hard to enjoy it when I wanted the focus to be on other onesMaybe it wasn't uite fair of me to have expected My Life Next Door 20 but that’s the story I wanted and letting go of that wasn’t easy Like all of Huntely’s couples I believe in Tim and Alice’s love story wholeheartedly I just wanted of it I think this is a book that definitely deserves a re read; maybe now that I know what to expect I could better appreciate the story for what it is All in all The Boy Most Likely To is still one of the better young adult contemporaries out there I’ll be glad to have Tim’s cover right next to Jase’s on my bookshelf Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for sending me e ARC in exchange for my honest reviewThis review can also be found at Love at First Page

  2. C.G. Drews C.G. Drews says:

    Ohhhh that was adorably tragic and I LOVED IT SO MUCH MY HEART HURTS I was such a fan of Tim when he was a secondary character in My Life Next Door And honestly??? This book is like 1000% better with it being focused on precious tragic loser Tim and angry snappy heroic Alice I love them I will suish them with enthusiasm Or mabye not because that would be rude probably NOTE I will talk about one spoiler in this book without spoiler tags It is a plot twist and happens around the 100 page mark But it colours the book SO MUCH I just think it's impossible to discuss the book without talking about it yes?? But if you want to go in blind don't read on obviouslyANYWAY MOVING FORWARD HUZZHMy favourite part of course is Tim and getting to be in his perspective He's sassy and actually uite smart and he covers everything that hurts him with sarcasticsassy remarks IT'S tRAGIC OKAY? His humour is his armour Basically everyone has labelled him the alcoholic loser drop out jerkthe boy most likely to fail at life basically It's super sad He's trying to get his life back no track but like no one believes in him THAT MUST BE SUPER HARD OMG MY PRECIOUS BUNDLE OF TRYINGAlso I really like how this book talks about addictions and recovery Tim is a recovering alcoholic I see a TON of YA books about teens who are falling down the drugsalcoholic routeand that's usually what happens THEY FALL I want to see books where they're picking back up again So I think this book is very much needed especially when it tells the other side of the story when it come sto addictionThen there's AliceAHHH ALICE She's so angry And wonderful And she totally takes zero crap from anyone She does a lot of looking after her gazillion siblings because of Mrs Garrett being pregnant and Mr Garrett still being in rehab after the accident in My Life Next DoorAND CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT HOW AWESOME THE GARRETT FAMILY IS???? I looove them so much Big family win And since Tim lives above their garage we like get sooo much Garretts It's gloriousI reuest a spin off for each Garrett child immediately Although I maintain George doesn't act like a 4yohe's far too elouent and well spoken Either that or he's Autistic and it doesn't write him as an ASD kid so idek But the rest of the siblingsfamily dynamics are perfectOkay and then there's the fact that Tim is also a father This part of the story line ABSOLUTELY GOT ME I love small human mortals They are adorable I babysit my sister's collection freuently But like imagine being 17 and suddenly hey you're a dad OMG IT WAS SUCH A PLOT TWIST Most of the book is Tim looking after his little Calvin while the mother tries to get the adoption thing goingBTW the mother is horrible Like she totally drives up says Hey Tim you have a son can you babysit for a few nights? and dumps the child and leaves She has NO attachment to her baby it's actually disturbing????TIM'S ATTEMPTS AT BEING A FATHER ARE ADORABLE AND GORGEOUS AND BROKE MY FEELS BASICALLY view spoilerI will forever be devastated Cal wasn't even his 3 I wanted Tim to raise him and just toss stereotypes and end up being an awesome teen dad and just ajfdksalfd I wanted it so bad sobs But no Cal got adopted out hide spoiler

  3. Angela Angela says:


  4. Jenn Jenn says:

    I waited for this book for what felt like forever but then when it finally released I waited another 2 years before reading it I just knew I would love Tim in this book just based on what we got of him from My Life Next Door The love story I felt wasn't as epic as Jase and Sam's but it was still great I think the issue was that I just couldn't really relate to Alice much Her POV just lacked something When I was reading her POV it didn't really generate much emotion out of me I almost wish the book was written entirely in Tim's POV I really loved his character growth and just how he handled the situations he was faced with I also really love the Garrett family I wish there was another book just so I could get of them Initial Reaction Oct 22 2013 I think I just died and went to book heavenSo excited to find out that this is Tim's story and that Jase and Samantha will appear in itbut gosh 2015 release date??I meanJune 2015 seems like forever and a day away

  5. Jaime Arkin Jaime Arkin says:

    I’ve been waiting almost three years for this book Since the day I turned the last page in My Life Next Door I had to know about Tim I even mentioned it in my review He was such a big part of MLND and his character was so charismatic I knew that there had to be to his story I can’t even tell you how excited I was when I found out that this was something that was going to happen in real life I’m not even sure how to review this book because there is so much that happens that I can’t tell you about without spoiling the journey So let me first say this Huntley Fitzpatrick does complicated families like no other She creates incredibly layered characters that could be anyone in your family She creates a beautiful story filled with bits of heartbreak stolen moments romance and unimaginable amounts of struggle but always always filled with heart This is of course Tim’s story but it’s also Alice’s story Alice is Jase’s older sister She’s got her whole life ahead of her yet she takes on the problems of her parents and family as wholly her own She has this intense desire to solve all the issues and be the solution to the problems that arise only life is never that easy because it involves giving up things she’s been planning for and even then there is no guarantee that the problems will go away Tim you guys remember Tim He uses humor as a defense and his self deprecation is than just making fun of himself He’s hid behind drugs and alcohol for longer than one can imagine at the age of 17 and he’s come to realize with the help of his friends that there is to life than getting so wasted you can’t remember things But with that realization comes the responsibilities that he’d been avoiding for all those years and the things he’s screwed up along the way I can’t tell you how many times I wish he were real so I could pull him close and sueeze him tight even if he wouldn’t let me because you honestly have to love his outlook on life She moves closer; smells like I’ve always thought Hawaii would green and sweet earthy sun and sea mixed together smoky warm Her greenish gray eyes flecks of gold too – “You’ve only got one dimple” she says“That a drawback? I had two but I misplaced one on a particularly hard night”She gives my shoulder a shove “You joke about everything”“Everything is pretty funny” I say trying to sit up but sinking back my back groaning “If you look at it the right way”“How do you know you’re looking at it the right way?”Alice’s head’s lowered she’s still circling an index finger in the sand only inches from brushing her knuckles past my stomach The morning air is still and calm – no sound of the waves even“If it's funny” I wheeze “you’re looking at it the right way” Tim is a born flirt and Alice well she doesn’t really put up with his shit which oddly enough makes them perfect for each other and seeing the evolution of their relationship the sweet moments the passionate moments and the trials and tribulations because there are plenty of those was just everything I could have hoped for and Ultimately this story is about family and knowing that it’s not always the family that we’re born into that has our back and will be there to support us through our mistakes nor will it be the people we share DNA with that we come to lean on and find a home with I know that this seems somewhat vague that’s intentional because there are some things that I can’t divulge You’ll have to read to find out what those things are and I promise you'll thank me for letting you experience it as Tim's story unfolds All that said if there was one thing that I didn't really care for it would be Brad’s story Or his involvement I don’t know how to say this without giving anything away but I’ll just say that I feel like his part in this story felt unfinished and and not explored enough to ultimately have him be a part of this story BUT that is minor and not a huge part of what's going on and I honestly only noticed it when I turned the last page and realized where that left off Oh Also glimpses of Jase swoon and Sam and the rest of the Garrets only make this story even amazing If you thought you loved George in My Life Next Door be prepared for even cute from him and the rest of the gang Grab this if you’re looking for an incredible story of life and love and finding family where you least expect it Once again Fitzpatrick made me fall in love with her characters and the Garrett family in ways I never could have anticipated Thank you Huntley for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest thoughts

  6. Ferdy Ferdy says:

    SpoilersReally disappointing Predictable story flat romance and blandinsufferable main characters Didn't feel any connection between AliceTim their romance was so hollow and rushedTim didn't give a damn about Alice he was only ever concerned about his own problemsfeelings and then at the end he was all about Cal which was super boring The only reason Tim seemed to even want Alice was because he found her hot and liked her family I never got the sense he truly knew her or even cared for her his feelings for her were so cold well except for when he was horny Alice on the other hand was desperate for sulky attention seeking loser Tim despite having a million other problems to deal with Their relationship wasn't interesting or believable they had no passion or chemistry Them exchanging I love you's after dating for all of five minutes was laughable it came out of nowhere I preferred Alice and Tim's relationship with their families than each other it was far interesting reading about their interactions with their parentssiblings than the flat romance they had going on Didn't buy Alice wanting to be with Tim after the Cal reveal she was already sick of being a second mother of sorts to her siblings so her accepting TimCal as a package didn't seem likely Why would she want to be saddled with a teen boyfriend with alcohol problems and a newborn baby when she had so much going on in her own life? I can't believe she didn't walk away from Tim's car crash life her staying didn't fit with her personality or circumstances And then Alice getting upset at the end when she found out Cal wasn't Tim's was even nonsensical in reality she would be relieved not to be stuck being a teen stepmother when she'd spent so much time resenting and stressing about playing mummy to her siblings Really couldn't stand Tim he caused all sorts of problems for himself and I didn't feel sorry for him one bit He was a whiny self pitying brat I hated how lame and sleazy he was when it came to Alice he was such an immature perv Then there was him getting angry and bitchy whenever Alice or Hester deigned to say or do something he didn't like he would snap at them and get all pissed over nothing At times he sounded like a misogynistic prick especially when it came to Hester's relationship with Cal he was a total hypocrite Also him not getting a paternity test when he found about Calvin was beyond ridiculous that should have been the first thing he did This was all there was to TimOh no I drink and do drugs and sleep around and flunk out of school and my parents are disappointed in me Poor me my life's so hard No understands me pity me Oh no Hester just told me I'm the father of her baby I don't even remember sleeping with her because I was apparently in a drunken stupor but that's not suspicious at all Oh well I won't do a DNA test to confirm its mine because it has red hair and that means it has to be mine because no one else in the world has red hairOh no Hester doesn't love baby Calvin like a mother should It doesn't matter that she's a teenager and a first time mum or that I'm a crappy dad myself I'm still going to judge her and act like she's awful Poor meOh no Alice saiddid something totally reasonable but I'm going to take it as an insult and call her out on it and make her feel guilty that way she can look like she's done something wrong and I'll come out smelling like roses Ugh What the hell was Tim's problem with the name Calvin? He actually called it a 'pussy name' and then proceeded to call his son Cal instead Ugh he was an absolute idiot Hated all the parts where Tim narrated Cal's 'thoughts' I guess it was meant to be cute or something but it was just cringey I was so pissed at Tim inviting himself into the Garret house and eating all of their food when they barely had enough for themselves He never stopped to think about their struggles everything was about him He was a selfish entitled greedy git Hated Alice's parents for leaving her to deal with the kids and finances I know Alice's dad was hurt and the mum was pregnant but they shouldn't have expected Alice to pick up the pieces and put so much pressure on her Absolutely detested them for having so many kids when they could barely afford the ones they had not only that they couldn't even look after them properly without getting the older teens to do the bulk of the work Alice and Jase should have been getting on with their own lives not constantly looking after their bratty siblings I rolled my eyes at Alice saying she'd never climaxed before yet was able to the first time she and Tim got it on Yea I doubt Tim could be that good when he'd only ever had drunk sex before The dialogue was really at bad times it was so stilted and forced I remember liking the Garretts and all the younger kids in the first book but I found them annoying in this especially GeorgePatsy and the parents Nowhere near as good as My life Next Door Tim was an awful character and the whole Calvin arc was boring The only thing I really enjoyed were the few Nan and SamJase scenes

  7. Arlene Arlene says:

    I was really excited about diving into the second installment of Huntley Fitzpatrick’s novel My Life Next Door I remember that book being a perfect summer read that satisfied my YA contemporary craving that never ceases to wane Unfortunately The Boy Most Likely To didn’t uite hit the mark for me in so many subtle waysHaving met Tim Mason and Alice Garrett in the first book I was looking forward to seeing them get their own installment I remember Jase’s best friend Tim being a hot mess that kept making mistake after mistake Well as the title indicates he’s the boy most likely to not finish high school get drunk night after night and seriously disappoint his family because of his choices Alice is Jase’s older sister that seems to be struggling in a different sort of way She's the backbone of her family that is keeping them afloat as their father recovers from an accident that left him badly injured As she balances finishing nursing school taking care of her siblings running the household and helping with the family business she knows that last thing she has time for is to fall for Tim that seems to be stumbling through lifeTogether these two uncover an attraction and work toward finding a middle ground in the mess that is their life Well first off let me share that it took me three LONG weeks to finish this book It wasn’t uite what I had hoped for and I had such a hard time connecting with these characters I also had a difficult time picking up on the cadence of the dual narrative I never seemed to find my stride and enjoy Alice and Tim’s journey I didn’t have a difficult time with the age difference but it would have been nice for Tim to at least be of legal age that would have been an easier pill to swallow for some of the stuff that happened in this bookIf I had to pull anything positive from this book I have to admit that I really liked the ending despite how long it took me to get there Overall not uite what I was expecting for a summer contemporary read It seemed to have missed the mark for me in ways than one

  8. Tsukushi (Maan) Tsukushi (Maan) says:

    A SEEEEEEEEEEEEEUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL YEY Updated July 4 2015 Realized I've already waited almost two years to get a hold of this second installment It seems just like yesterday since I've read the first one Oo

  9. Nitzan Schwarz Nitzan Schwarz says:

    Edit 2272015There's a cover But Hmm It doesn't really fit the look of the first book Not that it's not pretty but both former Huntley books had a distinctive look about them that this one doesn't have OMG THERE IS A SECOND BOOK NOW PLEASE EEP

  10. Jen Ryland Jen Ryland says:

    So whoa This book was not at all what I expected I did like Boy Most Likely To but it took me some time to shift my mental gears around and adjust to the loss of the story I thought I was getting and warm up to the one I got I'll talk about the non spoilery stuff and then hide the spoilers at the end Don't read them unless you've read the book I'm seriousFirst off while Tim and Alice do have that fabulous odd couple chemistry going on he's the recovering train wreck she's the tightly wound control freak the Tim Alice romance is really not the main focus of this book Their relationship is so slow burn that is there a word for a notch below slow burn? uiet simmer? That's what this felt likeTo be fair both Tim and Alice are very distracted with stuff that I'll discuss later under spoiler protection Their relationship is pretty much at a standstill for about two thirds of the book Things eventually do heat up between them but it does take a while In theory I think it's a good thing that Tim is getting himself together before getting together with Alice but if you're expecting a super swoony book you won't get that until the very endThe dual POV was a bit jarring to me a lot of switching back and forth sometimes a few times within the same chapter I was saved by the fact that each POV had a different font I think MLND was all from Sam's POV and I think I might have preferred this from Tim's POV onlyNow to the elephant in the room that New Thing That Tim Has to Deal With Yes it did help Tim's character growth but overall I was really on the fence about this aspect of the story I thought some of those scenes in that plotline were funny and touching but the whole thing took the story in an unexpected direction I also must add that it kept reminding me of a very similar plot view spoiler on Gossip Girl the TV version Remember Dan and Georgina and baby Milo? Around season 3 or 4? Georgina shows up with baby Milo and Dan believes her when she says Milo is his child Then Georgina vanishes and Dan has to take care of Milo which helps him come to terms with the whole fatherhood thing and then Dan finds out he's being played I did like the idea of Alice's plotline her control issues and her attempt to break free of her family and her standing up to Sam's mom But to me it felt a bit like Alice's character growth had to take a back seat to the Baby Daddy Drama hide spoiler

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