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  • 07 July 2016
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10 thoughts on “Cold Hit

  1. Obsidian Obsidian says:

    Ehh This was just okay I think that trying to tie together a kidnappingrape to the art world in New York just didn't work though There were way too many plot holes It didn't help either that this is the third book in the row when Alex finds herself in danger She works for the DA How the hell is anyone targeting her all of the freaking time? It makes zero sense Very little character development of Alex Mercer of Mike I liked Mike slightly in this one just because you get to see how much he loves and cares about Mercer Other than that this whole book was a bit of a snoozeCold Hit has Alex and friends going after the murderer of a wealthy woman with a lot of enemies The cold hit portion comes from the DNA results from a rape kit after it is revealed the dead woman was raped before she died The DNA comes back to someone that leads us back to the New York City art world Alex starts to worry when it seems like someone is after her and then someone close to her gets hurt as wellI do like the insights that Fairstein brings to sexual assault cases I just don't like Alex After book #4 which I also finished recently I decided to hang up this series for good I won't get into that for this review though Alex in this book is dithering back and forth because she is seeing someone new a tv news announcer after things didn't work out between her and the last guy that was mentioned in book #2 Alex is alone because it's easier it seems but is resentful of being alone I don't know She seems to want Mike and Mercer to always be there by her side but doesn't seem to make a lot of room for the supposed men in her life The bickering between Alex and her supervisor is also getting old He's technically her boss and she readily implies in this one that he is sleeping with a subordinate while the woman was sitting right there Who knows if it's true or not but the whole thing read as very unprofessional I was embarrassed for her Alex and Mike are toxic as hell and I really want them to leave each other alone Seriously He talks down to her to her face and when other people are there It's not cute or romantic The book takes place in New York Fairstein adds in a lot of history in this one about Hell's Kitchen that didn't really fit in my mind while reading The events in this one also take place a year after the events in book #2 since there is mention of Alex's age and she was just having a birthday in the last book that put her at 34 The ending was a joke and a half At this point Alex should have bodyguards with her at all times She's always being abducted and threatened

  2. Kasa Cotugno Kasa Cotugno says:

    Read this due to piece by Leslie Stahl on the author and was intrigued by her history and her use of NYC landmarks in her series I like this well enough to continue the series for the visits to familiar locations Chelsea the High Line the Empire Diner than plot Also liked the audio by Allison Janney

  3. Alex is The Romance Fox Alex is The Romance Fox says:

    Linda Fairstein's 3rd novel in the Alexandra Cooper mystery series Cold Hit a woman’s body is washed ashore whose identity reveals that she’s the wife of a wealthy art collector Alex Cooper Mike Chapman Mercer Wallace are thrown into the world of art art dealers and art galleries as they follow a trail of the most dislikeable art world characters ever who have links to the dead woman in tracking in killer before he strikes again Set in the gritty and dangerous streets of NYC we are given an insight into the dark and greedy art world filled with rapacious collectors fraud theft and art forgery Twists and turns lies and danger that almost kill Mercer as he and Alex are faced with dangerous killers who will stop at nothing to stop secrets being revealedI enjoy the relationship between the three and I am not sure where Alex’s affair with a famous newscaster will lead because I think underneath there’s a lot going on between her and Mike Chapman Oooh I did love the Martha’s Vineyard partI can just imagine her house on the beach An absorbing plot which starts a bit slow but soon draws you in with the interesting characters and the procedures that leave you guessing until the very end

  4. Anne (Booklady) Molinarolo Anne (Booklady) Molinarolo says:

    35 Stars I didn't uite love my fourth foray into the Alexandra Cooper Series but I did enjoy Cold Hit This time I have to admit that a lot was going on in the novel Open rape cases a current case being prosecuted by Alex and a new murder of a wealthy Gallery owner and Art collector She has been bludgeoned to death Her body tied to a ladder and found in the water off Manhattan Evidence collected gets a hit a cold hit in the new DNA database But the hit is of an unknown perp Alex Mercer Wallace and Mike Chapman are thrust into the Art World And that world is not as beautiful as its paintings and sculptures Denise's very wealthy and connected husband has motive to kill her so do her two lovers as does her ne'er do well Gallery partner Another death is suspicious And there is indications that the elderly renowned art restorer was murdered Could the deaths be connected? And could they lead back to stolen Nazi Art or back to a great art theft that left those in that world gum socked ten years ago? And some people want Alex and Mercer dead Are the threats to them related to this new major case or to one or of the cases The Sex Crime Division is currently working on? One thing is for sure is that one of three friends and working partners will be sitting on the sidelines for a while after this case is resolved Fairstein is a great story teller Her prose is easy to read She has a knack to build suspense one chapter after another She still uses the final Jeopardy uestion as a comic relief and I love that signature trait of her novels And she knows how to skillfully twist the plot in directions that surprised me Yet as I stated earlier Cold Hit has just a tad too much going on in it but don't let that stop you from reading it It is uite enjoyable from start to finish

  5. P.J. P.J. says:

    I really shouldn't say I've read this because I couldn't struggle through it long enough to finish it The author's annoying habit of adding extraneous detail detracts so much from the story that it's impossible to focus on the story I honestly don't care how many floors the character has to walk up to her office what she's wearing when her building was constructed how many banks of elevators there are or any unnecessary details about the history of the New York City judicial system Just tell the story for crying out loud

  6. Steven Z. Steven Z. says:

    In her third installment of her Alex Cooper mysteries Linda Fairstein continues to take the reader through the inner workings of the Manhattan District Attorney's office We witness the jealousies and cooperation in the office which lends itself as to how crimes are solved In COLD HIT the reader is exposed to the seamy and corrupt aspects of professional art dealers Through auctions art restoration theft personal relationships and how the art world conducts itself as it creates its own rules in order to take possession of major works of art the reader is drawn in In this case a series of murders results along with personal rivalries hit men rape investigations and the inner workings of Cooper's team made up of detectives Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace Fairstein lets the reader travel to the landscapes of Italy her own favorite Martha's Vineyard and areas of Manhattan than I as a native New Yorker did not know existed The plot twists and turns and the reader is in for a fun ride In the journey interspersed arefinal jeopardy uestions as Cooper and Chapman their intellectual competition If you enjoyed Fairstein's first two Cooper mysteries this one will not disappoint

  7. Bev Taylor Bev Taylor says:

    a woman is pulled from the river tied to a step ladder beaten to death she appears affluent but just how well she is connected surprises alex together with mike and mercer they r thrust into the world of art where forgeries thefts shady dealings r all the norm here they hunt for a killer in a world where priceless art meets big money in a lethal mix once again superbly plotted and the author also adds in asides of other cases alex is asked or advice on or is working on personally the characterisation of the three is spot on so u fell as if u know them personally and the use of prose repartee and dialogue cannot be surpassed enjoy bevps the title is explained in the novel

  8. Brittany Kantack Brittany Kantack says:


  9. Logan Logan says:

    First impressions I adore this series so I settled right in to the narrative The book opens with a crime scene which always makes for interesting readingLasting impressions This was definitely not one of the most memorable crime novels I've read The book was incredibly slow through the middle and the ending seemed anti climactic despite a lot of actionConflicting impressions The plot revolves around the art world which seemed to be a really exciting premise but somehow it didn't uite create a compelling enough story I found the discovery phase of the investigation uite boringOverall impressions Alexandra Cooper is a great character She's a wealthy New Yorker heads the sex crimes division of the District Attorney's office in Manhattan and relaxes with ballet on the weekends Her cop friends that help her investigate the crimes are playful yet tough and they have a good working relationship accompanied with some old fashioned ribbing Though the book unfurls at a snail's pace the glimpse into the cut throat nature of the art bidding process and how rich people build up their collections is uite interesting I'm not convinced that it was tied in well enough to the actual crimes however When the big reveal came at the end the motivation just didn't uite gel enough to the severity of the crime Still this was a satisfying way to uench my mystery thirst I enjoy the characters enough to let a little plot fizzle slide and I'll pick up another Cooper mystery when I get the chance

  10. Pamela Mclaren Pamela Mclaren says:

    The body is dragged out of the river tied to a ladder and without a name But soon the police get an ID and Alexandra Cooper is soon on the hunt for whomever killed the beautiful art gallery owner and art collector Balancing a new love life and a busy docket of cases Alex joined by police detectives Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace struggle to find clues to who may have wanted the woman dead her estranged husband her business partner her lovers or is there someone else? And why was she dealing in stolen artwork?Fairstein has developed a wonderful set of characters and this is a true action packed book that keeps you reading all the way through But like some of these books I wonder if an assistant district attorney would really find herself in the midst of car chases and shoot outs?

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Cold Hit✤ Cold Hit Download ➸ Author Linda Fairstein – Renowned sex crimes prosecutor and bestselling author Linda Fairstein sends her acclaimed heroine the stylish and steely nerved DA Alexandra Cooper on a hunt for a killer inside New York City's glitzy Renowned sex crimes prosecutor and bestselling author Linda Fairstein sends her acclaimed heroine the stylish and steely nerved DA Alexandra Cooper on a hunt for a killer inside New York City's glitzy art world Alexandra Cooper has seen many murder victims but few disturbing than the silk clad body of a woman her hands and feet tied to a ladder pulled from the turbulent waters at Manhattan's northern tip With her colleagues including NYPD detectives Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace Alex races against the clock and hopes for a Cold Hit a DNA match that would reveal the identity of the murderer by linking the crime to someone already in the police database But as the case pulls her into the exclusive world of East Side auction houses and cutting edge Chelsea galleries Alex discovers she may be marked as an expendable commodity in a chilling and deadly scheme.