The Death of Dulgath Epub Ù The Death Epub /

  • Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • The Death of Dulgath
  • Michael J. Sullivan
  • English
  • 27 October 2014
  • 9781943363001

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  1. Michael Michael says:

    People who know me know I don't review my own books but I do use my review to update them on important happenings with them So here goesUPDATE 03012019 For the next seven days I'm discounting by 90% 099 rather than 999 as part of the Swords of Spring Sale This sale wil include 52 books because some of them are box sets and each can be had for less than a single buck Such a deal Here's the list of what's on sale and as you can see there are a lot of choices But hurry the sale ends March 7th so you only have a week UPDATE 02022018 I'm running a goodreads giveaway for 100 ebook copies of this book While this is the third in the series it was written as a standalone wan no prior knowledge of the other Riyria tales is reuired to enjoy it to it's fullestUPDATE 11142017 For three days I'm making the book free that's a savings of 999 You can get copies on which will also enable you to get the audiobook for just 199 or you can get a copy direct from me which will provide formats for any reading device and give you an opportunity to send a friend a free copyUPDATE 09262016 For two days only I've reduced the price from 999 to 099 So if you've been waiting for an excuse to read my books this is a really good time to give it a try Or if you've already read and enjoyed the book consider gifting a copy to a fantasy friend or even two It's a great deal but it'll end September 27th UPDATE 12232015 It's been pretty exciting since the release of the The Death of Dulgath in audio It became the #1 best selling epic fantasy on audiblecom and was as high as #8 site wide It as nice dethroning Game of Thrones for a week in the top spot ; Sales were so good in fact that The Death of Dulgath hit Audibles Top 10 fiction best seller list for the week ending De 18th which is really cool as the book had only been out for 3 days during that period The really cool thing about making that list is it's pushed out to various media outlets like The New York Times ABC News Th Washington Times and a bunch It was pretty exciting seeing my name in print at these venues I don't have total sales numbers but I can say that when looking at just data Kindle audio downloads it's sold than 9000 not counting the Kickstarter books That's a pretty nice launch for a book without a traditional publisherUPDATE 1132015 Gah can't believe so much time keeps going by between updates Well now that the book is officially released in ebook at least I can make it to read Of course I'm not going to rate it but suffice to say I'm happy with how it all turned out For those interested in the hardcover and audio editionshere is an update on them The book is on the presses and will ship 1116 Not sure how many days to get them here but shouldn't be too terribly long Interestingly that will also be the date the recording will start of the audio booksTim had to shuffle around some other projects and he moved it as far forward as he could but this was the soonest he could do it Official release dates for are Dec 1st for print and Dec 15th for audio Reviews for the ebooks have been very strongalways a good thing to seeUPDATE 8252015 The book at least the first part is in beta Robin is working hard to get the last half out to everyone She's been working pretty around the clock as of late so I forced her into a few days off in the mountains without Internet I think it was good for her In other news I've posted a sample chapter of the book here on goodreads You can read it at this link which will also allow you to download it The version posted at this time isn't the final version as we still need beta feedback But it will be close to what will eventually be publishedUPDATE 7102015 The book is done Well at least the first draft is I'm doing my last pass edit before sending it to Robin my alpha reader I think it came out really well but of course I feel that way On the Kickstarter front things are going eually as well We're the 4th highest funded project for US fiction of all time surpassed 9 stretch goals and have six days left There have been all kinds of bonus perks and add ons as we climbed through the ranks so if you haven't looked at it recently you might want to give it a peekUPDATE 652015 The Kickstarter is going amazingly well thanks all for the incredible support We're not yet at 24 hours post launch and already at just under 22000 which is a hair under 85% funded Hoping to cross the finish line by the end of day 2UPDATE 632015 The Kickstarter will launch tomorrow 642015 at 1200 PM EST Noon that will be 900 AM in California and early in the evening in the UK You can preview it hereUPDATE 52115 GIVEAWAYS Two giveaways are now live to win a total of 6 copies of the book You can enter them from here and here UPDATE 51215A lot is going on First writing is going well on the book and it is on schedule to be finished by the end of Julyearly August Robin will of course need to edit it but it should be ready for beta reading in September NOTE If you want to sign up for beta reading Here is the link I'm currently slating a release date of November 15thbut that is still soft until I get the book written and editedSecond I've come up with a title headline and blurb for the book Check it out on the main page here And tell me what you think of itThird Cover design is slated to start any day now It's being done by the amazing Marc Simonetti on this as it progressesFourth the audio publisher is putting their ducks in a row to get the audio version produced Of course Tim Gerard Reynolds will once be narrating updates as they become availableORIGINAL POSTINGOkay I've been putting this off long enough But it's time to make it official There WILL be a third Riyria Chronicle book and I'm going to try my hardest to get it out in 2015 Here's the skinny1 The project I've been working on for the past two years The First Empire is finally reaching the finish line I plan on having book #5 finished by April or May That frees me up to start something new2 After finishing The Rose and the Thorn I mentioned that I'm being cautious about Royce and Hadrian overstaying their welcome But the data is in and the overwhelming consensus is they haven't yet reached that point and people still want and I'm than happy to to oblige 3 While the ink isn't yet dry on the contract for The First Empire it looks like that will be traditionally published Unfortunately it also means that it will be a 2016 release I don't like years without book releases so I want this new book to hit in 2015 Since I don't sign books until they are written and since traditional publishing takes a year from submissionthe only way to get this out in 2015 is to self publish so that's the route I'm going to take I may also do a Kickstarter to provide some goodies and to get it in the hands of people earlybut I've still not decided on that yetI'm going to do some pre sales promotions Including ways for people to get a copy of the book LONG before the public at large As such I have two ways you can participate in the early release process1 Add this book to your shelf If you do you are automatically entered to win one of the early advanced reader copies 2 Sign up here and you'll also be entered for a chance to win a copy That's about all I have for nownot even a title yet But I have done some outlining and have a great idea for Royce and Hadrian's next adventure I hope you're as excited as I am

  2. Katerina Katerina says:

    You can find this review and on BookNest I've been trying for a while to come up with a catchy line to open this review but then it dawned on me that Michael J Sullivan does not need a catchy line to draw attention to his work His marvelous writing skills his endearing characters and their heart pounding adventures my eagerness to keep visiting his fantasy lands and the blissful feeling that I am home whenever I dive into his stories speak volumes so I can't help but state the obvious; he is a master storyteller and the world of fantasy is lucky to have himWas that catchy enough? “If anyone had asked Royce Melborn what he hated most at that moment he would’ve said dogs Dogs and dwarves topped his list both eually despised for having so much in common—each was short vicious and inexcusably hairy” In The Death of Dulgath Riyria faces a new challenge to save Lady Dulgath from her impending assasination by acting as consultants offering their opinion about possible ways to murder her in order for her people to make preparations against them And yes it's as shady as it sounds But it's easy money so Royce and Hadrian set off a journey to the edge of the world to the mysterious land of Dulgath where it never rains and the vegetation is lush where the Church of Nyphron tries and fails to establish a strong hold and the struggle for power leads to unholy alliances and unsolved murders But the greatest mystery is Lady Dulgath herself aloof and perseptive beyond imagination and strangely worshiped by her people who doesn't take the threats against her seriously And Riyria wants to know whyThese past weeks I was experiencing a reading reviewing slump of the worst kind I felt like I was robbed of the energy to read to spend precious time inside a good book and let my veins fill with literatute and its wonders The will was there my soul ached for it to be released to fly but it needed a trigger and I couldn't find it Until the day The Death of Dulgath arrived at my doorstep and I knew that Michael J Sullivan would be the one to help me It couldn't be anyone else Every time I return to Elan I sigh with relief and contentment I am among old and beloved friends who share with me their new adventures who want me by their side when they unveil conspiracies and get in the way of the Church's plans and I let them be my guides to their world because I trust them to make me feel good They always succeed “So you have been paying attentionI'm not as stupid as you think I amYou have no idea how stupid I think you are and honestly we don't have time for that conversationHadrian scowled” Mixing hilarity with action in The Death of Dulgath Michael J Sullivan serves a delicious dish of good ol' fantasy; while The Crown Tower and The Rose and the Thorn open a portal to the origins of Riyria and the formation of the legendary duet of creative problem solvers the third instalment of the Riyria Chronicles is like a standalone an intense sweeping adventure that makes reality seem distant and insignificant unworthy of your attention What or better who deserves your attention is Royce Melborn and Hadrian Blackwater; Royce is always his cynical pragmatistic self that thinks murder is the way to deal with your problems that acts of kindness hide nefarious motives so naturally he is confused when help comes from unexpected places But Hadrian with his faith in mankind that sometimes borders stupidity with his eagerness to do the right thing even though it will get him into trouble is rubbing off on him They complement each other and while their hilarious dialogues consist mostly of Royce threatening to murder Hadrian you can feel the strength of their bond and the friendship that connects them Even though Lady Dulgath manages to rattle Royce Even though Hadrian is smitten with a fiesty redhead and an ambitious nobleman tries to pin a murder on them Others tried that too and they all failed “We are than the bodies we inhabit They're little than clothes and yet we judge so much by them” If you're up for a fantastical tale that will lift your spirits and make you feel at ease among friends The Death of Dulgath is an ideal choice Michael J Sullivan and Riyria hold a vital piece of my heart and I strongly wish that Mr Sullivan will never stop delivering his enchanting stories that the brilliant brain of his will keep producing ideas to keep Royce and Hadrian alive

  3. Evgeny Evgeny says:

    Somebody kept trying to kill Lady Dulgath Because she did not seem to care about her own safety the Church of Novron decided to take matters in its hands and hired a good assassins giving them task to figure out the best way to accomplish the goal so the adeuate defense measures could be readied A good assassin? None other than Royce Melborn accompanied by none other than Hadrian Blackwater no big surprise here I do not need to explain that their task turned out to be much than the original do I? The beginning of the book has a strong vibe of a French movie Le Pacte des loups If you have not seen it forget what I just said as this gives some spoilers; a great movie by the way Compared to other books about the dynamic duo not this one the novel is a letdown My explanations followConsider Riyria Revelations the original series This one had practically non stop twists with the last one happening literally in the last couple of lines of the final book The interactions between Royce and Hadrian were great Let us recall first two books of Riyria Chronicles They showed the backstory of some characters from Revelations The interactions between Royce and Hadrian were great even in the very beginningThis book has none of these The plot is predictable and all the twists if they can be called thus were visible from a long distance Almost none of the characters from Revelations made any meaningful appearance One of the new guys with a POV was not only boring but uite flat I challenge anybody to say anything nice about Sherwood I dreaded coming to his parts Most of the time Royce and Hadrian had to work separately; this means less admittedly great interactions To add an insult to the injury Hadrian came out naive to the point of idiocy He was naive before and after but not at the expense of the common sense Royce was still great though To make a long story short I rate this one with 3 stars Drop all the parts with Sherwood and I raise my rating to 4 the guy is the very definition of not exciting I will wait for the reviews of the next book of the series before I decide if I ever put it on my to read shelf

  4. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    Short and sweet I'm still loving my boys and will always love my boys And this was another great uest they were on together Well job but still 😊

  5. Jenna Kathleen Jenna Kathleen says:

    Once again I sped through a Riyria book and now I feel like I'm on a reading high Riyria is such a special series A lot of fantasy out there these days is really tough and gritty which I love but now and then you need a series that makes you feel good Makes you smile and laugh Makes you forget about your real life as you escape into another world It's good old fashioned fantasy at its finest; I really cannot recommend this series enough The Death of Dulgath is probably my favourite Riyria adventure to date It's hard to decide because they are just all so good This book had me guessing a little bit than the other books and even though I usually puzzled it out in advance the story unfolded so perfectly The plot was fantastic and the pacing was spot on and you can really see Sullivan's improvement as a writer not that the others weren't awesome but this was especially awesomeAs it's the third book in the preuel series we've been introduced to the early years of Hadrian and Royce so this book feels a bit like one of the Revelations You can still see evidence that they don't know each other so well yet but this is another thing to laugh at as we travel to Dulgath and spend time in the seemingly perfect province There is so much funny dialogue that you'd think Sullivan would run out of ideas of how to make Hadrian and Royce bicker Nope There's even and it just gets funnier as you get to know the charactersAs I said in my review of The Rose and the Thorn it is definitely better to read this in the publication order Those of you reading this review have probably already made it to this point in the series but if you haven't read any Riyria yet 1 read it in order 2 read it right now 3 why aren't you reading yet?

  6. Jody Jody says:

    Full review now up The Death of Dulgath was another solid tale in the Riyria Chronicles collection Although I wasn't as engulfed by this story as I was the previous two books and I believe I know why My familiarity with the stories and side characters in the first two books really added to the welcome home feeling I get from MJS's writing While Royce and Hadrian are of course the focal point of these books I found myself with new characters and a story I wasn't familiar with Maybe it doesn't make much sense but that was the only reason I can see why I didn't enjoy this as much as the The Crown Tower and The Rose and the Thorn I know I am being nit picky but this is one of my favorite fantasy worlds so I think I can be just a little In this chapter of the Chronicles we have Royce and Hadrian traveling to the valley of Dulgath in Maranon There have been several attempts to take the life of Lady Dulgath The only living descendant of the oldest noble family in Avryn Riyria is normally hired for covert and not to honorable jobs but this go around they are wanted to help prevent Lady Dulgath's murder While this seems to be right up Royce's alley Hadrian really struggles on this job He gets himself in some pretty bad situations and Royce has to bale him out A good assassin is like a good tailor everything is fit to order Royce The side characters are as always solid and well written but I was undecided about some of them While I enjoyed Lady Dulgath and the artist Sherwood Stow's story arcs I didn't care much for Lord Fawkes or Sherriff Knox For the purpose of no spoilers I won't go into detail I just felt they didn't live up to their characters in the overall scheme of things Nothing outrageously so just my personal opinionOf course how can you have a Riyria novel without the banter between Royce and Hadrian It's easy to tell after being a team for 3 years they have really grown fond of each others company There are scenes in this book that show their growing bond and how much they have come to rely on one another Even if they do drive each other crazy at times Hadrian frowned Getting back to a sitting position he let his head rest on the wall behind him Why is it you always find your sense of humor when we're about to die? Royce shrugged I suppose because that's when life is at it's most absurd I know I have listed some complaints above but just know these are small things and are my personal opinion I hold any book by MJS in high regard and recommend them all to readers of any genre I really did have a fun time reading The Death of Dulgath and will not hesitate to pick it up again when all of the Riyria Chronicles books are released 425 stars

  7. Samir Samir says:

    ''The Crown Tower'' and ''The Rose and the Thorn'' were about Royce and Hadrian’s origins but this one was different this one was a full blown Ryiria adventure And what an adventure it wasAfter working together for almost three years and mostly doing jobs of relieving their targets of their belongings our heroes are hired to prevent a murder of a mysterious womanI really can’t say about the story without spoiling it for you so I’ll summarize it; they came they saw they kicked assWhat makes this book and this series uniue is the way that the characters are written especially the main characters Royce and Hadrian who are the complete opposites and yet with a lot of effort and patience they manage to form a strong bond and show us what is friendship all about ''The Death of Dulgath'' represents the pure essence of Riyria; amazing storytelling fast paced flow great world building awesome and fun characters and most importantly it makes you feel good I can’t wait for the graphic novel version of this awesome book and I couldn’t be happier knowing that Mr Sullivan has started writing the fourth Chronicles novelI highly recommend this great book to everyone who loves fantasy because Riyria books are something special and we all need something special in our lives

  8. Eon ♒Windrunner♒ Eon ♒Windrunner♒ says:

    All editions on sale on and the author's site from 16th 19th of April 2016Feel good fantasy blissMichael J Sullivan does it again with one of the best bromances ever put to paper in this excellent entry into the Riyria Chronicles series Please sir I want some Bonus material for those who scrolled all the way down to here ; “You talk all the time but not when it rains—why?” Hadrian shrugged “Didn’t know it bothered you” “It doesn’t What bothers me is when you blather nonstop” Hadrian peered over and a little smile grew in the shadow of his sopping hood “You like my talking don’t you?” “I just got done saying—” “Yeah but you wouldn’t have said anything if you really liked the silence” “Trust me” Royce said “I really like the silence” “Uh huh” “What’s uh huh supposed to mean?” Hadrian’s smile widened into a grin “For months we’ve ridden together while I’ve held whole conversations by myself You’ve never joined in and some of them were really good too You haven’t said a word but now that I’ve stopped—look at youyapping away” “A single uestion isn’t yapping away” “But you expressed an interest That’s huge” Royce shook his head “I just thought there might be something wrong with you—obviously I was right” Hadrian continued to grin with an overly friendly look of self satisfaction as if he’d scored a point in some imaginary contest Royce pulled his own hood down shutting Hadrian out The horses plodded along through mud and occasionally gravel shaking the water from their heads and jangling their bridles “Sure is coming down isn’t it?” Hadrian said “Oh shut up” “Farmer’s wife back in Olmsted said it’s the wettest spring in a decade” “I’ll slit your throat as you sleep I really will”PSSIf you are thinking about buying this book in any form might I suggest supporting the author directly and buying it from his site? You can get a signed copy of the book in paperback or hardcover or if you prefer ebooks he will provide you with a mobi epub pdf and it will be at better pricing than you can get it for on Win winOk now off to reading

  9. ❄️BooksofRadiance❄️ ❄️BooksofRadiance❄️ says:

    Plot wise I think this might be my least favourite of the Riyria books but my love for Hadrian Royce knows no bounds 😍They’re as engaging to read about as ever and the dialogues humour my favourite parts of both series are consistently excellent and always well balanced 👌

  10. Liam Degnan Liam Degnan says:

    WOW so I thought I had the last bit of this book left to read but it was just a sample of another book that they stuck in at the end xD Probably like 45 stars but either way this book is excellent If you're a fan of Riyria these books will be everything you want them to be and I'll hopefully get up a cohesive review sometime soon Dear Mr SullivanPlease PLEASE have every Riyria book republished with covers designed by whoever made this oneI had previously resigned myself to associating completely atrocious covers with your books but this one is gorgeous Other books in the series could use the same treatmentPlease and thank youLiam

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