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Dead Point [Epub] ➛ Dead Point ➠ Peter Temple – Thomashillier.co.uk Jack Irish's mind is not fully on the job he's being paid to do find Robbie Colburne occasional barman But when he does get serious he finds that the freelance drink dispenser is of great interest to Jack Irish's mind is not fully on the job he's being paid to do find Robbie Colburne occasional barman But when he does get serious he finds that the freelance drink dispenser is of great interest to some powerful people people with very bad habits and a distinct lack of respect for the criminal justice system.

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  1. Jeffrey Keeten Jeffrey Keeten says:

    ”I wrote out a bill for 120 He studied it looked at me studied it again Then he unzipped his bag and put wads of notes on my table fifties twenties perhaps five or six thousand dollars in used notesTemptation had run its scarlet fingernails down my scrotum What did it matter? A success fee that’s all it was Merchant bankers took success fees But I wasn’t a merchant banker People like that grabbed what they could within the law In my insignificant way I represented the law I was a sworn officer of the court I was a thread in an ancient fabric that made social existence possible I was the law Sufficiently psyched up by these thoughts I leaned across the tailor’s table plucked two soiled fifties and a twenty pushed the rest back his way‘Lester’ I said ‘not all lawyers are the same’”I wanted to begin this review with this uote especially for those readers who haven’t met Jack Irish yet This is the third of four novels that Peter Temple wrote with Irish as the protagonist There are two seasons of the TV show and hopefully there will be a third of Guy Pierce starring as Jack Irish There are three standalone movies based on the books also starring Guy Pierce as well Needless to say as I read this book Guy Pierce supplied the face of Jack Irish for me The uote above really encapsulates who Jack is The painful honesty the sense of duty he feels and the need to believe that any money he makes he earns He feels vulnerable as if one mistake will be his last but he can’t help keep putting himself out there trying to be someone standing between those in need and those who take He was a high flying lawyer with nothing in front of him but blue skies and a fast escalator to the peaks of his profession then tragedy struck His wife was killed by one of his clients and suddenly the world did not make sense any He was one of the chosen; there shouldn’t be a fall from grace After he climbed out of the bottle he apprenticed to a carpenter and now he splits his time between “sawin’ and ‘lawin’” Jack Irish lives in Melbourne ”Weather’s okay I like it very noir” The book before this Black Tide there was so much of Melbourne in it that I finally pulled up a map of Melbourne so I could follow along with Jack as he moved about the city I’m reasonably familiar with the streets and alleys of the city without ever having visited Whenever a writer gets details like this correct it lends an extra layer of authenticity to the plot Jack has some horse businessmen friends AKA gamblers by the name of Harry Strang and Cameron Delray They don’t break the rules but they do bend them a bit The novel begins with them at the racetrack watching a disaster strike The only thing that could go wrong to completely bugger them happens For Jack it is a chance to achieve some financial stability To make things even worse one of their gambling associates is robbed and unnecessarily beaten brutally Mercury the bloated god of commerce must be too jaded and knackered to do than chuckle at the feeble attempts of Jack Irish to put his life back together Aphrodite has also made him a favorite plaything His girlfriend leaves him for someone else and with his mind still whirling an ex girlfriend Linda blows back into town and wants to shag She routinely drops into his life like a hurricane and just as uickly blows out with the next tropical storm His head isn’t really in the right place to look for a missing person ”Oh Lord why hast thou anointed me the fixer of all things? And why hast thou ordained this in a cold season in which too many things need fixing?” It soon becomes apparent that the person he is looking for may not be the person he thinks he is looking for He discovers that powerful people are very interested in his investigation They have secrets and as Jack gets closer to the truth people start dying It doesn’t take a slide rule or a TI 89 calculator to figure out that Jack is the next logical victim His only safety is finding out the truth before he becomes a missing person And there isn’t another Jack Irish to come looking for him Irish is the fictional protagonist that I’ve met recently who resonates with me the most For him living a respectful life is so much important than acuiring piles and piles of money He wants to do the right thing by others despite the ease with which he could take advantage because he is smarter and skilled He uses his brains and tenacity to fight against the powerful people in mega corporations the eually powerful people who misuse positions of government authority or on the other end of the spectrum the local thugs using violence to inspire terror “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”― Edmund Burke Jack Irish as flawed as he is is one of those special people who will step forward out of a crowd and say enough is enough He is the type of loyal friend that most of us wish we knewI was reading the first Jack Irish novel when I started watching the TV series The series is not based on the novels though they stay true to the concepts and ideas that Temple based his books on The movies are based on the books so you might want to read the books before venturing into the movies I feel like watching the series and reading the book at the same time created some good synergy for me and increased my enjoyment of both If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at and an Instagram account

  2. Vasilia Vasilia says:

    I read this book after I watched the TV adaptation with Guy Pearce I was expecting to expect the plot but in a stroke of genius from the TV producers they had changed the plot characters and really only Jack Irish and a few smart lines had been retained So I was as duped by anyone reading Dead Point Thank goodness How boring otherwiseIf you've heard anything about Peter Temple you've heard that he is a Great of Australian Literature It's true I zoom through other books but I have to take his slow just to appreciate his dialogue and characters He has such a skill with dialogue If you're new to the Jack Irish books by the way maybe don't read this one first It doesn't reveal any other book's secrets but you want to step into Jack's life at the 'beginning' of his crime solving career just for the pleasure of watching him slowly evolveJack Irish is one of the realistic characters I've ever met on a page not for any good reason such as character flaws or arcs but just because he is one of the few characters in crime fiction whose life is a big part of the story His life has fallen to bits but he doesn't seem to notice He has working class and middle class friends friends from his old life and his new life friends from the dark side of the law and friends on the right side And the thing is you get to love all of them just as much as you love Jack Irish just because they all have so much personalityI've heard complaints about the Aussie slang in Temple's books I have to say I didn't really notice it I did notice that you have to be an actor to read the dialogue in your head it doesn't make sense at first until you switch over to how real people talk rather than how book characters talk even if Temple's a bit wittier than most real peopleI'm getting addicted again surely I have another Temple book lying around that I can read It's rare to be so impressed by an author and the funny thing is he's impressive AND enjoyable AND fun Amazing

  3. Dillwynia Peter Dillwynia Peter says:

    Peter Temple novels are givens they will be tightly written there will be a little bit of sex that falls into the realm of adult themes or soft porn there will be clever dialogue Jack Irish novels have the added sparkle of digs at Melbourne and soft side swipes at other cities and we will learn a bit about horse racing and AFLThe usual formulae are followed with one to two cases being investigated that may or may not become related They will become personal in some way and we learn a bit of the character and personal history of our hero narrator Being in the 1st person has the draw back that regardless of how many guns there are being waved about our hero will live to tell the tale The upside are the uips from Irish his repartee always has been giggling or snorting – which is an attractive look on flights or so I believeThe biggest weakpoint was the title We learn about its significance in the last 50 pages but I think another title was deserving I kept saying Is this it?? Don’t let that deter you this book is worthy of a read on either a summer beach or locked in a cosy room during a miserable day

  4. Sharah McConville Sharah McConville says:

    45 Stars This is my first time reading about Melbourne lawyer Jack Irish I probably should have started the series from the start since this is book #3 There were lots of characters to keep track of and uite a few pages about AFL Overall a very interesting story Thanks to Text Publishing for my paperback copy of Dead Point by the late Peter Temple

  5. Tundra Tundra says:

    3 12 stars A good bit of escapism Gritty Melbourne underworld crime with a good dose of humour Jack Irish is a not so sueaky clean ex lawyer with plenty of interesting connections that make for a turbulent not so straightforward story

  6. Andre Andre says:

    The third in the Jack Irish series by Australian author Peter Temple What can I say? If you've never read Peter Temple you’ve been missing outOne of the most underrated authors in Australia; Temple effortlessly mixes detective work with a good dose of humor and surprises In a realistic description of Melbourne where corruption politics blackmail and footie all have a prominent role Jack Irish is the lone ranger looking for the truth Like a spider scaling a seemingly insurmountable wall he crawls to the top hopping from one string to the next in a web of lies and deceit untilHighly recommended reading for anyone that loves a good detective novel Dead Point is expertly written by the master of Australian detective novels

  7. Annette Annette says:

    35 this is a fun new and probably addictive series for me I borrowed this book from a house guest who pointed out that I read too many British detective and police procedurals and need a bit of real writing This was great and now I'll begin at the beginning with #1

  8. A.M. A.M. says:

    Library audio book#3 has a different narrator from the first two and I don’t know what they told him but it’s clear he was told Cam is aboriginal and he’s chosen to make him sound like a teen boy from Purfleet It’s pretty AWFUL Which is bizarre as he does other accents well just checked and they return to the usual narrator for book#4 thank goodnessJack has been asked by a Judge to find a missing man Robbie Colburne Barman at a new Irish pub freuented by Melbourne glitterati and property moguls He’s found a few days later in his garage; overdosed inside his car But oddly someone had him under surveillance That’s expensive For a barman?Even odder they send Jack the VHS tape of the surveillanceSomething about the guy itches at Jack No Medicare number and too few details so he digs deeper The judge confesses it relates to blackmail and someone is trying to get him to make a particular decision for them The judge won’t do it but he’d like his photo album backCam and Harry are hunting down whoever it was that beat and robbed one of their bet layers They take that very personally The same occurs to another racing friendJack is also trying to graft St Kilda onto the diehard Fitzroy supporters from the pub He calls the ancient guys who saw his father play Aussie Rules the youth club average age in their eighties For those who don’t know Fitzroy was shuttered in Melbourne with the club and symbols being sold to another state to form the basis for the Brisbane Lions But it’s pretty hard to go to home games two whole states awayAnd he’s getting very distracted listening to his old flame Linda on the radio Lyall the photographer has called their relationship off and moved on with an old flameBut when Jack manages to find one of Robbie’s old school chums who isn’t dead they don’t ID him from the surveillance photo; it’s his half Italian friend Marco Lucia That name leads him to Serbian gangsters on the Gold Coast But Milan doesn’t believe for a minute Marco was a drug user His body was his trade he’d look after itIt all gets very complicated as alwaysI adore the way Jack looks after his own even if it’s calling a lawyer and threatening her after she’s been collecting cash from an immigration client for years ‘The one who shot those guys?’ she asks He charges his client 120 for the job and gets back the entire 23000 the man had paid Free Vietnamese takeout forever ‘Where’s your two Jack?’ the man always asks when he orders takeout for one Locals eh?So many passages that just made me laugh out loudHigh stakes for the suburban solicitor but as always Jack somehow emerges from the dust; bruised bloody exhausted but alive5 stars

  9. Kim Kim says:

    A different genre for me but it actually kept my interest A bit of a look at the sleazy side of town and set in Melbourne which I found interesting trying to place the many locations and references Had no idea during the book how everything was going to link back up but just decided to go with the flow and not try to keep track of the involved plots A good light hearted read A bit like watching Underbelly it something of that ilk maybe will try the author again

  10. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    Another excellent Jack Irish tale of skulduggery with the usual assorted crew of villains Once the crooks are often rich powerful and devious or just common or garden thugs The Melbourne weather is miserable and bleak the inner North locations utterly recognisable and many of the old characters reappear in their usual habitats the pub the football or the racesYou don't have to know Melbourne well to enjoy these books but it certainly adds to the pleasure

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