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Jim Me (A Baseball Card Adventure #8) [KINDLE] ❀ Jim Me (A Baseball Card Adventure #8) By Dan Gutman – Thomashillier.co.uk He was the world's greatest athlete and a hero—until his medals were taken awayStosh is shocked when his enemy Bobby Fuller begs him for a favor He wants Stosh to take him back in time to meet Nativ He was the world's greatest athlete and a hero—until his medals were taken awayStosh is shocked when his enemy Bobby Fuller begs him for a favor He wants Stosh to take him back in time to meet Native American Jim Thorpe—an Olympic champion who lost his medals in a scandal Thorpe went on to play professional baseball and football but he could never again achieve such fame His name was disgracedJoin Stosh and Fuller on a uest to save Jim's reputation You'll meet Christy Mathewson John McGraw and the rest of the New York Giants in this eighth exciting action packed baseball card adventure.

10 thoughts on “Jim Me (A Baseball Card Adventure #8)

  1. Kayden Kayden says:

    If you want to learn about sports but in a fun way with facts and fiction in the same book to make it fun let me tell you this is the book for you Stosh is a boy that can travel through time by the touch of the card and it'll take him back to the time when the card was made One day Stosh's enemy Bobby Fuller shows up at the door and he wants Stosh to take him back in time to Jim Thorpe who is one of the best olympians ever winning gold in the Decathlon and penthalon They were striped from him when they found out that he played professional ball before the olympics which wasn't allowed at that time They want to go back and stop him from playing so he will be the one of the most famous athletes of all time They hit many bumps in the road on the way What will Jim think about kids trying to tell him what to do? Will Stosh and Bobby be able to stop Jim? Will they even be able to find Jim in New York City? Read this book and find out

  2. Grady Grady says:

    I really enjoyed this book I like books that involve stats and athletics I liked this book about Joey Stoshack has a special talent where if he holds a card he can travel to the year that card was made He loves baseball so likes to travel back in time and see famous baseball players This is all fun but when secret gets out about his talent and his enemy Bobby Fuller gets ahold of it things don't seem so great Bobby wanted to go back in time and visit a distant relative of his Jim Thorpe Bobby's great grandfather the IndianAmerican man that did everything He played baseball football and was in the Olympics He won the decathlon and the pentathlon He was later stripped of his medals because he had played minor league baseball before the Olympics Stosh wanted to go back in time and tell Jim not to enter the Olympics so he wouldn't be put to shame

  3. Bob Ryan Bob Ryan says:

    This book wasn't my favorite I have read better BUT I did like it it was very interesting I don't really like baseball but it is a fun sport I also love the concept of this book like going back in the future is just cool I do wish they made a basketball series with the same concept of these book I wish they told me about the player they were going back in time to see Overall I enjoyed this book It had some action like the close games and what not that was interesting I would've liked a full season of close games I may read another one of these books to see if it was just that book I didn't like and try out another book I have read another one of these books a couple years ago and it was pretty good I would like to read sports related books because they bring interest to me I think I will read the book Jackie and Me hopefully next

  4. AJ Thumma AJ Thumma says:

    Stosh the main character can travel through time but in a very special way He can travel through time using baseball cards Say stosh has a Jim Thrope baseball cards from 1913 Stosh will hold that card for a period of time and he'll go back to that time He has to have a current time baseball card to be able to come back to present time If he doesnt he would get stuck in the past I honestly think this is a very interesting book I think it would be very cool if it could actually work in real life I really love this series of book

  5. Nile Schuett Nile Schuett says:

    I really enjoyed this book I found it very interesting I thought that it kept the reader on the edge of their seat the majority of the book One of the main characters is a trouble maker and it is exciting to see what he says and does I think many people would enjoy this book Josh is a nice person because he takes one of his enemies back in time It shows that he has really good character It shows a lot of what life was like back in the days of the great depression Many people would kill to have a job It was a very hard time for the American people

  6. Payten Elijah Payten Elijah says:

    I think that his book is a very good book Its a good book for people just starting to read chapter books It is good for them because it is an easy book to understand I think that I'll read the whole series I'll tell you about it a little So there's this kid who can time travel He can only time travel with baseball cards They usually only work if they are from the early 60s So whenever he touches a card he get this tingling sensation If he holds it to long he will go to the time of the card Also he goes near the person of the card

  7. Nate Dierickx Nate Dierickx says:

    I really liked this book I like a lot of sports books This book interested me a lot because they go back in time It talks a lot about baseball history Like people that played baseball a long time ago and made a difference They go back in time to see a baseball player and try to help him I think people that like sports would love this book If you like baseball you would like it even I want to try to read all the books from him They tell you about the history of baseball and tells about over 100 years ago how baseball was

  8. Austin Hubler Austin Hubler says:

    This book Is written by Dan Gutman So in the start of the book Joey lost his baseball game Joeys parents are divorced and he comes over and got fired from his job He doesn't think he can do anything He is all down and stuff Joey talks about his baseball cards When he holds the card it feels weird in his hands Then he hears a knock on the door and it was Bobby fuller and he bullied Joey in school But he wanted to go back in time To see Jim and he got in a lot of fights and he got coached for curve balls but could never hit them then they came out of the past and he was doing good against curve balls

  9. Tobyn Brennan Tobyn Brennan says:

    I personally didn't like this book as much as my others I did still enjoy reading it but it wasn't as good as the peculiar series I liked how Stosh tried to keep it a secret that he could time travel but his no good cousin gave it away to everyone My favorite part was where he thought Bobby was using drugs It turned out he was just trying to give Jim Thorpe steroids to make him perform better I liked when Stosh found out how good of a guy Jim was for helping people This book was an attention grabber It kept pulling me in and making strange turns that I didn't expect I didn't get all the way to the end of the book but I got most of the way through All in all I would recommend this book to anyone who likes baseball

  10. Terry Terry says:

    Dan Gutman is a very talented author He's able to write wacky stories for younger kids the My Weird School series and enjoyable sports books for older childrenyoung teens This book is one in a series where a kid is able to go back in time and meet interesting sports figures This series is great for childrenyoung teens who like books about sports and they get to learn some historical facts along the way I liked that this book was about an important Native American sports figure who is little discussed these days The writing is good and they story whizzes by

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