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Passion and Illusion [Download] ➼ Passion and Illusion ➾ Barbara Delinsky – New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky captures the magic and truth of love in this delightful tale first published in 1983 of opposites attractingA controversial Boston radio talk show ho New York Times bestselling author Barbara Delinsky captures the magic and truth of love in this delightful tale first published in of opposites attractingA controversial Boston radio talk show host Monica Grant Passion and PDF or is a strong willful and independent woman She wants an eually strong man Someone like the heroes in the romance novels she's addicted to someone like Michael ShawA cop with the heart of a poet Michael is looking for that special someone too—an old fashioned feminine woman And for some reason he thinks Monica just might be the one By turns infuriatingly chauvinistic and irresistibly attractive Michael demands something from Monica that she doesn't know if she can give—or even wants to With Michael can she find the happy ending of her own love story.

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  1. Judy Churchill Judy Churchill says:

    The title should have alerted me to its content There is an audience for the pure romance but this is very representative of the early 1980s when it was written Not much to it

  2. Grace Kelley Grace Kelley says:

    Warning Ranting up ahead Do not read if you do not enjoy rantsMonica is a radio host who is highly critical of the police department while Michael is a policeman who is attracted to her In the midst of this budding romance is an elusive and mysterious pickpocket who starts out innocent enough but becomes and sinister as time goes on The romance was sucky but the radiopickpocket part was much better and much interesting And i've come up with a theory for why the romance happenedThe Theory I didn’t understand Monica’s beef with not allowing others to see her romance novels and her embarrassment when others saw them at first Monica I'm sorry to say lives in a parallel dimension where whenever a guy who may be mildly interested in a woman sees that she reads romance novels he immediately wants to and will try to seduce her and cannot be deterred from doing so Unlike our world in which a guy whose mildly interested in a woman sees that she reads romance novels will be too busy fretting over how he can ask her out busy eyeing something else besides her book or any other options besides the one in the book's twisted world Think about it after our ‘hero’ Michael a nice guy who may have been attracted slightly to her sees that Monica has romance novels he pulls a Mr Hyde and uses her books as leverage in order to kiss her on the job The Romance NegativeThe HeroFrom the start Michael behaves inappropriately He forces lunch on her without asking her if she wanted it or what she wanted to eat Which isn't too bad until you realize he's using work time that he could spend finding criminals and upholding the law to have an impromptu date with a person he just met He kisses her gets physical and MAKES OUT with her in the police station body gestures leading to him wanting sex All over the span of two days Now this is the guy that wants to cut down on corruption in the police force? The guy that can’t even suppress his lust on the job Also after those two days Mike decides to go all the way with Monica and is uick to assume her refusal is a way for her to assert power over the situation They have spent less than 24 hours cumulative and estimated together She even said out loud that she did not consent to him having sex with her so soon and he chooses to associate his assault with her wanting control Mike you turned what would have been a pleasant evening into attempted rape Don't believe me?“I could have forced you you know” That was the sentence that Mike says in the book after Monica wrestles her way out of his graspBut of course what pacifies a rape victim but the offer of fried clams from her would be rapist? Later on after their date Mike gets physical again with a power hungry' AKA protesting Monica and nearly goes all the wayHe gropes and kisses her to get her in the mood but I count it as part of assault if she repeatedly said 'no' in response After Mike asks her why she wants him to have sex with her and she doesn’t give him an answer that is to his liking he storms off after insulting herONE DATE Less than 24 hours spent together with a two week hiatus in between And you are ready to have sex with this lady you barely know? Also who during seduction has been able to think clearly enough to give a logical well thought out answer to why they should copulate?As I go further into the book I picked up on a pattern of Mike’s methods for 'winning over' Monica He starts nice before becoming abusive and angry before seducing her The latter two are interchanged throughout the story but it does not change his behavior or make it any better This is borderline psychotic behavior And thats giving him the benefit of the doubtI think a few weeks pass before Mike comes back from out of the blue to stalk and scare the shit out of Monica He was trying to prove a point to her however he does not own or have any responsibility towards Monica If anything he owes Monica multiple apologies for not protecting her and assaulting her on and off the job Later I found out that he was going to walk her home like a gentleman BUT she left too fast Out of all the lame excusesHe could have called out to her when she slowed down later on sure it would have startled her but he would be less of an asshole than by pretending to be a murderer andor rapist just to prove a point Especially sometime later the same thing happens and he DOES call herWhen they finally do have sex at least she consents he apparently takes complete control I always skip over sex scenes in romances I just don't enjoy reading them and comes up with the bullshit excuse that he wanted to control her passion because it made him feel powerful or whateverNear the end he engages in a fight with her over chocolate and accuses her of being a slut before leaving her again Where the hell did he keep getting all those bullshit theories from? Is it because of his first wife?I'll explainA few years ago Mike got married to a woman who we know nothing about He claims that she was like Monica in her being strong and independent but I guess she cheated on Mike or dominated him in the bedroom these are the only two reasons I could see someone as chauvinistic as Mike break up with a woman We only get snippets from Mike to see her personality and those are biased because he hates her so we cannot trust all of what he says because he's making her out to be a cartoony villain instead of a real person with depthWe all have no clue what her take on the relationship's demise was we have no clue as to what kind of person she is was before the marriage For a relationship to work both partners must be working together For most situations it isn't just the vicious ex wife who is the only cause of the downfall of the relationship Michael had to have a part So what traits of Monica's are similar to his ex's? I don't know I don't even know who SHE isAt the end of the book he doesn’t apologize for forcing himself on her calling her names being controlling and verbally abusive and taking advantage of his rights as a copI hated this character so much I hated him because he made me realize how much I hate hating men in these books I have feminist ideals not many modern woman in our world don't have some inner feminist inside them but Mike and characters like him bring out the ultra radical feminist in any man or women I doubt that most men would like being associated with this character purely based on gender Mike is loathsome an insult to men good policemen and people with facial hair These female romance authors need to wake up and start writing their male leads better Authors like Elizabeth Lowell who happily portray their leads as sex obsessed animals who willingly rape the women they claim to love even in a modern situation I friggen HATE bashing male characters constantly Not to mention for people who read my reviews freuently it must be repetitiveI’m glad that I live in the real world where if a cop I trusted to keep me safe tried to french me I can have him charged for sexual harassmentThe HeroineMonica for the most part is one of the better heroines I’ve read She’s strong independent and very cool However her behavior half the time makes me want to take those compliments back She acts like she hates Mike but then reacts by inviting him into her house flirting with him and being responsive towards his advancesOther times she just doesn’t know when to shut up think about it and respond differently to him in order to get a response that she would actually like out of him I applaud her for wanting to get the upper hand because she's showing him that she will not stand for him treating her like she's an object or inferior because of her gender But since she's a reporter a part of it is knowing how to work with people and to know when to push them for information and when to not piss them off I don't want to sound like she deserved the reaction that she got from him No one deserves to be harassed by law enforcement I felt that I made it 100% clear that I find Mike a detestable pile of crap that even dung beetles would not go near I think that despite what Delinsky writes Monica is dumbed down with the edge taken off so Mike could be able to get her in the end Otherwise if she was half the strong independent woman that we were told she was she would have come up with other ideas to respond to his advances like sitting him down somewhere public and making her feelings clear Part of being a strong independent woman is knowing when to fight and when to reach a compromise if she talked to him and expressed that he was behaving unprofessionally it would have spoken volumes as to her character In fact I would have liked that better The romance would have been less interesting but the author could have put effort into the pickpocket mystery it was definitely neededLastly she's dumb for walking home unattended and in the dark for four years and not once anticipating that something bad could happen to her I bus down to college in a place that isn't the safest but I bought pepperspray and keep it on me at all times just for protection I can't guarantee that I won't run into trouble but having a uick getaway plan never hurt anyone Everything Else PositiveI did like learning about Monica’s job I felt that it showed a fairly accurate portrayal of a person working in the media business A lot of research skill and charisma goes into reporting and Monica does her best to get modern and relatively useful information to her listenersThe pickpocket side story was relatively well paced and interesting It starts off with him being a regular jerk who's doing this for the thrill but soon he is charged for manslaughter even though he didn't really cause the death of the person and reveals that he knows personal information about Monica What she looks like where she lives etc The idea is mentioned that he's someone Monica knows but never suspects but we never find out the identity of this guy nor do we ever get a clue as to who it might be It was pretty disappointing I was really into itBut on the other hand the pickpocket was either stupid crazy or both For instance he calls freuently on Monica's talk show never long enough for the signal to be traced yet freuently enough for a possibility And he poisons some not all of the chocolates that he sent to Monica Yes he was the cause of the chocolate argument in the hero section although our brilliant officer Mike couldn't figure it out even though he knows this madman knows where she lives and has other information about her The Pickpocket put RAT POISON in some of the chocolates and gave a pretty warning not to eat too many that of course Monica doesn't listen to Because really would any of us listen in that circumstance when mentioned about something delicious but fattening?The ConclusionI think I figured out why I'm harder on the males than I am on the females Because the males are supposed to be the ones who help enrich the heroines life instead of consistently pestering and annoying her into submission Michael is supposed to be the one that Monica wants to go to for love and support not because she's dependent on him or because she's scared of what will happen if she doesn't as well as being split between hating and lusting after him And thats all I saw lust with a pretty bow tied on it to make it look better The hero is supposed to be just that the hero and Michael Shaw was just a hypocritical misogynist pig in my eyesAll in all the book deserves both of its stars The real thrill is everything that doesn't focus on the romance Maybe I read too much into these stories but I wanted to get a fluffy love story and I saw nothing hinting at the possibility of one

  3. Jane S. Jane S. says:

    Another Wonderful book

  4. Christine Christine says:

    In this tale of contrived passion two unconvincing stereotypes clash over politicized nonsense Can a liberated woman allow herself to feel passion the way unenlightened women in romance novels do? Note in which we add a layer of stereotyping that involves lumping all romance novel heroines under one label Does getting involved with a cop reuire her to sacrifice all her principles? And who is Monica anyway? A feminist or an old fashioned woman at heart wanting a man to conuer her? I might be curious if I recognized these things as valid contradictions or if I liked the man who at one point nearly rapes her Psstliberation is a moot point after that Assholes easily bridge the political and generational gaps

  5. Ruby halliburton Ruby halliburton says:

    Tallk Show hostessMonica was hit by the pickpocket and cop Michael came to her aid They were attracted to each other from the beginning but had many hangups She was devoted to romance books and didn't like cops He didn't like independent women Michael came to her aid when the pickpocket targeted Monica with than picking her pocket

  6. Julie Barrett Julie Barrett says:

    Passion and Illusion by Barbara Delinskyfemale talk show hostess via radio is hit and she gets scraped up coming out of the bookstore where she's purchased a bunch of romantic novels the cop that aids her drives her home while his partner gets subs for their lunch the mugger has not put anything into her bags the stalker is at it and tries to get to her again

  7. Diana Donnelly Diana Donnelly says:

    I'm a fan of Barbara Delinsky This was written in 1983 and was of a romance novel which I enjoyed but I much prefer her recent novels If you are a romance novel reader I think you will find this was satisfying but if you are into mysteries this may not do so The story did however have a mystery to solve but I was left in the air as to this solution

  8. Jeanne Jeanne says:

    One of the author's early books and the theme shows it Not terribly good but a fast read

  9. Laura Laura says:

    started reading on 52994 i guess this one was steamy cause i finished it in 2 days and i am a slow reader

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