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Passion and Illusion New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Delinsky Captures The Magic And Truth Of Love In This Delightful Tale, First Published In 1983, Of Opposites Attracting.A Controversial Boston Radio Talk Show Host, Monica Grant Is A Strong, Willful, And Independent Woman She Wants An Equally Strong Man Someone Like The Heroes In The Romance Novels She S Addicted To Someone Like Michael Shaw.A Cop With The Heart Of A Poet, Michael Is Looking For That Special Someone, Too An Old Fashioned, Feminine Woman And For Some Reason He Thinks Monica Just Might Be The One By Turns Infuriatingly Chauvinistic And Irresistibly Attractive, Michael Demands Something From Monica That She Doesn T Know If She Can Give Or Even Wants To With Michael, Can She Find The Happy Ending Of Her Own Love Story

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    The title should have alerted me to its content There is an audience for the pure romance but this is very representative of the early 1980s when it was written Not much to it.

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    Warning Ranting up ahead Do not read if you do not enjoy rants Monica is a radio host who is highly critical of the police department while Michael is a policeman who is attracted to her In the midst of this budding romance is an elusive and mysterious pickpocket who starts out innocent enough but becomes and sinister as time goes on The romance was sucky, but the radio pickpocket part was much better and much interesting And i ve come up with a theory for why the romance happened.The Theory I didn t understand Monica s beef with not allowing others to see her romance novels and her embarrassment when others saw them at first Monica, I m sorry to say, lives in a parallel dimension where whenever a guy who may be mildly interested in a woman sees that she reads romance novels, he immediately wants to and will try to seduce her and cannot be deterred from doing so Unlike our world in which a guy, whose mildly interested in a woman sees that she reads romance novels, will be too busy fretting over how he can ask her out, busy eyeing something else besides her book, or any other options besides the one in the book s twisted world Think about it, a...

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    In this tale of contrived passion, two unconvincing stereotypes clash over politicized nonsense Can a liberated woman allow herself to feel passion the way unenlightened women in romance novels do Note in which we add a layer of stereotyping that involves lumping all romance novel heroines under one label Does getting involved with a cop require her to sacrifice all her principles And who is M...

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    Tallk Show hostess,Monica, was hit by the pickpocket and cop, Michael, came to her aid They were attracted to each other from the beginning but had many hangups She was devoted to romance books and didn t like cops He didn t like independent women Michael came to her aid when the pickpocket ta...

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    Passion and Illusion by Barbara Delinskyfemale talk show hostess via radio is hit and she gets scraped up coming out of the bookstore where she s purchased a bunch of romantic novels the cop that aids her drives her home while his partner gets subs for their lunch...

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    I m a fan of Barbara Delinsky This was written in 1983 and was of a romance novel, which I enjoyed, but I much prefer her recent novels If you are a romance novel reader I think you will find this was satisfying, but if you are into mysteries this may not do so The story did, however, have...

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    One of the author s early books, and the theme shows it Not terribly good, but a fast read.

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    started reading on 5 29 94, i guess this one was steamy cause i finished it in 2 days and i am a slow reader.