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    Death is over, he said to himself There is no death When I picked this book up at a library book sale, I did so without expectation that I would actually enjoy reading it See, I had mistakenly given up on the masters of Russian literature due to the struggles I had reading a particular novel I m looking at you Brothers Karamazov , assuming they were all inaccessible and there was no point in expending any energy trying to make sense of books with characters that go by 3 different names and waaaaaaah the end.THIS book Not at all inaccessible Masterful in its brevity Concise and relevant and beautifully written Pay close attention Blink and you ll miss it.I don t have the words Tolstoy sets up the story expertly Ivan Ilyich is a decent man He has all of the trappings of a successful life respectable family, respectable job, respectable home He is by all intents and purposes content with his position in life But has he truly lived Tolstoy describes Ivan Ilyich s failing health in such a way that ...

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    The Death of Ivan Ilych, written in 1886, was the first major fictional work published by Tolstoy during his post conversion Tolstoy s religious philosophy which illustrates the values of brotherly love, Christian charity, and mutual support are the frameworks for the writing of this novel Just as Tolstoy s discovery of the true meaning of life led him to fulfillment and an acceptance of death, Ivan Ilych s awakening comes through the realization of death which ignites within him fear, anger, contemplation and eventually acceptance.Death is the central theme of the story and through it one can discern the artificial from the authentic characters and the dichotomy between the inner and outer man.The character Ivan Illych belonged to an elite social circle.He was intrigued by the idea of being a member of the elite aristocratic society, and individuals who did not conform to the social circle were looked on with disgust.He was unaware however, that his life was an illusion brought upon a need to imitate a certain social class rather than to find true individuality The true meaning of life was concealed behind the blindfolds of his na ve perceptions.His marriage to Praskovya Fedorovna is also an act of illusion It is not done out of genuine love, but as is common practice by the bourgeoisie society, it is done out of the sense of obligation The fact that she was a good looking woman from a well to do family were the essential characteristics he required her to ha...

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    Socrates said that an unexamined life was not worth living In Kafka s The Metamorphosis poor Gregor Samsa is transformed into a being that cannot take part in the daily round of society and becomes and sidelined and ignored by those around him This book, the Death of Ivan Ilych, has both of these notions contained within it s theme.Ivan Ilyich is dying As he grows sicker and fits in less with his fairweather friends and family and their preoccupations with their social lives, they leave him be, they cannot stand his sickness, they cannot stand him All Ivan Ilyich has is the simple, unschooled manservant with the good heart who doesn t want his master to die alone and afraid He is almost the Angel of Mercy, all good, his role is just to be there to help his master pass from this life with a good companion Ivan Ilyc...

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    Today I turned the last page of Banville s Eclipse and was literally hit by the profundity of a book that surreptitiously echoes the mastery of the classic tragedies My pupils dilated until they watered when I bumped into this paragraph As a boy I knew the stars, and loved to speak their names over to myself, in celestial litany, Venus, Betelgeuse, Aldebaran, the Bears, great and lesser How I loved the coldness of those lights, their purity, their remoteness from us and all we do and all that befalls us Where they are is where the dead live And you might be wondering what on earth Banville and Tolstoy have in common My unscholarly response is that they are both masters of exploring the most recondite crevices of the human mind and the existential angst that is inherent in its nature they describe the undescribable, recreate death and grief unflinchingly and make the reader be racked in pain by both And so following the thread of my pensive mood I remembered the unfinished review of Tolstoy s novella that I have been meaning to revise for months on end unsuccessfully, not finding the appropriate words, not feeling satisfied with what I had written, which I enclose below Do we really know what death entails Is the life we lead worthy of being lived Do we appreciate the gift of existence Tolstoy stares back with blank countenance and pens a sobering...

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    El significado de la vida est en que se detiene Franz KafkaPocos libros resultan ser tan contundentes como esta obra de arte que escribi Tolst i en 1886, puesto que no puede ser calificada de otra manera Escritores, fil sofos, artistas pl sticos y m sicos, entre otros, s lo tienen palabras de admiraci n ante esta peque a pero gran novela Yo siempre sostengo que una novela no necesita tener mil p ginas para transformarse en una joya literaria y este es un caso que lo demuestra con creces En poco m s de cien p ginas Tolst i nos deja un legado, una ense anza y un modo de mirar o de intentar comprender a la muerte, si es que existe alg n m todo para ello.Este inmenso autor ruso ven a elaborando la novela un a o antes, inspir ndose en el caso de un hombre real para terminarla y regal rsela a su esposa el d a en que ella cumpl a a os En cierto modo, algunos aspectos de lo que le sucede a Iv n Illich tambi n concuerda con la vida personal de Tolst i que tambi n tuvo cortocircuitos con su esposa durante su matrimonio otro momento lgido el la relaci n fue durante la publicaci n de otra de sus famosas novelas, me refiero a La sonata a Kreutzer y tambi n se relaciona con su propia muerte, dado que l tambi n confesaba que la muerte lo atemorizaba Tolst i fue enco...

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    It is a widespread stereotype that Russian classics are mostly long, tedious, boring, a burden to get through, but one only needs to read a short book like The Death of Ivan Ilych in order to be proven wrong A philosophical, in its beautiful writing almost lyrical account of a dying man s life, Tolstoy will make you think about your own mortality, about happiness, sorrow and most likely your own life as well They had supper and went away, and Ivan Ilych was left alone with the consciousness that his life was poisoned and was poisoning the lives of others, and that this poison did not weaken but penetrated and deeply into his whole being.With this consciousness, and with physical pain besides the terror, he must go to bed, often to lie awake the greater part of the night Next morning he had to get up again, dress, go to the law courts, speak, and write or if he did not go out, spend at home those twenty four hours a day each of which was a torture And he had to live thus all alone on the brink of an abyss, with no one who understood or pitied him During the course of the story, Tolstoy introduces us to the life of the unhappy Ivan Ilych, who might have expected too much from his life and had to discover the disappointing truth after his marriage failed to induce happiness and death tore its way through his soul way too early Tolstoy uses his protagonist to help us realize how we all have to die one day, an...

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    Last year the group catching up on classics chose The Death of Ivan Ilyich as one of their monthly short story selections At the time, I did not have the time to read it however, a play I recently read had reading Anna Karenina as a major plot line Wanting an introduction to Tolstoy prior to reading this epic, I decided upon Ivan Ilyich as my gateway to his celebrated work Ivan Ilyich enjoyed an upper middle class life in pre revolutionary Russia He graduated from a jurisprudence course and eventually became a lawyer in an out of the way province He married Praskovya Fyodorovna and the two lived a married life that was neither happy nor sad for over twenty years Each person became set in their own ways and the two lived as separate islands in their home, made possible by Ivan Ilyich s income I was not completely captivated by the story of Ivan Ilyich He lived a relatively normal existence and experienced many things that an average upper middle class citizen might have experienced in Russia at the time of publication, hence the rating I found Tolstoy s writin...

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Смерть Ивана Ильича A Dying Man Confronts His FearsIn Ivan Ilyich, Tolstoy Created A Powerful Figure Through Which He Illustrated The Meaning And Importance Of Life And Death And Human Actions.As An Insidious Illness Overtakes Him, Ivan Ilyich Passes Through The States Of Self Pity And Hypocrisy To An Awakening Of The Soul And, In Meeting Death, Finally Achieves Peace.