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Alan Turing Alan Mathison Turing Mathematician, Philosopher, Codebreaker, A Founder Of Computer Science, And The Father Of Artificial Intelligence, Turing Was One Of The Most Original Thinkers Of The Last Century And The Man Whose Work Helped Create The Computer Driven World We Now Inhabit But He Was Also An Enigmatic Figure, Deeply Reticent Yet Also Strikingly Na Ve Turing S Openness About His Homosexuality At A Time When It Was An Imprisonable Offense Ultimately Led To His Untimely Lo Death At The Age Of Only Forty One In Alan Turing Unlocking The Enigma , David Boyle Reveals The Mysteries Behind The Man And His Remarkable Career Aged Just 22, Turing Was Elected A Fellow At King S College, Cambridge On The Strength Of A Dissertation In Which He Proved The Central Limit Theorem By The Age Of 33, He Had Been Awarded The OBE By King George VI For His Wartime Services Turing Was Instrumental In Cracking The Nazi Enigma Machines At The Top Secret Code Breaking Establishment At Bletchley Park During The Second World War But His Achievements Were To Be Tragically Overshadowed By The Paranoia Of The Post War Years Hounded For His Supposedly Subversive Views And For His Sexuality, Turing Was Prosecuted In 1952, And Forced To Accept The Humiliation Of Hormone Treatment To Avoid A Prison Sentence Just Two Years Later, At The Age Of 41 He Was Dead The Verdict Cyanide Poisoning Was Turing S Death Accidental As His Mother Always Claimed Or Did Persistent Persecution Drive Him To Take Him Own Life Alan Turing Unlocking The Enigma Seeks To Find The Man Behind The Science, Illuminating The Life Of A Person Who Is Still A Shadowy Presence Behind His Brilliant Achievements.

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    Rating 3.5 of fiveMy Kindle seduced me again with an Endeavour Press Kindle Single, ALAN TURING Unlocking the Engiman, by David Boyle At about 65pp, it s long enough to learn some new things and short enough to provide an overview of the short life of this amazing man.As ever, I ve...

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    Alan Turing was a notable philosophical mathematical figure in the advancement of computers and artificial intelligence Known for his contributions at Bletchley Park Britain s codebreaking headquarters during World War 2, Turing worked on cracking the Nazi s Enigma code which was used in transmissions between the U Boats and Nazi command At Bletchley, he developed enhancements to a Polish bomb machine, which decrypted messages, to create the bombe, a machine that found the settings of Enigma.Following the end of the war, Turing pursued his fascination with machines further and began conceptualising the modern computers that we use today He also worked on the design of the Automatic Computing Engine ACE and came up with The Turing Test, which was a method to set a standard to determine if a machine was intelligent or not The idea was that if the user couldn t tell whether who they were talking with was a computer or a human, then a computer could be said to be intelligent.Turing was also an unashamed homosexual at a time in Britain where, under the Labouchere Amendment, homosexuality was illegal this same law also sentenced Oscar Wilde to 2 years hard labour Turing was arrested in 1952 after talking about his boyfriend during a burglary and sentenced to oestrogen injections chemical castration that caused him to physically change he grew breasts and disrupt his thinking.In 1954, at the age of 41, Alan Turing committed suicide by swallowing ...

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    This kindle single gives an interesting short biography of Alan Turing, the brilliant scientist best known for wartime code breaking at Bletchley Park and his pioneering contribution to the very beginning of information technology This tells the story of his life from a bookish and withdrawn boy, independent and obsessed with mathematics, to an academic career which led to his important wartime work and a post war period at King s College where he faced difficulties in both the scientific world and his emotional life.Alan Turing was both respected by colleagues and also infuriated many he knew Like many great intellectuals, he cared little about external things tying his trousers with string and staying in cheap hotels, even when he could afford better He was also homosexual in a time when it w...

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    This is a short and concise biography of Alan Turing It covers his secret work on breaking the German Enigma code, his academic career, his arrest for a homosexual act, and his sad suicide The book offere...

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    This is a short book, a Kindle Single, and will give the reader a flavour of Alan Turing s position in the world of science He was a brilliant mathematician and was part of the Enigma code breaking team at Bletchley Park His interest in artificial intelligence is remembered in the terminology the Turing Test As short as it is, it necessarily skims over the surface of much of Turing s life, so treat it as an introduction A recent pardon for his homosexuality has brought Turing into the news ag...

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    A brief introduction to Turing s ideas about computer s intelligence and consciousness Can a computer be aware of its own existence The book s title is deceiving Just scratches the surface of Turing s involvement in cracking ENIGMA This book encour...

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    Concise and informative, I loved how it managed to provide such a complete perspective on Turing and his work so clearly and compellingly in such a short book It is beautifully researched and written.

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    I had no idea Alan Turing was so fascinating or had made such important contributions to the fields of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Theory You really don t have to know a thing about either of those fields to appreciate this piece.

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    I echo the sentiments of another reader who wrote Anyone interested in Alan Turing and his role with Enigma at Bletchley Park will find little enlightenment here I am sorry to say it is a grave disappointment A sketchy overview of an interesting life.

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    While I found this to be a very interesting read, overall I thought that the author did not spend enough time on each particular event in Turing s life It was too much of an overview of his life rather than devoting time to the questions and discoveries that made him famous.