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Desolation Angels The Big Empty #3 [Reading] ➶ Desolation Angels The Big Empty #3 By J.B. Stephens – In the third installment of The Big Empty the teens are on the run after making the shocking discovery that the leader of Novo Mundum the secret community hidden in the middle of the evacuated Big Emp In the third installment of The The Big PDF/EPUB ã Big Empty the teens are on the run after making the shocking Desolation Angels MOBI :↠ discovery that the leader of Novo Mundum the secret community hidden in the middle of the evacuated Big Empty Angels The Big PDF Å is developing a new even dangerous virus The group faces a challenging trek through the forbidden zone as they search for someone they can trust In a journey that will test their survival skills like nothing they've experienced so far the teens' relationships are pushed to the breaking point with one couple ripped apart for good An unexpected reunion with someone from their past will prove to be a turning point but will this familiar face bring salvation or ruin.

  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Desolation Angels The Big Empty #3
  • J.B. Stephens
  • English
  • 04 July 2014
  • 9781595140081

10 thoughts on “Desolation Angels The Big Empty #3

  1. Justin Justin says:

    Rating 375 They thought they'd discovered utopia but they've walked into a whole new nightmare Keely Michael Diego Irene Amber Jonah and Liza have found out the most shocking secret about their life in Paradise City view spoilerthat Dr Slattery is making a Strain 8 hide spoiler

  2. Sarah Crawford Sarah Crawford says:

    Some of the people begin to realize that Paradise City is not what it's cracked up to be Jonah still believes in Novo Mundum and wants to stay and help Amber doesn't have much choice; she's far along in her pregnancy and simply can't try to run awayKeely Diego Michael Liza and Irene decide to leave though They have to first find a way to get out past an electrified fence and then somehow try to elude any patrols the city will send after them a major problem considering that Liza's father will obviously stop at nothing to get her backIn addition to eluding Novo Mundum patrols though the group also will have to try to stay away from the Slash a task that they fail at Once again they run into Maggie and the uestion becomes whether or not Maggie will help them escape or notOn top of all of this they have to figure out who they can tell about the medical experiments going on in Novo Mundum There doesn't appear to be much of anyone they can trust definitely not anyone in the new government of the countryThe third novel is just as good as the first two in the series; perhaps even better The kinds of problems that the group of people face are extremely serious and very major The future of millions of people could very well lie on their next actions There is not doubt that Novo Mundum would rather most of them be dead; the Slash is into torture and sexual slavery of women; the government would be inclined to shoot them on sight A lot of weight on their shoulders a lot of action in the novel and another really good book in the series

  3. Clackamas Clackamas says:

    I am now hooked into the series I'm glad I kept reading after the first book This series is a decent addition to the teenpost apocalypticdystopic genre It's no Hunger Games but it's better than many The authors are doing a good job keeping me interested in the different groups of people who have been introduced throughout the series There are a couple of character alignment shifts that wouldn't make sense if this weren't juvenile lit I'm excusing it because the way the bad guy flipped from being the best guy EVER to being the BRINGER OF DOOM can be explained through teen perception and the way the teens change how they act can be explained through peer pressure and hormones I don't see how they can possibly end it in any kind of satisfying way unless the teens are just wrong about everything which is reasonable to expect

  4. Carol Carol says:

    Half the world is dead the other half is trying to survive The government is trying to control everything A group of teenagers are trying to follow some coded messages to a supposed safe haven somewhere in the northern part of the United States Novo Mundum doesn't uite live up to their individual expectations When life throws them in another direction they must test their loyalties to each other and their ideals They find traitors and allies in extremely unexpected placesThe end result was slightly disappointing to me just a little anti climatic Otherwise this is an interesting addition to the teen post apocalyptic genre

  5. Becky Savoie Becky Savoie says:

    It took me a little bit of time to remember what happened in the last two books because it's been so long since I've read them But once I got back into it again I enjoyed the ride Even if you decide you don't like all of the characters you're definitely invested in most of them and it's interesting to see what twists and turns they take where their alliances shift and what will happen to them Now I just have to start looking for the last one

  6. Z Z says:

    I really really like this series Granted it's a bit fluffy but I'm okay with that Basically it's an adventureapocalypsedystopian action movie with teens so you can't expect too much out of it except action and drama and dying And that's what you get I approve

  7. justablondemoment justablondemoment says:

    I'm really enjoying this series I find myself caring about the characters and what their next moves are gonna be The different romances going on are done rather silly and there is just a touch of repetition All in all I have been satisfied and am starting the last book in the series

  8. Alexis Alexis says:


  9. Kay Kay says:

    I barely finished it With three years between this book and the earlier two in the series I think I've just lost interest

  10. Brandee Terry Brandee Terry says:

    This is one of the best series I have read in a long time It rates among my favorites The characters were deep and the story lines exhilarating

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