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Japan Restored ❰EPUB❯ ✺ Japan Restored Author Clyde V. Prestowitz Jr. – Thomashillier.co.uk How Japan Can Reinvent Itself and Why This Is Important for America and the WorldIn 1979 the book Japan as Number One Lessons for America by Harvard University professor Ezra Vogel caused a sensation How Japan Can Reinvent Itself and Why This Is Important for America and the WorldIn the book Japan as Number One Lessons for America by Harvard University professor Ezra Vogel caused a sensation in the United States by pointing out that Japan was surpassing America as world economic leader; the book remains to this day the all time bestseller in Japan of non fiction by a Western author The book was timely Japan's subseuent bubble era of the s saw the country booming But since the economic bubble burst at the start of the s Japan has been in decline Japan Restored by Clyde Prestowitz taking up Vogel's baton is written as a vision of Japan in the year when the country's economic recovery has made it a world leader in every area of human endeavor Prestowitz looks back to the present year as such a low point for Japan that a special reform commission was set up that helped the country regain its former position as a leader in technology in business and geopolitically Looking at education innovation the role of women corporate organization energy infrastructure domestic government and international alliances Prestowitz draws up a fascinating and controversial blueprint for the future success of Japan As the eyes of the world turn towards Japan in the run up to the Olympics Japan Restored is as timely as the Vogel book that inspired it.

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  1. Dustin Dustin says:

    Clyde Prestowitz spent decades doing business with and living in Japan Japan Restored explores some of the most challenging issues in Japan today its bureaucracy its economic stagnation its conservative family values and suggests numerous policy suggestions to reverse course and align closely with other democratic global leadersJapan Restored is a departure from most books on international affairs that I have read Instead of narrating the ground truth in Japan Prestowitz writes a prescriptive future history where his personal policy recommendations are played out The reason other books shy away from this task is that policy recommendations are nuanced reuire substantial research and focus on a narrower topic Prestovitz outlines his recommendations but left me intrigued rather than convinced by his proposals Sometimes the proposals were reasonable others less so advocating for the privatization of municipal elementary and middle schools would take a book of its own Ultimately the future storytelling served as a crutch for Prestowitz to be hand wavey because in the end the positive outcome in his future narrative excuses a lack of rigor in argument constructionThere is a lot to like about Japan Restored I am sympathetic to many of the policy proposals There's detail than a typical Atlantic article But I found myself wishing that Prestowitz would have further scoped the book to build a stronger argument or gone whole hog with the future Japan story and dispensed with the skimpy policy analysis

  2. MameYakko MameYakko says:

    First of all this is not a Japan is great kind of book It implies that Japan is on the verge of collapse and the author couldn't help but warn the country To urge Japan to reform itself he took a uniue approach to show what Japan could become if and only if it took considerably drastic measures I give three stars because the way the author presents the story is a bit confusing All the events up to 2016 are facts while anything beyond 2016 is a hypothetical narrative But because the author mixes facts and his imagination in each paragraph it's a bid misleadingBut I am amazed by his in depth study about the social and economic structure of Japan I am Japanese born and raised in Japan but I didn't know how and why the notorious lifetime employment was invented I really appreciate the prescription for restoration of Japan but I doubt that our policy makers would take any of the recommendations seriously

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    A very uniue look at Japan both their future and their future Japan Restored tackles a variety of topics in an attempt to create and explain a plan that will save Japan from economic and other types disaster At the beginning of each chapter Prestowitz creates a science fiction like narrative of you the reader on your second visit to Japan the first being in the year 2015 The chapters then go on to explain where Japan was in 2015 and earlier and how it theoretically got to strong economic medical and social point is during your fictional visit This narrative falls short in the final chapter when Prestowitz seems to imply that the book is for the Japanese and those who are connected to Japan in some way thus erasing the need for the type of narrative he's constructed Prestowitz's plans seem well thought out but he often repeats himself taking away from the actual ideas he creates We read repeatedly some of the same ideas not even given to us in different contexts That's not to say this isn't a valuable book because it is It does give Japan and perhaps the rest of the world as well something to attain Drawing from real world examples Prestowitz's book is a very positive look on the future of not just Japan but the rest of the world an outlook which is often overlooked Unfortunately Prestowitz does not address many important issues such as natural disasters except those of the past such as the tsunami that changed Japan's reliance on nuclear power nor disease outbreaks that seem and common Though it reads like science fiction in many sections the overall message is that Japan can right itself from it's sinking trajectory but it must start immediately This is a message I think that all nations could take to heart If only they would Note this book was provided as an arc by the publisher

  4. Reza Amiri Praramadhan Reza Amiri Praramadhan says:

    Once a global powerhouse in economy and innovation the author argues that Japan today was a shadow of its former self Whatever brings Japan to its claim to greatness today ends up choking itself The lifetime employment its trade practice its stagnation everything In this book the author explains the challenges Japan face today what has been done by them and what is to be done I can see that Japan is in trouble if these problems were not solved Overall it is an informative book for everyone who wishes to know why Japan lags behind China and South Korea today although the author’s vision of Japan 2050 annoys me

  5. Ari Sharp Ari Sharp says:

    Haiku ReviewWill Japan listen To ideas as bold as these? Fat as sumo chance

  6. Jason Keenan Jason Keenan says:

    An interesting thought piece that asks what if Japan launched a third modern reinvention? The answer it seems would be national and global changes as big as those unleashed by the first two Japanese reinventions the Meiji Restoration that modernized Japan and the post war recovery that built the economic powerhouse of the second half of the 20th century There are a lot of what ifs that have to come together to make things happen but if any nation is capable of this it would be Japan It's also interesting to note that the seeds of many of the changes needed have already been planted All that remains to be seen is if action is taken to grow those seeds to something

  7. Azabu Azabu says:

    Labor economist and author Clyde Prestowitz projects Japan 35 years in the future this deftly handled study of sensitive issues disguised as a love letter to a country to which he’s been connected for 50 years Japan’s economic decline after the 2011 tsunami spurred this peek into a crystal ball It remains to be seen whether Prestowitz is psychi

  8. Lara Danielle Lara Danielle says:

    35 stars

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