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Bliss Sophia Marcus, 21, Has Already Mapped Out Every Aspect Of Her Glamorous Life As A Hollywood Actor On Her Vision Board But Her Life Right Now In Toronto Is Anything But Exciting Attending Fruitless Auditions During The Day And Working At A Douche Y Club At Night, Sophia Is Starting To Feel Like She S Going Nowhereslowly.Demi Michaels, Sophia S Best Friend, Didn T Go To College After High School Short Of Ideas For Her Own Future, She Puts Her Energy Into Building The Perfect Relationship With An Older Man And When That Relationship Crashes And Burns, Demi Is Left To Pick Up The Pieces.Sophia S Friend And Demi S Frenemy Leandra Hunting Doesn T Give A Crap About Hard Work Or A Loving Relationship She Has Other Plans For Her Future After College Graduation, Leandra Sets Out To Travel The World In The Yachts, Planes And Limos Of Ridiculously Wealthy Men Will Any Of Them Be Able To Show Her What Love Really Means If She Can Take Off Her Chanel Sunglasses Long Enough To See It Set In The Exotic, Intoxicating Worlds Of Hollywood, Thailand, And London, Bliss Paints A Relatable Portrait Of Life In Your Early Twenties With Equal Parts Optimism And Fear, Hope And Disappointment, Expectation And Reality It S The Age Of Uncertainty When You Can Count On Nothing, But, If You Re Lucky Enough To Have One Truly Great Friend, You Can Survive Just About Anything.

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    Set in the exotic, intoxicating worlds of Hollywood, Thailand, and London, Bliss paints a relatable portrait of life in your early twenties with equal parts optimism and fear, hope and disappointment, expectation and reality.

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    Omg I won this in the goodreads giveaways I CAN T WAIT TO GET IT I really wanted to like this, but I couldn t even finish it I love PLL and Shay Mitchell, but come on Bliss is Barbie bimbo garbage The friends weren t even together in the same place, two of them aren t even friends any, the girls are all brainless, and the plot is excruciatingly simple and dull I was hoping for a cool friendship journey novel set in Hollywood or maybe with som...

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    I felt a little bit disapointed with this book.The characters were mehh and I completely hated Leandra s character.

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    I received this book as an advanced release copy from a Goodreads giveaway.I m giving this 4 stars for being really good at doing a really good job of what it was trying to do This is a fun, light book I read a few heavy books in a row and I really appreciated the easy going storyline here.Three girls were best friends in highschool, four years later they have spilt up to some degree Sophia wants to be an actress, her best friends are Demi and Leandra.Leandra is basically trying to find the perfect guy to make her a trophy wife She has lofty dreams of wealth and not many dreams of love.Demi wants to find her dream job But her life is in major turmoil right now.Sophia is the most likable character, Demi is likable most of the time but hard to handle at others, and then there s Leandra that i...

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    3.5 stars but i rounded it up This book centers around 3 girls, Sophia , Demi and Leandra The girls are spoiled and privileged This is an easy read, the book caught my eye because of Shay Mitchell s name as the author The book reminds me of a Girl esque type of book The book describes everyone as stunning , which seems unrealistic but it caught my attention throug...

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    This is, quite literally, one of the worst books I have read Apart from being badly written, the characters are disgustingly superficial and entitled It actually made me angry, and I d much rather have rea...

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    I received this book through Goodreads First Reads in exchange for an honest review As much as I love Shay Mitchell from seeing her in PLL, this book is horrible I tried so hard to at least get through the first hundred pages to see if it got any better, and I had to stop at page 82 I can t even finish the book.Why do I not love thee Let me count the waysFirst, the characters Each of the three protagonists are described to the reader in the least helpful manner possible All three girls are described as being so unbelievably beautiful that no guy can resist any of their looks Note, I say looks because absolutely nothing of these girls personalities are described beyond what unrealistically rich husband they would each like to end up with Not to mention, as you continue to get to know these characters as the story unfolds which I never really figured out what the story was supposed to be , you realize none of them are likable, relatable, or even remotely normal seeming Each of these girls read like pretentious, vapid, shells of human beings with perfect doll like bodies, faces, and h...

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    I was ready to quit by the end of the epilogue but I stuck it out until I finished the first chapter I don t like the characters and the writing was horrible To me it sounds fake and forced No thanks.

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    So this book is not literature it s just a story that will lift your spirits a light read that ll give you some hope the characters are very relatable and the stort is very light the language is simple i enjoyed reading it

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    Cute book Couldn t put it down once I started My favorite character was Demi The story was well written and I liked how it changed to each character s perspective every chapter.

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