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The Dog That Saved Stewart Coolidge ✹ The Dog That Saved Stewart Coolidge Epub ✼ Author Jim Kraus – A light hearted love story about a young couple brought together by a four legged bandit When a stray dog helps himself to a bone from a display in the supermarket he doesn't know his actions will bra A light hearted love That Saved PDF/EPUB ä story about a young couple brought together by a four legged bandit When a stray dog helps himself to a bone from a display in the supermarket he doesn't know his actions will brand him a criminal and spark a romance between two humans Stewart Coolidge works as a bag boy at the store and his outraged boss offers a reward and The Dog PDF \ demands Stewart catch the thieving animal He fails at that but now he finally has the perfect excuse to talk to his cute neighbor Lisa Lisa has always dreamed of being a journalist and asks Stewart if she can interview him for the local paper As she gets to know Stewart she likes him and and she's delighted to learn he shares her Christian faith Stewart can't Dog That Saved Epub Þ bring himself to tell her she's mistaken that he's not religious at all And that's not Stewart's only deception When the dog shows up on the doorstep of their building Stewart decides to harbor the furry fugitive But this is no ordinary dog he has a divine sense of how things should be and recognizing how much Stewart needs Lisa he decides to do all he can to bring them together.

  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • The Dog That Saved Stewart Coolidge
  • Jim Kraus
  • 04 October 2016
  • 9781455562541

10 thoughts on “The Dog That Saved Stewart Coolidge

  1. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    The book was a tad religious but not overwhelmingly so It seemed like it took place several decades ago because of the overall tone and character behaviors but there were brief references to smart phones GPS the internet etc so it's obviously meant to be somewhat current I thought it was a cute story and while you obviously know what the eventual ending will be it was still enjoyable to read uick and easy to read I wish it had delved a bit deeper into the two main characters dark pasts because I feel it would've made the story complex and multi faceted but I suppose that wasn't necessarily the point of the book All in all I'm not sure I'd recommend it to others but it was a light fluff novel not bad by any means and kept me entertained throughout

  2. L. Farmer L. Farmer says:

    It was a little too 'ABC Afterschool Special' for me but you'll read almost anything anybody gives you in the hospital It was a good distraction anyways

  3. Lori Lori says:

    I may get hammered for this one but hey we are in the midst of a pandemic and the uarantine and excess time I seem to have on my hands gave me a real need to read an uplifting positive cute story OK so it's a bit lot sappy and of course campy and cheesy but I liked it and make no apologies The dog is adorable and the story though very Andy Griffith made it a fun read It is a bit faith centered but I liked the concept and it struck a chord with my upbringing as the story is based in central PA and then Pittsburgh so that was kinda fun as well If you are in NH or close by I can probably share this one if my friend says it's OK Cheers

  4. Nadine Nadine says:

    I am so sorry I know this was suposed to be a light simple story butI mean the dog is cute but the humans are stupid To be fair not all humans Lisa has some spirit and she did pratically everything when the risky situation took place the reporter and even the salesman had some personality but most of the other characters were generic stupid useless or the three combined like Stewart I mean the internet doesn't lie does it? page 277 seriously?? Thank God that dog appeared in his life he REALLY needed all the help he could get

  5. Cynthia L Everson Cynthia L Everson says:

    Special PoochThis book was superb Animals have feelings too Stewart didn't know what he was missing bu not knowing the Heavenly Father Lisa knew the Heavenly Father but just needed the right partner Their relationship grew based on honesty and the love that the Father has for his people and animals who love him

  6. Colleendearborn Colleendearborn says:

    Cute inspirational story So far I've skimmed the middle and read the end because it was print rather than audio

  7. Adelaide Adelaide says:

    Lovely I was reading this book and smiling This book made me really happy and I wish people would have a chance to read it

  8. ♥ Sandi ❣ ♥ Sandi ❣ says:

    4 starsreview soon

  9. Elisa Denk Elisa Denk says:

    I liked it I mean I found it amusing with a good endingEven if one doesn't like dogs it is still a good read

  10. Tina Stillabower Tina Stillabower says:

    This book is not tagged as Young Adult but it probably should be Not a bad book but slow moving and didn't have a lot of content

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