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  1. Andrea Andrea says:

    It's over last book in this series it's sad gonna miss all the characters this series was so engaging don't want it to stopcan't wait to start reading her new booksbrilliant writingwill miss lizzyand her friend'sif you love crime please please read this series10 star plus rating

  2. Tulay Tulay says:

    DisappointedRead other books by this author but this one really disappointed me Many evil people in this world but getting enjoyment out of killing turned me off Killers has to be punished Lizzy Gardner is taking her revenge in this book again and again

  3. Kylie H Kylie H says:

    This is the 6th and last book ☹ in the Lizzy Gardner series I think the author has done the right thing in ending the series here even though I am a bit disappointed Once again Lizzy and her team Hayley Kitally and Jessica are trying to deal with rapists and child abusers who manage to evade justice However they reach a point where they start to uestion what they are doing and if they have overstepped the line and will they meet their match?This has been a gritty series but there are also some other good series by this author waiting to be read

  4. Matt Matt says:

    First and foremost a large thank you to NetGalley T R Ragan and Publishing Thomas Mercer for providing me with a copy of this book which allows me to provide you with this reviewHaving no previous experience in the Lizzy Gardner series I took the plunge into this series finale unaware of the gem that awaited me Lizzy Gardner Investigations has built a reputation as a stalwart firm in Sacramento helping those in need However since the murder of Lizzy's fiancé justice and euality are stale concepts replaced with the urge for retaliation and retribution The investigative team amasses a list of Sacramento's most despicable rapists and molesters before planting evidence to ensure they are punished and keeping their own hands clean While the team works through the list a sadistic criminal lurks in the shadows committing heinous crimes and depositing clues to hint at his intentions Lizzy is determined to unveil the Sacramento Strangler and save a missing teen before she becomes his next victim If that were not enough a well known personality is using his power to lure young women into his clutches before disposing of them and threatening harm to any who talk With a handful of other cases to flesh out the story this fast paced end to the series has Ragan bidding adieu to a wonderful collection of characters from all walks of life each with their own growth exemplified over six novelsParachuting into a series half a dozen books in can have its downfalls both for the reader and the author As a reader you are left to pick up the random pieces of characters and understand how they made it to this point without feeling utterly and completely out of sync For the author without enough backstory you may lose a new reader and suffer the chance that they will never connect and therefore seek not to look to the previous books Ragan does both not sacrificing the forward movement her regulars expect but also building the characters with enough openness to reflect their personalities and personal growth Ragan effectively handles multiple storylines and keeps pace throughout the novel allowing sub plots to grow at the pace of the main story while not going chapters with no mention so as to lose the reader's interest I felt able to handle the numerous characters throughout without having to flip back or pull out a cheat sheet just to remember what's happened Add to that these are characters who show both good and evil making them even realistic You cannot ask for in a series in a book and especially in a finaleKudos Madam Ragan for this entertaining piece of work I am determined to see the Lizzie Gardner Investigations' team grown through all novels and will soon enough trek backwards to see how they came to this ultimate place You are not only a gifted writer but you captivate without going overboardLikehate the review? An ever growing collection of others appears at

  5. Linda Strong Linda Strong says:

    This series which began in 2011 has now officially ended and what an ending it isThis book starts on a roll and doesn't come to a halt until the very last sentence on the very last page Several stories all seemingly intersecting keep the readers on their toesLizzy Gardner is a PI Still mourning her fiancee who was murdered on their wedding day she and her partners have gone a bit rogue They have chosen the top 5 rapists who have served no time for lack of proof or on technical errors And they are taking them downWhile they have split up to follow these guys Lizzy gets a visit from an elderly gentleman who believes that the nursing home murdered his wife And someone was nice enough to send him a note advising he gets an autopsy scheduledThe homeless are having their own problems as well A woman who they call Ghost is randomly attacking them while they sleep for absolutely no reason at all Gardner crew are hoping to catch her in the actThe author really did a great job wrapping up the series no cliff hangers nothing to leave you wondering what happened to everyone I've read all but one or two of the books but this one actually could be read as a stand alone it hints about previous adventures they've had I gave it 5 stars because it was indeed a fine series and I hate to see it come to an end On the other hand I can hardly wait to see what see what the author does nextMy thanks to NetGalley and Publishing for allowing me access to read and review

  6. Natalie Natalie says:

    Yeah I'm done with this series It's the same plot over and over again How many serial killers could really be that obsessed with killing one woman?

  7. Judy D Collins Judy D Collins says:

    A special thank you to Thomas Mercer and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review EVIL NEVER DIES Lizzy Gardner #6 by TR Ragan with her grand finale in this riveting suspense series Having read books #4 6 in the series need to go back and read 1 3 sad to reach the end of the series bittersweet Almost Dead #5 Obsessed #4 However could not wait to catch up with the team – Hayley Kitally and Lizzy the kick ass strong women of the Sacramento Lizzy Gardner Investigations dealing with the worst offenders and hopefully handing out the payback they deserve Vigilante Lizzy is angry and nothing had been the same since Jared’s funeral and Hayley continues to walk a fine line between compassion and cold heartedness After Jared things have been tough; however he would want her to pick herself up and carry on As the book opens they are handpicking six criminals who need to be punished – The worst of the repeat offenders Five men and one woman Ghost who attacks the homeless all of whom had committed numerous crimes rape stabbings muggings assault and battery—Divide and conuer They start checking off the list In addition there is the thirty eight year old liar and serial killer He has been at it for eighteen years A killer who will never stop He loves death and deceit He killed both his parents five years ago He wants to kill people and then writes in his journal and paints Sacramento Strangler strikes again and philanthropist mark Kiel’s daughter found dead in Capitol Park For the last few weeks Lizzy’s focus had been on Wayne Bennett Rich and powerful and he used the power to take advantage of young women – the worst kind of predator Everyone thought they could trust the self made millionaire He was seduced by money and power and lost his moral bearings One woman Tammy Walters has been outspoken about his work and now her eighteen year old sister Miriam is missing They are sure Bennett killed herNow a new client The Shady Oaks Nursing Home mystery a mysterious note left behind for a husband about his wife's careConnections of the crazy serial killer and his past surface as they get closer to closing in Will he ever die? “Evil Never Dies – it never ends You can catch a killer and throw away the key but here’s always someone else out there slicing and dicing killing people just because they can For every evil person caught and locked behind bars there’s two waiting on the sidelines” As the series wraps up nicely Lizzy is finished being a PI taking losing Jared to realize this isn’t the life she wants to lead She will get the girls back on track with lots to celebrate Lizzy made a difference and left with some nice surprises Each gal has their own path Lizzy is a survivor even traumatized by her past she pushes forward to heal and help others loved the note from the authorAs I have mentioned in my previous reviews love TR Ragan’s crime writing glad you decided to transition from romance to thrillers—you are in your element mixed with wit and humor and strong tough women triumph over tragedy Strongly reminded of Karin Slaughter one of my crime thriller favorites What a great series Hopefully we will catch up with the gals again in another series Highly recommend Cannot wait to see what’s next JDCMustReadBooks

  8. Mike Nemeth Mike Nemeth says:

    For the final novel of her six book series author TR Ragan gives her hero Lizzy Gardner perhaps the toughest case of her career She's determined to put a successful businessman who preys on young women with few financial resources behind bars At some point Lizzy decided to cross into the gray area of getting her suspect But she's still way behind her assistants Hayley and Kitally They are not above planting evidence to keeping a dirtbag from committing crimes And most of these crimes are directed at women It's almost as if Ragan tapped early into the #metoo movement These women have felt the effects of predatory harassment and crimes against their gender But they're tired of being victims They want a say in how they face their recovery And recovery in this case involves eliminating the threat preventing what happened to them being repeated on other women or girls They don't get a lot of help from law enforcement primarily because of who they are Cops don't like interference and like vigilantes even less Ragan wraps up the story lines she's spent six novels spooling out It's cathartic to some degree but even then she doesn't make anything simple Life is tough Survivors do what the can And sometimes the story doesn't really have a blissful ending This is not a fairy tale

  9. Mamabear 406 Mamabear 406 says:

    Loved itDisclaimers After Jared died I was ready to throw that book out the window I almost didn't read this one but I am so glad that I did The book had great character development It was nice to see the minor characters upfront in the story The story line kept you in suspense and the main villain was so horrible that I had to keep reading to see what happened Lizzy finding out she was pregnant with Jared's baby was icing on the cake and the redeeming uality for me of this series After all Lizzy goes through in this series she needed something good to happen Great book I am sad that it ended

  10. Debbie Debbie says:

    Holy crap We got us a set of bad ass girls and wouldn't you know it I find out about them in the sixth and final book in the series Guess someone's got a lot of catching up to do HaWell this one ranks 45 stars for me I loved it There were some real mean killers in here The ones you want to get a hold of yourself and do the old telephone pole up the rectum routine The story was good with several subplots going on and a lot of killers on their list And I loved all the characters especially the hormonal one That girl house out in the middle of nowhere? That girl is cray crayI read this one pretty uick as it was certainly the page turner so yes I was up until the wee hours of the morning just because Yeah like I could have put it down Not Anyways I highly recommend this one and as for the series I'm going to have to get busy Oh and I had no problems with it being the sixth in the series It could have been the first for all I knew Thanks Publishing and Net Galley for providing me with this free e galley in exchange for an honest review

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Evil Never Dies (Lizzy Gardner, #6) [Reading] ➶ Evil Never Dies (Lizzy Gardner, #6) Author T.R. Ragan – Thomashillier.co.uk Private investigator Lizzy Gardner believed in law and order once But after losing a loved one to a killer and watching too many vicious predators game the system and walk free she’s traded flawed j Private investigator Lizzy Gardner believed in law and order once But after losing a loved one to a killer and watching too many vicious predators game the system and walk free she’s traded flawed justice for perfect vengeanceTogether with her tough and trusted assistants Lizzy is tracking down a list of Sacramento’s worst offenders and dealing out the payback they deserve But she may be Evil Never ePUB ½ lethally outmatched by a new criminal a murderer the papers have dubbed the Sacramento Strangler This ritualistic serial killer is dropping corpses and cryptic clues at a shocking rate—and he’s growing bolder and bloodier the longer he’s at largeIn the suspenseful finale to the Lizzy Gardner series bestselling author TR Ragan’s gutsy heroine lashes out against the relentless onslaught of evil as she desperately fights to hang on to her own humanity.