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Perp Walk Perp Walk Ebook Author Scott McKenzie Capitalsoftworks.co.uk From Scott McKenzie, Author Of One Day In Gitmo Nation, Death By Autopen And Drawing Dead The United Kingdom Is On The Brink Of Witnessing A Public Inquiry Into Historical Cases Of Child Abuse A Key Witness Is Colin Parker, A Senior Assistant To The British Ambassador To The United States On His Last Night In New York Before Flying Home To Face His Demons, He Is Arrested In His Hotel Room And Framed For A Terrible Crime He Did Not Commit He Knows There Are People Who Want To Discredit Him, But They Could Never Dream How Far He Would Go To Protest His Innocence Perp Walk Is A Work Of Fiction Inspired By The Dominique Strauss Kahn Affair, And Based On The Topics Discussed On The No Agenda Show Hosted By Adam Curry And John C Dvorak.