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O Silêncio da Chuva ➹ [Read] ➵ O Silêncio da Chuva By Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza ➼ – Thomashillier.co.uk In a parking garage in the centre of Rio de Janeiro young executive Ricardo Carvalho climbs into his car takes a few drags of his cigarette and shoots himself dead Handsome rich and married to a beaut In a parking garage in the centre of Rio de Janeiro young executive Ricardo Carvalho climbs into his car takes a few drags of his cigarette and shoots himself dead Handsome rich and married to a beautiful wife Ricardo seemed to have everything to live for So why did he take his own lifeBut when the police arrive at the scene Carvalho's death looks like a straight forward case of robbery gone horribly wrong since the victim's gun and briefcase are nowhere to be found And so Inspector Espinosa is called in to investigate Not O Silêncio PDF or your typical detective the world weary Espinosa has the mind of a philosopher the heart of a romantic and enough experience to realize that things are not always as they seem.

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  1. Lukasz Pruski Lukasz Pruski says:

    I had high hopes for Luiz Alfredo Garcia Roza's The Silence of the Rain the first book in a crime trilogy by a Brazilian author a distinguished academic and a critically acclaimed bestselling novelist Alas it is a rather standard crime novel a cross between police procedural and psychological mystery Contrary to the hype on the back cover that screams it is the kind of mystery that lingers in the mind long after you've finished reading the novel is completely unremarkable outstanding in its averageness Except for one thing But let's save the best for the conclusion of this reviewAn executive director in a large company is found dead in a car in a parking garage Inspector Espinosa is heading the investigation The plot becomes and complicated and other people die as well In an effort to make the central character interesting the author gives him a strange trait the good inspector collects books and keeps them in tall piles in his otherwise empty apartment Unfortunately this does not make Espinosa any interesting and his characterization feels paper thin Other characters are portrayed a bit better and some like Alba actually feel realOne of the major disappointments is that the author has not been able to convey the feel of the location The events happen in Rio de Janeiro yet they could as well occur in Lisbon or in Paris The author is generous with the names of streets or places Ipanema Copacabana etc are mentioned on almost every page but these are just words They do not convey any sense of the place I cannot find any Brazilianness in the novel Certain naïveté in showing police work and affairs of the heart has not bothered me that much On the other hand the premise is intriguing and the plot rather interesting even though I was sure of the identity of the perpetrator when I was about 70% into the novelHowever nothing could prepare me for the ending It is so unexpected and funny that I could not believe that I was still reading the same book The penultimate scene is so hysterically hilarious and its tone is so different from the stolid tone of the rest of the book that it is well worth to suffer through this mediocre two star novel I think I will read another book by Mr Garcia Roza just to see whether he manages to pull a similar stuntThree stars

  2. Maddy Maddy says:

    PROTAGONIST Inspector EspinosaSETTING Rio de Janeiro BrazilSERIES #1 of 8RATING 375WHY Executive Ricardo Carvalho calmly goes to his car smokes a cigarette and then shoots himself A nearby felon approaches the car and steals the gun and a briefcase that turns out to have uite a bit of cash in it with a letter asking the police to take the money and report his suicide as a murder for insurance purposes The police led by Inspector Espinosa assume that Carvalho has been murdered and proceed to investigate looking for his killer Espinosa is of a philosopher type and it's refreshing to see the challenges he faces based on false assumptions There are a few plot weaknesses; but on the whole the setting characters and overall plot make up for those

  3. Rob Kitchin Rob Kitchin says:

    I enjoyed The Silence of the Rain; it’s a solid and intriguing police procedural Espinosa is a thoughtful world weary character who reminded me somewhat of Morse The pace is well judged the characterisation sound there is a strong sense of place as the characters move around Rio and the story has some nice twists Split into three parts the first and third parts are written in the third person the middle part in the first person putting the reader in the mind of Espinosa It was a little jarring to swap from one perspective to another but it actually works well My only real issue relates to the start and particularly the end which kind of fell apart and was poorly resolved In short I was left with very big uestions unanswered which was pretty frustrating given that for the most part this is solid storytelling and I imagine this will cheese some people off a lot than it did me I don’t want to give any spoilers so I’ll leave it that On balance an enjoyable story the first is a series of seven Espinosa novels

  4. Michael Michael says:

    a little better than ok i guess crime fiction has international cliches though these are treated with sincerity than usual interesting only in that it is set in brazil everything else not in a bad way comfortable familiar

  5. Stacy Stacy says:

    Wasn't a masterpiece but I really enjoyed it anyway

  6. Sally Sugarman Sally Sugarman says:

    This is a mystery that takes many turns The reader witnesses the first death What is the big mystery? By the time the police arrive on the scene however things have changed dramatically Throughout the book things keep changing with two deaths Meanwhile the narrative shifts We meet different characters who offer their perspectives The book shifts from third person to first and then back to third When Inspector Espinosa begins to hanker after the wife of the first dead man one wonders if this is typical of Latin police officers since there was a similar pattern in a mystery set in Cuba Plus both officers are middle aged and divorced Espinosa is an interesting character however who likes to buy books even if he doesn’t yet have bookcases for them He is experienced and follows up on the first leads successfully His interviewing style is pleasant and low key instilling trust in the witnesses Still as the story unfolds it becomes and bewildering The inspector likes to consider all different possibilities However new developments keep challenging his ideas There are not many people Espinosa can trust in the department but he has one assistant Welber with whom he works and whom he trusts When Welber is shot by the man they are pursuing the danger intensifies Where is the dead man’s secretary? Why are certain people being followed? There comes a point when it is impossible to put down the book There are a restricted number of suspects There are missed telephone calls Who has been listening to the messages on Espinosa’s home answering machine? We get some sense of the city of Rio but we are so focused on the crimes the city fades into the background We don’t understand the motives for the murders and disappearances since the reader knows what happened at the beginning even if the inspector doesn’t However after that initial advantage the reader is a confused as the inspector This is an inspector worth reading about again thanks to a skillful author

  7. Diane Diane says:


  8. John John says:

    Mesmerizingly toldtranslated this is a four star book with a five star premise but by the end a three star plot One of my reasons for unease with any form of star rating is that I start thinking that way The conceit which we know from the outset is that the murder Inspector Espinosa of the Rio de Janeiro force is investigating was actually a suicide; a passing petty crook stole the suicide note some money and the gun leaving the impression that the dead man was shot by another hand However the suicide note itself is a valuable item for some valuable enough that someone starts killing and brutally so in an effort to lay hands on itSome of the characters are very well painted Espinosa himself; his sidekick Welber; Alba the gym bunny whom Espinosa encounters and who becomes his lover; Max the petty crook Others are really only sketched in Bia the dead man's widow whom Espinosa can't help but fancy; Julio the shallow professor who's been working hard to seduce her; Rose the dead man's secretary who's the key to so much of the proceedings The solution to the mystery is fairly obvious or at least it was to me from fairly early on despite some clever pieces of attempted misdirection; that wouldn't have bothered me at all so lost was I in the telling were it not for the fact that the resolution of the plot seemed utterly contrived I just couldn't credit the way in which the bad guy met his inevitable nemesisI'm perhaps being a little harsh overall I did enjoy the book Maybe three and a half stars See? Dammit I'm doing it again


    As I got into The Silence of the Rain I thought I had yet another wounded soul sort of police inspector that within the police procedural we have a sub genre that includes Morse Ohayon Vaara et al But wait aside from the fact that he is divorced and is addicted to used book stores the reader finds out precious little about Espinosa the person Or at least significant to warrant comparing to other police detective protagonistsAnd I found myself somewhat bemused by other reviewers' writing about Garcia Roza sense of place Sure he described the changing weather of Rio de Janeiro a few references to tropical flora and a constant dropping of the names of streets plazas and a few government buildings but otherwise I got no sense of place as I get of Morse's Oxford Ohayon's Jerusalem or Vaara's Helsinki Indeed the plot is so geographically neutral that I can see the same plot playing out eually well in Tokyo Moscow or BostonMuch of the book is Espinosa's speculating scenarios as to who is doing what to whom regarding the death of a Rio businessman his never realizing how far off base he was But this is often the nitty gritty of detection so Espinosa can be excusedThe identity of the elusive mystery person Espinosa is not revealed to the penultimate page exposing to Espinosa himself all the red herrings he had created While a few threads are left dangling they are perhaps irrelevant to a very satisfying ending

  10. Chris Chris says:

    You never uite know what the reality is when reading Garcia Roza This is the second book I've read by him first in the series and I enjoyed it much than the fourth in the series This was a page turner with the bibliophile police inspector Espinosa hooking up with an athletic woman who might be a suspect and also being attracted to the rich intellectual widow of the victim At times Espinosa must appear Columbo like to his suspects and witnesses Garcia Roza is a philosophy professor in his real life when not writing this series and it comes through in the character of Espinosa Lots of contemplative moments with Espinosa as he walks and re walks the streets of his youth and battles boredom and danger Some great lines here The rest of the day didn't add a single comma to the story of my life This was very noirish too Espinosa reminds me of other fictional police inspectors like Mankell's Wallender and Rankin's Rebus in that he is alone and rather bored with life But unlike the other two who seem possessed by work Espinosa has his books microwave and beer to get him through the weekend The ending of this book is truly bizarre and kinky

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