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Uma janela em Copacabana [Download] ✤ Uma janela em Copacabana By Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza – Copacabana Rio de Janeiro Three policemen have been killed over the course of a few days Espinosa chief of the 12th Precinct doesn't have much to go on When the body of a woman connected to one of the Copacabana Rio de Janeiro Three policemen have been killed over the course of a few days Espinosa chief of the th Precinct doesn't have much to go on When the body of a woman connected to one of the dead cops is found on the sidewalk below her apartment window things get even complicated as a reputed witness the wife of a high ranking government official becomes obsessed with the case and with EspinosaNothing is uite as it first appears as Espinosa finds himself in his old haunts of Leme and Copacabana and in the all Uma janela PDF/EPUB or too familiar terrain of corruption greed and fear.

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  1. Jim Fonseca Jim Fonseca says:

    A Window in Copacabana by Luiz Alfredo Garcia RozaA good fun read the fourth book in this author’s series of Inspector Espinosa mysteries The story is set in Rio de Janeiro and translated from the PortugueseSomeone is killing cops – shooting them at point blank range Three have been killed and now the girlfriends of the three are being killed off one by one The murdered policemen all led remarkably similar lives they lived “above their pay grade;” they were all married but had separate apartments where they kept or met with their women friends The inspector is divorced has one kid and he has an active love life He also gets involved with one of the women involved in the case and he gets his regular woman friend to help out a victim in the investigation Naturally we have a surprise twist at the end and we didn’t suspect who the murderer isThere’s good writing – here are some passages I liked“Air conditioning placed a city in parentheses it might as well be Paris or New York as Rio de Janeiro”“Serial killers are American We don’t have those in our culture”“we’re just not going to tell the press everything If they ask tell them someone killed a prostitute They’ll lose interest immediately”“Sir it’s almost impossible to report everyone on the take They just think it’s part of their pay” Police corruption is a major theme in the story There’s a lot of local color of Rio with most of the action set between downtown and the Copacabana beach I liked the fact that the author mentions actual streets I like to look at them in google maps and I click the “little yellow map guy” that gives you a walking view of the neighborhoodsThe title and part of the plot are a bit of a take off on “Rear Window” by Alfred Hitchcock The author is a Brazilian psychology and philosophy professor with no police background who began writing after he retired from academia Photo of Rio from shortdayinPhoto of the author from curtisbrowncouk

  2. Kae Cheatham Kae Cheatham says:

    When I'm reading a well constructed book I usually get a uick idea of what the main characters look like Often the author is very specific with written visual details But other books are subtle and my imagination builds the character from the environment and attitude that is presented for the characters With Window in Copacabana there are no actual physical descriptions but I picture Chief Espinosa looking much like Jose Maurinho the former manager of Chelsea FC English Premier League – Soccer and now at Real Madrid Nice Oh yeah the story This is the fourth Espinosa mystery In this one three members of Espinosa's 12th precinct are murdered along with their mistresses The perp seems to be invisible and the investigation points to police payoffs and a possible 'hit man' Of course there's to it than that or this wouldn't be a Garcia Roza bookAlong with learning pieces and possibilities of the crime we see Espinosa's uniue lifestyle as he contemplates the crime and his life when he retires from the police force He also wines dines etc his lovely Irene and is seduced by a woman he accidentally observed on the opening page There's also the marvelous sense of place in showing the various districts and sensibilities of Rio de Janeiro This series is one of my favorites

  3. C C says:

    Light murder mysteries are normally one of my go to genres and while A Window in Copacabana was not necessarily boring or disappointing I found this installment of the Inspector Espinosa series a bit expected or predictable? There was never a feeling of suspense for me or anxiousness to resolve the issuesI originally chose to read this book to get a taste of Brazil and I did notice a lot of comparisons between law enforcement in Rio versus America It treats corruption within the police department as a given as opposed to a total wrongdoing As a novel consisting of 95% dialogue it progressed uickly and lends itself to a uick easy travel sort of read

  4. Chris Chris says:

    This was Ok very different Starts off good then slows down The ending is not much of an ending if you're looking for justice It took me awhile to figure it out but the deccreasing pages remaining facilitated my solution Another aspect of this book that bothered me was the author's emphasis of streets and directions yet he did not provide a map which would have been very helpful Yes I'm going to read the others in this series Espinosa is a cop who loves books and an honest one too Just being a bibliophile was all it took for me to become a convert

  5. Bunny Bunny says:

    This book only gets a three because it's set in Rio The descriptions of the city and the life of a policeman there are worth the read The mystery itself is OK but I had problems with the endingand characters were not well detailed I couldn't tell them apart Plus it's two weeks since I read it and I don't remember a word of it You know that's a bad sign For me or the book? Ummmm I'm not sure

  6. Janine Janine says:

    With Stieg Larsson's novels I am in the mood again for some detectivecrime stories This one caught my attention and it was a good little story that kept the mystery until the end But it was lacking just a bit of meat and complexity that a crime novel should have Not a lot of character and situational analyis either I am on the uest for something better

  7. Marty Marty says:

    Another uick read w detective Espinosa Just enough tricky things going on in the plot to keep it interesting Rio stars again I love the descriptions if the streets and the constant location details I've been looking at maps od Rio online refreshing my memory from a visit there some years ago

  8. Catherine Woodman Catherine Woodman says:

    I like the set in Brazil aspect of this but the plots that twists and turns is not one of my favorites and the final plot twist in this murder mystery made me want to throw up my hands that said my husband enjoyed it so for the gritty of readers this might be a good one

  9. kate kate says:

    airplane read passed the time with a light mystery

  10. Pattie Pattie says:

    A solid mystery series set in Brazil with a main character who is reminiscent of Aureilo Zen or Inspector Matalbano Window is a somewhat dreamy window into another culture

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