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A Descent of Light In This Second Book Of A Three Part Series, Noted Author Peter Canova Discusses The Basic Principles And Theories Of Quantum Physics In Reader Friendly Terms The Book Explains The Radical Notion Of How Our Universe May Actually Be A Holographic Projection Of Ourselves Operating From A Higher Reality It Also Covers The Layers Of Illusion Between The Mind And The Senses That Create A Barrier To Perceiving Higher Dimensions, The Critical Meaning Of Archetypes, And The Function Time And Space Play In The Creation Of The External World This Book Sets Up A Major Theme Of The Last Book In The Series, Namely How The Findings Of Modern Physics Will Merge With Ancient Spiritual Wisdom To Create A New Universal Paradigm Of Understanding This New Paradigm Must Gradually Supplant The Errors Of The Current World View Fostered By Centuries Of Traditional Religion And Materialist Sciences Such As Darwinism This Book Is A Must For Any Seeking To Understand The Deepest Questions Of Existence Our Origin, Destiny, And Purpose As Human Beings It Is A Tour De Force Of Original, Ground Breaking Information That Synthesize Ancient Wisdom With Modern Science.

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