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10 thoughts on “Meets Mad Nana Dot

  1. Pınar Aydoğdu Pınar Aydoğdu says:

    Very enjoyable and funny Illustrations are very good

  2. I _teach_muggles I _teach_muggles says:

    Ava and Suishy McFluff are back at their mischievous best again in a delightful read for emerging readersAva and Suishy McFluff have had a wonderful summer together playing building climbing and jumping Just when Dad needs Suishy to not be invisible Ava really can’t see him When Suishy uickly reappears he and Ava are whisked off to Mad Nana Dot’s for a sleepover as Ava’s mum is going to hospital to a have a babyUnfortunately Mad Nana Dot is not aware of her extra house guest and the fact that she has lost her glasses is not helping her see Suishy McFluff A trip out with Nana sees the duo causing colourful mischief at the hairdressers an accident at the post box and confusing a fishmonger Mischief and mayhem follow Ava and Suishy wherever they goThis is another delightful addition to the Suishy McFluff series It is full of warmth heart and plenty of humour The text is easily accessible to younger readers and the rhyming phrasing makes for a great read a loud as long as you can do it without laughing The story is illustrated by Ella Okstad and she has produced charming and cute drawings using a limited colour palette shades of greens and redSuishy McFluff is a perfect read for children who are in need of a read that has text than a picture book whilst still maintaining all the appeal of a picture book with illustrations on almost every page  The inclusion of chapters definitely make it feel like a grown up read which I’m sure young children will delight inA read that is brilliant fun and a must read for any child who has ever had an imaginary friend Recommended for 5

  3. Becky B Becky B says:

    Suishy McFluff and Ava go to spend the night with Nana Dot who has lost her glasses and thinks Suishy is a real catThis is my favorite Suishy McFluff yet I would say skip #2 and just jump to this one Their antics work out ok instead of creating horrible trouble for the most part and Ava finally shows a little bit of conscience And Nana Dot is a hoot Her response to the green hair versus her hairdresser's is hilarious Ava gets a new little sibling in this one which is a relatable experience for kids in the target age group As always the rhyming is impressive to go on through the whole book and makes this a good read aloud choice

  4. Sarah Sarah says:

    Ava and Suishy McFluff get to visit Nana Dot while her mother goes to the hospital to have a baby What do you know? Mad Nana Dot is crazy enough to see an invisible cat Very funny

  5. Sam Sam says:

    Another funny read

  6. Marie Soleil Cool-Cotte (Bibliovolubile) Marie Soleil Cool-Cotte (Bibliovolubile) says:

    Pour lire le billet ue j'ai écrit sur Lili les merveilles au sujet de cette série c'est par ici read my blog post about this book serie follow the above link Post is written in French

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Meets Mad Nana Dot ➶ [Read] ➲ Meets Mad Nana Dot By Pip Jones ➾ – Oh yippee Young Ava is very excitedTo see Nana Dot who's rather short sightedNan's fun And she's funny And if that's not enough Can Ava's Mad Nana SEE Suishy McFluffAva and Suishy are up to their norm Oh yippee Young Ava is very excitedTo see Nana Dot who's rather short sightedNan's fun And she's funny And if that's not enough Can Ava's Mad Nana SEE Suishy McFluffAva Meets Mad PDF/EPUB ² and Suishy are up to their normal no good when Dad whisks them off to Nana Dot's Mum's got to go to the hospital to bring back Ava a baby sister But Mad Nana Dot's lost her glasses so can't SEE Suishy McFluff and a trip to the hairdresser's the post office the fishmonger all end in adorable disasterTold in full colour throughout this is the perfect stepping stone from picture books to older fiction.