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Magic Soup There Is Something About Soup That Has Both The Ability To Revitalise And To Soothe They Are Packed With Nutrition And Offer Variety, Deliciousness And Comfort As Well As Being A Fantastic Aid For Weight Loss Soup S Versatility And Health Benefits Are Captured In MAGIC SOUP.Whether It S Swapping A Stale Sandwich At Lunchtime For A Vibrant Bowl Full Of Grains And Greens, Or Relaxing At Home Over A Velvety Blend Of Manuka Honeyed Parsnip, Cooking For A Supper Party Or Nursing A Cold There Is Always An Occasion For Soup MAGIC SOUP Features Over 100 Innovative Recipes Helping You To Feel Fuller And Become Healthier Recipes Such As Salmon Poached In Lemongrass Tea, Lemon Chicken And Mint With Quinoa, And The Ultimate Chicken Soup For The Soul Will Redefine People S Expectations And Put Paid To The Myth That Soup Cannot Be A Hearty Meal In Itself.Nicole Pisani And Kate Adams Have All The Credentials To Create Recipes That Are Utterly Delicious And In Line With A Balanced Way Of Eating.

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    This book is beautiful and so are the soups I love making soup and I adore eating it I will make a few of these for myself I doubt my family will appreciate the creative ingredients but I want to give them a try for myself First up will be the Yoghurt Soup on Page 90 pictured on the cover I...

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    It s clearly written, and the recipes aren t very complicated And there aren t heaps of ingredients you can t get locally One of these soups is actually very cheap I used mulligatawny soup to get by through my last semester at uni I rarely had to stock up on spices, stock, and rice, so most of the time all I had to buy was beef mince and I d be set for dinner every night for the next fortnight It s definitely going to be...

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    Wonderful, original recipes I expected difficult recipes with hard to find ingredients from this chef written book But the recipes are mostly quite simple and straightforward with few exotic ingredients Ingredients are combined in unique, interesting ways to create new soups anyone can make.

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