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    What sets Sarah Addison Allen apart is that, while there is always a touch of the whimsical and magical in her stories, the magic isn t merely a bystander Instead, the magic is deftly used to help tell the story in a very real way The magic explains feelings, sets the scene, defines the mood, highlights a point, or moves the plot forward The magic is so expertly woven through the story that it never overshadows the story or the characters rather, it accentuates them.The characters are deep and complex and they wrestle with universal human struggles The struggle to find oneself The struggle to be oneself The struggle to belong The struggle to be loved, or even to simply be remembered All of the above combines to create a book that is astonishingly than ...

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    Another book with the Waverleys Is it January yet

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    Anyone who has read Garden Spells can confirm that the novel hardly needs a sequel It s a magical, beautiful stand alone novel and Allen s debut holds a special place in my heart First Frost, on the other hand, does not It takes place a decade after Garden Spells ended and though the re visit to the Waverley household is familiar warm, comforting, loving it feels strangely unnecessary I didn t have to know of Claire s new candy making business, Sydney s desire for a son, or Bay s feeling that she belongs with Hunter John s son While I loved being back in Waverley House and the distinct feeling of Allen s writing is a sensation that wraps around you and holds you tight, like a blanket, First Frost is possibly the most disappointed I have been by her work If it were not that these were beloved characters I knew before and intimately, loved these characters I wouldn t even have given First Frost three stars The issue with Allen s latest is the fact that the conflict at hand is flimsy I appreciate the post marriage struggles Sydney and Claire face Their demons from Garden Spells aren t as pronounced but that doesn t mean they have disappeared Thus, I rather enjoyed being back in their minds, witnessing them come to terms with the change in their lives that time inevitably introduces Most of all, I loved Bay s narra...

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    When opening the hardcover edition, I was treated to this I love that kind of detail.On to the story, which takes place roughly 10 years after Garden Spells We find Claire has taken to candy making and forgone her catering business Sydney s salon has taken off and her Waverly hair magic seriously is still going strong Sydney s daughter, Bay s gift of finding where things belong gets her into trouble when she gives a note to an older boy about how they belong together And an ailing Evanelle has taken Fred under her wing in ways than one.The conflict in this story expressed magical realistically in the theme of what makes a family For Claire, her doubting her gifts with food has lead her away from her joy of catering and into a business where she is making money but kinda hates what she is doing This leads to an opening for a former circus performer to try to scam her ...

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    This was disappointing While I didn t expect much from it other than some pleasant escapism, this novel had me sighing in exasperation First Frost is the sixth book by Sarah Addison Allen that I have read, and it is one of her weakest It is a sequel to Garden Spells and continues the story of the Waverley family in Bascom, North Carolina All of the Waverley women have special gifts Claire has magical culinary skills, Sydney has magical hair styling skills, and her daughter, Bay, has magical organizing skills I will pause here to say that all of Allen s novels contain some magical realism, with varying degrees of success Her books also have some romance and Southern charm, which can be delightful In the past I have enjoyed dipping into her stories when I needed a light read, but First Frost was too silly and just didn t gel I c...

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    Imagine a house with feelings, and an apple tree who doesn t favor men Then add to it food with magic qualities, four generations of Waverley women with special talents and you ve got this delightful family saga.And yes, you ve got me loving this book for the perfect magic realism it presents and for the simple fairy stars it sprinkled all over my upside down world What s not to love about a cute apple tree, flowering the wrong time of the year, shower her beloved people in petals at the first frost, and throw out of favor people with apples And yes, if the out of favored stand near enough, they will get bumped on the head with a branch This tree was a presence, a personality, an influence on every Waverley who ever lived there.In Bascom, North Carolina, The Waverley house, an old Queen Anne with a wraparound porch in Pendland street need to be talked to, particularly when her front door should be unlocked Within her walls, Claire and Sydney, Mary s two granddaughters, learnt their skills to survive without parents to guide them along Everywhere in her interior, the old mansions hid Mary s multitude of diaries which told Mary Waverly s life story in recipes From how to rid the garden of shiny green beetles, to husband catcher cake The eccentric agoraphobic Mary was famous for her secret love custard pies, mint jellies, chive blossom stir fry, ...

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    Thursday, August 28, 2014 No way No way No way OMG I m so excited I wanted a second installment the first time I finished the book DA few years ago I read Garden Spells, and afterward read it multiple times, for the pleasure reading it gave me, since then Allen became one of my favorite authors, I ve been pre ordering her novels ever since.I didn t want to finish reading First Frost, I wanted to slowly enjoy it, I always rush though a good book, and Fir...

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    5 Autumn winds bring strangers Stars My literary love affair with the books of Sarah Addison Allen began way back in 2007, when I stumbled across a paperback book in my local book store yes books were still a physical thing back then The cover grabbed my attention and the synopsis on the back piqued my interest, to this day that book still sits on my book shelf, one of very few that I have kept, because it evokes a memory every time I pick it up, a memory of comfort, happiness, expectation and joy.Waverley women are mysterious and magical women with a long and well known history in the south.So to be returning to Bascom, North Carolina after such a break, made this quite an emotional read for me on several levels, some personal and some not A lot has happened in my life in the intervening years as you would expect, and reading of the changes that have happened in the lives of the Waverley sisters as well as their spouses and children also bought back memories of some of the highs and lows in the tapestry of my own life.Bay Waverley was only a small child when I read Garden Spells so to read of her experiences as she approaches w...

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    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to St Martin s Press and NetGalley First frost was always an unpredictable time, but this year it felt desperate than others.Something was about to happen Wow Just Wow I Loved this book I really didn t want it to end, and now I m just crying I loved the characters in this book, it was so nice to find out what had happened to everybody after the end of Garden Spells , and seeing Bay all grown up was just so special I also loved her assortment of slogan t shirts, with such wonderful statements like come to the dark side We have cookies , I have not yet begun to procrastinate , Either you like bacon, or you re wrong , and my life is based on a true story I m Bay Waverley, the girl who knows where everything belongs Nice title, huh It makes me sound like a neat freak Which I am, a little But that s another story Claire was still Claire, Sydney was still Sydney, and I loved how happy they were with Tyler and Henry It was also good to meet Mariah, and even though I guessed the twist with regards to her new best friend I still loved it The storyline in this book was really good, and I loved the tension over what was going to happen There was a very dodgy bloke in town, and other slightly odd things going on, and even though I was supposed to be reading another book, I got so sucked into this one, that I couldn t put it down That man, who was he Claire asked, tryi...

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First FrostFrom The New York Times Bestselling Author Of G Arden Spells Comes A Story Of The Waverley Family, In A Novel As Sparkling As The First Dusting Of Frost On New Fallen LeavesIt S October In Bascom, North Carolina, And Autumn Will Not Go Quietly As Temperatures Drop And Leaves Begin To Turn, The Waverley Women Are Made Restless By The Whims Of Their Mischievous Apple Tree And All The Magic That Swirls Around It But This Year, First Frost Has Much In Store.Claire Waverley Has Started A Successful New Venture, Waverley S Candies Though Her Handcrafted Confections Rose To Recall Lost Love, Lavender To Promote Happiness And Lemon Verbena To Soothe Throats And Minds Are Singularly Effective, The Business Of Selling Them Is Costing Her The Everyday Joys Of Her Family, And Her Belief In Her Own Precious Gifts.Sydney Waverley, Too, Is Losing Her Balance With Each Passing Day She Longs For A Baby A Namesake For Her Wonderful Henry Yet The Longer She Tries, The Her Desire Becomes An Unquenchable Thirst, Stealing The Pleasure Out Of The Life She Already Has.Sydney S Daughter, Bay, Has Lost Her Heart To The Boy She Knows It Belongs Toif Only He Could See It, Too But How Can He, When He Is So Far Outside Her Grasp That He Appears To Her As Little Than A Puff Of Smoke When A Mysterious Stranger Shows Up And Challenges The Very Heart Of Their Family, Each Of Them Must Make Choices They Have Never Confronted Before And Through It All, The Waverley Sisters Must Search For A Way To Hold Their Family Together Through Their Troublesome Season Of Change, Waiting For That Extraordinary Event That Is First Frost.Lose Yourself In Sarah Addison Allen S Enchanting World And Fall For Her Charmed Characters In This Captivating Story That Proves That A Happily Ever After Is Never The Real Ending To A Story It S Where The Real Story Begins.

About the Author: Sarah Addison Allen

New York Times Bestselling novelist Sarah Addison Allen brings the full flavor of her southern upbringing to bear on her fiction a captivating blend of magical realism, heartwarming romance, and small town sensibility.Born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina, in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Allen grew up with a love of books and an appreciation of good food she credits her journa