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Ninja Sons Hi It S Me I M The Guy Who Wrote This No Use Pretending That This Blurb Was Written By Someone Else Ever See The Movie 3 Ninjas Ever Wondered Where The Stars Are Now Yeah, Me Too But Then I Did A Quick Google Search And Found Out More To The Point, Ever Wonder Why The Dad In That Movie Was Like, Oh, Yeah It S Perfectly Fine For My Sons To Fist Fight Adults As Ninjas I Know I Did We Finally Have The Inside Scoop Thanks To This Very Stupid Book.Get It Here

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    I read this whole thing out loud on a podcast Almost It was kind of a last pass through, so there were some rough patches You can hear it at helpfulsnowman.comMore to the point, how I felt about this book Well, it s kinda awful But when I read it out loud for the first time, I cracked myself up just a little Which I am simultaneously proud and not proud of.Proud I made myself laugh.Not proud I made MYSELF laugh.If you re looking for a giggle, this one s a keep...

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    This is my favorite of Mr Derk s works Maybe I should have one boy and then I d have my own ninja trio The narrator is classic, but boy am I glad that I m not married to him.And I think we ve all had an experience similar to the oatmeal cream pie incident

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    Did you grow up in the entertainment industry s ninja era of the late 80s to early 90s Do you like fan fiction Do you like to laugh Check this one out.

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    This fricking hilarious Peter just may be my favorite author EVER I m so glad I happened across this Short and a definite must read

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    I came here for oatmeal cream pies and I was not disappointed.

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