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The Color Monster [Reading] ➶ The Color Monster By Anna Llenas – This sensitive book encourages young ones to open up and discuss how they feel even when their thoughts are confusing — Parents We teach toddlers to identify colors numbers shapes and letters—but This sensitive book encourages young ones to open up and discuss how they feel even when their thoughts are confusing — Parents We teach toddlers to identify colors numbers shapes and letters—but what about their feelings By illustrating such common emotions as happiness sadness anger fear and calm this sensitive book gently encourages young children to open up with parents teachers and daycare providers And kids will LOVE the bright illustrations and amazing D The Color ePUB ½ pop ups on every page.

  • Hardcover
  • 20 pages
  • The Color Monster
  • Anna Llenas
  • English
  • 20 August 2016
  • 9781454917298

About the Author: Anna Llenas

Anna Llenas es licenciada en Publicidad y Relaciones Públicas por la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona y graduada en Diseño Gráfico por la Escuela Llotja También tiene formación en Psicología Analítica y un postgrado en Arteterapia Pasó los primeros años trabajando como diseñadora y directora de arte en las agencias Bassat Ogilvy Mather y Publicis Casadevall Pedreño Pero un día decidió dej.

10 thoughts on “The Color Monster

  1. Nancy Kotkin Nancy Kotkin says:

    Text 1 starIllustrations 4 starsLove the collage y illustrations of this picture book but the text has some troubling issues While it is vital to teach children to identify their emotions it is just as important to help them understand that it is normal to feel than one single emotion at a time even about the same thingpersonidea further labeling emotions with specific colors doesn't work as a one size fits all solution since color is a very personal experience; people feel very differently about the same color Telling children that blue is sadness will confuse children who experience blue as tranuility or power or curiosity or any number of other emotions This book goes so far as to tell children how to experience certain emotions When you're sad you hide and want to be aloneWhile that is one way to feel sadness there are so many others ways to be sad and so many other behaviors to express sadness So I think this book does a disservice to children than teaching them anything about emotions

  2. Emma Emma says:

    Great pop up book introducing young children to different emotions and moods

  3. Sarah Coles Sarah Coles says:

    This book is engaging from the very front cover and this only increases with the pop up element When I read this together with a group of friends we had a lengthy discussion before we even opened the book about whether there were four monsters or one with different personalities and therefore able to begin to make predictions about what might happen Children might enjoy doing the same Indeed on the final page the story doesn't explicitly spell out how the monster feels so children can have fun guessing and uestioning what it 'feels' like to be in loveThe format of the book allows for a conversation with children about managing their feelings 'putting them into bottles' and discussing why they might be feeling a particular emotion As a group we discussed the interesting allocation of colour to the different emotions Children who are particularly struggling could simply assign themselves a colour for their feeling However I wonder how useful this colour allocation is as some children might have a favourite colour associated with a negative emotion Overall I really appreciate how this book tackles the tricky issue of engaging with our different emotions using fun child centred characters It is written in a very clever way so that children of all ages can understand and engage with the text I think it could be used with children from Nursery all the way through Primary School

  4. Jon Nakapalau Jon Nakapalau says:

    Fantastic first book on emotions

  5. Mathew Mathew says:

    I picked this up and bought it before I had finished reading this book A little highly accessible exploration into different feelings that a child can experience and associating them with colours not only teaches children that having these feelings is normal but also that through the rather wonderful little girl you never need to be alone when you're experiencing them The colour monster at first has no way of organising his thinking or feelings and it takes a wiser reflective hand to sort them out and guide him through them Yet as the girl as narrator guides us through Llenas' wonderful mixed media pop up collages we find ourselves using both pictures and words to understand these complex emotions

  6. Sarah Loggia Sarah Loggia says:

    This children's book is so cute and colourful Being an ESL teacher I am so glad to have gotten my hands on this book The language is simple and well thought out This is a great book to teach young students about their emotions Definitely going to be using this in my classroom

  7. Fiona Hill Fiona Hill says:

    Wow what a monster of a book Using colours to show different feelings to children with wonderful pop up illustrations This is a must read Thanks for the recommendation OliviaH and Mat Tobin

  8. KC KC says:

    Great story about our emotions and the colors that often represent them

  9. Shiloah Shiloah says:

    A fun read aloud at Barnes and Noble I love books that teach children about their emotions

  10. Francis Francis says:

    I’m not sure if it’s common but my five almost six year old son has huge emotional blowouts We are trying to read him different books to help him control his temper I found this book to be really good The language they use is super easy for him to understand plus it’s a pop up book And who doesn’t like pop up books?

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