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Pathfinder ❮Reading❯ ➸ Pathfinder Author Erik Mona – Thomashillier.co.uk The Origin of many of the Pathfinder's in this special series and for the elite collector we have Stjepan Sejic's Art without any trade dress as part of Dynamite's Premium and Signature Program An exc The Origin of many of the Pathfinder's in this special series and for the elite collector we have Stjepan Sejic's Art without any trade dress as part of Dynamite's Premium and Signature Program An exciting new Pathfinder adventure begins To prove themselves to the Pathfinder Society Valeros the fighter and his companions must recount tales of their early exploits in a world beset by magic and evil In this issue Valeros crosses swords with the brazen barbarian Amiri when both serve as hired guards escorting a doomed caravan through the treacherous Bloodsworn Vale Sword and sorcery thrills from Pathfinder publisher Erik Mona Pathfinder Goblins and art from rising star Tom Garcia Mercy Thompson Contains pull out poster map and official Pathfinder RPG bonus encounter This issue features bonus content exclusively on comiXology.

  • Pathfinder
  • Erik Mona
  • 27 July 2014

10 thoughts on “Pathfinder

  1. Jonathan Hicks Jonathan Hicks says:

    I’ve enjoyed the Pathfinder comics up to yet and this series is a nice new angle on the heroes I’ve come to enjoy I’d say it’s a better starting point for newcomers to Golarion as it gets to the bones of the antagonists and serves as an introduction not just to the characters but to the world as a whole There’s plenty of references to places and events that non Pathfinder readers won’t recognise but this adds background and flavour to the story and it isn’t necessary to know the world inside out Erik Mona’s writing shows his deep knowledge of the Pathfinder world without alienating newcomers so it’s a crisp enjoyable read for everyoneThe story itself is interesting and filled with adventure but I can’t help but feel that the introduction is a bit too long and the dialogue throughout can feel a lot like exposition and I didn’t feel as though I got to know the characters as well as I would have liked – sure I know them from the previous comics but it would have been nice to know a little about them as people rather than just read about what they got up to in their early years In fact we learn about the character of Amiri and I ended up wanting to follow her story than the comic’s title character Valeros Still it’s an imaginary world so exposition is almost a given and it’s the first of 6 issues so we’ll no doubt learn as we go onTom Garcia’s splendid artwork highlighted by the atmospheric colouring by Mohan and the clean functional lettering by Marshall Dillon is what shines in this comic Garcia’s illustrations are dynamic and he renders the iconic heroes well and in spite of a particularly gruesome image of someone being cleaved in two which I felt was somewhat out of place and gratuitous the imagery is wonderful and captures the action adventure and danger of the setting really wellPathfinder Origins issue 1 is action packed and will please Pathfinder players as well as general sword ‘n sorcery fans It’s a good solid read and the extras that you get in the comic – the map and the RPG encounter – are a welcome bonus Recommended

  2. Solace Winter Solace Winter says:

    I know absolutely nothing about Pathfinder A friend bought this and I read it since it was sitting around I was intrigued and happily so The artwork is a style I enjoy and the story itself was simple and yet complex enough not to be bland Valeros the origin story in uestion is regaling a time of heroism to prove himself while at the same time admitting that he doesn't fight just for the heart of fighting He's not a perfect person but he's a good warrior I find it fascinating to meet a character who is real than a character who is doing what they should be because it's what the audience is expecting

  3. John Trent John Trent says:

    A group of adventurers has gathered to begin their next uest but first they regale their uest giver with their credentials Is it good?The premise for the origin story of Valeros feels too forced Writer Erik Mona creates a scenario where a group of adventurers has already accomplished what appears to be a great feat in defeating The Gallowed Gang but they are forced to defend themselves and their characters when attempting to obtain another job Click here to continue reading

  4. Chris Conley Chris Conley says:

    I enjoyed it The background story was entertaining The art style was good It certainly made me want to keep reading

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