Sins of a Duke Epub ☆ Sins of ePUB ½

  • Kindle Edition
  • 244 pages
  • Sins of a Duke
  • Stacy Reid
  • English
  • 21 July 2016

10 thoughts on “Sins of a Duke

  1. Pearl Angeli Pearl Angeli says:

    A digital copy generously provided by the author Stacy Reid in exchange for an honest review Thank you so much Ms StacyI love historical romance And this book totally sealed the deal for me It was soo good Once again I was reminded of my college days when I was so attached with the Dukes Earls Lords and other historical romance characters So nostalgicAnyways this book is the third installment of the companion series Scandalous House of Calydon I have been following this series since the books were released and I could say that once again Stacy Reid did not disappoint me The story centers on the beautiful character Constance or Connie the younger sister of Sebastian and Anthony who were featured in the previous books She fell instantly in love with the Lord of Sins Lucan Devlin Wynwood Duke of Mondvale the moment she first laid her eyes on him in a certain midnight ball One night was all it took for her to realize that Lucan was her ideal man the man she wanted to marry But then Lucan had raging feelings for his family for Sebastian in particular that's why in order to plot a revenge he invited her to go out with him make her fall in love and basically leave her alone afterwardsThe book was somewhat a heavy and emotional kind of story While Lucan was determined to avenge his sister by hurting Constance he found himself slowly developing feelings for her And this just made the story even conflicting as well as romanticNow what I love about this book is the great chemistry between Lucan and Constance They were like ice and fire and yet they totally click I also love their character development The author's writing style on the other hand is also impressive I like the way she used terms that basically make me feel as though I'm in the 1880s in London or somethingAll in all the book is superb If you are a fan of historical romance like me this one is for youRating 4 Stars

  2. Preeti ♥︎ Her Bookshelves Preeti ♥︎ Her Bookshelves says:

    A bit shaky and anachronistic take on a vengeful H eualizing scores by using and dumping the hsister of his enemy Only we don't get the promised trainwreck as he chickens out midway and finds himself incapable of 'using' her thus But of course the MU has to come up and the h refuses to believe him etc The story and the angst lost me at places but overall I'd give it to the book Not badI haven't read book #1 of her brother so I don't know how much this H's dead sister the whole reason for vengeance stars in that one but I like that that lady is not shown as wholly black or white and blame is apportioned all around Most realistically

  3. Miriam Miriam says:

    There's revenge and there's revenge This story was revenge the kind that you know will only bring immense heartache and possible irreparable damage The kind that many would label as unforgivableThat was me Even though I knew what Lucan was doing even though I could see what was coming my heart broke and I hated him I hated his need for vengeance by using an innocent I hated him for making himself approachable and loveable to a woman whose only crime was being related to the man Lucan believed wronged his own sisterI didn't want Constance to forgive him didn't want her to still love him after what he'd done But she did It might be fiction but maybe her actions speak of her character than mine do of me Forgiveness is not something I give easily Yes I carry grudges Yes I cut people out of my life who bring nothing but grief and strife So perhaps I can learn something from herMaybeIt was hard to admire a man who took it upon himself to ruin a lovely woman like Constance The whispers he started about her parentage and his single minded goal of destroying Constance's brother by ruining her were sigh It was difficult to wrap my brain around Really it wasThrough all of Lucan and Constance's dealings through all the ups and downs they faced they discovered that love the kind that many dream of crave need want desire look for hope for provided them the strength to do what I don't think they would have been able to do otherwise For Lucan it was asking Constance for forgiveness It was realizing how damaged his sister was and that despite his desire to believe only the good in her he didn't know her as well as he thought For Constance it was forgiving him She didn't have to She could have stayed away traveling with her brother and sister in law But she didn't because she couldn't smilesTo say that love is amazing would be an understatement In its purest form it is unconditional and selfless Established in the hearts of the right people it becomes than a emotion It becomes action It has the power to bring the proudest person to their knees; to forgive what others believe you can't; to mend a brokenness that many thought couldn't be fixed; to see a future when others doubt there is even a present Lucan and Constance's relationship began on the worst note imaginable yet it ended on the highest note possibleA gripping emotional tale of two people who I felt shouldn't have ever fallen in love but did For listening to their hearts they experienced a love so grand it defied logic and redefined what it means to love45Received from NetGalley via Entangled Publishing for an honest review

  4. Lesa Divine Lesa Divine says:

    Constance is The Duke sister and Anthony sisterShe's is no longer part of the society due to a secret about her has gotten outShes the beautiful bastard and no one wants herBut Lucan wants to get revenge on The Duke by using his sisterBut of course that backfiresOkay read

  5. Amira Amira says:

    First I love the cover of this book Second the name of the book is so apt Sins of a Duke was a wonderful romance of revenge and love pain and forgiveness with two characters that were absolutely perfect for each other Lady Constance was strength and innocence in one beautiful package and The Duke of Mondvale also known as the Lord of Sin was a dark hero tortured revenge driven and utterly intriguing I really loved his charactereven when I wanted to slap him silly I was mooning over him “Mondvale sat splayed in the most insolent manner his cravat undone a glass of champagne dangling loosely from his hand She could sense the leashed power of his personality beneath the casual façade he presented”I think this was where I started to fall in love I love a good powerful duke Then she couldn’t look away from him awed by the ruthless beauty of his face High cheekbones intensified the aristocratic cast of his features and cruel sensuality curved the hard line of his mouth”Really? I fell in love and then I started to learn about the pain and rage that was driving him to seek vengeance At first I scream HELL NOConstance is all that is sweetwhat the heck? Then I started to feel Lucan's pain and while I did not agree with his method at ALL I empathized with him I enjoyed both Constance aka Connie and Lucan character eually Constance was so sweet but fiery But her fieriness was a bit understated until she found out the depth of Lucan sins against her That confrontation was great for me And what I loved is that Connie did not find out at the end of the book I think a bit over the half mark? giving me a good look at how Lucan won her back Though I really think he needed to bleed a bit LOL Connie was a good character young but determined to forge her own path and not let her family pressured her into any unhappy allianceThe book was so full of angst but lovely gut wrenching angst that kept me on edge while I skipped the pages Realistically I knew I was reading a romance book so I knew they would get a happy every after but my heart pounded and I was caught up in Connie’s emotion so much I thought I would have hated Lucan from how he ruined her Then when Lucan confronted his nemesis who happened to be Connie’s brother Sebastian the duke of Calydon I almost died Because I read Sebastian story in The Duke’s Shotgun Wedding and I loved him and I wanted nothing to ruin my view of him But the scene was done masterfully showing the pain of each character involvement in everything that was going on If I do not stop waxing I will be telling you of everything that happened in the book and ruin for those who want to read All I will say is that I enjoyed this story immensely It was emotional than the other two previous work in the series and also less sexy I think The sex scene was just as emotional and hot but we were only treated to one scene of Lucan and Connie making love but it was pretty good I am now eager to read Marcus and Charlotte’s story I do hope the author will write about them I highly recommend Sins of a Duke

  6. Stacy Reid Stacy Reid says:

    I had a blast writing Connie and Lucan's story I hope you enjoy reading it HUGE thank you to everyone that messaged me clamoring for Connie's story Have a go at it

  7. WTF Are You Reading? WTF Are You Reading? says:

    Sins Of A Duke the third offering from the Scandalous House of Calydon series introduces readers to one Lucan Lynwood Duke of Mondvale While all surface details show our dark duke to be yet another privileged child of the ton come to dip an unearned silver spoon into the trough of it's bounty One only has to look the slightest bit closer to see that he is so much Joining Lucan in this dangerous dance of scandal love passion and lies is the exuisite albeit socially excommunicated Lady Constance Thornton Known throughout fashionable circles as the beautiful bastard the enchanting Lady Thornton is no stranger to the rumor mill the furtive glance or the backhanded complimentSo when a chance meeting in a moonlit garden turns into a stolen dance and sparks an attraction that neither the duke nor his lady are able to ignoreoh how the plot thickensFor you see the duke desires Lady Thornton for than her flashing eyes and untried passion She is the means by which he plans to right an old wrong and avenge the untimely death of his beloved sister MarissaIt goes without saying that authoress Stacy Reid is a masterful 'star maker' when it comes to penning complex and involving characters The surprise this in this read comes in the knowledge of just who steals the show this timeFrom all indications one would think that Lucan and all of his devious plotting scheming brooding and stewing would win hands down On this score though you would be sadly mistaken For while it is true that Lucan has the looks power past and sex appeal that romantic drama lovers swoon for; it is the forthright honesty and unabashed belief in the power of self truth exemplified by Constance that serves to set this read apart from the packConstance may be an 'innocent' in the ways of love and passion but she proves uite the veteran when it comes to overcoming the obstacles that stand between her and her goals She is the rose among thorns and watching her mange to not only stand her ground but bloom amid scorn deception and manipulationis simply exuisiteThe romance between Lucan and Constance is one laced with a raw carnality that draws the reader in like a moth to a flame The two of them together is a force of nature that sweeps one up to the highest of peaks and drops one into the deepest of valleys with eual aplombThis is a romance that lets the 'white knight' look good in and out of her dress One for the ladiesSins Of A Duke is nothing short of a romance lover's blessing

  8. Gilgamesha Gilgamesha says:

    Sweet and simple despite the angsty storyThere is just one paragraph where you get a real sense of Constance as a characterwhen she talks about meeting the little orphan boy on her walks in the countrysidethat is all the character development Ms Reid attemptsshe focuses too much on telling the story instead of allowing the reader to experience itthe only interesting book in the series is the first Novella The Duke's shot gun wedding The second book felt like of a left over from the novella that they decided to publish laterthis book is okthat is all Will not be reading any from this writer since I want depth to my stories and than one dimension for my characters

  9. Kiltsandswords Kiltsandswords says:

    This book could have been the traditional revenge story line however it sparkles with great characters and depth While Lucan was intent on extracting revenge on the Duke of Calydon for the mistreatment of his sister he falls victim to his own plansWatching a devilish Duke change is a concept well covered in historical romance novels I had to think about what exactly made this book work so well It’s not the typical trope trotted out I think it was so good because Lucan had a conscious From the start Constance was a revelation She captured him and didn’t let go Lucan battled with reason and emotions to continue his plans to ruin Constance which he had already put in motion before he met her but once he saw the damage to her it changed himThis story is so much than a rogue and an ingénue falling in love With elements of Romeo and Juliet and revenge the story draws heavily on the emotions of the characters Lucan was so well developed He wields his power to cause harm and once his heart has been touched he moves heaven and earth to help I think what I liked so much about the story was the revelation of Lucan While he was definitely still a bad boy with his naughty dialogue and plans he became tamed by his love for Constance Constance is the illegitimate daughter of a Duke and the status of her birth has been leaked to the ton She is isolated and scorned by those that she once called friends To watch her mourn her previous life and then to be set free by the injustice done to her was amazing Sure she was lonely and the sudden courtship of Lucan captivated her but it went so much deeper than that The best way to describe the attraction and courtship between the two is that moment of meeting the right one Constance no longer worried about the sly comments or hurtful cuts of the members of the ton as she had found the man she loved and she was willing to fight for itEntangled families create great tension points when telling a story Pitting two Dukes against each other and using their sisters as targets makes for a tension that draws the reader in I found this book to be very compelling and captivating The way the characters thought about each other the lust they shared and the high standards they demanded made them real and likeable I found myself sympathizing with Lucan and Constance I understood their needs and desires I really really wanted them to be together because when they were the sparks flew The love scenes are not numerous but so well crafted that you feel the intensity and longing leap off the page The suspense of what Lucan would be like as a lover was palpable during the book as the author describes his intentions with vivid images I also kind of liked that Lucan wore glasses – a feature not usual in stories with an alpha male intent on revenge Entangled Publishing has published some great books in the past year that I have been fortunate to read This book is another success for them What could have been a tried and true formulaic story was anything but that Stacy Reid has taken a traditional story line and breathed new life into this trope She has created very complex characters that you relate to with your emotions and heartReviewed for wwwkiltsandswordscom

  10. Rin ♔ Rin ♔ says:

    35 stars I will take some of your darkness and give you my light The Duke of Mondvale isn't called the Lord of Sin for no reason He is a notorious libertine the kind of man that she with her already tarnished reputation shall avoid Yet Lady Constance Calydon still finds herself drawn to him his charisma his mysteriousnessLady Constance is the perfect instrument for the Duke of Mondvale's revenge against the man who ruined her sister Even Lady Constance has made things easier for him because she responds to him But what started out as a uest for vengeance became something as he finds himself falling for Lady Constance Later on he has to make an inevitable decision to ruin Lady Constance as his retaliation or to forget about it and just walk awayAnother crappy summary brought to you by yours truly I really wanted to just get on with my thoughts about the book so please cut me some slackThis book infuriated the hell out of me in a good way For a book to be able to elicit such emotion from me I think it's good because it makes the book unforgettable I also found it a wonder how a book managed to make me react like I did with this one With the characters I just had to let this out I HATE CONTANCE'S MOTHER I know that she was only a secondary character but damn I was seething while reading her verbal exchanges with Constance when she implied that she should not be picky as to whom to marry It was her goddamned fault that Constance had no choice See what I'm talking about?I also felt that Constance lets Lucan get away with stuff easily Twice She forgave him right away I was uite expecting her to let Lucan work really hard if not crawl after what he did to her But all it took was a letter ARE YOU KIDDING ME? A part of me wanted her to play hard to get but when I think about it it's against Constance's nature to do So I'll just concede because I really like Constance even if she seemed like a push overI still don't know why I like this book when all it did was annoy me Perhaps it was my attachment to Constance I felt the need to wrap her in a blanket and protect her from society because they've been really cruel to her I think that's a very solid evidence that the writing got me It was really emotional and I could actually feel Constance's grief when she was betrayed when she was ostracized because of something that she didn't have a choice Or Lucan's regret when he realized that the woman he loved got awayStacy Reid knows how to create something really great out of a plot that's considered really predictable and mediocre nowadays Also it would've done me good if I read the previous books of the series to really understand what happened Nevertheless I had immense fun reading this ARC received from Entangled Publishing via NetgalleyFull review now postedFind this review and at Delirious Romances

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About the Author: Stacy Reid

I am an unapologetic romance lover I read it I write it Enough said WellI also have a warrior way Never give up on my dreams I spend a copious amount of time drooling over Rick Grimes from Walking Dead watching Japanese anime and playing video games with my love Dusean.