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The Worlds of Big Finish Bernice Summerfield #625 ➺ [Reading] ➼ The Worlds of Big Finish Bernice Summerfield #625 By David Llewellyn ➯ – From the streets of Edwardian London to the corridors of a near infinite library in the distant future a single book holds the key to the fate of life on EarthSome believe it predicts our future – a From the streets of of Big eBook ↠ Edwardian London to the corridors of a near infinite library in the distant future a single book holds the key to the fate of life on EarthSome believe it predicts our future The Worlds PDF or – and the apocalypse with unnerving accuracy Others will stop at nothing to destroy it and will chase it from one side of the universe to the other; from a country house in the Roaring Twenties to Worlds of Big PDF É the casinos of Mars and from B Baker Street to the terrifying desert world of Sisyphus IXFeaturing Abby and Zara Graceless Sherlock Holmes Dorian Gray Iris Wildthyme Vienna Salvatori and Bernice Summerfield The Worlds of Big Finish Worlds of Big Finish Bernice PDF/EPUB or brings together some of Big Finish’s best loved characters in an adventure spanning thousands of yearsThis release includes a fourth bonus disc Round the Worlds where director Scott Handcock leads a roundtable discussion with writer and cast about this special adventure plus a selection of outtakes from recording CastLisa Bowerman Bernice Summerfield Nicholas Briggs Worlds of Big Finish Bernice PDF/EPUB or Sherlock Holmes Laura Doddington Zara Ciara Janson Abby Katy Manning Iris Wildthyme Chase Masterson Vienna Salvatori Alexander Vlahos Dorian Gray Graceless The ArchiveBarnaby Edwards Romulus Chang Hugh Skinner Lucian Theta Singh Lisa Bowerman The Archive David Menkin Security Drones Sherlock Holmes The Adventure of the Bloomsbury BomberDavid Warner Mycroft Holmes Michael Thomson Alexander Korvo George Rainsford Albert Taylor Katy Manning Mrs Waters Terry Molloy Mr Robins Barnaby Edwards Alfred Vandermeer The Confessions of Dorian Gray The Feast of MagogGeorge Rainsford Evan Morgan Rebecca Night Pamela St John Edwards Michael Thomson Alexander Korvo Iris Wildthyme Kronos Vad’s History of Earth Vol Hugh Skinner Captain Turner Katharine Mangold Jenni Marcel David Menkin Zack Hoffman Barnaby Edwards Mr Vandermeer John Dorney Bridge Controller Vienna The Lady from Callisto RhysRhys Jennings Cage Zorn Rosanna Miles Magenta Dotrice Rebecca Night Lara Memphis John Dorney Rodrigo David Menkin Check In Attendant Katharine Mangold Passenger Terry Molloy Driver Bernice Summerfield The Phantom WreckTerry Molloy Captain uinn Rosanna Miles Selina Rhys Jennings Phillips John Dorney O’Neill Katharine Mangold Jenni Marcel Barnaby Edwards Romulus Chang.

10 thoughts on “The Worlds of Big Finish Bernice Summerfield #625

  1. Steven Steven says:

    It's a bit of a mixed bag really I loved the Sherlock Holmes bit always nice to hear David Warner And the Dorian Gray was pretty good too Mostly it didn't make a whole lot of sense either in their own worlds or as a whole Pity reallyNow can we have Holmes and Jago Lightfoot please?

  2. Jamie Revell Jamie Revell says:

    Intended as an introduction to some of the lesser known Big Finish series this is a compilation of six 30 minute stories each belonging to a different one of those series but linked by a single plot arc and occasionally crossing over with one another The overall premise is perhaps debatable since outside of this collection it’s not at all obvious that the different series belong to the same ‘universe’ At any rate the strength of the collection is that the stories do contrast effectively in terms of tone showing BF’s range and versatility; the weakness is that the format often prevents them from being truly effective introductions to the individual series they are based on• The Archive Graceless – The Graceless visit a near infinite library where they become embroiled in a murder mystery and first encounter the MacGuffin that drives the plot arc The mystery elements are confined to the motive rather than the identity of the killer there are only two guest characters and the story is of a scene setter than anything else While it does have some connection to the rest of the Graceless series it is necessarily blunted by both the short length and the lack of the usual “adults only” rating nor is there adeuate time to explain who the Graceless are for those unfamiliar with them although the story does at least try• The Adventure of the Bloomsbury Bomber Sherlock Holmes – The latter problem doesn’t exist for this episode even if somebody hasn’t listened to any of BF’s other Holmes stories as I haven’t; we all know who the central character is Sensibly the story steers clear of any supernatural or science fiction elements although these are clearly implied by the rest of the arc It’s a decent enough Holmes story with the now retired detective investigating a series of bombings in 1911 without the presence of Watson But it doesn’t inspire me to seek out the rest of the audio series it’s based on• The Feast of Magog The Confessions of Dorian Gray – From detective fiction the tone switches to horror The central element of the story is a séance but as with the Graceless episode the lack of an “adult” rating limits what can be done in terms of the horror elements As a result it’s toned down from the usual stories and over Gray acts heroically than usual not really letting his true self shine through• Kronos Vad’s History of Earth Volume 36379 Iris Wildthyme – This time we switch to comedy as the scatty old Time Lady finds herself tasked with preventing the end of the world Again I’ve not listened to the rest of this series but the basic idea of “bonkers pastiche of Doctor Who ” is probably clear enough to newcomers – although I confess to having no idea who the companion character was since he isn’t the one Wildthyme companion that I’d previously heard of The story does have a few decent laughs in it and is appropriately mad; it’s one of the better ones in the set • The Lady from Callisto Rhys Vienna – The interstellar bounty hunter is hired to track down the MacGuffin in a story that once again doesn’t have the opportunity to bring the series’ usual strengths to bear While it does do a reasonable job of introducing the character the twists of perspective that normally characterise Vienna stories aren’t appropriate here both for reasons of length and for fitting in with the plot arc So a new listener is perhaps getting a half way introduction to what the series is normally about which to be fair is still uite good Perhaps also for reasons of length the story is partly narrated and for some reason there’s a positive slew of fake American accents• The Phantom Wreck Bernice Summerfield – The story that wraps up the set is fortunately another good one and closer in tone to what its regular series normally offers Tying together a number of threads from the earlier episodes it concerns Bernice supervising an archaeological dig on an ancient crashed spaceship and concludes with a fair amount of action and drama once the main villains actually turn up in person albeit briefly Given that they share a similar interplanetary milieu it’s also good that both the specific settings and perhaps importantly the personalities of the lead characters contrast clearly between this and the Vienna episode

  3. Julia Julia says:

    Crossover cd of a bunch of Big Finish ranges Graceless Sherlock Holmes Confessions of Dorian Gray Iris Wildthyme Vienna and Bernice Summerfield The story is a linked series of short pieces rather than everyone meeting together so you have them all reacting to their part of the storyline without know how it will ultimately turn out Surprisingly it worked pretty well I'm curious to explore some of the ranges I wasn't as familiar with

  4. Heather Heather says:

    This would have been a fun listen if I had listened to every series that Big Finish had made Unfortunately I haven’t and the two series I have heard were barely touched upon here It was hard to follow when you didn’t know who the characters were

  5. Mary Mary says:

    I really loved how they used several of the Big Finish worlds and connected them into one continuous adventure I do not know if Big Finish has others out there but this one was very well done

  6. Idamus Idamus says:

    The Archive 3 stars must read the beginningThe Adventure of the Bloomsbury Bomber 25 starsThe Feast of Magog 3 starsKronos Vad’s History of Earth Vol 36379 2 starsThe Lady from Callisto Rhys 3 starsThe Phantom Wreck 25 starsWhile none of the stories were great in themselves only 2 3 stars the red thread weaving through them makes the complete book closer to 4 stars very interesting idea indeedAnd great narration from everyone

  7. Steven Shinder Steven Shinder says:

    I expected the characters from each series to interact with each other but it was ultimately a better decision keeping their tales standalone while connecting them through a book That makes it feel less cheesy I enjoyed jumping between different genres and hearing familiar characters

  8. Annathea Annathea says:

    Jakie to było dobreNie tylko dostałam przygody dwóch już znanych bohaterów to jeszcze mnóstwo nowych bohaterek Koniecznie muszę sprawdzić Graceless i Iris Berenice nieco mnie przeraża ilością odcinków Oraz Hugh Skinner

  9. Anne Barwell Anne Barwell says:

    Loved Very clever way of tying all the stories together yet keeping true to their own series A couple of new series in here I'll need to try

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