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Defying ISIS [BOOKS] ✬ Defying ISIS By Johnnie Moore – Has the Christian Holocaust Begun  A Christian genocide at the hands of Islamic extremists is unfolding in the Middle East Entire Christian populations have been eliminated and the ultimate aim of IS Has the Christian Holocaust Begun  A Christian genocide at the hands of Islamic extremists is unfolding in the Middle East Entire Christian populations have been eliminated and the ultimate aim of ISIS and the Islamic State is to eradicate the world of Christianity They are well on their way  Thousands of Christians arrive in refugee camps daily as tents can be seen for miles across the countryside of Jordan N Ira and Lebanon Churches have been demolished crosses burned and replaced with ISIS flags homes destroyed entire communities displaced religious conversions forced human torture enacted children slaughtered and all in plain sight In many cities every single Christian has been “taken care of” displaced murdered or forcibly converted and just as the Nazis painted the Star of David on the homes of Jews Jihadists have painted the Christian “N” the first letter of the Arabic word for “Christian” on the homes of indigenous Christian communities to identify them before destroying them They have proclaimed that they will not stop until Christianity is wiped off the earth from the land of its birth all the way to your own backyard  So what can be done to help these brave souls in the crossfire and protect a holy land With never before told stories of horror and of hope Johnnie Moore unveils the threat of ISIS against worldwide Christianity and what the world must do about it Along the way he introduces us to the courageous Christians who have stared down ISIS and lived to raise their crosses higher.

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  1. Jeanie Jeanie says:

    ”I have a lot of fight left inside of me I am not breaking down and I will not give in no matter how long it takesDo not fear for me continue to pray as will I and by God’s will we will be together soon”The above words are of Kayla the martyr that was killed in an explosion by the ISIS that we all heard about her in the news this past year She was the young woman who gave her life to help those in the Middle East The ISIS goal is to eliminate Christians that have been in Syria the last 2000 years and eventually the rest of the world This book will shock you and hopefully bring us all to our knees in prayer that we would turn to God for strength and His grace The ISIS is not on its way here but is already here The media has reported lightly on this and heavy on the issues that divide this country Which I feel makes it very easy for ISIS to attack a divided country Because sacrifice and martyrdom are deeply rooted in Christian identity and Christian theology many have chosen to die than convert What are our roots Will they stand the test of ISIS The Christians in Syria do not earn their salvation by death but they have affirmed their love for Jesus in their death There deaths are all about Jesus and not what they get from God in exchange for it but about what God has given them in exchange for their lives page 63 It is the best of faith that defeats the worst of religion says Dr Chris Seiple It makes me think of what this world would be without Christianity What is the history of ISIS It is very tied to the history of Christianity which is addressed in this short readWhat can we do Know the situation this book will help you get a good foothold Pray get the word out and live the Gospel A special thank you to Thomas Nelson Publishing and Netgalley for ARC and the opportunity for an honest review

  2. Vaidehi Vaidehi says:

    I did not like that it was written from the point of view that ISIS is out to get all Christians that being their ultimate goal It's victimised Christians to no end while paying almost no attention to the plight of muslims themselves in the ISIS In that sense it is biased divisive and is written with an intent to raise panic and hatred amongst Christians rather than that of understanding the issue as a human one that radicalism arises because of wrong HUMAN wiring caused by failed social support systems failed policies perceived dominance and greed There is too much of WOW about how Christians have not given up their faith even in the face of death The author has interviewed a few people and generalised those to prove his point that Christianity is that wonderful religion that people don't want to give up Just the title should have been enough for me to not pick up the book but my bad There are many better books out there Do not buy this one

  3. Craig Prather Craig Prather says:

    This book was awesome I Recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn about Islamic extremists and how to combat their ideology

  4. Jeff Jeff says:

    It's interesting and maybe timely that I finished this book during Holy Week Just as Christians remember and give thanks to Christ for His sacrifice on the cross we should also remember the crosses so to speak borne by the many victims of ISIS Johnnie Moore might seems to be giving us an updated version of Foxe's Book of Martyrs such are the horrors portrayed I would imagine even Mr Foxe would be horrified at the level of depravity brought about by ISIS Why aren't Christian's standing against this evil scourge Moore asks He reminds us of the many who are risking their lives in an often futile effort to stem this Satan led tide ISIS members and sympathizers want to kill or subjugate anybody who doesn't capitulate to their ideologyAnd Moore warns this isn't just an other side of the world problem Don't think for a moment ISIS members and supporters aren't planning carnage in our neck of the woods

  5. Chris Chris says:

    Johnnie Moore did an amazing job telling the stories of those who have faced enormous persecution for their faith It's one thing to hear a news story or read an article about the instability of the Middle East but it's another to hear stories from individuals who have looked both torture and death in the eyes while still holding on to their faith Honestly it makes me uestion the depth of our faith in America and if we would react the same in a similar situation Overall this book left me a uestion on how I can be a part of the conversation to stand with the persecuted church

  6. Caroline Caroline says:

    Wow This book will open your eyes to what's really happening in Syria and Ira The ethnic cleansing the genocidal killing of Christians Heartbreaking stories that are happening right now by Isis We need to be join with missions and groups helping these Christians who have lost loved ones and have been traumatized These are our brothers and sisters in the Lord

  7. Rena Phung Rena Phung says:

    I did not finish it

  8. Simone Peterson Simone Peterson says:

    Seems a bit propaganda esue It was of a long opinion piece sprinkled with eyewitness stories and news articles thrown in Not what I thought it would be

  9. Timothy Timothy says:

    This book is a hard read and not for any of the reasons having to do with the injustice and brutality of ISIS or the pitiful responses to the Islamic terror group ie the whole bookThe author Johnnie Moore writes in a tone of an overly dramatic blog expert guru that is overly dramatic and is fitted to being a screenplay from the plot twists he tries to surprise his audience with that are not surprises at all More than provide details on ISIS Moore wants you to really feel what is going on in the Middle East and have a spiritual experience as you readThis tone is cliche pandering childish and ultimately works against the dissemination of the information Moore is trying to unveil The author tells us what he is feeling before after and during his writing of the book which is completely unnecessaryA tear just hit my keyboard as I finished typing that last sentence writes Moore on page 34Just as I was finishing writing this morning I began reviewing a fresh batch of video from a refugee camp p 38 Moore needs to place us in his own daily routine of writing and even research for the book; it is a wonder Moore does not include when he brushed his teeth that morning In this batch of videos he watches a child singing It caused me to smile p 39 After finding a translation of the child's lyrics and finding them to be a deep lament Moore unleashes his feelings My heart was shattered He offers the lyrics to us and exhorts us to read those words again read them carefully and slowly and let the pain of each of them seep deep down into your bones p 40 Don't simply read but feel them with all the feeling you have inside of you he continues before reprinting the same lyrics farther down the page p 40 Speed readers got a free pass thereI already understand the pain and do not need to force myself to spontaneously feel a pre concocted pseudo sympathy from a poor author I feel pain for his writing style I will not diminish the living depository of evil that is ISIS but Moore's overly and overtly feely dramatic tone is not helping anyone shed better or bigger tears concerning real life terrorAs to being dramatic Moore describes atrocities ISIS commits to children On page 35 at the end of the section he writes complete with italics Imagine if they were actually our own childrenOf course we don't want our own children to experience the same fate anywhere in the world We don't need to imagine if it's our own children like we do not need to imagine ourselves in the Holocaust Atrocities are atrocitiesEven childish is the author's intent to spring one on you He grew up in Ira God wanted him to move to another country To make the reuest even intriguing God didn't identify the country by name Just pick up and leave p 21 Have you already guessed the mystery figure Hint This description was written below the heading 'Patriarchs and Prophets' Not skipping a beat Moore finally reveals it IS Abraham Continuing Moore writes Another man a different man was living a happy contented life in Palestine Let's call him Joe A few sentences later possibly by accident Moore cites Jonah 12 as a parenthetical citation giving away the whole gig Not to be outdone in his shenanigans he asks By now you've probably got it figured out right p 21 Indeed it IS JonahThere is no need to disguise common knowledge in an attempt to corner the reader and then bam Wallop them one He could've saved space and time considering he is writing for Christians principally to recast the story of Jonah but not alienating his audience speaking to them as if they were children engaged in guessing gamesLast to end chapter two Moore writes the ending or beginning of the next Michael Bay film This is our world The generation that has allowed ISIS to exist And while ISIS exists no child is safe Not even our ownThe author's heart is in the right place and he provides anecdotal and factual evidence but don't expect any depth

  10. Seth Seth says:

    Very short book Finished it in two sittings It's divided into three parts What ISIS is doing; Why ISIS Matters to you; What We are Losing You would be alright if you read just the first two parts The third part is on the history something while important I can never get into The first part was probably the most heart wrenching It was tough to read and not shed any tears Johnnie does well with telling the personal stories from people who have been directly affected by Isis The hardest part is after reading the plight of Christian brothers and sisters in the East you want to read how the bad guys were defeated and the lands and people are at peace again Unfortunately we're not at that part of the story yet in our current time There are organizations that are working to help which you've probably read aboutseen on the news that are listed in the book

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