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A Contract With God and Other Tenement Stories Four Powerful Dramas Recall Tenement Life In 1930s New York An Absolute Must For Fans Of Bernard Malamud, Philip Roth,and Isaac Singer The Storytelling Is Straightforward Sometimes Heart Warming, Sometimes Heart Breaking It S Printed In A Single Sepia Colored Ink, Which Adds To The Nostalgic Feel Of The Book And Includes A Contract With God, The Street Singer, The Supper, And Cookalein.

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    A Contract with God and Other Tenement Stories written and illustrated by Will Eisner, one of the giants in the sequential arts arena, is a perfectly executed graphic novel, which provides the reader a peek at the American experience during the early 1930s Through four interconnected graphic stories, Eisner provide insights into the human condition while drawing on the memories of his growing up in New York during that time period.A brief look at Will Eisner as a master graphic artistBorn in 1917, Will Eisner was heavily influential in the comic art form and stands tall in the pantheon of all time sequential artists with such luminaries like Milton Arthur Paul Caniff and Jack Kirby He started with his contributions in this medium through The Spirit , a weekly newspaper insert comic book, in the early 1940s He utilized The Spirit as a launching platform for experimenting his ideas and expressing stories in his mind through comic art form.At that time the sequential art...

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    They are true stories Only the telling and the portrayals have converted them to fiction Will Eisner s A Contract With God and Other Tenement Stories is simple, intense and deep An amazing storytelling with wonderful art

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    book 10 for Jugs Capes And essay 3 for CCLaP In fact, someone from Will Eisner Studios actually contacted me to say they enjoyed the review Neat Ah, Will Eisner Undoubtedly the father or the modern graphic novel, his influence has been huge and sweeping I mean, that s what they tell me I m sure that 90 percent of the people reading this review know a hell of a lot about Will Eisner than I do But I do know that 1978 s A Contract With God is an incredibly important work in a way that many pieces of art struggle with it has remained fresh and relevant for all these decades, and even I, as chick and a lit buff and a graphic novel neophyte, could relate to it, and be made devastated and furious by it, and appreciate it wholly.A few months ago, my book club read Frank Miller s Batman The Dark Knight Returns I didn t like it, hardly at all The book just didn t jive at all with the image I d been handed about its game changing ness I mean, it s supposed to be this pinnacle and groundbreaker of its form, and I kind of understand how that might have been true when it was first published But now In 2010, for me to come to Dark Knight with no knowledge of comic book history and tropes, living in a CGI world, an indie fabulous world, a YouTube world, a world where everything Miller ever did has been exponentially permutated and shifted and reconsidered from every possible anglewell, his efforts just weren t that impressive.But in the case of A Contr...

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    Dio esiste e vive nel BronxCosa rappresenta Contratto con Dio di Will Eisner 1 il primo libro di un genere, quello della Graphic Novel Anno 1978 2 Un fumetto dove per la prima volta non ci sono eroi in calzamaglia, ma persone comuni che vivono, pregano, sognano, soffrono 3 Un insieme di disegni con uno stile inconfondibile che esce dai soliti canoni del fumetto 4 Un libro con interessanti riflessioni sulla fede le persone passano la vita a pensare che se rispetteranno le regole, ossia il cosiddetto accordo con Dio, saranno ricompensate Anche se tutti sanno, dentro di loro, che questo non affatto vero 5 Un libro a fumetti che per la prima volta si rivolge agli adulti e non ai ragazziUn li...

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    Will Eisner s legendary graphic novel one of the first of its kind is a semi autobiographical collection of four sad, sometimes downright bleak and depressing stories centered around the residents of one tenement in the Bronx in or around 1930 s Eisner s storytelling is masterful, the characters are full of life and the stories still resonate despite being decades old at this point It s not a very pleasant read since most of these stories are ...

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    This is a grim graphic novel consisting of four intertwined stories of characters and lives in a 1930s Bronx tenement basically autobiographical, by the great comic book artist and graphic novel genre creator Will Eisner The introductory essay by S McCloud was well written and placed the work in context, as well as conveying information about the life and career of Eisner The lead off story A Contract with God reflects the author s anguish at having lost his only daughter at age 16 eight years before he wrote and drew the book The bitterness of this experience transmuted into the fantasy story of Frimml informs the 3 subsequent tenement tales in the book There are few likable characters, and most characters flaws and contradictions are painfully exposed usually leading to some comeuppance or hubris denouement The effect of the overall sad book is in the end grim The book is wonderfully drawn obviously, Mr Eisner was a master of capturing scenes economically, using a fantastic pen ink style, often with strong black shadows inked in to render additional foreboding or danger The dialog narration are well written yet there is little variation in the world depicted, you can almost predict what the almost 100% venal, greedy, status hungry, scheming people will say and how they will act The book overflows with emotion driven a...

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    Review of A contract with GodThis was one of the first Graphic Novels I ve read, and it has always stayed with me I m not sure why I ve reread it a few days ago and I still don t know why this story affects me The story wasn t that great, and it was also rather short In the book, an orthodox jew loses his faith after his daughter dies He doesn t understand, because all he ever did was serving God and after all, he had a contract with God, writt...

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    Eisner himself admits in his multiple introductions to this volume that A Contract With God was in some ways an experiment which led him to develop the skills he d use in a far serious way on Dropsie Avenue Dropsie Avenue is indeed the superior work.That caveat out of the way, A Contract With God is one of the moving, deep, and visually surprising graphic novels ever, despite it being the first The writing is sensitive, empathetic, and poetically simple The images are masterful Look at the full portrait of the superintendent frightening and real and sad in the extreme The story as a whole and in its parts takes us precisely where great novels should into a truth beyond facts, reflecting our own ...

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    Mai prima d ora la vita e i drammi quotidiani delle case popolari negli anni Trenta e Quaranta sono stati rappresentati con tale vividezza e vitalit Contratto con Dio tesse un arazzo di storie su personaggi che potremmo essere noi tutti Il titolo della storia si riferisce all esplorazione del rapporto tra Dio e gli uomini Fin dall inizio sappiamo tutti che Dio ci punir o ricompenser a seconda di come ci siamo comportati in conformit con un patto stipulato con lui scrisse Eisner Quando il protagonista Frimme Hersh, un ebreo devoto, patisce un lutto devastante, deve trovare una risposta alla domanda cosa succede quando questo patto si rompe Realizzato a matita su semplice carta da stampa, poi inchiostrato meticolosamente su pergamena trasparente stesa sui disegni, il libro prese forma nello studio di Eisner Quando lo termin , raccolse le tavole in un portfolio e le mostr a potenziali editori di New York Al suo editore di The Spirit, scrisse Scusa, Denis, per questo progetto specifico ho bisogno di un editore con un indirizzo a Park Avenue, non al numero 2 di Via della Palude Ma i grandi editori a cui Eisner present l insolito progetto si rifiutarono di imbarcarsi in un avventura cos rischiosa e originale Nel 1977 o all inizio del 1978, dopo avere tentato senza successo di interessare editori importanti, Eisner mostr il pro...

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