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    A good overview of British politics, but lacks discussion I would have appreciated an outline of the academic debate on aspects of British politics, in a addition to the sections on further reading and discussion prompts in the end of every chapter.

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    Used as a core text book in uni Read from cover to cover Very informative, easy to read and understand I wouldn t recommend it as a novel as it really is just a text book But regardless, for those wanting to increase their knowledge of UK Politics I would definitely recommend

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British Politics Systematically Revised And Updated, British Politics Is An Accessible And Definitive Guide To The Shape Of Britain S Political Institutions And Processes The New Edition Covers Significant Developments And Events In British Politics, Such As The Financial Crisis And The General Election, And Provides Full Analysis Of The First Year Of The Conservative Liberal Democrat Coalition Government Incorporating Useful Learning Aids Throughout, The Book Examines The State Of British Politics Set Against The Background Of Devolution Within The UK And An Ever Changing European And Global Environment Key Features Comparative Politics Boxes Highlight Differences And Similarities With Other Political Systems Academic Controversy Boxes Summarize Debates On Key Issues On Page Glossary Explains Key Words And Concepts Chapter Summaries, Questions For Discussion And Further Reading To Stimulate And Reinforce Learning Illustrated Key Thinker Profiles A Companion Website Palgrave Foundations Leach Containing Valuable Additional Material For Students And Lecturers