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Only Whats Necessary Charles M Schulz 1922 2000 Believed That The Key To Cartooning Was To Take Out The Extraneous Details And Leave In Only What S Necessary For 50 Years, From October 2, 1950, To February 13, 2000, Schulz Wrote And Illustrated Peanuts, The Single Most Popular And Influential Comic Strip In The World In All, 17,897 Strips Were Published, Making It Arguably The Longest Story Ever Told By One Human Being, According To Robert Thompson, Professor Of Popular Culture At Syracuse University For Only What S Necessary Charles M Schulz And The Art Of Peanuts, Renowned Designer Chip Kidd Was Granted Unprecedented Access To The Extraordinary Archives Of The Charles M Schulz Museum And Research Center In Santa Rosa, California Reproducing The Best Of The Peanuts Newspaper Strip,all Shot From The Original Art By Award Winning Photographer Geoff Spear, Only What S Necessary Also Features Exclusive, Rare, And Unpublished Original Art And Developmental Work Much Of Which Has Never Been Seen Before.

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    Chip Kidd makes design look easy It doesn t seem to matter what he s writing about the book is guaranteed to look gorgeous and make you seem smart and perceptive for reading it This book is no exception Charles Schulz art has never looked better Kidd had access to a treasure trove of originals, ...

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    Produced with loving care from the Schulz archives, this is at times a fascinating peek behind the curtain at the methods used to create 50 years of Peanuts strips but, since Schulz was an intuitive cartoonist, we don t have tons of lost material or even rejected ideas as one might expect later day rejects came from his wastebasket and saved by a member of his office staff Home runs include the original correspondence with Harriet Glickman and how Franklin was created for t...

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    I love Chip Kidd s design work In this case I wish he had includedbehind the scenes information and fewer double sized comic strips It s a great book to have.

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    This book was presented as a sort of inside the mind of Schulz the artist, intended to show how he uniquely formed the characters and scenes that made Peanuts so beloved But that s not really how the book turned out It s really just a collection of some of his greatest hits over the 50 years, plus photos of his other merchandising and licensing efforts which were beyond legion The inside the artist shtick is propped up by drafts, sketches, etc which add little to one s ...

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    I love this one Beautiful format, covers everything Snoopy including vintage toys and collectible Lavishly illustrated One of the best books of the holiday season.

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    Loved it Loved it Loved it It was so much fun to see some rare Schulz drawings when I thought I had seen everything there was to see This book will keep me smiling and warm all winter long.

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    This is not a compendium but an assortment of sketches and some acquired items from the Schulz museum It gives the reader a picture of how the strip was developed by Schulz and how it got popular.The contents are mainly photographs of items from the Schulz museum, including the strips themselves Some pages are full p...

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    Chip Kidd s wonderful collection of Charles Schultz s Peanuts, Only What s Necessary, is a wonderful tribute to the artist and his unprecedented comic strip work This book is neither exhaustive or deep, but it provides a unique look at the work of the artist who has connected with generations through his drawing.Ma...

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    Vintage Schulz Contains many breathtakingly beautiful reprints of drawings, sketches, photos, rough samples, unpublished works of creations of Charles Schulz, perfectly arranged in chronological order This book will show hundreds of intimate insights about Schu...

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    Don t understand what the fuss over this edition is Anyone who already has even a small collection of Peanuts will find almost nothing new or interesting here and many, many omissions Perhaps this book was aimed only at the most casual of fans

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