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The Secret King (Conspiracy Against the Crown #1) A Princess In Peril Must Choose Between Duty And Desire In This Electrifying Romance No One Believes Princess Serena Has The Strength To Rule Acacialeast Of All Serena But The Assassins That Placed Her In Line For The Throne Have Turned Their Sights On Her And The Mysterious Casimir Cullen Who S Already Saved Her Life Once Is The Only Man She Trusts Serena Is Drawn To Casimir With Overwhelming Ferocity But Affairs Of State Require That She Marry King Warrington Of Rizari Casimir S Relationship With Serena Was Supposed To Be A Means Toward Revenge Against Warrington Falling In Love Was Never Part Of The Plan Now, Protecting Serena And Bolstering Her Self Confidence Has Become His Priority But What Will Happen When She Learns His Secret Destiny

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    Good book that starts with a bang and keeps the suspense level high Serena is at a birthday celebration for her father, the king, when the lights go out and gunfire erupts As her father and older sister fall, Serena is determined to get them to safety As she attempts to do so, she is faced with a man with a gun and is certain she is about to die, when another man saves her life.Casimir is at the party to kill the other king in attendance, King Warrington Before he can do so, the room erupts in chaos and his chance is lost He sees that Serena is in trouble, and though she is no part of his plan, he can t stand by and watch a woman in distress He arrives at her side in enough time to save her life, then disappears to avoid questions It is later suggested to him that he use his new acquaintance with Serena to get closer to King Warrington.With the deaths of her father and sister, Serena is next in line to be Queen, which terrifies her She has always been the quiet one who avoids the limelight She s had no experience in d...

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    I was really impressed and frustrated by what appeared to be a longer MB book I was only frustrated due to me wanting to know if my theory was correct it was.Really enjoyed the romance Really enjoyed the sub plot

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    The Conspiracy Against the Crown miniseries begins by focusing on royalty and danger, as someone does not want any members of a ruling family in a fictional Mediterranean country to remain alive C.J Miller has written a very interesting story, where emotional issues and secrets hinder the development of a relationship But when unexpected feelings become a factor in deciding the future of two people, then anything can happen THE SECRET KING is an intriguing blend of suspense and romance When Casimir Cullen went to Acacia, his main reason was to extract vengeance against a neighboring king attending a royal party However, his scheme is foiled when the king of Acacia plus the next in line are killed by unidentified assassins A new plan must be formed, and Casimir comes up with one which concerns Princess Serena Alagona, the younger daughter who will be the next ruler of the Mediterranean country that lies between two hostile nations It is his hope he can closely watch his enemy if he becomes friendly with the princess After helping her during the attack, he thinks it will not be difficult to gain her trust Since Serena will soon lead her country, one of her obligations will be to marry King Warrington of Rizari in order to unite their countries against an aggressive neighbor Her intended is the person whom Casimir despises, and he puts things in motion to get directly involved in the lives of the two royals When the...

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    A quick, easy read full of intrigue hot romance.

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    3.5 stars

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