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Season of Mists ❴Reading❵ ➶ Season of Mists Author Neil Gaiman – Ten thousand years ago Morpheus condemned a woman who loved him to Hell Now the other members of his immortal family The Endless have convinced the Dream King that this was an injustice To make it rig Ten thousand years ago Morpheus condemned a woman who loved him to Hell Now the other members of his immortal family The Endless have convinced the Dream King that this was an injustice To make it right Morpheus must return to Hell Season of Epub / to rescue his banished love and Hell's ruler the fallen angel Lucifer has already sworn to destroy himCollects THE SANDMAN .

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  1. Bill Kerwin Bill Kerwin says:

    Neil Gaiman is at his best when his imagination is peopled with gods and demons—magnificent outsize personalities ranging from the eerily transcendent to the surprisingly human—and the tale he chooses to tell in “Season of Mists” gives him ample room to create a godly and superior fantasyThe plot is simple Lucifer abdicates the throne of Hell sending the damned back to earth and turns the keys over to Dream Dream doesn’t really want the property—too vast too hard to keep up—but a lot of other beings do including demons angels fairies and yes of course gods Odin Thor Loki Anubis Bes Bast the Shinto storm god Susano o no Mikoto and the personifications of Order a cardboard box carried by a genie and Chaos a little girl dressed like a clown The delightful center of the tale is a grand banuet in the house of Dream where these beings offer their bids and bribes for the prize of an empty Hell One of these offers interests Dream greatly a chance to rescue his lover ueen Nada from the conseuences of his youthful angerThe central story is handled expertly and the major digression—about dead schoolboys and masters returning to their boarding school during vacation—is very good too Gaiman's inspiration for Season of Mists was a remark of Jesuit theologian and anthropologist Teilhard de Chardin “You have told me O God to believe in hell But you have forbidden me to thinkof any man as damned” An easily resolved paradox Gaiman thought to himself provided you empty Hell The title is derived from Keat’s “Autumn” “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” Although the association of “mellow fruitfulness” with Hell may seem ironic I believe its message is straightforward In Season of Mists Dream does become mellow' dying to unwelcome burdens and ancient rages and gaining the fruits—a small portion at least—of peace reconciliation and love Finally I would like to share with you my favorite part of Season of Mists Isn’t it funny how often a minor character may fascinate you so much he almost blots out the rest? For me that character is Breschau of Livonia This imaginary Eastern European noble I know he’s imaginary having looked him up in vain proudly insists he remain in Hell because of the enormity of his deeds which he relates in detail proclaiming “I am Breschau of Livonia” Lucifer dismisses him with these words “But no one today remembers Breschau No one I doubt one living mortal in a hundred thousand could even point to where Livonia used to be on a map The world has forgotten you” Not I Lord Breschau not I

  2. Sean Barrs Sean Barrs says:

    I find myself at a loss for words whenever I come to review a volume of this series simply because it is just that good What is there to talk of that will do it justice? Could I speak of the intelligent weaving of mythological figures with distinctively human personalities? No Not enough Could I speak of the literary allusions and most apt references to long dead poets and writers? No Not enough One thing I can say with absolute certainty is that Gaiman is a genius This is by far the best thing he has written As great as some of his other writing is The Sandman series is on a whole new level The writing here tackles marvellously big concepts in such a clear and careful way Dream Death Fate Desire Delirium Despair and Destruction are powerful concepts that move human existence In part they help to define it Gaiman represents them as a dysfunctional family as forces working to keep the balance within the universe Central to this series is Dream And everybody does it even the Devil himself Lucifer has had enough of ruling in hell and wants to go and experience a few new things only natural really after ruling in the fire pit for thousands of years Dream grants his reuest and as such is left with the keys to hell itself as Lucifer goes on seemingly indefinite vacation But Dream has his own responsibilities; he can’t be the new lord of hell So he gives the keys away though who could be suitable for such a task? All manner of beings come to claim them Anubis Thor and Odin The King of Fay some demons from hell and even a few of god’s chose angels come to observe the decision making All appear uneual to the task; they all have their own personal motives and seek nothing but power They attempt to manipulate Dream; they use death threats bribery and even resort to the use of hostages in order to sway himDream however is revolute and understands that all power must be balanced within the universe The central story is very strong though what I saw here was the beginning of all the loose threads coming together As grand as this story felt it is clearly just a small chapter in a much larger story that is only just starting to reveal itself This series seems to be picking up some momentum Good things are sure to be ahead

  3. Patrick Patrick says:

    This is the point in the series where shit gets real For one thing this is the first glimpse you have of how truly mythically all encompasing this series is You have Odin the Lucifer some Faeries Demons a Japanese storm god Bast and Anubis two angelic presences and other assorted powers all hanging out not just in the same story But on the same page And it makes sense You're left thinking oh yeah Sure Why wouldn't Thor be hitting on Bast? Even importantly this is the point where when I first read it I thought Wait What? Do you mean that all those cool little stand alone stories weren't stand alone stories? Are you telling me that all these tiny stories which I loved and would have left me completely blissed and satisfied all by themselves are actually all part of a bigger story? My mind was blown And it still kinda is I'd never seen this done before and I've never seen it done as well since

  4. Alejandro Alejandro says:

    The story goes to Hell in than one sense Creative TeamWriter Neil GaimanIllustrators Kelly Jones Malcolm Jones III Mike Dringenberg Matt Wagner Dick Giordano George Pratt P Craig RussellCovers Dave McKeanLetterer Todd Klein FAMILY REUNIONS HELLISH KEYS BOARDING SCHOOLS DIVINE PARTIES Yet another impressive introduction to the TPB by Harlan Ellison denoting again that The Sandman is something else in the middle of the genre of comic books Sometimes we can choose the path we follow Sometimes our choices are made for us And sometimes we have no choice at all This volume has an epic beginning with a reunión of the members of the Endless well all of them except the “prodigal Destruction” who went awol lefting behind his responsibilitiesThis family reunión of the Endless is easily the strongest section of the TPB and a real pleasure to read Come in Everybody’s here and I do mean everybody The rest of the TPB and the main storyline developed in this volume has a wonderful premise but that I humbly think that it wasn’t properly exploited to its full potentialMorpheus the embodiment of Dream committed an injustice long time ago In the volumen The Doll’s House is told the tragic love story of ueen Nada a mythical ruler of a vey ancient kingdom and whose sad tale has been transmitted through generations when men reached maturity age Nada fell in love with Dream but loving an Endless member is something complicated to say the leastMorpheus is going to Hell looking for Nada since he found her there in his previous trip to the Hellish realm while he was looking for his mask to gather all his lost power during his imprisonment by magicHell is empty Lucifer uit ReallyAnd now Morpheus is left with the Key to Hell Literally the key to open or to close HellThis unprecedent event will provoke an uniue gathering of gods and divine envoys of many origins Norse Japanese Egyptian Christian etc even embodiments of primal forcesEverybody wants the Key to Hell and Morpheus is the one who will decideAt that point I was astonished my mind was in neuronal fireworks HoweverThe developing of that hallucinative premise was mmh how to say it? Simple? Lacking of a real challenge to the main character Morpheus?There were so many possibilities so many paths to take a wide open field of odds and at the end without spoiling anything is like mmh okay while the things change remain the same?Oh and in the middle of that you will find also a cool ghost story happening in a boarding school that I enjoyed a lotSo while it contains incredible cool characters and a smart narrative I found the ending weak and unadventurousBUTCertainly I will keep reading this epic run of The Sandman you can bet on that

  5. Bradley Bradley says:

    Re Read 4420Oh honestly I shivered throughout the re read This is SUCH an important volume for the rest of the tale And I really can't top my original review either What a great twist this volume is Original ReviewNow the good stuff really gets startedIntroducing most of the Endless we discover intrigue with Destiny some deep sadness in Delirium friendship in Death capriciousness in Desire and maybe a bit of reasonableness in Despair Dream is there of course and he's rightly annoyed with his siblingsHe is after all the one who had perpetrated a great crime Who are they to taunt him?Ah Nada Such a tragic figureAnd she's only a plot hookOh Hell I'm not going to spoil Hell but Dream goes back to right his great wrongI was so surprised with the outcome Delighted Flabbergasted The implications were enormous and made me giddy with anticipation If the Eternals weren't enough to make things interesting we also get the Aesir Angels Chaos Chinese Gods Devils Fae and Order knocking on Dream's door to threaten bribe plead So totally deliciousI read American Gods before Sandman so I was grooving to this tune and this twist in a big way Hell this Volume epitomizes everything I love about the Sandman Series When it thinks big it thinks BIG Let's not piddle around the the little crap shall we? Let's move Heaven and EarthWoo Woo If only all comics could get this grandiose Of course I later learned that some could get pretty close but this is my first taste of something really good

  6. Johann (jobis89) Johann (jobis89) says:

    I think hell’s something you carry around with you Not somewhere you goSeason of Mists is the fourth volume in the Sandman graphic novel series Lucifer has given Dream the key to Hell however Dream has a lot of other responsibilities and so decides the key should be given to someone else but who?Oh man this has definitely been my favourite volume so far in the series I have been enjoying Sandman a lot but this was the point at which I really began to understand the hype behind it Season of Mists opens up with an Endless family gathering and all are present and accounted for Dream Death Desire Delirium Despair Destiny and Destruction I am obsessed with this concept that these components that play a role in each human's experience are represented by a dysfunctional family of seven siblings It's frigging genius how Gaiman does this I am simply IN AWEFollowing some taunting at the family get together Dream feels bad about his treatment of a former lover and decides to go to Hell to retrieve her but upon his arrival he finds that Lucifer is driving out all the demons and damned souls and he gives Dream the key to Hell's gates THEN the fun really starts as we get an amazing mishmash of different mythologies coming together baring some resemblance to American Gods to visit the Dreaming and plead their case to Dream for the key You got Odin arriving alongside Loki and Thor as well as Anubis Bast and Bes the list goes on So many crazy and vibrant characters I can't compliment this aspect enoughAmongst all the drama happening over at the Dreaming we also get a chapter that gives us some insight into the conseuences of Hell's closure And it's EXCELLENTI'm honestly at a loss for words in terms of describing how much I loved this volume although I feel like perhaps the reason I thoroughly enjoyed this one was because it is really the first to have a consistent story arcGaiman's imagination continues to fascinate me he is just on another level 5 stars

  7. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    A 2020 rereadOkay when I first read I thought this is obviously very good but unlike most of the Gaiman universe I liked the intimacy of volume 3 than this huge epic operatic occasion where Morpheus decides what to do with Hell after Lucifer hands it over to him But this time I see that this is what Gaiman does best to alternate between a grand operatic canvas and the intimacy of the simple story And it is a simple story a kind of mythical allegory With some poignancy Dream determines influenced by his sisters that the best thing he could do to right a wrong he did to an ex lover is to Go to Hell himself and release her yep he did that not okay at all Then when he is in Hell many gods from various worlds vye for ownership of Hell and he creates ingenious solutions to both dilemmas especially that Nada thus released becomes transformed into a babe without memory What he did ugh this doesn't make it right but it's still a fine sweet ending after all the High FantasyDream realizes in other words that he has made a mistake as he has himself just been recently released from captivity He was a colossal jerk and almost as if human makes restitution for his sin There's another interlude that is deliciously creepy about a kid who goes to a school with ghosts from Hell It doesn't uite fit with the rest I think but I liked it This Sandman is like the Paradise Lost of comics an epic and this volume is as good as it gets And sets up Mike Carey's Lucifer spin off

  8. Lyn Lyn says:

    “So I'm back to the velvet undergroundBack to the floor that I loveTo a room with some lace and paper flowersBack to the gypsy that I wasTo the gypsy that I wasAnd it all comes down to youWell you know that it doesWell lightning strikes maybe once maybe twiceAh and it lights up the night” Nicks Welsh Witch MusicWhen I think about Neil Gaiman’s work it all comes back to American Gods This is the book by him that to me is the most identifiable of his canon and the work upon so much other writers have accessed influence Certainly there have been trans pantheistic works prior to the 2001 publication of AG but I think Gaiman put it all together bestSeason of Mists the fourth collection in the Sandman graphic novel series was published in 1992 and this must have been on Gaiman’s mind when a few years later he began his seminal work Sandman readers once again visit Dream in his world and we also see Hell and much chaos and confusion Odin All father appears as do Thor and Loki but his illustration is very similar to how he would later appear in Gaiman’s 2001 masterpiece

  9. Sean Gibson Sean Gibson says:

    I’ve been gradually warming to this series as it’s picked up momentum and Vol 4 proved to be a glorious realization of its vast potential What begins as the weirdest family reunion of all time takes a turn when Dream’s family calls him out for the very douche bag move of condemning his ex girlfriend to eternal damnation in a fit of piue because she totally wanted to date other people Dream decides to journey to Hell to save her soul and hijinks ensue not the least of which involves view spoilerLucifer’s abdication of the throne of Hell and subseuent turning over of same to Dream’s possession hide spoiler

  10. Chad Chad says:

    This is where the series really hits its stride We finally meet the rest of the Endless as they get together to tell Dream what a dick move it was to condemn his ex girlfriend to Hell This sets off the story as Dream sets out to go to Hell and get Nada back He fully expects Lucifer will kill him which is what makes the issue where Dream does get to Hell so great This story also lays the groundwork for Mike Carey's fantastic Lucifer book that will come about a few years later And then those moments where we meet the other pantheons the Lords of Order and Chaos etc It's all so fulfilling This entire story is just one big Hell Yes This is also where I hopped onto the book back in high school when the local comic book owner told me I should buy an issue Thirty years later he's still completely right

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