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    Starting in this volume, the focus shifts from being a screwball magical comedy to being light romance with magical elements The change really worked, mostly because I liked the characters so much It s a fun bit of fluff.

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    It s been almost 12 years since the second digest of this shojo manga was first published in the U.S., and after reading it three or four times through over the past decade, one of the things that I always appreciated about this story was that the tone was consistent all the way through its five issues a steady rating averaging in between 3 to 4 stars.In this volume, two characters were introduced to the main cast As I haven t been into manga or anime as much any as I did growing up, I wasn t sure if the story conflict was quite cutting it for me as it did when I first read this in high school considering rating this 3 stars lower than my review rating for vol 1, which almost contradicts my previous statement of it being consistent in quality , but there were always moments that brought me back to remind me why I enjoyed this manga so much.There were also references that I never caught before mainly Ayu s mention of the Marvel comic Cloak and Dagger , and reminders why I enjoyed other media later released namely the American Disney XD 2015 cartoon, Star Vs the Forces of Evil , which is very evidently influenced by the magical girl theme Both stories deal with a teenage school dropout from another planet, living on Earth as a foreign exchange student while she learns to master her magical powers Fans of Star looking for a comic to read in between episode air dates should definitely check out this manga.

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    This volume gets away from the comedy and the hijinks and even has a little less magic in it, but the characters are really likable So it still works without as much of what made the first volume really fun I was also glad spoilers to see Ayu and Tetsushi get together without it needing to be drawn out for a terribly long time I will confess I swooned a little when it happened It made me wonder what was going to be the driving force behind the plot from that point forward, but as I discovered through successive volumes, it turned out okay.

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    3 STARS If you d like to see my review on the entire series, please check out my reviews on

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    I love this series It is cute and full of surprises.

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    A.J liked the action and recommends it to anyone.

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    This is such a fluffy manga, I adore it What can I say

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    Ultra Maniac sits on the border between children s manga and YA packed with humor, the romance aspect is light and fun and often takes a backseat to the warm friendship between Ayu and Nina, an aspiring witch The art is gorgeous and fits well with the lighthearted, cutesy plot Volume two introduces Yuta and Leo, Nina s pet, and also expands on the Tetsushi cookie issue that Nina accidentally walked in on at the end of the first volume Tetsushi admits to feeling pressured to be nice and uphold his reputation, an issue that plots rarely address in male characters both girls and boys struggle with how others perceive them Score for touching on something deep Of course, the story still skirts around difficult issues view spoiler Ayu turns Tetsushi down when he asks her out because she s discovered that Nina also has a crush on him Instead of exploring this, Nina talks Ayu into changing her mind and the two begin dating Nina struggles a little with it, but not much Yuta cheers her up, and the readers see that Hiroki thinks Nina is cute So knowing that she might have romance headed her way sort of deflates the tension and struggle that Nina must be facing hide spoiler

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    I m such a nerd, posting manga books on my account Oh well.Well, this is a cool series that I wouldn t have read if it weren t for the fact that my friend had it on the floor of her room one day At first glance it looks like a crappy shojo manga full of making out and unrealistic romance Well, I was surprised This series is about a junior high girl named Ayu who meets a transfer student named Nina, who turns out to be a witch from the Magic Kingdom With the help of her cat Leo that can talk and turn into a human, she can do all kinds of awesome magic spell stuff Well along comes an old friend of Nina s from the Magic Kindgom named Yuta basically some annoying wizard boy and that s where the story takes off.Yep, this was a pretty rockish manga and I think I ll have to get my hands on another copy some time soon.

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Ultra Maniac, Vol. 02 When Yuta, A Boy From Nina S Home Dimension, Enrols In Her Earth School, His Motivations Are Suspect Even Before He Secretly Gives Her Best Friend Ayu A Camera Guaranteed To Reveal True Love Ayu Quickly Learns That Love Is An Emotion Most Fickle, And Not Even Nina S Magic Can Predict The Target Of Cupid S Pointed Arrow