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    grumble grumble.i grabbed this off of netgalley because i thought it was a new jellaby adventure, but it turns out, it is just a reissue of the first book that i already read way back in 2008 i can t read i just saw a giant purple jellaby on netgalley and i get excited and grabbed it when will you write a third one, kean soo when if you are like me, and cannot read, this book will still be fun for you, because it has a lot of pictures like this and it is cute enough that you can enjoy it even without the words although words help without words, you would have thought this was a new story, and it is not without words, you might not understand that this is a story about a lonely little girl who discovers a giant purple monster in her backyard, and once she meets an equally lonely little boy, together they try to help jellaby find his way home in toronto.i loved jellaby back in 2008, and after rereading this, i still love him the way soo draws jellaby just makes me smile, and the relationship between portia and jellaby is free and sweet and reminiscent of calvin and hobbes, especially in scenes like this and this love.i don t know if there is going to be a third book i hope so, because the books there are, the greater the chance that we might see jellaby merchandise, and if i could have a plush jellaby, things would be better in my life and if the second one shows up on netgalley, i will probably fall for it again, but maybe, maybe, the third time will be the charm, and i will one day get an all new jellaby story.please.

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    You ever been in love I don t mean the passing fancy of a crush or the slight flutter you feel when you re fifteen and desperately trying NOT to make eye contact with the object of your affection I m talking gut sucking, heart churning, complete and utter abstraction, distraction, fractal, fantastic obsession, elation, and absolution The love that sucks out your breath and leaves you a hollow shaking wreck until you see your beloved again That kind of love I don t get that kind of feeling very often It takes a special somebody Someone with big blue eyes, a cute smile, maybe a jagged set of lower canines complemented nicely by a red striped tail Someone just like Jellaby Man, the moment I read a mere three panels of this graphic novel I was a goner In love doesn t even begin to cover it I save my adoration for works of children s fiction that go above and beyond the call of duty and Jellaby is one of those comics that can charm you with the merest sigh or shuffle of the feet With great art and a story to match, Kean Soo knocks it out of the park with this amazing comic that has successfully made the leap from screen to page.It wasn t long ago that Portia and her mother moved to a new town to start their lives over Portia hasn t made many friends since then, and she s just going through the motions in her classes as well What better time to discover a huge purple monster in the back yard then Naming the strange mute creature Jellaby, Portia unwittingly enlists the help of fellow student Jason, as they two search for a way to find the their new friend s true home Their search may connect to Portia s missing father, a series of odd dreams she s been having, and a door that s miles and miles away The stakes, it seems, can be high even when you don t know the rules.Kean Soo was born in England, raised in Hong Kong, and currently resides in Canada At a loss to describe what exactly Soo s style of drawing is I searched through the Web to find some kind of list of his influences I pretty much came up with nothing, so all I can do is call it like I see it Soo utilizes clean lines and a color palette of four colors purple mostly , red, and orange, and the tiniest spots of green His kids are all big heads with tiny bodies, much as you d find in something by Bill Watterson Actually, in an interview with Newsrama, Soo said that initially there was a definite Calvin and Hobbes influence to his work I d like to think that the characters have since overcome that I d agree The physical similarities not to mention the whole possibly make believe character aspect are there, but Jellaby is its own beast So to speak.In the book Understanding Comics, graphic novelist Scott McCloud spends a lot of time talking about how artists working in the comic medium will indicate invisible ideas , particularly emotions, by distorting the backgrounds of their characters Japanese comics in particular are adept at inventing these expressionistic effects , which American comics have for the most part ignored One of the things I loved about Jellaby,, was that Soo can invent an expressionistic effect like it s nobody s business The first few pages of this book are chock full of them When Portia is nervous these beautiful but clearly nerve induced purple lines curl and spiral out from her Not paying attention is indicated by words growing tiny or appearing behind her head where they remain partially obscured And when Soo wants you to see a scene from Portia s point of view he keeps most of the scene faint, then brings into sharp focus certain elements or characters The book is filled with little moments like these Heck, you could probably design an entire graduate course over Soo s use of technique and the emotional interplay between image and reader response Even his sound effects are one of a kind and interesting Call this man the Canadian Katsuhiro Otomo.It wasn t the cool colors or art or even the writing that made me love Jellaby, though It was the characters Primarily Jellaby himself, of course If you re going to create a gigantic monster friend, then you obviously need to make him a little lovable Jellaby s a pretty shameless drawing too, when you sit right down and examine him Following the rules of cuteness, his head is large in relation to his body, he has a high forehead, the arms are short, he has no neck, and the eyes are spaced low on the head and are unusually large and wide apart Add in the prehensile tail that he ll occasionally clutch for comfort as well as his cute little legs and you have yourself one adorable monster Soo knows that a graphic novel is only as strong as its normal characters, though, so we have Portia and Jason for our child stand ins And no kid on earth is going to read this and not want to be in Jason or Portia s shoes, if only for a second The fact that you care for them too, purple tails or no, is why the book has its heart in the right place.I m sure that there s a lot I ve missed in this book The point when Portia transfers possession of her My Little Pony to Jellaby has some kind of significance In that pony lies Portia s memories of her disappearing father And are the names Portia and Jason significant What else have I missed Online, Jellaby has already been nominated for an Eisner Award, which suggests that it has fans already firmly in place It brings to mind another successful webcomic to book crossover Diary of a Wimpy Kid anyone and you can t help wondering if Hyperion is hoping to mimic Wimpy Kid s success If so, they couldn t have picked a better subject Touching, fun, funny, and mysterious by turns, don t be surprised if this little graphic novel ends up being one of the favorites of the year.

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    Aww total cuteness 4 stars So excited this is a series.Portia is a little girl who lives in Toronto I can t tell if she is new to her elementary school or not, but she doesn t have any friends One day she has a nightmare and wakes to a sound of someone something walking outside toward the woods She decides to follow and finds a cute purple monster The monster follows her around and Portia helps save a boy named Jason from some school bullies He ends up meeting her monster too and they name him Jellaby They decide that they want to take the monster home and come up with a plan to do it.Loved the illustrations Loved the lavender color palette Really liked that red and yellow are the only other colors that are used in the panels It pops out of the page DCan t wait to pick up Monster in the City

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    This comic is very fantastic.

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    Holy crap, why has it taken me this long to read this book This is So Cute Portia is living her underwhelming life when she meets a monster in the woods behind her house It is an ADORABLE monster And it is hungry So Portia feeds it Adventures follow I love Soo s cuddly, accessible drawing style It doesn t surprise me that he thanks Hope Larson and Kazu Kibuishi in the Acknowledgments his aesthetic seems closely related to both of theirs Plus Little Orphan Annie eyes His color work is really nice Mostly purple, with touches of a few other colors The cuteness of that monster is out of control Soo does a really good job of telling a light story while not forgetting the darkness of the world I won t be surprised if the whole thing is a giant metaphor, though that hasn t come to light yet I appreciate that, like Amelia Rules, this takes on parental divorce head on.It did slightly annoy me that it cuts off in the middle of an adventure Talk about a cliff hanger.But this definitely belongs on any booklist of kids graphic novels It s a sweet, real story about sweet, real things Like friendship.And there s a really cute monster Or didn t I say that

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    Reason for Reading I ve wanted to read this since I first heard of it, then I read a short story in a recent Flight anthology Somebody recently reviewed it in one of the challenges I m in and that prompted me to finally read it A quick read with cute illustrations Certainly serious than I thought it would be, which came as a surprise A cute purple monster just makes you think it s going to be a silly book but it s not and it s not for young children either as there are serious themes, mainly Portia s absent father and her friend Jason s obviously neglectful parents who are never home Portia also has nightmares which are disturbing and could be frightening to younger or sensitive children, so do pay attention to the recommended age of ten plus The book isn t silly but that doesn t mean it isn t funny It has it s moments and I did enjoy Jellaby as a character However, I just didn t connect with the book as other s have done The children felt much younger than they are supposed to be which was off putting and the fact that Portia doesn t know where her dad is seems strange once it is apparent that he is somewhere I m pretty sure I know what happened to him, but we will have to find out in the second book This book is also very much a Part 1 as it ends with them going off on a journey and the words to be continued I know most people love this book but just OK for me the combination of cute and seriousness didn t work for me, plus I had a lot of unanswered questions I also questioned the nature of Jellaby, whether he was an imaginary friend, evidence points otherwise and yet still the question lingers.

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    Yesterday while waiting to go see this Chris and I decided to wander around the Superstore Whilst perusing the bookshelf I spotted this book and I went full Gollum and proceeded to intone mine, my precious in a most creepy way However, the laughter this situation created at my expense was well worth it Jellaby is amazing I want one, I will hold him and love him and never let him go Kudos to both Erica and Karen for making me long like a small child for this book It lived up to and surpassed my expectations but I want MORE

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    The Jellaby story has been a favourite with my child for some years imagine how neat it was when he got a chance to meet the writer artist at the Toronto Comic Arts Featival in 2016 Kean Soo was great, and this story was cute with some dark undercurrents, while also being kind of sweet.

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    I ve been following Kean Soo and Jellaby since 2005 when this story was part of a webcomic series Soo has improved as an artist since then, though many of the designs still feel disconcertingly like rip offs of Bill Watterson s work The heroine in particular is so similar to Watterson s characters in design that I often find it hard to focus on the story Soo is trying to tell The story itself is sweet and Jellaby is a likeable monster of the well meaning and innocent variety The relative lack of dialog, coupled with the slow pacing, helps make this a gentle and light story even when it takes darker turns Children will likely enjoy it, but I personally felt no reason to continue reading.

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    So cute And not fluffy as I was afraid it might be.

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Jellaby Quiet, Brilliant Portia Has Just Moved To A New Neighborhood With Her Mom Adjusting To Life Without A Father Is Hard Enough, But School Is Boring And Her Classmates Are Standoffish And Even Portia S Mom Is Strangely Distant But Things Start Looking Up When Portia Mounts A Late Night Excursion Into The Woods Behind Her House And Discovers A Shy, Sweet Natured Purple Monster Life With Jellaby Is A Lot Exciting, But Portia S Purple Friend Has Secrets Of His Own Secrets That May Even Lead To The Mystery Of Portia S Father S Disappearance

  • Hardcover
  • 144 pages
  • Jellaby
  • Kean Soo
  • English
  • 26 June 2019
  • 9781423103370

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