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Les sept jours du talion #59 ❴Ebook❵ ➩ Les sept jours du talion #59 Author Patrick Senécal – Thomashillier.co.uk Mieux vaut avoir l'estomac solide pour traverser Les Sept Jours du talion tant certaines scènes frôlent l'insoutenable On dévore pourtant avidement ce thriller psychologiue de Patrick Senécal La v jours du PDF/EPUB è Mieux vaut avoir l'estomac solide pour traverser Les Sept Jours du talion tant certaines scènes frôlent l'insoutenable On dévore pourtant avidement ce thriller psychologiue de Patrick Senécal La vie de Bruno Hamel plonge dans les ténèbres lorsue sa petite Jasmine est violée et assassinée Il concocte alors un ingénieux plan pour kidnapper “le monstre” à ui il infligera les pires tortures le justicier est chirurgien tout en le maintenant en vie Pour les policiers c'est le début d'un haletant compte à rebours et pour Bruno le cauchemar ne Les sept eBook ↠ fait ue commencer “À la vue de cet embryon de sourire Bruno ouvrit enfin les portes de son cœur et de son âme à la haine u'il contrôlait depuis une semaine Si d'abord elle s'infiltra en lui par un mince ruisseau elle se transforma en uelues secondes en rivière en torrent en fleuve déchaîné ui déferla dans son être en détruisant tout sur son passage” Entre les scènes de sévices flirtant avec l'horreur un genre ue l'auteur de Sur le seuil connaît bien on accueille avec soulagement la description sept jours du MOBI õ du déroulement de l'enuête En décortiuant le comportement de plus en plus erratiue de Bruno et les interrogations du détective Mercure Patrick Senécal explore les ressorts de la vengeance cette tentation horriblement humaine Très habilement mené ce cinuième livre de l'un des rares auteurs uébécois de roman noir démontre jusu'où peut mener la haine Marie Labrecue.

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  1. Debra Debra says:

    35 stars there is no bottom to hatred you keep sinking deeperDr Bruno Hamel's life changes when his seven year old daughter Jasmine becomes the victim of a horrific crime Grief Stricken yet unable to cry he hatches a plan of revenge Not willing to let justice be served by the law he decides he and only he is going to make this man pay So he devises a carefully crafted plan of revenge He had thought of everything except he has not considered Detective Hervé Mercure who is clever notices everything and is adept at studying clues “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster when you gaze long into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you” Friedrich NietzscheThe blurb sums this book up perfectly This is a story about when a monster becomes a victim and when a victim becomes a monster Interesting premise The Author also explores society's response to Dr Hamel kidnapping and torturing his daughter's killer they either support his actions or are against them Many readers may think about where they might stand on the issue How many people have made the proclamation if someone hurts my kid I will kill them or something to that affect? But how many would act on that thought? How many would take matters into their own hands I enjoyed Detective Hervé Mercure and how he went about his investigation and how he made observations from observing people He was adept at picking up both verbal and nonverbal communication He was a clever investigator and I found myself rooting for him Watching Dr Hamel spiral into his increasingly sad state was difficult at times Be warned There are extremely graphic torture scenes in this book This book is not for those who do not like such horrific scenes The Author creates unsettling images and mental states of his characters on purpose to show just how horrific the torture is He does not shy away from being gritty and raw Neither does he shy away from taking the reader into the lives of a monster one real and one that lives withinThought provoking provocative and graphicThank you to Simon Schuster and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own

  2. Norma Norma says:

    Riveting provocative thoroughly absorbingCautionary warning This book has extremely graphic scenes of tortureSEVEN DAYS by PATRICK SENÉCAL is a gripping dark horrific disturbing and fast paced read that at times was even a little tough for me to read I can usually handle uite a bit of explicit content by distancing myself from it so where the graphic scenes did make me pause a few times to catch my breath the storyline itself had me immediately hooked to fully immerse me in this tale I do consider this book to be a crime thriller but it does have a high dose of horror added in though I found that mix of genres to be highly entertaining and an exciting book to read The intensity level and suspense of this novel increases immensely over the course of what happens over those seven days that totally frightens and intrigues the reader I definitely needed to know the outcome and come to terms with Dr Bruno Hamel’s attempt to seek his own retribution and justice for the horrific crime that was inflicted on his daughter PATRICK SENÉCAL delivers uite the fascinating intense suspenseful and well written read here with an extremely enthralling storyline There is an aspect in this novel that haunts Dr Hamel’s character that I am unable to elaborate on because of spoilers but I will say though that I thoroughly enjoyed the meaning and the message that it all entailedThis novel definitely invokes some strong opinions that will have you uestioning some of the actions of the characters and the subject matter I thought the author did a great job at allowing us to come to our own opinions of how we felt about the characters and the storyline Expected Publishing Date January 1 2019Norma’s StatsCover Definitely a creepy and sinister feeling happening here with this cover which represents the storyline extremely wellTitle The title immediately piued and grabbed my attention WritingProse I enjoyed the author’s writing stylePlot Disturbing provocative emotive thought provoking suspenseful gripping fast paced absorbing and extremely entertaining Even though this book was a little tough to read it was an excellent oneEnding I was thoroughly impressed and completely satisfied with the way this story endedOverall I thoroughly applaud the author with how the drama of this story all unfolded making it one heck of a memorable and fantastic page turner Would highly recommend with caution though as some of the violence might be a little disturbing to some readers Thank you so much to Simon Schuster Canada and Patrick Senécal for gifting me a physical advance uncorrected proof to read I thoroughly enjoyed the reading experienceAll of our Traveling Sisters Reviews can be found on our sister blog

  3. Brenda - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews Brenda - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews says:

    Seven Days has been translated to English and was originally written in French It was called Les Sept jours du talion – “seven days of retaliation” Seven Days is a story that explores the ethical uestions of revenge Dr Bruno Hamel is a grieving and distraught father who is out for revenge towards the monster who killed his daughter He kidnaps and tortures him and as the story progressed we started to see how people react to knowing he is out for revenge Seven Days is a disturbing thriller that crosses over to horror Patrick Senécal has been referred to as uebec’s Stephen King He doesn’t hold back here with the graphic details of torture Pushing it almost to the point I started to struggle reading it I started to uestion if there was than one monster in this story Just when I thought I had enough the story takes a turn and really started to get very interesting We start to see what shapes Hamel as revenge turns into a monster itself and we see how this all affects him Patrick Senécal does a good job here creating our two main characters here with Dr Bruno Hamel and Detective Mercure who tries to stop him from killing the monster Mercure becomes the moral center of the story I was a bit worried about how this story was going to come together and I am glad I stuck with it I thought it was cleverly written but maybe pushed it a bit too far with the graphic details that I felt stalled the story instead of driving it forward In the end I liked how it wrapped up and was very satisfied with the ending I recommend with caution It’s certainly not for everyoneThank you to NetGalley Simon Schuster Canada and Patrick Senécal for my copy to read and review

  4. Feyzan - The Raven Boy Feyzan - The Raven Boy says:

    He has become too human There is nothing monstrous Perturbing harrowing and extremely thought provokingI am having one of those staring blankly at the wall moment and I am completely at a loss for words It's a powerful book that will subjugate your thoughts completely and will torture you with those very same lingering hard to ignore disturbing thoughts The blurb on the back of this book could not be accurate This story is about what happens when a victim becomes a monster and a monster becomes a victim It's an enthralling thought provoking book about morality and human psyche and can be used as a case study for a psychology class to highlight how different people can have different definition for morality and how I vs them approach can make us do inexplicable things It literally made me uestion my own morality and I hated myself for feeling sympathetic for the sick pedophile I have heard so many people say that they would do anything for their kids But how far are they actually willing to go when they say that? How far is too far? It's a very well researched and thought out book I didn't feel anything was over the top; whatever was happening in the book felt real and believable It portrayed a close to life picture of how society would react if this were to happen in real life But that’s just it it’s not happening to somebody else it’s happening to me” Hamel replied with surprising anger “That makes all the difference I’m the victim of the dog Me” SynopsisDr Bruno Hamel a surgeon a loving father and a devoted husband turns to violence when his 7 year old daughter becomes the victim of a heinous crime Consumed with grief and vengeance he devises a clever plan to kidnap the monster who raped and killed his daughter from the courthouse And In the course of seven days he perform extremely despicable and disgusting form physical torture on the rapist But there’s no bottom to hatred you keep sinking deeper and I realized that as long as that man existed in my mind I couldn’t exist The author sagaciously and realistically wrote the police investigation It was extremely refreshing to see a capable and adept police department and an investigator making rational and clever decisions in a book The author also showed us a very fascinating and very lifelike picture of society's divided reaction on the kidnapping and torture of the rapistMy favorite scene was when the lead investigator Herve Mercure visited the prison to meet the murderer of his wife as two important things happened in this scene we got to see the distinction between Mercure who chose the right way to balance the scale of justice and Dr Hamel who chose violence And the second thing that also left a great impact on me was Mercure realizing that his visits to the murderer of his wife were a form of torture that by visiting he was unintentionally making him relive his sin again and again and that he wasn't very different from Dr Hamel in this regard It took me a while to fully grasp and process this scene For this scene only this book deserve 5 stars and all the praise in this world There are all sorts of monsters Some are monsters their whole lives some are monsters just for a brief moment and some are monsters without even knowing it I think is is the most underrated book I have ever read I urge everyone to read it PS as you must have already guessed this book comes with a trigger warning for rape and violence

  5. Mel Mel says:

    Here's some context for this bookI first heard about Patrick Senecal when my aunt came to visit me in Western Canada I lived in an English part of Canada and could understand french fluently but I could not read or speak it But my aunt came to visit and was talking about this horrific book she was reading Not horrific in the writing in the plot; she loved it That book was called Hellcom by Patrick Senecal He's kind of known as the Stephen King of the french world Since then I've wanted to read his books Hearing her talk about how messed up it was pumped me up I would periodically check online if his books were being translated to english but no such luck I was 1617 when this happened I am now 25 Imagine my surprise one day when I go on the Indigo website and see that they're recommending 'Seven Days' by Patrick Senecal to me? I was in absolute JOY I screamed I was so happy I left 3 hours early for work to go buy it I started it in line to pay I had waited 7 8 years for this book and I finally had it Now this is not a translation of Hellcom sadly infact the next translation is also not a translation of hellcom but it didn’t matter to me As long as I got to read his work Seven Days follows a doctor whos 7 year old daughter is raped and murdered and he decided to kidnap the man responsible and torture him for 7 days It's a story of the psychology of humans What happens when the monster becomes the victim and the victim becomes the monster What happens in society when we see someone who we consider a monster in a terrible situation Are we morally obligated to save them? To protect them? To care if they are going through terrible things? This book touches upon all of that and so well It causes the reader to also have conflicting emotions and you are put through the same dilemmas as many of the other charactersI think the writing is well done I think the translation is good and I think the story is amazing I do think there's a little work that could be done in his writing but from what I understand this is one of his older books so I assume he's improved uite a bit since then

  6. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    Thank you NetGalley and Simon Schuster for an advanced copy of Seven Days in return for an honest review Peter Senécal is a well known uebec writer and this is his first book translated into English which should introduce his books to a wider audience I would classify this novel mainly in the horror category and secondly as a police procedural It does not fit into the mystery classification The prospective reader should be prepared for explicit scenes of graphic torture Although this is a very dark and disturbing story I did not deduct from my rating for the many scenes of extreme violence I felt the book was well written and the author accomplished his goal always upping the tension and suspense throughout while leaving the reader terrified I have to admit I felt sickened at times I feel there is a large audience for crime stories which throw horror into the mixture It is certainly not for everyone but I was absorbed in the plot and despicable characters throughout I was pleased to see included with Seven Days was an excerpt of his second upcoming book in English which also appears to be a horror story Have added it to my Must Read list

  7. Greg at 2 Book Lovers Reviews Greg at 2 Book Lovers Reviews says:

    I’d heard uite a bit of praise for Patrick Senécal even before I knew that the English version of Les Sept Jours de Talion was going to be released To be honest I’m surprised that it took this long for one of his books to come to the English audience With the comparisons to King and Nesbo my expectations rose even higherWithout getting into the plot Seven Days is a thought provoking book What is a monster? Just because you feel justified in your actions does it make them the right thing to do? How do you deal with pain and loss? Do you have to forgive to forget?Senécal wove his scenario together to address all of these themes He created any parent’s nightmare the abduction and murder of a young child I found myself thinking about cases that I remember from the past; what would I do in Dr Hamel’s place? Seven Days goes to some brutally dark places; could Iwould I go there if that happened to my family? Was it brutal and dark enough compared to the actions of the villain? These are some hard uestions to answerI love a dark and twisted police procedural Some of my favorite fictional characters are detectives with an albatross around their necks This is the point that I felt Seven Days was most lacking While Hervé Mercure did have a troubled past it just didn’t feel as overwhelming as I have seen in the past and expected from Senécal Seven Days is a great introduction to Senécal’s work It is a stand alone that is entertaining thought provoking and cringe worthyI received a copy of the book from the publisher via NetGalley

  8. Laura Rash Laura Rash says:

    This book is NOT for the faint of heart If you can’t handle violence or gore then don’t read it With that in mind I LOVED this book It was a warped rendition of Misery times 10000 In all seriousness it takes a long hard look at what you say you’d do if someone harmed your family and what you’d really do Brilliant and intense


    I was debating if I should rate it 4 or 3 stars The story line is great and the reading is very fast and easy to follow I can’t judge the writing as it was translated from French but the translation seems to be very good but I’m sure that something went missing because I felt totally detached I read some reviews and mostly considered this one to be very violent graphic but I was not disturbed about it especially if you have read “The Alienist” “The Orenda” “Mr Murder” “The Name of The Rose” “Hideway” or Pierre Lemaitre’s trilogy just to name a few Anyways the story is engaging and I didn’t want to stop reading but I did find that it did drag for too long I will definitely check for his other books

  10. Toni Osborne Toni Osborne says:

    Original title “Sept Jours du Talion” This new acuisition by Simon Schuster was recently translated into English the original French version came out in 2002 and in 2010 was adapted for cinema by Podz Why I am mentioning this? Simple I have a soft spot for Canadian authors and even for those living in my Province uébec and near my city I haven’t read any books from Mr Senécal before and I am grateful for the publisher as well as Netgalleys for introducing me to a wonderful writer Thank you for the ARCStephen King may be the king of horror in the USA but in uébec Patrick Senécal is the local master of horror and has had the opportunity on many occasions to prove that he had earned his nobility It is great time that the English audience have a chance to read his novels Mr Senécal has won my heart and is now on my watch list A warning this story is extremely graphic and not for the faint of heartIn a few words “Seven Days tells the story of the kidnapping and torture of a sexual predator by the father of one of his victims It also follows the police investigation to bring the criminal to justice which also raises several ethical uestions especially since the father's gesture is applauded by the public This story is about revenge which takes place over ten days including the seven days during which the main character Bruno Hamel a surgeon by profession takes revenge without mercy on the one who annihilated the existence of his daughter and by extension his It doesn’t take long before this story takes fantasies of a horror novel The plot imagined by Mr Senécal is of a rare intensity and the detailed descriptions make some bloody scenes very difficult to read It is impossible to accuse the author of displaying gratuitous violence because each of the gestures of Bruno Hamel we feel is provoked by the intense madness that has seized him Being in his shoes I imagine we would wish having the guts to do the sameFurther this novel touches two very sensitive issues child safety and the right of victims to fight back Regardless of our opinion on the subject it is impossible to remain indifferent to the drama unfolding before our eyes This story is still strong in my mind and will be there for some time“Seven Days” is very well written and is played by a cast of strong characters Excellent read and an outstanding page turner

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