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Le poids de la neige ❮PDF❯ ✪ Le poids de la neige Author Christian Guay Poliquin – Thomashillier.co.uk Dans une véranda cousue de courants d’air en retrait d’un village sans électricité s’organise la vie de Matthias et d’un homme accidenté ui lui a été confié juste avant l’hiver Telle de la PDF/EPUB ã Dans une véranda cousue de courants d’air en retrait d’un village sans électricité s’organise la vie Le poids PDF/EPUB or de Matthias et d’un homme accidenté ui lui a été confié juste avant l’hiver Telle a été poids de la PDF/EPUB å l’entente le vieil homme assurera la rémission du plus jeune en échange de bois de chauffage de vivres et surtout d’une place dans le convoi ui partira pour la ville au printempsLes centimètres de neige s’accumulent et chaue journée apporte son lot de défis Près du poêle à bois les deux individus tissent laborieusement leur complicité au gré des conversations et des visites de Joseph Jonas Jean Jude José et de la belle Maria Les rumeurs du village pénètrent dans les méandres du décor l’hiver pèse la tension est palpable Tiendront ils le coup.

  • Paperback
  • 296 pages
  • Le poids de la neige
  • Christian Guay Poliquin
  • French
  • 24 December 2014

About the Author: Christian Guay Poliquin

de la PDF/EPUB ã Né à Saint Armand en Christian Guay Poliuin croit ue les arts du récit sont Le poids PDF/EPUB or intimement liés à la vie pratiue et à une attention aux détails Le fil des kilomètres La poids de la PDF/EPUB å Peuplade son premier roman a aussi été publié en France et en traduction anglaiseChristian Guay Poliuin was born in Saint Armand in He is now developing a thesis project on the hunting narrative and also works in.

10 thoughts on “Le poids de la neige

  1. Kathy Stinson Kathy Stinson says:

    Even before much of anything is happening this is such a compelling read Beautifully written beautiful translation too

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    It's hard to describe this one except that I couldn't put it down Great storytelling with spare frank prose Nothing and everything happens; such as life

  3. Craig M Craig M says:

    I really liked this book It was slow moving but somehow gripping in its own way The relationships were interesting including the role reversal of an older person looking after the younger one There is a worldwide power outage and as I was reading I didn't even uestion this much It was also a survival story There is a lot of snow and the characters have to find food and be careful rationing it Guay Poliuin has an amazing ability to draw a reader into his story His writing is fairly straight forward but yet it is often poetic The numbering of the chapters is odd I have been thinking about the reasons for the numbering but can't come up with oneI will definitely be looking for his other book Running With Fumes

  4. Lisa Lisa says:

    Beautifully written reading about a catastrophe that isolates a small village with the narrator seriously injured during our own pandemic was interesting Loved the character development and the mystery of what really happened was never answered

  5. Katherine MacKay Katherine MacKay says:

    This book had me wanting to read every page Although a dark subject matter there was some light to be found in this story I found the protagonist who’s name I do not know to be profoundly deep in his thoughts for a young man This book leave much to wonder about but at the same time gives hope

  6. Emmett Grogan Emmett Grogan says:

    I love survival stories and I love character studies and I love page turners so needless to say this is a five star book for meThe characters are very well drawn and the small town setting could be any village you've ever been stuck in overnight unable to get home during a blizzard the familiarity of the problems faced by the citizens of a rural community after a nationwide blackout leaves them stuck in the snow for a hard winter are what makes the psychology of the novel seem so realistic The novel is a uiet masterpiece of dramatic tension from continually rising conflict Uniuely uebecois yet universal as Canadian literature this book is something specialHighly recommended I can't wait to track down a copy of Running on Fumes for my next great read

  7. Don Don says:

    I have a short list of writers that I read without hesitation Most of them are never mentioned by my acuaintances so they seem to be a bit outside mainstream popular reading They are characterised by very even toned poetic works containing rather human stories with no fireworks Perhaps the best known are Jim Crace and Graham Swift but others include Hubert Mingarelli and Laurent Gaudé I am now ready to add Christian Guay Poliuin to this pantheonHe is a Canadian writer recommended to my wife on my behalf by my bookseller this summer I could tell from the blurb that it was his second novel Having read it in French I went exploring to find out if it has been translated and IT HAS Indeed it turns out that this novel was a seuel to the first so I probably should have read the other Running on Fumes first Never mind I’ve read it sinceSome apocalypse has occurred rarely mentioned and never explained The protagonists are in a cabin in a Rocky Mountain type of terrain with no electricity one an old man wishing to get home the other a young man with broken legs That’s all I’m sayingRead it its worth it

  8. Jon Foley Jon Foley says:

    Excellent suspenseful tale I am reminded of Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” with the main character stuck in a house for a majority of the novel The relationship between him and Matthias the old man suatting in an almost dilapidated mansion during a national power outagesnowstorm is very interesting They toggle between needing each other and hating each other keeping secrets and also being forced to work together Very happy to have happened upon this book and wouldn’t hesitate to read from this author again

  9. Al Al says:

    Beautifully written story set in a mountain village in winter The beauty and serenity of snowy days and nights is juxtaposed with the darkness of isolation and cabin fever as winter gets severe and along with the village becomes increasingly sinister as time slows and the winter drags on Perfect story of survival for those long cold winter nights reading by the fire

  10. Tamra Tamra says:

    Compelling read about survival and trust The writing is poetic which means the translation is excellent

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