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  1. Kemper Kemper says:

    I’ve designed a gadget that will notify me when I run across clichés in crime thrillers with a BEEP Let’s give it a test run on this Michael Connelly novel shall we?So this is the first book in the series featuring a LAPD detective named Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch BEEP Shit why is it going off already? Oh right uirky name for a main character It seems to be calibrated correctly Let’s proceedIn this novel published in 1992 Harry is a Vietnam veteran BEEP traumatized by his war experiences BEEP as a so called tunnel rat who fought the VC in their network of underground passages Harry is a driven detective whose inability to compromise often puts him at odds with his fellow cops BEEP He has no family or life outside of his work BEEP and he’s a borderline burn out who lives on a diet of coffee cigarettes and beer BEEPHarry gets called to check out a dead body in a drainage pipe that everyone on the scene instantly assumes is a junkie who overdosed but he has a hunch that it was actually a murder BEEP Part of the reason Harry is convinced it was homicide is that he recognizes the victim as one of his fellow Vietnam tunnel rats BEEP BEEP BEEP Damn the old war buddy schtick really swung the needle into the red on this thingHarry uickly finds evidence that the victim was involved in a high profile bank robbery that had involved tunneling into a vault and emptying the safe deposit boxes When Harry tries to get the FBI’s attention he meets a beautiful female agent BEEP BEEP BEEP named Eleanor Wish but he also lands in hot water with his lieutenant who gets angry and yells at him a lot even though he hasn’t done anything wrong BEEP He also becomes the target of overzealous Internal Affairs cops BEEP that hound him even as he works with the FBI to try and solve the case This uickly leads to a romance with Agent Wish BEEP BEEP BEEPand BEEPUh oh I think it’s overloadingBEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP Is that smoke?? BEEP BEEP BEEP Where’s the off switch? BEEP BEEP BEEPBEEEEEeeeeeeeppppppppppCrap I think Connelly broke itAnyhow the odd thing about his book is that even though it’s got just about every cop thriller cliché you’ve ever heard of it still works pretty well It’s entertaining in a straight forward kind of way and Harry’s gruff and grouchy persona is kind of refreshing since most copdetectives are portrayed as unrelenting smart asses these daysA couple of things drag it down a bit First this is the third Connelly novel I’ve read set in the ‘90s and like the other two there’s something about his stuff that seems dated than a Perry Como album I think it’s because he obviously liked describing the cutting edge tech of the day like police computer databases that are practically antiues now and the way he dwells on them makes you feel like you’re watching a T Rex walk the earth The second one involves Harry doing something very stupid and later you realize that Connelly only had him do it for the sake of setting up a climactic scene near the end view spoilerHarry figures out the identity of an inside man in law enforcement while they’re staking out another potential bank robbery The obvious and smart thing to do would be to play it cool alert the other cops uietly and get some people working on bringing him in and trying to find out what he knows Instead Harry runs to a pay phone Yet another dated element and calls the guy just so he can tell him that he knows Why? There’s nothing to be gained and all he’s done is warn the bad guy Later I realized that Connelly wanted Harry and this character to have a big final confrontation and he needed to have the bad guy know that Harry was onto him Rather than coming up with some clever plot point to make this happen Connelly just has his hero go tell the bad guy for no reason whatsoever Lazy Very lazy hide spoiler

  2. James Thane James Thane says:

    Published in 1992 this is the book that introduced LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch The series which runs twenty four books thus far has remained strong throughout and is almost certainly the gold standard of modern police proceduralsWhen we first meet Harry he's already forty two years old and has been the product of one institution after another for virtually his entire life His father left the family when Harry was very young and Harry never really knew him Harry's mother turned to prostitution and was murdered when Harry was eleven After her death he was assigned to California's version of child protective services He spent the rest of his youth in a series of foster homes then joined the army and served in Vietnam Upon leaving the service he joined the LAPD eventually becoming something of a star in the Homicide DivisionThe fact that Bosh was a Vietnam vet and already forty two in his initial outing would ultimately put his creator Michael Connelly in something of a box By the time the series was to the current halfway point Harry was already in his middle fifties and staring at retirement a situation which limited the author's options Still Connelly has addressed the problem in innovative ways although one wonders whether if he had it to do all over again he might have dealt with the situation in a different fashionGiven that he's forty two with a long career already behind him Bosch appears in these pages as a character that's already almost fully formed He's a rare animal in the LAPD in that he genuinely cares about the job and about achieving justice for the victims of the crimes he investigates Later in the series he will articulate his motto which is that Everybody counts or nobody counts But it's clear that he's already driven by this principle when we first meet himFor Harry it's often a pretty lonely road in a department that basically seems to be filled with self serving cops and bureaucrats who are much less interested in serving justice than they are in achieving their own ends For example Harry's partner has a side career in real estate and makes it very clear that the real estate job is much important to him than being a cop All he wants to do is put in his twenty years collect his pension and go into real estate full time And if one of his current jobs gets in the way of the other likely it will be the police work that suffersIf anything the people in the chain of command above Harry are even worse They're much interested in advancing their own careers and protecting the image of the department than they are in the department's mission to serve and protect And this means that Bosch is going to be in trouble almost all the time in this book and throughout his career Everybody admits that Harry is a brilliant detective but he's not a team player and his actions occasionally embarrass the department Accordingly the Powers That Be would just as soon force Harry off the job and he's constantly battling against his superiors and against detectives from the Internal Affairs Division who will go to almost any lengths to dig up dirt against himNot that Harry is all that congenial himself For whatever reason perhaps because of his background he doesn't relate very well to other people and it seems at times as though he goes out of his way to offend people even when they're trying to get along with him A prime example is his smoking By 1992 the health hazards of smoking and of second hand smoke were pretty well established and already lots of offices restaurants and other such places were supposed to be smoke free Harry could care less and assumes that the rules simply don't apply to him He's constantly lighting up in places where smoking is prohibited and in the presence of people who specifically ask him not to smoke Even in the company of a woman he's allegedly trying to impress Bosch still insists on smoking even though it clearly annoys her In fact he becomes something of an asshole on this issue It's hardly the way to win friends and influence people but Harry clearly doesn't care The Black Echo begins when Harry is called to a death site near a dam It appears that a heroin addict has crawled into a large pipe and overdosed The case should be open and shut and Harry's partner the real estate salesman clearly wants to declare it an OD and get back to the open house that he's hosting But the scene doesn't look right to Harry and he pushes forward with the investigationThings really get interesting when the body is finally pulled out of the pipe and Harry vaguely recognizes the victim as William Meadows who served with Bosch in Vietnam The two were tunnel rats who went deep underground to explore and destroy enemy tunnels As Harry presses forward he discovers any number of other incongruities and ties Meadows to a crime that is currently under investigation by the FBIBosch contacts the FBI hoping to link their two investigations in an attempt to solve both the murder case that Harry is pursuing and the crime that the Fibbies are investigating But the Bureau is just as hide bound and as self serving as the LAPD and Harry runs into roadblocks there as wellAny other detective would almost certainly give up and just follow orders to lay off But not Harry Bosch He will pursue this case to the bitter end no matter who he has to alienate or what he has to sacrifice in the process And in this case it takes him through a brilliantly plotted story that leads to a tremendous climax From the very beginning Harry Bosch has been one of the most compelling figures ever to inhabit the world of crime fiction and he continues to fill that role twenty four years down the road from this book The Black Echo is a great beginning to what has become a fabulous series

  3. Eric Eric says:

    I came at Michael Connelly backwards reading the entire Mickey Haller series before any of his Harry Bosch books And after encountering Bosch in The Reversal I wasn't that compelled to read about him But then I found the Kindle version of this on sale for 99c so I couldn't really say no at that pointI was not disappointed but blown away instead This is a perfect detective mystery tale Connelly's storytelling gifts are many and varied He is a master of pacing has a knack for creating multi dimensional characters writes realistic dialogue a creates a robust plot The best part is that even after you think you figured out the caper you haven't because there are so many layers to Connelly's writing that you've only peeled it back to the next

  4. carol. carol. says:

    First impressions can be so deceptive Well actually first second and third impressions but who's judging? Me Totally meStill on the search for a new mystery series and Michael Connelly's name keeps coming up mainly because I always misspell John Connolly John's writing is freuently lyrical and eually brutal so there's only so much I can take Perhaps the American Michael will be less demanding? Why yes he is How much less demanding? Well take this little sample from early on in Harry Bosch's murder investigationHe became restless He looked down into the green glass ashtray and saw that all the butts were unfiltered Camels Was that Meadow's brand or his killer's? He got up and walked around the room The faint smell of urine hit him again He walked back into the bedroom He opened the drawers of the bureau and stared at their contents once Nothing turned in his mind He went to the window and looked out at the back end of another apartment building across an alley There was a man with a supermarket cart in the alley He was poking through a Dumpster with a stick The car was half full of aluminum cans Bosch walked away and sat down on the bed and put his head back against the wall where the headboard should have been and the white paint was a dingy gray The wall felt cool against his backSpeechless Mrs Meunch my ninth grade Advanced English teacher would have emptied her pen of red ink had I turned in that paragraph Dull repetitive uninteresting construction and description as well as virtually meaningless in plot advancement But here's where first impressions mislead given that Connelly worked as a journalist I didn't think his writing skills were that limited on purpose and a sample chapter at the end of this book for his series starring a lawyer provided proof of a sophisticated style I suspect he was trying to echo both the staccato noir voice as well as the neutral progressive statements one might find in a police or medical report that are supposed to be how things 'are' instead of with interpretation It probably doesn't hurt that the style might also appeal to the mass market in digestibilityThat said it ended up being an entertaining read Connelly can't help himself and as the investigation heats up the language becomes complex to handle the demands of perception and action It ended up pulling me through the dusty Dr Seuss language into a complex web of conflict between Harry Bosch his current supervisor Internal Affairs the FBI and a hidden killer Although I felt sure some of the situations introduced were red herrings and boy was Bosch downright stupid a couple of times I wasn't sure of where it would end up I liked that there was some unpredictability as so few mass market books actually surprise meThe book shows it's age particularly the lack of cell phones with the time period reliance on pagers and pay phones Harry was always trying to get someone to run something on a computer for him and everyone was bitching about typewritten reports and the proportion of typewriters to detectives However that may be an appeal for some readers I'm thinking it'd be worth giving to my dad former cop and Vietnam vet who still hasn't used a cell phone and only adopted an answering machine with technological support from friendsOverall while Harry Bosch is no Matt Scudder I'd say it's not a bad series to break up my fantasy and sci fi reads We'll see if it follows the Spencer pattern of going downhill once Connelly achieves mass market success This book also meets the Mom Seal of Approval it's hard to put downThree and a half stars

  5. Joe Valdez Joe Valdez says:

    As research for a novel I'm writing I've been reading relevant detective fiction and stealing everything of value My story takes place in LA of 1991 and burgling Michael Connelly turned out to be a bonanza Not only has Connelly written 22 Harry Bosch novels basis for the series Bosch which in its sixth season combines one or books updated to present day per season but the literary Harry Bosch LAPD Robbery Homicide detective begins in Los Angeles of the early '90s I'd read a short story in Los Angeles Noir that Connelly wrote about an accident investigator that was superb The Black Echo is definitely up to that high standardInstead of a review let me share some notesPublish date January 21 1992Story LAPD Det Harry Bosch spends Memorial Day weekend working a case of a dead man found in a storm drain pipe in the Hollywood Reservoir Presumed to be a junkie overdose Bosch sees clues that don't add up and also identifies the corpse as Billy Meadows a fellow tunnel rat Bosch served with in Vietnam and had some contact with after the war Kicked off the elite Robbery Homicide suad for shooting a serial killer known as the Dollmaker who turned out to be reaching for his toupee instead of a weapon Bosch is working homicide cases out of the Hollywood station Bosch is disliked by his superiors for his maverick methods Two IAD officers named Lewis and Clarke who are obsessed with getting dirt begin to tail him Bosch discovers that Meadows was a suspect in a brazen robbery in which the thieves tunneled underneath an LA bank vault and emptied safe deposit boxes of their valuables over the Memorial Day weekend the previous year The thieves are at large so Bosch is asked to assist FBI Special Agent Eleanor Wish in determining whether Meadows' likely murder and the bank heist are connectedLA scenery Connelly takes us from a murder scene in the Hollywood Reservoir to the runawayhustling scene in Hollywood to an interrogation at Hollywood station I loved the detail Connelly included about the Slider a modified chair that slopes just enough to push the subject's face right at his interrogators across the table and prevents him from getting comfortable Another murder scene is set in a visitor tunnel at the Hollywood Bowl and the climax takes place in the sewer network under LA that will be familiar to fans of the '50s science fiction classic Them in which giant atomic mutant ants built a nest under the city1990s nostalgia Who remembers answering machines? These were once exposition delivery devices in movies and TV The character walks in sees a blinking light and plays their messages usually from bill collectors character is broke or the ex character is hard to live with You had to remember to leave your machine on if you wanted to screen your phone calls while home otherwise the machine wouldn't pick up Bosch also relies on phone booths spare change and a handheld address book he carries with him to communicate Opening paragraph The boy couldn't see in the dark but he didn't need to Experience and long practice told him it was good Nice and even Smooth strokes moving his whole arm while gently rolling his wrist No runs BeautifulTitle in text Meadows he said and shook his head at the memory of the man Meadows was something else Back then we were all just a bunch of kids afraid of the dark And those tunnels were so damn dark But Meadows he wasn't afraid He'd volunteer and volunteer and volunteer Out of the blue and into the black That's what he said going on a tunnel mission was We called it the black echo It was like going to hell You're down there and you could smell your own fear It was like you were dead when you were down thereSelect prose They were in the neighborhood The street was lined with run down motels that had looked depressing the day they were finished being built Bosch pointed out one of these the Blue Chateau and told her to park It was as depressing as all the others on the street Concrete block early fifties design Painted light blue with darker blue trim that was peeling It was a two story courtyard building with towels and clothes hanging out of almost every open window It was a place where the interior would rival the exterior as an eyesore Bosch knew Where runaways crowded eight or ten to a room the strongest getting the bed the others the floor or the bathtub There were places like this on many of the blocks near the Boulevard There always had been and always would beClosing paragraph Bosch hung the print in the hallway near his front door and from time to time he would stop and study it when he came in particularly from a weary day or night on the job The painting never failed to fascinate him or to evoke memories of Eleanor Wish The darkness The stark loneliness The man sitting alone his face turned to the shadows I am that man Harry Bosch would think each time he lookedThoughts Connelly knows his turf and provided an abundance of sharp detail that made his world come alive for me Bosch is a complete cliché genius maverick cop with PTSD who drinks and smokes too much and lives the job but The Black Echo was exciting It was too long for my taste by 40000 or 50000 words and I felt the material with the vengeful IAD officers Lewis Clarke really? was overcooked but I was hooked by the mystery and had to keep reading to find out what turns the case would take and how Bosch would get out of the jam he was inWord count 136329 words

  6. Lyn Lyn says:

    Michael Connelly introduced his signature protagonist Harry Bosch in the 1992 novel The Black Echo Over twenty Harry Bosch novels have been published in this successful run for Connelly’s lone wolf battle scarred hero detective“There is no such thing as a coincidence”So states Hieronymus Bosch named from the fifteenth century Dutch painter of fantastic themes Bosch was a “tunnel rat” in Vietnam – a soldier whose job it was to enter the warrens created and maintained by the enemy and fight underground It would seem to be a wild coincidence that he is on duty when a call comes through for him to investigate the finding of a dead body in a drainage tunnel in LA; and it turns out that Harry knew the dead man a fellow tunnel rat from his time in countrySo begins Bosch’s investigation into what happened to his old buddy and Connelly’s popular run of mystery novelsWhile this was certainly entertaining and fun and Bosch is a charismatic detective mixing elements of the hard boiled investigator with a modern day cagey world weariness this made me think of watching film of a very young athlete who would one day become a hall of famer Connelly’s later work is polished his structure detailed and his characterizations defined As good as it is this still reads like a debut novel from a talented but still very new authorFor a spot on description of the numerous clichés see Kemper’s excellent reviewA good start and it is no coincidence that Bosch has remained a staple for modern day crime thrillers

  7. Sumit RK Sumit RK says:

    Out of the blue and into the black is what they called going into a tunnel Each one was a black echo Nothing but death in there But still they went Reading a new detective series right from where it all began is always exciting the Harry Bosch series seems to be the perfect series for it The Black Echo is the debut novel by American crime author Michael Connelly published back in 1992 This is the first of Connelly's Bosch series with 20 books published 21st to be published soonSet in Los Angeles in the early 1990s Harry Bosch working with the LAPD is on the case of a dead man found in a drainage pipe Harry recognizes the corpse as that of a fellow soldier in Vietnam; both were 'tunnel rats' who searched for Viet Cong in the network of burrows beneath Vietnamese villages What starts as a routine case of homeless man dying of a drug overdose takes unimaginable twists turns The further this investigations takes him the further Harry is driven back to his personal abyss in Vietnam The ‘Black Echo’; a term used to describe claustrophobic dark silence that tunnel rats experienced when ordered to enter deep tunnels to kill hidden enemies For Harry the return to the repressed memories of his past is a nightmare While Harry is investigating probably the biggest career he is also battling his mental demons The power struggle between LAPD the FBI and two Internal Affairs investigators who have him under surveillance adds another twist to the story “The Black Echo” was uniue exciting mainly because the plot is much complex and much original that it at first seems and the story keeps on introducing new twists just when you think you know what’s going to come The story is fairly long but you never feel bored at any point of time The whole story is set in the 90s which feels uniue in this age when cops used pagers pay phones to make calls; typewriters no DNA evidence all of which add to the story instead of making it feel dated Every detail of Bosch’s world even a minor one has a role to play Even his flashbacks from Vietnam advance the story forward in some way The plot was strong with plenty of sub plots to keep things moving forward Harry’s backstory was handled craft fully You don’t every detail of his past life but are told enough to know him or what is necessary Even Harry’s older cases are discussed in enough detail to we know what happened Yet all those back stories do not distract from the main story It’s slipped in at every turn so that it doesn’t slow things down It can be tough to really keep the pace of the book going this book and author does well to not let the story get bogged down at any point Connelly shows off his deep knowledge of cop procedure from the examination of the death scene to the routine uestioning of suspects to the characterisations of his fellow cops and superiors Also the internal politics between the LAPD FBI IA is brilliantly depicted Connelly was crime beat reporter for the LA times and he expertly expertly combines his experience of the federal and local investigative procedures with great accuracy As a troubled cop Connelly’s characterisation of Harry is brilliant Connelly has made Bosch realistic giving him faults and flaws but also redeeming factors Harry is methodical but also reckless superstitious He is troubled by his personal life but is ruthless in the job Harry is a flawed hero of the modern times without any attempt made to glorify him or his actions The only thing I was disappointed with was the reveal of the inside man I could’ve seen it coming for a long time But maybe I’m just used to reading too many detective novels Not a surprise that this book won the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award for Best First Novel in 1992 and i think it was truly well deserved Overall this book successfully delivers everything that anyone could ask for from a crime thriller and if you enjoy the crime genre I would definitely recommend it

  8. Jim Jim says:

    An excellent mystery main character if a bit dour I really liked the amount of detail logic in this Great twists very realistic Even the 'bad' guys were well done or maybe they were especially well done Not all were as bad as I first thought jerks but they had reasons Again very realistic On to the next in the seriesThe series as I've been able to put it together is not just one but is intertwined with Connelly's other series I've put the books stories in order by combing Connelly's web site some others If you spot an error I'd really appreciate a heads upConnelly Michael Reading Order Updated 25Jun2019 Thanks John with all novels short stories broken out with links Note that GR has 'Harry Bosch Universe' 'Harry Bosch World' lists Mine varies from both by including ALL Connelly's characters appearing in the chronology correctly even the minor ones I did that because there are references that would otherwise be missed Thanks to GregT not on GR for his insight into this before I got into the series Here is the Wikipedia Harry Bosch entry which also helps with the orderhttpsenwikipediaorgwikiHarryB01 The Black Echo Harry Bosch #1 199202 The Black Ice Harry Bosch #2 199303 The Concrete Blonde Harry Bosch #3 199404 The Last Coyote Harry Bosch #4 199505 The Poet Jack McEvoy #1 199655 Suicide Run2007 in Suicide Run Three Harry Bosch Stories 2011 was moved from 175 to 116 then to 55 Harry is working with Edgar out of the Hollywood division Kiz Rider is a lab tech Thanks John06 Trunk Music Harry Bosch #5 199707 Blood Work Terry McCaleb #1 199808 Angels Flight Harry Bosch #6 199909 Void Moon Cassie Black #1 200095 Cielo Azul2001 in Suicide Run Three Harry Bosch Stories 2011 Moved because view spoilerTM names his daughter this she appears in #10 hide spoiler

  9. John Culuris John Culuris says:

    In the 80’s it didn’t take me long to learn to look dubiously at book recommendations from authors particularly if the recommender and recommendee lived in the same vicinity I would still note say Donald Westlake recommending Lawrence Block recommending Brian Garfield but I would also wait for outside confirmation With the advent of the internet vicinity was no longer an accurate indicator For example shortly after the turn of the century the gang from Busted Flush Press lived nowhere near each other and yet unrelentingly sang the praises of their fellows Often that praise both in the past and recently was justified Almost as often there was disappointment which of course is inevitable Any art form is subjective But on occasion there was to the disappointment than personal perspectiveSo I came to Black Echo and Michael Connelly proceeded by universal acclaim stopping just short of worship How is it possible to live up to that kind of advance billing? My standard response in hopes of giving myself the best chance of enjoying the experience is to temper expectations particularly in the case of a first novel What a waste of energy that turned out to be Long before I’d finished the book I knew I had joined the chorusWe first meet Harry Bosch as a detective out of the Hollywood Division of the LAPD which to an outsider might sound like a premium assignment It’s not Bosch had once been a celebrity cop successful enough in the world of 1992 pre reality TV for a movie and series to be based on his work but after a skirmish with Internal Affairs Hollywood was as far down as he could be demoted short of outright termination A grudge is still held by certain members of the department in part because Bosch is a loner at heart and does not appreciate being a member of a family like the LAPD We learn immediate that most do not like working with him although he does inspire a few loyalties His current partner while preferring his other outside interest will do his job and back Bosch when needed And the coroner goes out of his way to assist him But for the most part there are very few on his side apparently with reason We often witness Bosch being surly or rude to people who are voluntarily assisting him It begs the uestion Why should we the reader like Bosch? Care about him? Root for him? The answer? Because the author has decided that we shouldMichael Connelly displays his considerable skill immediately As the detective on call Bosch is summoned a reservoir where a junkie has overdosed in a three foot wide pipe Immediately Connelly establishes character mood and a sense of scene And he also understands the general rule concerning the use of coincidence once per story and as close to the beginning as possible Connelly breaks the former but the reader doesn’t mind The second coincidence is to bypass the boredom inherent in routine investigation The first is to establish a personal connection to the case for Bosch He recognizes the victim as someone with whom he had served in Vietnam Again Connelly wisely has Bosch discover signs uestioning the accidental OD before he discovers the identity of the corpseIt doesn’t take long for the case to open out into something bigger The FBI become involved And Internal Affairs decides to use the opportunity to take another run at dismissing Bosch At first I feared their involvement would serve as a means of propping up the middle part of the book to provide obstacles for Bosch to circumvent I need not have worried there either; they had a legitimate part to play Connelly avoided every pitfall and checked every boxAnd I even got a confession Black Echo is procedural at heart so detailed confessions are an unanticipated bonus This I freely admit is a personal preference I enjoy the hero tracking down the killer beating the ticking clock and saving the day And I enjoy the detective expounding on how his deductions explained all the false clues while still leading to the solution But above all I love confessions preferably with emotion I don’t just want to know why I want to hear why In a reality based story like this I had no right to expect anything of the kind And truth be told Black Echo would have been a great read without my unexpected gift With it even if you don’t share my love of confessions it remains a great read Again a testament to the skill of Connelly It doesn’t jar The confession flows naturally from everything that preceded it the next inevitable step as the story winds itself to a closeSometimes the popular opinion is right And I stand with the crowd

  10. PattyMacDotComma PattyMacDotComma says:

    45★“One cop's word against another's was something they wouldn't touch in this department Deep down they knew a cop's word by itself was worthless That was why Internal Affairs cops always worked in pairs”This is my first crack at the extremely popular Bosch series and it’s no surprise that I liked it We’re introduced to a middle aged cop who may have ‘executed’ – rather than as he claimed ‘defended himself against’ – a particularly evil villain As a conseuence he’s been moved on and is now part of the Los Angeles Police Dept The book opens with a young kid tagging a big pipe in the middle of the night when he hears a vehicle and hides in time to see someone drag a body into the pipe He makes an anonymous call to the cops and hightails it out of there Dead body This was written in 1992 so it’s a time of pagers and payphones and tape recorders – no instant communication here I was surprised all the phones were working incidentally A bit like some old detective shows where they can pull up and park in front of wherever they’re going but I digressAnonymous rhymes with Hieronymus Bosch tells us Mother liked the old Dutch painter so why not? Bosch ma’am Hieronymus Bosch Doesn’t have uite the same ring to it as Bond – James Bond does it? Harry’s a Vietnam vet suffers badly sleeps poorly enjoys a drink and lives on coffee and cigarettes So he’s ready to go see a body anytime day or night Is he okay? The psych evaluation after his shooting seems to hedge its bets“ the evaluation report on a psychological given Bosch the year before to determine if he should be allowed to return to duty after killing an unarmed man The department psychologist wrote He speaks in terms of violence or the aspect of violence or the aspect of violence being an accepted part of his day to day life for all of his life He will be able to pull the trigger In fact his conversation reveals no ill effects at all from the shooting unless his sense of satisfaction with the outcome of the incident—the suspect's death—should be deemed inappropriate’”“The suspect’s death” That’s the practically public enemy I mentioned earlier the one Bosch claimed might have been reaching for a gun when Bosch ‘stopped’ him Or ‘topped’ him? They should have given him a medal for taking the guy off the streets but the law doesn’t work that way Someone later uotes J Edgar Hoover as saying “Justice is incidental to law and order” I’ve seen many similar observations and I’m inclined to agree But I also remember a film about a so called Star Chamber where a group of judges used to meet and compare notes on villains who got off and then they arranged an assassination It was a very satisfying thought until they targeted the wrong guy and it all went pear shaped I guess law and order may have to do until we find a better system But I digress again sorryBosch has to work with the FBI which gives him no pleasure and the fact that the victim in the pipe was someone he used to know who worked with him in the miles of tunnels in Vietnam causes flare ups of his war memories There are a couple of inept FBI agents Lewis and Clarke who do get referred to disparagingly as ‘the explorers’“Each man was built wide and low to the ground for better handling Each had a slightly forward tilt to his body as if he were wading out to sea crashing through breakers with his face”There is also a lovely female FBI agent which breaks the monotony of the otherwise testosterone filled story It helps us understand Harry to have someone like her asking about his background I can’t imagine any of the other characters having that kind of conversation with him They bond over a painting I have always loved Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks I would think a lot of cops and people working at night would identify with thisIllustration of Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks” 1942There was a section in the middle where I worried we were going to get bogged down in the logistics of the rather complicated operation of smoking out the bad guys so to speak but then the action ramped up and it soon became clear why things were spelled outSuffice to say I learned a lot about tunnels in Vietnam and LA No wonder the world is full of sinkholes these days I’ve also read about the people who hid in enormous underground cave systems during WWII so I’m wondering how many levels of the planet we could actually be living on I digress yet againAll in all a great read and I’m looking forward to the next one now

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The Black Echo ➲ [Read] ➭ The Black Echo By Michael Connelly ➽ – For maverick LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch the body in the drainpipe at Mulholland Dam is than another anonymous statistic This one is personalbecause the murdered man was a fellow Vietnam tunne For maverick LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch the body in the drainpipe at Mulholland Dam is than another anonymous statistic This one is personalbecause the murdered man was a fellow Vietnam tunnel rat who had fought side by side with him in a hellish underground war Now Bosch is about to relive the horror of Nam From a dangerous maze of blind alleys to a daring criminal heist beneath the The Black MOBI :↠ city his survival instincts will once again be tested to their limit Pitted against enemies inside his own department and forced to make the agonizing choice between justice and vengeance Bosch goes on the hunt for a killer whose true face will shock him.

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  • The Black Echo
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About the Author: Michael Connelly

See this thread for information Michael Connelly decided to become a writer after discovering the books of Raymond Chandler while attending the University of Florida Once he decided on this direction he chose a major in journalism and a minor in creative writing — a curriculum in which one of his teachers was novelist Harry Crews After graduating in Connelly worked at newspapers in Daytona Beach and Fort Lauderdale The Black MOBI :↠ Florida primarily specializing in the crime beat In Fort Lauderdale he wrote about police and crime during the height of the murder and violence wave that rolled over South Florida during the so called cocaine wars In he and two other reporters spent several months interviewing survivors of a major airline crash They wrote a magazine story on the crash and the survivors which was later short listed for the Pulitzer Prize for feature writing The magazine story also moved Connelly into the upper levels of journalism landing him a job as a crime reporter for the Los Angeles Times one of the largest papers in the country and bringing him to the city of which his literary hero Chandler had written After three years on the crime beat in LA Connelly began writing his first novel to feature LAPD Detective Hieronymus Bosch The novel The Black Echo based in part on a true crime that had occurred in Los Angeles was published in and won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel by the Mystery Writers of America Connelly has followed that up with novels Fifty eight million copies of Connelly’s books have sold worldwide and he has been translated into thirty nine foreign languages He has won the Edgar Award Anthony Award Macavity Award Los Angeles Times Best MysteryThriller Award Shamus Award Dilys Award Nero Award Barry Award Audie Award Ridley Award Maltese Falcon Award Japan Caliber Award France Grand Prix Award France Premio Bancarella Award Italy and the Pepe Carvalho award SpainMichael was the President of the Mystery Writers of America organization in and In addition to his literary work Michael is one of the producers and writers of the TV show “Bosch” which is streaming on Prime Instant Video Watch in the USA.