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    Free Unlimited eBook has been chosen to protect his city from her predatory kin As the situation grows dire, the fate of the city rests in her hands, and she must choose between peace for her people or the man she's growing to love."/>
  • Paperback
  • Midnight Engagement
  • Eliott McKay
  • English
  • 12 April 2019

10 thoughts on “Midnight Engagement

  1. Jonel Jonel says:

    McKay jumps straight into the action of this story in a very natural way. You don’t feel like you’ve been plunked down in the middle of the story yet the action is already there. McKay’s very straightforward writing style presents the story to the reader and allows them to draw their own conclusion. She paints a brilliant picture of the world that the characters live in and gives the audience everything necessary to bring this wonderful world to life.

    The main character in this novel is very approachable, even if her life and circumstances are drastically different from any of ours. You get to know the rest of the cast of characters as the main character does. She is on a journey of self-discovery while getting to know this new world she finds herself in. The author used this as a very enlightening and entertaining way to develop her phenomenal cast of characters. You get to know them so well that you feel like you are living with them, rather than simply reading about them. My heart breaks for the main characters and their plight. I felt the need to help them, even if there was nothing I could do, and I’ve got to give it to them for perseverance.

    Overall, this story was fast paced and captivating. I couldn’t put it down, even for a moment. I feel like I’ve journeyed with the characters. The author developed the perfect ending for this novel but I was still very sad when I reached the last page and had to leave them behind.

    Please note that I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  2. Ella Medler Ella Medler says:

    I can describe this book in three words: unusual, surprising, original. But there’s a lot more to it than that. A paranormal romance with suspense blended in, it way a joy to read.

    By far the strongest point of Eliott McKay’s writing style is the descriptive. Michaela lives in a fantasy world, so a good description is essential in helping us get a picture. And what a picture it is! I got lost in the richness of texture and just allowed the story to tow me along. I loved the wide vocabulary range and the way the author used ordinary words in an unusual way – it made for a very different voice, refreshing and fun. I simply cannot fault the writing.

    The characters are well-formed and have clear, individual voices. The feelings Conrad and Michaela have for one another are so well-described, it would be impossible not to empathise. With their kinds physically repelling each other, you wonder if they’ll ever be allowed to be together. But Michaela is fighting the unwanted half of her being, because we always have a choice about whom we can become.

    Did I mention there are werewolves and vampires in the book? No? Well, that’s probably because Michaela doesn’t like saying the words aloud. She refers to them as v and w. How sweet is that? She thought she was a simple h until she discovered she could understand a weird language.

    Engaging all the way through. I very much enjoyed this book. The cover picture fits very well with the story and I like its clean appearance. A nice package overall, this is a read well deserving of five stars.

  3. Jeff LaFerney Jeff LaFerney says:

    Reading this book was like reading a poet who stepped out of her comfort zone and then wowed her audience with a fabulous novel. McKay's descriptive style and eloquent wording captured me right from the beginning. The picturesque world she created and the plot she wove among the beauty made for a visual reading experience I'll never forget. I stumbled upon a request for reviewers of advanced reading copies and decided to give the book a whirl and then realized later that there were vampires and werewolves. Lots of people like that genre, but I generally don't; however, this one was different. Michaela is only part vampire, and she worries about the vampire coming out throughout the book as she sees changes in herself. She changes from a tortured, bullied, unloved young lady to the leader of a people she never knew existed, and she finds love and answers about her family along the way. I highly recommend this book, and I'm looking forward to whatever McKay writes in the future.

  4. Kayla Kayla says:

    I absolutely adored this book! I must admit I was skeptical when I first read the synopsis and found it was about a vampire with a werewolf love interest. However, I was pleasantly surprised! It was not just about the love interest; it was about a young woman struggling with who she came to be, fighting one side of herself. She is so new to this world, yet she is in charge of keeping everyone safe. She is falling in love but that makes for complicated situations as well. This book was very well written and kept me wanting more. The author was very descriptive and made it easy for me to turn it into a mind movie (as we call them in my Kindergarten class!). I was so disappointed when it ended; I'm hoping the author is planning to make a sequel. I would love to hear more about the characters and their situation!

  5. Renee Renee says:

    This author has a wonderful way with words. Her descriptions were incredible. I could really picture the settings and characters. The cast of characters was great. I enjoyed all the different personalities. I especially enjoyed “seeing” Michaela grow and blossom. I also enjoyed her relationship with Conrad.

    I did feel Michaela’s frustration in the beginning. I also wish there was more information at the end regarding the ante-moon and Michaela’s h vs. v situation.

    Overall, this was a great read. You will most definitely enjoy this author’s writing style. I would certainly read other books written by Eliott McKay.

  6. Bookish Miranda Bookish Miranda says:

    Kindly sent by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

    This book took me by complete surprise. I'm not sure what I was expecting exactly but what I got was an astounding, beautifully written book. The Aureate Spectacles is my first 5-star read of 2017 and one I will NEVER forget!

    Let's start off with my number one favorite thing about this book.
    The Writing Style!
    If you follow my reviews you will know some of my favorite things about books are the pacing, characters and of course the plot. I seldom talk about or even think about the writing style. This book, however, well the author Eliott McKay blew me away with the beautiful writing within this book! Okay, let me try to do this justice as well as convey as best I can how much I loved it. The words were stunningly beautiful, magical and oh so lyrical! And I must mention, the vocabulary she uses astounded me in a much desirable way! At the turn of almost every page I came across a word I had to look up the meaning to. I loved that fact because McKay was able to bring to story to impeccable and such vivid life!

    Now let's delve into
    The Plot...
    I adored the plot. The way in which the story starts off, well the only way I can describe it is with a Harry Potter feel. You're probably asking yourself what I mean by that. Well, in the beginning, there's storyteller feel and the sense that something big is coming. I loved how as the story progressed so did the feel, characters & the plot thickened in a way I would have never guessed or imagined!

    Michaela (or Kayla as she likes to be called) starts off as a girl who is lost in the world with a sense of abandonment and grows into a very remarkable young woman. Her
    Character Development
    is extraordinary! I'd really love to see another book to make this a series!

    Imagine growing up in a very ordinary town then bring whisked away to a fantastical, mind-boggling place that you never thought could exist. That's
    The Setting
    for this story.

    It took me nine days to read this book. I'm not a super fast reader, but I'm not slow either. It's so intricately written that for me to process everything in the best way possible I took my time reading this one. Also, I will say that
    The Pacing
    kept the narrative exciting and helped keep me immersed. McKay knew just the right moments to speed up or slow down the story. The action scenes were heart-pounding, the intimate moments between the MC and Conrad were just slow enough to be meaningful with absolutely amazing dialogue.

    I LOVED this story and am really hoping that it'll become a series. I'll be telling everyone I know about this one!

    You'll like this one if...
    1. You like paranormal books involving supernatural creatures such as vampires, werewolves, and magic.
    2. Are ready for something new & unique.
    3. You love plots that you'll NEVER guess.
    4. If you don't believe me just check out everyone else's review on Goodreads!

    Originally posted @ Miranda's Book Blog

  7. Barbara Rauch Barbara Rauch says:

    This richly descriptive and beautifully written book takes a new slant on the star-crossed vampire/werewolf romance theme. Michaela (a mellifluous name in itself), orphaned, clumsy, unloved and raised as a human to hide her true identity from evil-doers, finds herself taken to a world she did not know existed and to a people looking to her to be their leader. When Michaela meets Conrad, a w, sparks fly (literally). Their love blossoms as they learn to work together and to lead their people into battle against evil.

    This action/adventure/paranormal/romance story is an exciting read and I am looking forward to more from this author.

  8. Jessica Tutor Jessica Tutor says:

    A nice relief from the norm. Eliott McKay steps outside the usual realm. She has created a fun new world to revel in, with an exciting new twist on those age old fantasies we love so much... vampires!

  9. Cherie& Cherie& says:

    I really loved the world Eliott McKay created in this book! I couldn't put it down!!! I really can't wait to see what else develops between Michaela and Conrad. I also wanna know what happened to her father. Please come out with book 2, 3, 4, 5 etc... SOON!!!

  10. Sara Behr Sara Behr says:

    Loved it

    I wasn't sure if I would like the book as I started it, but once the story got going I couldn't put it down! I found myself not wanting the story to end. I really hope there will be a follow up!

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Michaela was a seemingly normal high school senior, hiding behind a pair of hideous spectacles which masked her true identity When she’ Would you sacrifice your people for the man you love?Michaela was a seemingly normal high school senior, hiding behind a pair of hideous spectacles which masked her true identity When she’s abducted by an intriguing werewolf, she learns that her father was a powerful vampire, and she has been chosen to protect his city from her predatory kin As the situation grows dire, the fate of the city rests in her hands, and she must choose between peace for her people or the man she's growing to love.

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