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  1. Emma Emma says:

    Did I stay up way too late last night reading this terrible brilliant book? You're damn right I did It's got everything you need 1 a misunderstood hero2 people you REALLY want to die a painful bloody death3 a monstrously awesome monster shark I honestly don't read enough like this It's silly and fun and swims that line between sublimely ridiculous and faintly plausible Plus it's got a massive shark in it Why wouldn't you read it??? Note to self yes it's all fun and games now but what happens next time you swim in the sea? or a suspiciously dark pool? Then who's the one hyperventilating You won't be smiling then will you? You make bad choices Emma BAD choicesNext up The Trench

  2. Matthew Matthew says:

    I had some high hopes for Meg I love a good actionthriller that could be described as a get away from complex literature – ie a fun read For the most part I was satisfied The concept was cool and original Any time a book has a “maybe this could really happen” thing going on and it is freaking scary I am interested There were some cool action seuences and definitely a lot of hold your breath moments The Meg is terrifyingNow as you are reading my review you can probably tell there is a “but” coming up at this point by kids would break into gales of laughter because I said “but” You would be correct there were many “buts” again laughterFirst I found some of the descriptions of what the Meg is doing to be repetitive to the point of not being interesting At first it was cool to learn about the theoretical biology instincts hunting patterns etc of the Meg But after the 20th scene describing all the instincts in play and the thoughts going through the Meg’s head I started to zone outNO NOT THAT MEGThe second issue kind of relates to the book losing my interest after a while For the first two thirds I thought I was listening to a 4 or 5 star book But I got to the last third when the climax of the story gets going and it started to get really confusing There were about 10 separate plots all going on at the same time all of them related to each other and each with kind of a similar feel Because of this I started to forget what was happening to who who was still alive who was in peril who was getting close to rescue who was I supposed to be cheering who was I supposed to hope would be eaten etc I was about as well oriented as good ol’ Left SharkFinally the resolution sigh so cheesy I will just leave it at that not uite the following gif but not all that far offSide note The version I listened to contains Meg Origins I didn’t really need it It was just of the shark swimming around and using its instincts And it just expands upon a story from the main book that I am not sure needed expandingIn closing it was kinda fun and if you like actionthriller getaway literature give it a go But expect a lot of repetition and nonsense I will probably give at least one of Alten’s seuels a chance and see where it goes But if it is too similar I am not sure how much farther I am willing to try after that

  3. Trish Trish says:

    I love sharks They are among the top three of my favourite animals alongside owls and Komodo dragons And Great Whites are probably the best ones among them Naturally little Trish always loved to see sharks in illustrated childrens books or on television I cried at the end of Jaws mourning the poor creatureThus I was delighted to see there would be a movie called MEG to hit theatres this summer and not only because Jason Statham is playing one of the leading roles in it and as soon as I saw that it was based on a book it was only a matter of time until I read itApparently there was another version in the 90s that was updated partly to include the latest scientific findings partly to change characters and events as well I have the updated version and after hearing of some differences I'm gladAnyway this is the story of Jonas Taylor a dishonorably discharged Navy commander specialized in deep dives who has believed in the existence of megalodons basically huge pre historic versions of the Great White ever since that fateful dive a few years ago when two scientists diving with him got killed The Navy claims it was him losing his marbles he says they were attacked by a megalodon Guess who won that argumentHe is asked to help an old acuaintance who wants to establish the worlds largest auarium an artificial lagoon so huge whales and other large sea creatures can be studied as if in the wild He agrees like the imbecile that he is wanting to overcome his trauma and escape what must be the worst marriage ever and gets much than he bargained forFor the monster is real not imagined and she found a way to escape the biological confines her kind have lived in for tens of thousands of years Momma's gotta eatWhat follows is a mad romp through the Pacific with lots of gloriously gruesome deaths claustrophobic underwater scenes and a cast of assholes and bitches Sorry but there really only were one or two people who didn't deserve to die here Mac being chiefly amongst themI very much enjoyed the mix of accurate scientific detail believable conjecture and breathtaking action Some things were less realistic than others but let's be real here we're not here for realism we're here for the monster chomping on annoying humans DKnow that feeling when reading a book or watching a movie and sitting at the edge of your seat full of suspense about whether or not the hero is gonna be able to save the day? Well here I sat at the edge of my seat hoping he would NOT be able to save the day because I wanted people to DIEDIEDIE BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA And I got what I came for So much so that I'm considering reading the rest of the series and soon lolWonderful creature featureFirst actual megalodon tooth Second Comparison of a megalodon's tooth and a Great White'sSize comparison for a better understanding

  4. Kelly (and the Book Boar) Kelly (and the Book Boar) says:

    Find all of my reviews at had never even heard of Meg until I took my kids to see my boyfriend Jeff’s new movie Jurassic Park 47 and this popped up in the preview Um yes please I knew I had to get my hands on a copy And not just a borrowed copy – I needed to own this and add it to the shark stack Thanks to discoverbookscom no I’m not affiliated I’m just poor and this site enables me to add to my hoard on the cheap I was able to obtain a copy just in time for Shark Week I failed at posting a timely review because I’m now insane and post shitty book pics to Instagram shameless plug for myself – get over it I do what I do and knew EXACTLY the right spot to take a photo worthy of this literary masterpiece My schedule finally cleared up and I was able to make the trek over the weekend resulting in #naileditBut back to the book The story here is about a dude who everyone thinks went cuckoo for cocoa puffs when he insisted the superbadawful that was responsible for a failed mission into the depths of the Pacific resulting in him being the only survivor was none other than Carcharodon megalodon Fast forward to the present and a new mission that will make everyone realize They’re gonna need a bigger boatIf you have ever thought to yourself “Self I sure wish Jaws and Sharknado would have a baby” then you need to look no further Meg is sure to be a winner for you

  5. Waffles Waffles says:

    This bookseries deserves 529 stars Seriously Any book with a jacket blurb stating I have just two words for you JURASSIC SHARK deserves the Nobel Prize for first class airport literatureThis is what pulpy guilty pleasure reading is all about You've got action sex and PREHISTORIC SHARKSDan Brown's book I've only read one and that was too much seriously insulted my intelligence I recognized the Fibonacci numbers from a high school class THAT I FLUNKED Steve Alten does not insult your intelligence You feel so much smarter after reading his novels His novels cure impotence so I've heardTo paraphrase the noted urban 20th centruy philosophe Laurence Tureaud I pity the fool who don't like Jurassic Shark

  6. Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* says:

    Far fetched but fun that's the point of these types of books anyway There's so much that fascinates man about the creatures of the deep so many hidden horrors beneath the water This goes farther than Jaws to the original beast which grew up to 60 feet the Carcharodon megalodon a shark that would swallow today's Great Whites Clearly these creatures went belly up long ago but the author takes pains to paint a realistic enough plausibility of how one could survive break the surface and become a modern day terrorThere's no way this could make a decent movie because of the budget this shark was huge and the author takes it on a long ride to destroy many types of vessels even attack a helicopter all in the name of giant shark fun I could have done without some cliche characters like the hard driven ambitious evil wife but the scene with the shark pod was epic enough to make up for it Her love interest was unrealistic though the weakest character written for the story Jonas was a main character strong enough to propel this shark driven story forward it opens with him lecturing about the legend of the monster then he's forced to confront his worst fears and make them a new realityThe pacing is swift and this one is hard to put down Even if a lot of it is unbelievable especially a certain escape at the end that doesn't matter A few times there's a creep factor especially when exploring the mariana trench and picturing that triangular head that appears to grinThere's enough science driven in it to keep afloat plenty of action to invest interest fun moments tense and narrow escapes and even a small nudge toward a seuel with the final page I have the fourth one but it will have to wait until I track down the second and third first

  7. Bradley Bradley says:

    Everything in me wanted to either rebel against reading this or just submit to the gleeful horror of a shark who's head is as big as a truckObviously I had to submitAnd you know what really caught me off guard?The plausibility Yeah a 65 foot albino shark from the deep trenches or rather the ongoing survival of the species living in the depths never needing to see sunlight until they were disturbed by intrepid explorers Yeah well there's real talk about Megladon teeth as far back as 10 thousand years ago That's not exactly extinctEnter in the story Well this is written well and fun all horror then adventure and then pure action No wonder it got made into a movie But you know what I like best about it?spoiler alertThe story of Jonah inside the whale Nooooooo noooo spoilers

  8. ✨Sumi& ✨Sumi& says:

    Nonstop actionProfessor Jonas Taylor is a little obsessed with the idea that a prehistoric monster is lurking in the Mariana Trench A Carcharodon megalodon Everyone thinks his crack pot theories are a waste of time and even laughable But who knows what's really lurking in the dark in the deep Jonas is about to find outNon stop action packed does thriller keeps you going from start to finish Very well written and even reminiscent of works by Michael Crichton The plot is well thought out and well executed and written in a way that's easy to follow from one point to the next Even the scientific jargon used in the book is easy for the layman to understandThis is a book that I really enjoyed I enjoy how the author moved swiftly and steadily from one action point to the next and kept you on your toes throughout the entire book I also enjoyed the characters both sinister and heroic and thought they were well developed and even relatableThis book will definitely make a great film Let us hope that the movie does not disappointI would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes a good thrill with lots of action and a good simple plotOr you can watch my review here🦈 🦈

  9. Melissa Chung Melissa Chung says:

    OMG I don't know why I took so long to read this book Erika my friend from booktube her channel name ThePerksofBooks has been trying to convince me and all of her subscribers to pick up MEG and read it for years I found this handy dandy mass market paperback and at Kauai Habitat Restore for 50 cents and it was the best 50 cents I've ever paid 5 million stars for being a fun and fast read full of action adrenaline and one pissed off megalodonOur main character Jonas Taylor took a trip down the Marinas Trench 7 years ago and saw something that caused him to change his career path and become a world famous paleontologist Jonas is the expert when it comes to the prehistoric Megalodon He has written books One night after an interview at the Scripps Institute in La Jolla Ca his past caught up with him He might get a big break Jonas might be able to conuer his fear of the dark deep and maybe just maybe find truth in the abyss Just from the title alone you know the book is about a Megalodon A gifreakinggantic shark You know that the shark is going to go on a murderous rampage We have all seen Jurassic Park What else could the book possibly hold then an outcome of epic proportions What I didn't know was how hooked I'd be in the first few chapters How awesome it was to have actual facts from the first voyage to the Marinas Trench I love love love when books contain real science in them I was also just so in love with the entertainment value this book held I can not wait to pick up Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton I thought I would never read that book and now I want to I also want to watch every cheesy shark movie that is out This book had everything a blockbuster movie would have ACTION ACTION ACTION Revenge Overly heroic stunts A romance A sunset It was literally everything I wanted to read this weekend and I did I read this book in about 16 hours Just so damn fun I will definitely be picking up the other books in this series WHY THE HELL NOT That ending was a baby cliff hanger ;edit New year new read I re read this book in 2018 and this time around I read it to my two boys in anticipation for the movies release My kids loved it My 11 year old was kind of like ooh that shark is mean My 13 year old was like I hope so and so dies They deserve it LOL He is super excited to readlisten to book 2

  10. ♛ Garima ♛ ♛ Garima ♛ says:

    I don't care if you judge me for giving 5 stars to this one I absolutely enjoyed this there is nothing I would like to change There is correct chemistry between characters that includes the Meg and appropriate people are being killed and eaten What's not to like?Update 692018 I watched the movie MEG last weekend and only thing to say is such a disappointment Book is 100 times better than movie Not even Jason Statham can save it

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Meg ☀ [PDF / Epub] ★ Meg By Steve Alten ✍ – Carcharodon megalodon apex predator of all time the most fearsome creature that ever lived a 70 foot 60000 pound Great White Shark Hundreds of 7 inch serrated teeth filled jaws that could swallow an e Carcharodon Megalodon apex predator of all time the most fearsome creature that ever lived a foot pound Great White Shark Hundreds of inch serrated teeth filled jaws that could swallow an elephant whole It could sense its prey miles away inhaling its scent as it registered the beat of its fluttering heart and if you ever came close enough to see the monster it was already too late For Navy deep sea submersible pilot Jonas Taylor it nearly was too late Years ago on a top secret dive seven miles down into the Mariana Trench Jonas came face to face with an ancient monster everyone believed extinct Having barely escaped with his life Jonas must prove to the world that Meg still exists When an opportunity to return to the trench presents itself he takes it intent on returning topside with a inch white tooth But man's presence in this unexplored domain releases one of the sharks from its purgatory and now Jonas is the only one who can stop it.