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  1. Petrik Petrik says:

    ARC provided by the publisher—Pan Macmillan—in exchange for an honest reviewA Time of Dread is a work conceived in the mind of a genius Simply amazing and almost impossible to put down A Time of Dread is truly a masterful start to a trilogy which I envision will be crowned as one of the best series I’ve ever read by its end John Gwynne has proven himself once again to be the constant harbinger of superlative epic fantasy that only the greatest of authors can achieve Let it be known that Gwynne is in fact the only author on my list to earn the perfect streak of top uality achievements from me A Time of Dread marked the fifth time his work has been included in my ‘favorites of all time’ shelves; together with his previous uartet that’s five out of five books To do a bit of comparison neither of my two other favorite authors—Brandon Sanderson and Joe Abercrombie—earned this perfect streak I can be uite petty with ratings; I don’t give a lot of full five out of five stars ratings Gwynne however never ceased to impress me with his pure and unadulterated talent and is one of the few authors who always did everything right for my epic fantasy craving The Faithful and the Fallen is one of the series that I recommend the most often to every fantasy readers I know whether it’s on Bookstagram Booktube Goodreads or real life; I’m going to keep on doing that except that starting from now Of Blood and Bone will be included The first book in the Of Blood and Bone trilogy is a stunning and darker return to the world of the Banished Lands the same world as his previous series Creating a new series with a different cast in the same world is risky The author has to do a lot of things right such as making sure the story will feel different and at the same time retaining the elements that made his previous work magnificent in the first place; there’s nothing to worry about here because Gwynne achieved all that Just from looking at the cover it’s uite obvious there is a huge contrast between Gwynne’s debut Malice and A Time of Dread Where Malice used a white background A Time of Dread used black; this captured the tone of the book perfectly Unlike his previous series the line between good and evil is blurry here Hundreds of years have passed since the end of the monumental events that took place in Wrath now called the Day of Wrath To save future readers of Gwynne’s previous series from spoilers all I’ll say is that the main plot of this book mainly revolves around a new upcoming threat that’s coming to the Banished Lands The book reignites all the sparks that made the previous book excel in uality; betrayal familial love the friendship between humans and animals wars deception a few hilarious interactions and many At the same time like I mentioned before the storytelling direction is also different The first chapter for example immediately set the darker tone of the entire book which wasn’t found in Malice; even the source of inspiration is different Here’s an excerpt from the interview I did with Gwynne back in March 2017 “Where the Faithful and the Fallen was inspired by Paradise Lost and Caesar’s Gallic War this new series is inspired by the Volsung Saga the Fall of the Roman Empire Atilla the Hun the rise of the Orders of the Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller and berserker Valkyries” –John Gwynne The plot is also highly addictive to read By building the tension with each page turned the last 20% of the book became one damn fine breathtaking and compelling book to read Also for those of you who had trouble with the myriad amount of characters in TFatF A Time of Dread casts are smaller in uantity with only four main POV to follow throughout the entire book; Drem Riv Bleda and one side character from the previous series Speaking of characters for me the driving force of a compelling book depends hugely on its characters If I have to choose I prioritize marvelous characterization over anything else Great plot thrilling actions and good prose are all almost pointless if I can’t bring myself to care about the fate of the characters in the book Luckily one of Gwynne’s greatest ualities as a writer is his stupendous achievement with characterizations This book strengthens the notion that he’s one of the greatest SFF authors out there when it comes down to writing lovable protagonists and despicable villains It’s excellent how he always managed to evoke my emotions through the characters' actions and interactions; they felt so real Do know however that it’s not only the new characters that stole the spotlight in the book; some characters from Gwynne’s previous series do make an appearance here Whether it’s in the form of their descendants or in one case as one of the main POV I found all the protagonists endearing and the villains despicable Hundreds of years have passed so most of our beloved characters have become legendary figures and their names and deeds are mentioned a lot here If you’re a fan of TFatF all the homage paid to those characters is guaranteed to spark a lot of nostalgia “And so many of them gone now But their memory lives on We shall never forget” I’ve read a lot of epic fantasy books and I’m confident enough to say without hesitation that Gwynne is one of—if not the—best when it comes to writing grippingly realistic battle scenes The nock of arrows the clashing of steel the explosion of blood the formation of shield walls; his action scenes have always been very cinematic intricate immersive and dynamic and this book is no exception In fact in terms of action this book and its climax seuences make a lot of other series final book action scenes pale in comparison; Gwynne is miles above the majority of fantasy authors when it comes to close uarter combat “Sometimes the only answer is blood and steel” It’s safe to say that my experience reading this book was enhanced immensely because of my knowledge on the world of the Banished Lands Realms have come and gone the state of the world has changed after hundreds of years; there are new factions new cities and an altered landscape However for longtime fans of Gwynne’s works familiar names such as Drassil and Starstone Crater are designed to make you feel at home again Gwynne did a fantastic job improving and reintroducing the established world of the Banished Lands If you’re like me not a stranger to this world it will definitely enrich the already amazing experience of reading this book with the underlying experience we’ve gained By reading TFatF before reading this you would have lived through the histories talked about in this book If you’re new to it you’ll be just reading through them In conclusion the world building is truly a work of excellence because the lore was actually established in full detail from the previous four books It’s okay for you to read this book without prior knowledge of the world but do know that it will spoil you on the events of Gwynne’s previous series It can’t be helped; it’s this book’s history after all My advice? Read TFatF before reading this You definitely should anyway because it’s one of the best epic fantasy series out there One of my favorite things about reading something new from one of my favorite authors is seeing how much he has improved as a writer Gwynne has come a long way since his debut Malice His prose is now even better extremely well polished and top notch in uality I found his writing in this book incredibly engaging vivid immersive and bloody addictive to read It was immensely hard for me to put down the book every time I start reading it; and when I did put it down I couldn’t help reaching for it like I was having withdrawals The fact that I finished reading this book in less than a day should say enough about how addictive it was His prose is the glue that connected all the incredible plot characterization action seuences and world building to become one of the finest first books in a series I’ve ever read My time in the Banished Lands will always be one of my most treasured memories and experiences in my fantasy literature adventure and I was beyond pleased to dive back into this world again TFatF series has earned its place among my top five favorite series of all time and Wrath is one of the best books I’ve ever read in my entire life It’s not an exaggeration to say that it will be extremely hard for Gwynne to create a series that tops my love for his first series However I’m anxious to see Gwynne prove me wrong after the amazing things he did with A Time of Dread Even with my high expectations A Time of Dread still managed to blow me away; it’s truly a monumental start to a series that’s even better than his debut Malice by far By the end of this book I was already completely intrigued hooked compelled and eager to read the next book in the trilogy If you call yourself a fan of heroic or epic fantasy—call it whatever you want—you owe it to yourself to read this book And IF you’re a fan of Gwynne’s first series there’s no excuse for you to not read this book Not only this is one of the greatest start to a series I’ve ever read Gwynne has truly earned his place among the rank of legendary fantasy authors such as JRR Tolkien George RR Martin and Brandon Sanderson with what he has achieved with A Time of Dread and his previous series The waiting game for the next book in the trilogy will be painful but I know it will be worth the wait Gwynne hasn’t failed me and I don’t think he ever will at this rate; he’s truly the Bright Star of epic fantasy literature “Truth and Courage” The official publication date of the book 11th January 2018 for the UK and 9th January 2018 for the USYou can order the book HERE You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions

  2. Mark Lawrence Mark Lawrence says:

    A Time Of Dread brings together all of the promise in John Gwynne's debut Malice and delivers a truly excellent readAToD is in many ways very similar to Malice it's set in the same world a century later but with a smaller cast list and greater focus it felt to me like a step up from that successful and highly acclaimed beginning The previous uartet of books provide a living history to the new series You absolutely do not have to read those books to enjoy this one though In the Lord of the Rings Tolkien had a huge edifice of historyworld building worked out and the story on the page was the tip of the metaphorical iceberg If you start with AToD the previous books are that submerged body of iceThe author that springs to mind most strongly when reading Gwynne is David Gemmell a favourite of mine Gwynne's characters are generally strongly heroic decent good brave and likable while far from perfect The opposition is demonically evil with almost no hint of ambiguity These are good things You wouldn't want every fantasy book to be like that but they are great stories to have in the mix And there definitely is nuance particularly on the good side where the issue of how much personal freedom must be ceded in the name of the greater good is put under the microscopeThis is a really well put together story The level of unease dread mounts relentlessly the plot threads come together and it steadily gets exciting until you find yourself reading faster and faster and not stopping when you really should be sleepingGwynne delivers adrenaline filled fight scenes with characters you care about and the outcome never feels certain that aforementioned dread is convincing you feel that characters you care about really might not make itThe book reminded me in the very best way of the sort of fantasy I loved in years gone by Exciting well written swords and sorcery Try it on for size Join my 3 emails a year newsletter #prizes

  3. Robin Hobb Robin Hobb says:

    Last night I finished reading A Time of Dread I add my standard Caveat I received this book for free I do not know John GwynneThere was a time when I could devour four or five paperbacks a weekend Books were shorter then true but I think it had to do with my enthusiasm for the genre As a teen I was consuming fantasy almost indiscriminately reading in every slice of the genreAm I older and jaded now? Perhaps Certainly it seems harder to find book that awaken that elusive 'Sense of Wonder' or the need to turn pages despite what the numbers on the clock say If you've read any of my other reviews you know that I detest spoilers So here is what I can tall you The story is solid This is book one Of Blood and Bone But there were a lot of satisfying arcs here so I finished the book with the feeling of anticipation for the next one but not with any frustrations about extreme cliff hangers The reader knows there is to the journey but it feels as if the story stops and makes camp for the night rather than running off a cliff's edge in the dark Characters You know how important characters are to me There are some top notch ones in here Not all of them are nice All are believable I was never tempted to skip a section because it was from the point of view of a character I couldn't engage with I enjoyed my time with each of them Sig and Drem Bleda and Riv Oh you know what else I liked? I could pronounce all the namesNone of the characters felt 'constructed for the purpose of this plot' They stepped into the story because they had always been there There are scenes of battle and blood and mayhem They are well written as are the uieter thoughtful scenes There are background politics and other forces at work in the world The woodcraft and survival skills of the characters made sense Those things are important to me All in all a very satisfying read that has renewed my faith in the fantasy genre

  4. James Tivendale James Tivendale says:

    I received an advanced copy of A Time of Dread in exchange for an honest review I would like to thank John Gwynne and Pan MacMillan for this opportunity The story places readers within the Land of the Faithful approximately 120 years after the conclusion of the novel Wrath which was an epic brutal and fulfilling climax to one of my favourite ever fantasy series' The angel like Ben Elim rule the land now from their base at the giant erected fortress of Drassil They've spent generations uniting the nations and tracking the remaining forces of the grotesue and scarily powerful Kadoshim their Eternal enemy The Kadoshim's leader Asroth is frozen in metal within the Ben Elim's stronghold but that doesn't mean his faithful aren't out there plotting sacrificing innocents and boiling up some horrid actions that could euate to A Time of Dread In the first book of the Of Blood and Bone trilogy we only follow four points of view perspectives so we get to know these characters very well My favourites were the perspectives of Bleda a warrior Prince who is superb at using a bow and arrow and Sig a female giant that rides a huge yet loyal bear she was also a minor character in Gwynne's previous saga There are a great number of important personae races and animals throughout this tale that it might appear overwhelming to begin with but it's worth sticking with The novel starts slowly as the characters their allegiances and the history of the world are gently and cleverly massaged into the reader's mind The world itself is also vast yet the action here predominantly takes place within a handful of fortresses forests and the bitter icy North which is known as the desolation The story features the same areas and cities as the Faithful and the Fallen but time has changed the environment a degree The history Gwynne has created is epic when describing events some readers will know from 120 years before as are the revelations regarding important actions and battles that have happened since This is cleverly done when elders explain the history to younger cast members I have to admit that I went a bit teary eyed with joy when occasionally some individuals discussed their relationships with the characters that I had followed for four books previously and what had happened to them following the conclusion of Wrath It shows John's uniue skill as an author that him just mentioning Corban or Veradis had me so emotionally touched and gripped I finished the Faithful and the Fallen a year ago so my exact memories weren't crystal clear The way Gwynne introduces the characters world rivalries and history is sublime reminding me of the previous stories however; I honestly believe this would be a great place to start too as the writing is deep descriptive and enchanting This isn't just written for his current fans You can lose yourself in this world even if this book is your first visit 90% of the characters are new and likewise I think previous readers will enjoy it 10% with prior knowledge and past experiences yet that's not to say new readers won't be engrossed and blown away too A few old characters are still walking this world One of them returning made me 'fist punch' the airIt started off uite slow and steady I enjoyed the beginning yet analysed this was targeted at a YA audience Boy was I wrong? If anything this is Gwynne's darkest work to date I should have known really looking at the awesomely designed cover A Time of Dread contains amazing action scenes shocking betrayals intense battles and a huge death count The intensity rises right up until the awesome finale at an addictively gripping pace Comparing back to the Faithful and the Fallen which has a clear alignment of the sides that were good and evil those areas are greyer this time with political confrontations and even potential revolutions on the horizon between factions The Ben Elim were always heralded as the saviours of humankind Now some people aren't so sure There are many twists and shocking revelations throughout the narratives final half I tend to be highly analytical when reading and I only predicted one of them When that twist was revealed in the last chapter the fact I had guessed what was to come didn't make it any less amazingI was so happy to venture back into Gwynne's world and mind Gwynne is a master of his craft and one of the best fantasy writers around right now With likeable characters it hits so much harder should bad things happen to them but unfortunately they do This is a great place to start or an unmissable next step in Gwynne's majestic tale of Good vs Evil A Time of Dread is epic unpredictable and exhilarating with action galore and characters worth rooting forJames Tivendale

  5. Eon ♒Windrunner♒ Eon ♒Windrunner♒ says:

    A Time of Dread is a breathtaking beginning to what will surely be another utterly brilliant series by John Gwynne It is no secret that John Gwynne’s debut series The Faithful the Fallen is one of my all time favourite reads I regularly recommend it to anyone looking for a great read and I have marked him down as a permanent entry on my list of auto buy authors Therefore it should come as no surprise that I was MORE than excited to get an early chance to read his latest book A Time of Dread the first book in the Of Blood and Bone trilogySet in the same world as his debut series A Time of Dread AToD takes place about 130 years after the events of the Faithful the Fallen tFatF Avoiding all spoilers for the first series leaves me without the ability to say just about anything about AToD and on the current state that The Banished Lands are in but suffice it to say that a new peril is emerging and we are given four different POV characters from which to see the events unfold three of which are new the other being a minor character in tFatFWhen John Gwynne announced this new series I was both overjoyed at getting to visit this world and it’s characters again but at the same time very worried Starting any new series in the same world as an established series always strikes me as a highly precarious prospect Comparisons are inevitable and having the task of writing characters that can hold up to the love you have for those who came before is not one I envy any author Fortunate for Mr Gwynne he is a rockstar when it comes to characterisation and always writes memorable fully rounded characters that you can easily love and hate root for or againstAs for the world that these characters are presented in it is much the same and yet much changed from what we came to know in tFatF Time changes everything and it was very interesting to hear different views on how events from tFatF are believed to or said to have unfolded As many a fantasy lover will know world building is the lifeblood of fantasy’s storytelling and in this case it is a resounding success largely thanks to the groundwork the author has laid in tFatF and subseuently built on in AToD He has gracefully and effortlessly managed to pen a new and exciting tale whilst still grounding it in the familiar rich and evocative history of the Banished Lands giving fans of the the Faithful the Fallen much to wax nostalgic about While most of our heroes have passed on and taken their journey over the Bridge of Swords there are still a few familiar faces to be seen among the new and it was a joy reading about both the old and new even as the mentions of some of those absent characters occasionally invoked a strong sense of poignancy Take a bow for making us care so much Mr Gwynne This seamless interweaving of two different times is done so masterfully that I am almost tempted to proclaim that reading the first series is unnecessary if you want to start with this book first That would be a mistake of two parts though Firstly tFatF series is an awe inspiring achievement in fantasy writing and should be read by EVERYONE Plainly said it’s THAT good Secondly whilst AToD is still a great read if it is your first John Gwynne book the added benefit of having read the tFatF series elevates this book from great to absolutely brilliant There are so many small details and mentions that just give everything occurring that extra little bit of magic making it so much fun The homage Mr Gwynne pays is truly befitting of the ineffable love his fans have for the stories that came before The pacing is juuuuuust perfect It might still be early on in his career but the author seems to have perfected the art of the slow reel starting leisurely and pulling you in building up the tension before yanking you to the edge of your seat While the early tone set for AToD feels much darker than the one of tFatF themes of love friendship honour family and of course truth and courage are still ever present and still form the foundation of this writing that has grown from strength to strength book by book And the action John Gwynne keeps on reminding us that he is second to none in the this department whether it is large scale battles or mano a mano his writing is so immersive and vivid that you cannot help but be transported to the scene of the violent gory action I than once found myself ducking a sword or axe meant for a POV character And the mentioned dread it is at first a mere whisper of foreboding fleeting hinted at creeping but ever present Page after page though this sense of unease slowly escalates as the story marches on to it’s pulse pounding climax relentless never wavering By the time the breathtaking closing seuences are done the dread spoken of in the title is indeed a palpable living thing that permeates the pages You can almost feel it’s visceral grip on you as you close the book and fear what the future has in store for our protagonists ‘Fuil agus cnámh rud éigin nua a dhéanamh’ A Time of Dread is a highly recommended and wonderful first book in the Of Blood and Bone trilogy and has delivered everything I hoped for and If you were not yet convinced before the truth of it is now undeniableJohn Gwynne is an official member of fantasy’s the best of the best club A very special thank you to John Gwynne Pan Macmillan for giving me the opportunity to read this wonderful book in exchange for an honest reviewNow can I please please please get first dibs on A Time of Blood? D PS An honourable mention for that breathtakingly gorgeous cover and bonus points for the Old Norse runes on the hilt that spell DREAD So cool Mr Gwynne so coolExpected publication date for the hardcover January 11th 2018 in the UK

  6. Bentley ★ Bookbastion.net Bentley ★ Bookbastion.net says:

    If you've been following my reviews for the past year you know I'm a huge fan of John Gwynne and the world he created in his original series The Faithful and the Fallen I breezed through all 4 of those books earlier this year thanks in large part to the memorable characters and the epic thread of action that runs through the heart of Gwynne's storytelling When I found out that he had a new series coming out I pretty much begged whoever I could find was lucky enough to get a physical ARC from Pan MacMillan which transported me straight back into this world I love so much Because I know that people will ask do you have to read the first series Malice Valour Ruin and Wrath to understand what's going on in this series? No you don't This series takes place 120 years after the events of the first so while there is a nostalgia factor involved as characters or places from the first series are name dropped Gwynne does a really great job of setting this story apart from his last New characters are introduced and a totally new threat carries on that thematic subtext of good versus evil that was always present in the earlier books Still as a big fan of the original books I really did love all the throwbacks included for those fans The inclusion of Sig a giantess from the original series as a POV character in this certainly helps to deliver upon that nostalgia Because giants have extremely long life spans she helps to orient the readers to the ways in which the world has changed over the course of a century It's a helpful perspective for new and old fans alike Plus it's really nice to see Sig develop into such a strong character The giant clans were some of my favorite aspects of the original series so it was nice to see that carry over into this book too A Time of Dread is part creature feature and part investigative fantasy thriller as each of the leading characters are made witness to the terrible events brought to bear around them I appreciated that there were a few unexpected surprises thrown in to prove that nothing is uite as it seems and that the baddies are just as bad as ever While the threat from the original series may have been stopped new dangers have arisen over the course of 100 years as various factions war for control of the entire realm Aptly titled this book is filled with a sense of dread that only increases until the final hundred pages which I flew through I appreciate that the storyline is a bit political in nature than the original series There are new perspectives to consider and new factions vying for control In some ways it feels like diversity is the name of the game this time around as we have POV characters from different cultures and backgrounds uniting against a common threat Drem Riv Bleda and Sig give their respective chapters a uniue flavor and perspective that had me constantly wanting to see where their experiences were going to take them next Per his usual Gwynne's characters are fantastic here They're well developed and their motivations and actions make sense There's nothing worse than characters that betray their development for the sake of surprise in a story These characters and their actions influence the plot as much as the plot influences them which I love Also can I just say that I love how strong women are featured in Gwynne's writing? Sig Riv and Byrne are all great strong women taking up the mantles from Coralen Cywen Edana and Brina from the original series It's hard to explain why I'm only giving this 4 stars instead of 5 without spoiling I will say that I was a little disappointed with one particular twist in Riv's storyline It felt half told and though I'm certainly it will be developed much strongly in the following books I appreciate when certainly story elements are self contained within a book Gwynne drops a lot of clues throughout to the point that I saw the twist coming but the reasoning why certain events occur are definitely left for later books to explain I think that this series has the potential to be even engaging than the original series was Fans of John Gwynne should definitely pick this up While there's a definite nostalgia factor to this book new readers looking for some dark fantasy are sure to love this as well ★★★★ 4 out of 5 stars Follow my instagram account bookbastion for snaps of the books I read

  7. Haïfa Haïfa says:

    2nd read45 stars Original spoiler free review No spoilers from the Faithful and the Fallen seriesThe uotes in this review are taken from the ARC edition and may change in the published bookDear John Gwynne you will never fail to surprise me and your stories will never fail to make me cry Of Blood and Bone is a new trilogy taking place roughly 130 years after the last events of Wrath The Faithful and the Fallen #4 And things have significantly changed in the Banished Lands The landscape is definitely different can’t wait to get my published copy to see the map peace is tenuous at best and ghastly troubling things are happening all around the land and even at the heart of the Desolation Sometimes the only answer is blood and steel Reading A Time of Dread was a tricky experience for me First because of huge expectations of course Second because I was in a huge slump and I was afraid I would judge it too critically especially since it’s an ARC And third because I kept asking myself if the new characters would rise to the perfection their predecessors achievedThe first one couldn't be helped The Faithful and the Fallen is without doubt one of the most overwhelming emotional and satisfying series I've read in my life But despite its narrower scope a Time of Dread hinted at unexpected alliances and betrayals gory action and epic battles coming our way in the seuels While it still can be seen as a battle between Good and Evil you will encounter a few factions whose intentions are not entirely clear and aside from a few exceptions you will be seriously uestioning some key characters’ intentions As for the second I avoided falling into the trap halfway through the book by taking a break and going back with newfound eagerness and fresh eye And I just enjoyed the last half even But then it wasn’t much of a surprise really Gwynne has a real talent for concluding his books And when I started to wonder where he was taking his story John brought every thread into focus in a most exciting tense unexpected and emotional wayLastly the difficulty with seuel series is that you need to create new characters and stories that have their own voices and aren’t copies of the old ones while keeping a coherent link with the latter and sharing a common history and background John Gwynne pulled off the challenge brilliantly by creating attaching personalities struggling in a much darker and grimmer world than the one we left at the end of Wrath The story is told from 4 points of view and despite sharing one or two traits with the old characters they all were well fleshed out while having much room for growth Every action every thought or every retort seemed to build a new layer in their personalities Leaders must act for the greater good Friendship and family honor and loyalty are still as central themes as gore fights and epic battles in John’s books You will also find familiar elements like the Warrior trials the Shield Wall the Sword dance the giants’ Segul Wolven the mention of these names alone made me tear up inconsolably Therefore the story and plot felt at the same time original and very familiar coming of age trope Good vs Evil angels and demons strong family and friendship and human animal links compared to Malice Which brings me to my most important point NOSTALGIA For those of you who’d read and loved The Faithful and the Fallen this book will feel all the like a precious gift with a huge sentimental value Gwynne celebrated his old cast in a touching and exuisite way I felt a pang of pain and nostalgia and love every time one of the old crew members was mentioned this is no spoiler since than a century has passed and naturally iconic characters died but although I expected that I still felt their loss as if they were friends or family For that reason alone I wholeheartedly recommend to start with the The Faithful and the Fallen series The major events of Wrath are briefly reminded throughout the book However if you’re new to Gwynne’s work and want to start with this book you totally can Gwynne made an excellent job giving enough background and history to make you understand the context and the world of his new story ‘ And so many of them gone now But their memory lives on We shall never forget’ I feel like great but also dreadful paths are to be expected in the seuels The tone of A time of Dread was definitely much darker than the The Faithful and the Fallen in my opinion and I wondered if some events and creatures wouldn’t ualify as Grimdark elements There was also less humor and relief for this is indeed a time of dread with nothing except the bittersweet warm memories and the unbreakable family links to alleviate the darkness I can’t wait to delve into the next books and see where John’s taking us

  8. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    UPDATE 299 Kindle US 41919 I also just bought it on kindle because it’s my bday and there you go I now have it on kindle paperback and Audible I never wrote a review for this book as I was still trying to get energy back from cancer treatment but I loved it so much It is on my favorites list I might write a proper review later on I have the second book and not sure if I want to do a reread before jumping into that one 🤔Anyhoo read it Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐶

  9. Robin (Bridge Four) Robin (Bridge Four) says:

    Sale Alert This is on sale as the Kindle Daily Deal 07Apr20 299 “Sometimes the only answer is blood and steel” I haven’t read the Faithful and the Fallen series but after reading this book I’m very much a fan of John Gwynne’s writing and I’ll have to go back and read the original series set in this world 120 years before the events in this book That said I don’t feel like I had to have read that series to enjoy this one since I completely enjoyed itA Time of Dread is just that It is the beginning of the ramp up to something dangerous evil and enough to fill you with Dread The story starts a little slowly since we are following four different points of view Since I’m used to reading a lot of fantasy that is a normal thing for me in the first book of a new series Don’t worry though by the end you should be filled with plenty of dread and so many things will have happened that you will forget the first part was slowWith the four varied PoVs we get to see a lot of this world from different perspectives Bleda is a prince of a human clan and taken as ward by the Ben Elim winged angel people to ensure that his tribe is peaceful He has a lot of insight into how the Ben Elim politics work and how they use fear and their strength to almost hold every human tribe in servitude to them I liked how his arc showed what everyday life was like in Dressel and how the new threat on the horizon was affecting the Ben Elim it showed their long term goals also in terms of the human tribes and how they are trying to control all of themRiv is also in Drassil the Land of the Faithful with Bleda But she is from a family of warriors that train to fight alongside the Ben Elim Still we find that there is something different about Riv and following her PoV we not only learn about the inner turmoil between some of the Ben Elim but also what they have been plotting for years She is hot headed and uick to temper but fiercely loyal to friends and family as well Drem was actually my favorite PoV He is the son of a trapper and lives in a sleepy small villiage when they aren’t on the road But it seems like there are and people in the area that just seem a little off and not uite right I loved his journey and the slow tease of the odd happenings out in the middle of nowhere His journey from farmboy trapper to hero in the making was a really good one Plus he was present for all the horrible things we learn about the Fallen and I for one was shocked by those revelationsSig the final PoV in this tale is a Giantess and while her faction also fights against the Fallen they do not like the Ben Elim and stay separated from them It is her tale that seems like would have tied into the prior series She is so likeable and ride a bear who seems like the best of both worlds being both a mouth and fighter The title describes this book great There are some harsh deaths horrible revelations and big twists that made my first read of a John Gwynne book truly memorable Now it seems I must read the first series The Faithful and the Fallen because I now feel like I’ve missed out on a great author and an even fantastic fantasy tale

  10. Sara Sara says:

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review 45 stars This is how you write fantasyThe plot opens with a blood feud battle between two clans several years before the main bulk of our story It's full of vigour great descriptions of the action and sucked me straight in with the mixture of violence and brutality on an epic scale The main events of the story start several years later where the majestic angels the Ben Elim rule the majority of the land from their fortress of Dressil Here they train and continue to hunt the remaining Kadoshim the race of evil that came through the rift so many years ago The story follows four main characters on their various travails as the increasing danger of the Kadoshim threatens to undue the uneasy balance of peace the Ben Elim have fought to uphold for so long Drem is my favourite character of the bunch We meet him in the first chapters as he hunts with his father Odin in the Wild the land to the North outside the Ben Elim's rule He's naive with an innate goodness and moral compass He won't kill if he can help it even when faced with a fight with a man attempting to hurt his friend His relationship with his father is also lovely You can feel the deep amount of love and respect he has for Odin and his desire to follow in his footsteps You really feel for Drem and I was constantly willing him to succeed as his storyline just got better as it progressed and developed By the end I really thought Drem had grown so much as a character and I'd taken that journey with him Riv is a human raised within the walls of Dressil She has an undying love for the white wing armies the people who fight solely for the Ben Elim and wants nothing than to be a warrior and fight the kadoshim However is unable to control her anger and rashness in battle I liked this rashness and lust for battle although sometimes I did think she was a little 'brainwashed' by the Ben Elim Her story was the one that took me most by surprise and I ended up really enjoying it She has a strong relationship with her mother and sister and it was nice to see them take a position of power and respect within the White Wings as unit leaders It created a strong family unit deeply embedded within this culture of fighting without necessarily needing a strong male role model I wish fantasy writers would take this stance Bleda is the son of one of the clan chiefs seen in the opening battle Taken as a ward by the Ben Elim as punishment he is raised under their watchful eyes in the hopes he will one day return to his clan as leader and a dedicated follower to the Ben Elim's cause Bela's storyline I enjoyed the least and I felt we see the least progression in his character although I liked that he's so insecure about his nature There's often an internal struggle between the culture he was raised in and the need to withhold all his emotions and the obvious respect he holds for his captures This leads to a lot of self doubt It's his growing relationship with Riv however that I found the most interesting as they're at heart such opposing characters The hot headed Riv and uiet and thoughtful Bleda Their blossoming friendship over a bow is great to see unfold and there is potential for it to grow as events develop further down the line Sig is the most fearsome of the four A giantess fiercely loyal to those she calls kin and a glorious warrior However I felt the least connected to her She feels the least rounded of the four which is knit picking really as all of these characters are wonderful and although her storyline packs plenty of punch violence and action I felt that I never really got to see another side of Sig She was in full on warrior mode for most of the story and I wanted to see some vulnerability or weakness that the other main characters had view spoilerThat said all of these issues are redeemed in the closing chapters with Sig's showdown at the mines and her confrontation with Gunnil Her apparent death is written beautifully hide spoiler

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A Time of Dread ❆ A Time of Dread kindle Epub ❤ Author John Gwynne – Thomashillier.co.uk Acclaimed epic fantasy author John Gwynne returns with the first book in a new trilogy perfect for fans of George R R Martin Brandon Sanderson and David Gemmell A Time of Dread reminds me of why I bec Acclaimed epic fantasy author John Gwynne returns with the first book in a new A Time MOBI :↠ trilogy perfect for fans of George R R Martin Brandon Sanderson and David Gemmell A Time of Dread reminds me of why I became a fantasy enthusiast in the first place Robin Hobb A race of warrior angels the Ben Elim once vanuished a mighty demon horde Now they rule the Banished lands but their peace is brutally enforcedIn the south hotheaded Riv is desperate to join the Ben Elim's peacekeeping force until she unearths a deadly secretIn the west the giantess Sig investigates demon sightings and discovers signs of an uprising and black magicAnd in the snowbound north Drem a trapper finds mutilated corpses in the forests The work of a predator or something far darkerIt's a time of shifting loyalties and world changing dangers Difficult choices need to be made Because in the shadows demons are gathering waiting for their time to rise.

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