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Midnight Tides ❰Reading❯ ➸ Midnight Tides Author Steven Erikson – After decades of warfare the five tribes of the Tiste Edur are united under the implacable rule of the Warlock King of the Hiroth But the price of peace is a pact with a hidden power whose motives may After decades of warfare the five tribes of the Tiste Edur are united under the implacable rule of the Warlock King of the Hiroth But the price of peace is a pact with a hidden power whose motives may be deadly To the south the expansionist kingdom of Lether has devoured all lesser neighbors except the Tiste Edur.

  • Paperback
  • 960 pages
  • Midnight Tides
  • Steven Erikson
  • English
  • 23 December 2016
  • 9780553813142

About the Author: Steven Erikson

Steve Rune Lundin a Canadian novelist who was educated and trained as both an archaeologist and anthropologist His best known work is the series the Malazan Book of the Fallen.

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  1. Petrik Petrik says:

    After the huge disappointment I had with House of Chains Midnight Tides brought my love for Malazan Book of the Fallen back magnificently Midnight Tides marks the fifth book in the Malazan Book of the Fallen series That’s right this means that I’m halfway through the series now Knowing that this is the fifth book in the series it surprised me at first that instead of continuing the story from everything that has been built in the previous four books the narrative started its story back to the time before the events in Gardens of the Moon; in a completely new continent with a new conflict and shockingly—with the exception of one character from House of Chains—a completely new set of characters I mean this is the fifth book of the series already Isn’t it crazy that we don’t get to see the majority of the previous four book characters in it? Well it IS crazy but please don’t be intimidated by this fact Picture Scabandari Reigns by Lauren Saint OngeThe story in Midnight Tides revolved around the conflict between the Tiste Edur race and the Letherii Empire The Tiste Edur has appeared several times throughout the series but it has never been explored in depth until now Let me say that I absolutely loved the themes surrounding this installment Starting from the masterful prologue Erikson style I was pleasantly surprised by how the story developed It took me a bit of time to get used to the new characters settings and story but once the book hit chapter nine I was hooked and addicted to reading this book Never have I read a fantasy book that correlates the problems around the social structure in the work with our modern society and politics as well as Erikson did in this book This was achievable because of the Letherii culture and lifestyle that put wealth and the lust for gold above every priority I absolutely love reading the themes and social commentaries in this book Betrayal greed avarice and how deep the corruption money or power can bring; it felt like looking at a reflection of the dark truth in our modern lifestyle in which our ‘greatness’ as a human being is heavily determined by our money and social status “To the Letherii gold was all that mattered Gold and its possession defined their entire world Power status self worth and respect – all were commodities that could be purchased by coin Indeed debt bound the entire kingdom Defining every relationship the motivation casting the shadow of every act every decision” Great story and themes aside Erikson also amazed me with his characterizations in this book Although the book comprised of mostly new characters for the series it was filled with some of the most well written character developments within an installment of the series so far This was evident for one pivotal character whose name I won’t mention and of course my new beloved and highly entertaining duo Tehol and Bugg I’m not kidding Tehol and Bugg currently sit at my top tier level of the favorite duo of all time Their interaction their relationship was utterly hilarious and their dynamic banter combined with Ublala Pung makes for one heck of a hilarious entertainment There was one chapter surrounding these characters where I practically just laugh for the entirety of the chapter Trust me that this is something incredibly rare for me in reading epic fantasy; I usually just smirk or smile not laughing “And we’re not talking mild snoring either Imagine being chained to the floor of a cave with the tide crashing in louder louder louder—” One thing to note is how stunning Erikson’s prose can be in this book With commentaries and self contemplation on social structure wealth politics greed and betrayals that made almost the entirety of this book uotable Erikson also accompanied this book with phenomenal action seuences and tactics that made the book totally belong in the military epic fantasy genre I’ll be honest I’m not a fan of Erikson’s close uarter combat scenes; I’ve read plenty of authors who did a better job at it However with blood that rain upon the land a staggering tower of bodies and the massively catastrophic result of blind loyalty poor leadership and war; it’s his way of depicting the deadly power of the sorcerer’s magic capability within his series that made him really stood out from the majority of fantasy writers The only con I had on the book was the abundance of dream seuences in Udinaas’s POV that was fired in rapid succession within the first uarter of the book However like I said before once the book reached chapter nine the book was an addictively smooth reading experience through and through “For from ineuity derives the concept of value whether measured by money or the countless other means of gauging human worth Simply put there resides in all of us the unchallenged belief that the poor and the starving are in some way deserving of their fate In other words there will always be poor people A truism to grant structure to the continual task of comparison the establishment through observation of not our mutual similarities but our essential differences” After the disappointment I had with the previous book this installment easily reclaimed my love for the series with its continuous maelstrom of emotions Midnight Tides was another amazing installment for the series that truthfully has become my second favorite book within the series so far just slightly below Memories of Ice Only five books left now The Bonehunters is coming up next and you can bet that I’m very much looking forward to reading it soonYou can order the book HERE You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions

  2. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    Soooo this is my brain of rocks trying to take on the wonderful world of Malazan Creators on pic I have tried rereading the first books to continue on for some time Those days are over I’m going to finish these books and if I live long enough I’m going to go into hiding and reread them back to back so I can try to keep them in my mind and try to remember things This book has a whole pack of new characters but it was fine I loved it I mean Tehol and Bug made the book for me So onward I goHappy Reading Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

  3. James Tivendale James Tivendale says:

    I thought it was strange that the fifth book in a series should only contain one character that had been in any of the prior four books Loving so many of the characters prevalent in the previous books I wanted to see what they were up to However upon completing Midnight Tides I am still in awe with Erikson his style substance and the stories that are being weaved Every title he has written in this series I struggle to comprehend how they get better than the previous booksThe plot is about two local communities and we get a great omnipotent perspective provided mostly as a tale of two families Sengar Tiste Edur Beddict The Letherii The relationships between the brothers on both sides is intriguing Two races that have not been interpreted to any great degree prior to this book yet I imagine what has happened here is pivotal to the overall conseuences of the series Some of the scenes are amazing The Sengar brothers fighting Soltaken wolves to find a reuested prize on fields of ice the meeting of the two factions are the Letherii throne Kettle finally meeting Silchas Ruin Additionally I liked the complexity of Rhulad and his relationship with his servant I don't consider these to be spoilers hence why I put them here Once again Gods are in the mix of the action like the Aenied and the Iliad I believe what makes this series stand out is its originality I like a lot of fantasy novels but a lot of them are re jigging Tolkien or what has come before The world races and epic ness depicted here is astronomical and I truly believe I will not be able to enjoy fantasy books to this degree after this series as I know its uality cannot or would be highly unlikely that it will be replicatedI loved Tehol Bugg's relationship I imagined a sort of Blackadder Baldrick scenario with the 'manservant' however being cleverer than he made out Bugg was always too busy to work Hmmm I cannot wait to read the next book A lot of what I said in my positive review of House Of Chains could be placed here but I do not wish to repeat If you have got this far in the series you know it is amazing and reviews are pointless Carry on enjoy it I can't wait to see how everything weaves it's way together culminates and finalises Peace x wwwyouandibookswordpresscom

  4. TS Chan TS Chan says:

    Betrayal Lies Greed PowerThese are the dominant themes presiding over Midnight Tides the excellent fifth chapter of Malazan Book of the Fallen which opened with a Prologue dated back to the Time of the Elder Gods providing yet another history lesson into this deeply complex worldOne would expect that progressing through the series should only get easier right? It seems though that Erikson decided to up the ante for worldbuilding by bringing the reader to a completely new far flung continent and an entire cast of new characters There is only ONE name that is familiar in the Dramatis Personae one whom we met in the previous book Trull Sengar It turns out that Midnight Tides was dedicated to relate the story of how Trull ended up being in his dire position as we've seen in the Prologue of House of ChainsThis is the story of a kingdom which was prophesized to be reborn as an empire at the end of what is known as the Seventh Closure The Letherii exhibited all the evils of greed and in its intransigent belief of their destiny to rule as an empire had been subjugating the various lands and races in the continent of Lether The only remaining people yet to fall were the Tiste Edur the children of Shadow a people which were living a lie of a betrayal so great that it shattered a landTo approach this book without getting a whiplash you need to be prepared to treat Midnight Tides as a completely fresh story It is easier said than done however That learning all new characters and cultures again made for a rough start was a bit of an understatement Even the basis of magical power and the gods were different here as instead of the Deck of Dragons and the Houses we have the antiuated form of Tiles and Holds Thankfully Erikson's narrative continues to improve with each and every subseuent book The almost effortless flow of the story and the POV switching really helped to ease the reading experienceAs always character development was top notch Through the multitude POVs between the Letherii and the Tiste Edur the one common thing that run through their narrative was the stories of three brothers The history of this decade for our dear Letheras can be most succinctly understood by a faithful recounting of the three Beddict brothers And as is clear the tale's not done yet The King's Champion the ex Sentinel and the Diabolical Genius three Letherii brothers with a poignant story to tell One of these brothers Tehol Beddict and his manservant Bugg make up my favourite Malazan duo of all time It was through their perspective that one can gain some appreciation of the Letherii outside of courtly intrigue and conspiracies which made all the enjoyable with its dry and sarcastic humour laced with sharp intellect hence providing a much needed dose of lightheartedness No one spoke after that not for some time They drank their wine and it seemed to Trull that something was present some part of his life he'd thought not long gone but non existent in the first place They sat the three of them Brothers and nothing The Sengars of the Tiste Edur were made up of four brothers to be exact but I felt that the story was mostly told between three of them It was every bit as empathetic as that of the Beddicts if not As the Edurs embraced a deadly power that they did not understand one filled with ravenous hunger for vengeance the story spiralled ever further into the dark depths of madness of greed and the poison of power Greed and savagery unleashed fear and panic triggering brutality and ruthless indifference At risk of sounding repetitious I cannot ignore mentioning how epic some of the battle scenes were albeit this time it was because of the overpowered level of sorcery unleashed instead of the tactical military brilliance we've seen in Deadhouse Gates which for me were still the best ones in the series thus far because of the Chain of DogsSlaughterous sorcery Art by Lauren Saint OngeIn spite of the unfamiliar setting of this instalment there were stunning revelations herein which offered a connectivity to the overarching tale that had already been told in the previous books A couple or so subplots seemed a bit out of place though and appear to serve as an extended prologue for future books  Together with some strange dream seuences which as usual did not sit well with me I was not able to attain the same level of enjoyment reading Midnight Tides as I did with the first three books of the seriesNotwithstanding this is still a very solid entry into the Malazan Book of the Fallen and only continues to demonstrate the brilliance of Erikson in creating such an immersive world and telling such compelling stories of possibility the largest cast of characters I've encountered in a series thus far The world has drawn breath and now breathes once As steady as ever as unbroken in rhythm as the tides For such is the rhythm of these particular tides Now with the coming of night when the shadows drew long and what remained of the world turned away Until midnight all is turned away silent and motionless Awaiting the last tide And with the tide a new world unfurledYou can purchase the book from Book Depository Free Shipping You can find this and my other reviews at Novel Notions

  5. Scott Hitchcock Scott Hitchcock says:

    RereadJust as good the second time around I sort of expected I would have forgotten a lot from this book but I didn't My one problem was I thought I lot of events from Reaper's Gale happened in this book I had a few details wrong found hidden meanings I hadn't the first time around and mixed up who did things a couple of times but for the most part I had it down The social economic political and religious overtones and condemnation of each where corrupted resonated ever this time around There were chapters where I wanted to copy uotes nearly every paragraph The symbolism intertwined with dualistic meaning nobody does it as well as SE Then there's the humor to let you catch your breath from the heartache and heaviness of the topics Tehol and Bugg are comedy gold along with some of the others There's no wasted words with Erikson From the prologue which in a series full of epic ones this may be the best to the epilogue it's all pure genius Original ReviewI'm halfway through the main series Oh shit I only have half the main series leftIt never ceases to amaze me how when I reflect upon an amazing section of the book how Erikson makes rocks sand dead bones smashed pottery detritus seem so utterly cool epic world shapingNobody writes a prologue in the epic and portentous way that he does and this may be the best of the lot Simply amazing imagery banter and hidden message set to unfold I've often heard people say different books read better in the re read of Malazan Though the first four I never really felt it In this book the first 85 chapters show how much Erikson has grown as a writer At the same time for the first time in the series I was somewhat lost I kept thinking that description is amazing and I have no clue what half of it it pointing towards I have to believe in the re read I would see so many gems I missed From chapter 9 on and chapter 9 has to be one of the top 5 of the series it was simply amazing with everything clicking I kept theorizing though out the book and thought I had things figured out and the last two chapters had me figuring little out and being so pleasantly surprised Erikson than any other book to date in the series take on the modern state of the world attacking greed war government and the general lack of compassion It was a massive uote fest To balance this there was a lot of the humor of the Bauchelain and Korbal Broach series interwoven You had to be careful because one of these little macabre banter sessions would suddenly drop a series altering bomb in the middle of it This is right up there with DHG and MOI after a somewhat although still great disappointing HOC

  6. Markus Markus says:

    Here then is the tale Between the swish of the tides when giants knelt down and became mountains When they fell scattered on the land like the ballast stones of the sky yet could not hold fast against the rising dawn Between the swish of the tides we will speak of one such giant Because the tale hides with his ownAnd because it amuses The fifth part of the Malazan Book of the Fallen is rather different from the previous four Set on a faraway continent years before the stories of the Bridgeburners and the Whirlwind the book tells another story One of the Tiste Edur and their struggles internal as well as externalSteven Erikson’s writing has vastly improved since the series began It was certainly than adeuate even in Gardens of the Moon but at this point his style has become a joy to read The combination of crude militaristic Glen Cook style writing with fascinatingly flowery elements is both uniue and deeply enjoyable and I found myself saving and highlighting uote after uote often several on the same pageThe most intriguing aspect of Midnight Tides is definitely its explanation and expansion of the Malazan lore From the fantastic prologue onward bits and pieces are added to the already uite astounding worldbuilding of Erikson and Esslemont Here are the backstories cultures and creation myths of various peoples new and old You are ruled by greed a monstrous tyrant lit gold with glory It cannot be defeated only annihilatedAnother remarkably interesting and also somewhat controversial aspect of this book is the political symbolism The rising Letherii Empire with its raw capitalist society and its conuest and subjugation of other peoples in the name of freedom is a rather obvious metaphor The Dark Times had come with the rivening of the Tiste Edur the assault of sorceries and strange armies and the disappearence of Father Shadow himself And although the magic of Kurald Emurlahn was not denied to the tribes the warren was lost to them shattered the fragments ruled by false kings and godsEven intriguing is the culture of the Tiste Edur Midnight Tides arrives with virtually the entire history of this people Its culture its deities its heroes and its empiresIt is no secret that the Malazan series is difficult to read; if you believe otherwise you’re indulging in a self deception that will come back to bite you as you progress with your reading Because of that this book is really helpful and makes you feel like you really get a grip on the setting and everything that’s going onOverall Midnight Tides without a flicker of doubt the single book in this series that has impressed me the most It does not contain any truly iconic heroes like the ones from the other books but it is in my personal opinion vastly superior in both writing and worldbuilding Not to mention that it was much easier to get truly immersed in the occurring events and actually experience them through the eyes of the central charactersIf I did not love the Malazan universe before this book has changed that That which was chained to the earth has twisted the walls of its prison Beyond recognition Its poison has spread out and infected the world and all who dwell upon it” Malazan Book of the Fallen reviews #1 Gardens of the Moon#2 Deadhouse Gates#3 Memories of Ice#4 House of Chains#5 Midnight Tides#6 The Bonehunters#7 Reaper's Gale#8 Toll the Hounds#9 Dust of Dreams#10 The Crippled God

  7. Mayim de Vries Mayim de Vries says:

    Epilogue I was swept by the tideChpater 25 There is only one piece of advice I can give those reading Malazan Make no assumptions About anything Ever Stay mindful my friend and suspicious suspicious but not frightened by complexity Clever Mr Erikson clever Chpater 24 The brothers unable to save each other What a mess Chpater 23 The nudge the pull the push or all of them?Chpater 22 From now on this is how I am going to be greeting strangers The tumult of your presence invites discord Serenity is my middle name after all Oh wait no it's still Sarcasm Chpater 21 Not that I am ungrateful but this chat about warrens comes four books too late Mr Erikson Chpater 20 By the Errant Consorting with gods suddenly takes a new meaning Chpater 19 Culture of debt and greed and profit is about to fall And the crash is going to be mighty Sounds familiar?Chpater 18 You know that things are bad when a demon comforts you in your sorrow Chpater 17 Between consorting with rats and wrestling angry cacti Bugg also leads people to salvation that comes a generation too late How not to love him?Chpater 16 I could be fine behind this kind of Iron Bars for sure Chpater 15 Reminder always strive for the courage to be the dissenting voice To go against the tide Chpater 14 Somebody should develop the TeholBugg Invigorating Diet TaBID™️ and earn a lot of money on itChapter 13 Gold encased slavery with disgusting lust in the background Also when in doubt plan on becoming a pirate particularly when expert in DrowningChpater 12 Rat Catchers Guild versus Bugg Who do you bet against? D Oh and another sibling duo with a homicidal schemer and a dead but not vampire wannabe Chpater 11 Strutt becomes insufferably imperial I don’t see how to stem this tide Chpater 10 The little guardian of the Azath tower breaks my heart I could adopt her I think I just hope she could be talked out of casually killing peopleChapter 9 I’m imagining the weight of all these gold coins But the weight of the invisible chain is much greater I gatherChapter 8 The sword lost and reclaimed through death Oh Trull your wish of failure is as lost as your brotherChapter 7 Three divine sisters somewhat lacking in sisterhood This is a sibling themed instalment no doubt about it Chapter 6 The dead but not thief and her priorities Ootooloo anyone?Chapter 5 The ever swirling spiral of debt How well we know it How uickly we drown in the deep roll of its tides Chapter 4 That is four wholesome lungs and one considerable penis Guess what is appreciated Poor Ublala Chapter 3 Three Edur brothers and the triangle between them at least as complex as the Pythagorean tripleChapter 2 Three Beddict brothers the loyal the cunning and the brave Different debts of the same heritage Chapter 1 If you thought the Dragon Deck was complicated hold on to this notion when the Holds are introduced If you thought Tiste Andii dark brace yourself for the children of Father Shadow Prologue Back to Malazan I am as happy as a clam at high tide Of course it is a brand new ocean and all the other fish want to eat me but who cares I am not going to even pretend that I could in any way give a pale shadow of justice to this book or indeed a whole series in a proper review There are many better than me here on Goodreads and many of those I'm lucky to have among my friends who managed to grasp and convey the sheer brilliance of what awaits those who open the Malazan Book of the Fallen All I can give you is a chapter breakdown of my own drifting with the tideThe Malazan Book of the Fallen1 Gardens of the Moon ★★★★★2 Deadhouse Gates ★★★★★3 Memories of Ice ★★★★★4 House of Chains ★★★★★6 The Bonehunters ★★★★★7 Reaper's Gale ★★★★☆8 Toll the Hounds9 Dust of Dreams ★★★☆☆ and the third star is a testament to my generosity10 The Crippled God ★★☆☆☆

  8. Orient Orient says:

    Beware lot's of spoilers coming your way Well what else can I say? Another troubled and epic read for me in Malazan New continent new characters new type of magic and new gods This book really was like a spinoff story for me and so far I had trouble putting it on the same shelf with the four books I read about Malazan but I am sure that Mr Erikson will blend this story into other books masterfully I guess most of the readers enjoyed this book and I can see why this books has really interesting story to tell it’s funny it has surprising revelations a new set of characters I guess some of this tripped me a bit But nonetheless it’s once again an epic dramatic and uite entertaining treat It was a slight shock not to find my beloved characters in this book for me over be thrown into terra incognita a few years into the past The rise of the Emperor of the Tiste Edur the backstory of Trull Sengar and his kin Dramatic and gripping as an epic tale “Midnight Tides” follows the tradition of earlier books in the series it’s the characters that have the biggest part to play It was a problem for me in MT with remembering names and titles so I had to check the cast list a lot Despite introducing a whole new cast of them Mr Erikson makes them likable down to earth and with flaws And of course he harvests them the same view spoilerIt was also nice to get a better look at the Crippled God as I liked how he schemed and played nasty tricks earlier Also the unexpected appearing of members of the Crimson Guard was a nice touch Iron Bars is cool I liked how he helped Seren Ublala Pung came to help Iron Bars in a serious fight Then Shur and the other dead come too true love That episode so juicy hide spoiler

  9. Choko Choko says:

    465 A Buddy Read with my Fantasy Fanatics BBB Because we love ALL FANTASYI need to start with one of the best uotes from the book which I find eternally true and very current “Do not seek to find hope among your leaders They are the repositories of poison Their interest in you extends only so far as their ability to control you From you they seek duty and obedience and they will ply you with the language of stirring faith They seek followers and woe to those who uestion or voice challenge ‘Civilization after civilization it is the same The world falls to tyranny with a whisper The frightened are ever keen to bow to a perceived necessity in the belief that necessity forces conformity and conformity a certain stability In a world shaped into conformity dissidents stand out are easily branded and dealt with There is no multitude of perspectives no dialogue The victim assumes the face of the tyrant self righteous and intransigent and wars breed like vermin And people die” Amen In the end of the previous book the Tiste Edur Trull Sengar decided to tell his story to his undead companion This book is that story Midnight Tides connected with me on an intellectual level much than the previous couple of tomes I had a visceral emotional reaction to The Chain of Dogs which was book 2 I really enjoyed the other three books but this one spoke to my current state of disillusionment with the world around me very cerebrally We would like to be able to compare the fictional and fantastical empires of Malazan and Lethar to long dead empires of ours but Lethar's problems were very closely related to our Western powers of today The systematic destruction of the middle class with the growth of both groups of the very rich and the very poor is becoming the perfect growing field for all that the majority of us find deplorable and unthinkable but it starts insidiously creeping up on civilization and it cyclically destroys it from within Rich and poor with no vast middle class for stabilization is a revolution waiting to happen And we once again never learn from history's lessons But the best way to make the point of this book I will let my very favorite character of the whole Malazan series up to now Tehol Beddict lay it out the way only he could “As they walked Tehol spoke ‘the assumption is the foundation stone of Letherii society perhaps all societies the world over The notion of ineuity my friends For from ineuity derives the concept of value whether measured by money or the countless other means of gauging human worth Simply put there resides in all of us the unchallenged belief that the poor and the starving are in some way deserving of their fate In other words there will always be poor people A truism to grant structure to the continual task of comparison the establishment through observation of not our mutual similarities but our essential differences ‘I know what you’re thinking to which I have no choice but to challenge you both Like this Imagine walking down this street doling out coins by the thousands Until everyone here is in possession of vast wealth A solution? No you say because among these suddenly rich folk there will be perhaps a majority who will prove wasteful profligate and foolish and before long they will be poor once again Besides if wealth were distributed in such a fashion the coins themselves would lose all value—they would cease being useful And without such utility the entire social structure we love so dearly would collapse ‘Ah but to that I say so what? There are other ways of measuring self worth To which you both heatedly reply with no value applicable to labor all sense of worth vanishes And in answer to that I simply smile and shake my head Labor and its product become the negotiable commodities But wait you object then value sneaks in after all Because a man who makes bricks cannot be euated with say a man who paints portraits Material is inherently value laden on the basis of our need to assert comparison—but ah was I not challenging the very assumption that one must proceed with such intricate structures of value? ‘And so you ask what’s your point Tehol? To which I reply with a shrug Did I say my discourse was a valuable means of using this time? I did not No you assumed it was Thus proving my point’ If the Malazan Empire is the mirror of The Roman then the Letherii society mirrors the Byzantine Empire in its most decadent Rome and its military structure together with their laws engineering and religious Pantheon were a power which conuered took everything but also propped up the peoples it enfolded into their empire There were taxes in money and people but overall they worked under a set of rules which were pretty reasonable this is speaking as a person of today I am not sure the people at the time perceived it the same Byzantium drowned under the wight of its arrogance and greed Their sense of destiny and belief in supremacy made them entitled and incapable of correct objectivity when it came to their military power their enemies and the internal decay that was eroding the core of their culture It is sad because they had gone complaisant soft and fat but the arts literature music and intellectual culture were flourishing It would take centuries for them to reach the same levels until which humanity in that region had lost most of its soul “Progress is the belief from which emerge notions of destiny The Letherii believe in destiny their own They are deserving of all things born of their avowed virtues Destiny wounds us all and we Letherii wear the scars with pride We have a talent for disguising greed under a cloak of freedom As for past acts of depravity we prefer to ignore those Progress after all means to look ever forward and whatever we have trampled in our wake is best forgotten’ Everything in Lether exists only as far as its value goes Gold can see a person and his family live well or the lack of it can turn a family for generations to come into indebted slaves The ruling King his ueen and their child the Prince are secure in the military and magical power of their kingdom and see themselves as the fated rebirth of the foretold Lether Emperor and kin The ruling class and the army leaders are so sure in their military prowess that they start wars in order to gain slaves and ultimately gold with not a care for the people they conueror The poor are just a fother for the front lines to absorb the losses and perform the clean up and manual labor They are just throw away lives not real Unless you are that poor person or their family Udinaas is one of those indebted who has been captured by the Edur and is a slave to them at the moment Even as slaves the Letherii continue segregating among themselves according to their status before being captured “Udinaas well understood his own kind To the Letherii gold was all that mattered Gold and its possession defined their entire world Power status self worth and respect—all were commodities that could be purchased by coin Indeed debt bound the entire kingdom defining every relationship the motivation casting the shadow of every act every decision’ The Tiste Edur tribes live in the shadows of legends which paint them as the victims of betrayal while denying them the greatness they see themselves as deserving However the distinct and warring Tiste Edur tribes have now united under the Warlock King and are preparing to claim their destiny at the head of the Letherii Empire Theirs is a tribal culture where coins have value only as decoration of the body of the fallen warriors They have trade and slaves from the people they conuer seeing no point in gold as a commodity Being barbaric in the eyes of Lether they are vastly underestimated and the inevitable clash which the Letherii provoke is bound to be much contested than the refined and arrogant royals and army expect After all the Warlock King has made some very powerful and angry new alliesSo we have very traditional clashes of cultures but the book is much than just that It is layer upon layer of stories human fates political intrigues economic plots for collapse of the money market and most of all we have the various g ds starting to really show their hand in manipulating the pawns of their choosing Old Elder New not completely ascended and forgotten G DS are starting to steer and the hapless humans as well as other races and creatures they use and abuse in most cases are left bereft of a choice or having say in any of their participation on the game board of the all powerful Some of those G DS arose some sympathy in me but most of them are petty and selfish and I wanted to smack or destroy them if possible both However the mortals or mostly mortals we get to meet in this book for the first time were endlessly entertaining however pathetic non to bright undead powerful or genius they might have been On the Edur side I was very partial to Trull Sengar whom we met in House of Chains However both of his brothers were very memorable each in their own way as well On the Lether side well the list is longer but I am completely in love with Tehol Beddict the middle of another three brothers who lives as a failed destitute businessman with his faithful man servant Bugg who is much than he appears His philosophical musings made this book a pleasure for me to read Seren Pedac was also interesting although her path is very difficult to read about Great characters who delivered comic relief are the undead Shur Elalle and her amazing makeover the three ladies business partners of Tehol their bodyguard the complete opposite of Karsa in everything but physical appearance Ublala Pung and all the members of the Rat Catcher Guild I was particularly partial to every moment the Guild's inspector was on page This multitude of the character ensemble made the massive book fun to read and easy to follow The story was very linear and flowed in a manner not typical for the previous books However it was paced perfectly and I was very very pleased with it As always I would highly recommend this series to all those who love Epic and Military Fantasy and do not expect romance or rainbows to come with it The author once again shows the ugly face of war and the crime that it perpetuates on the individual as well as humanity as a whole Brilliant ‘Destiny is a lie Destiny is justification for atrocity It is the means by which murderers armour themselves against reprimand It is a word intended to stand in place of ethics denying all moral context’ Now I wish you All Happy reading and may you always find what you need in the pages of a Good Book

  10. Jody Jody says:

    “He saw the tides in their immutable susurration the vast swish like blood from the cold heart moon a beat of time measured and therefore measurable Tides one could not hope to hold back” In Midnight Tides Erikson has again introduced us to a new continent and cultures that continue to grow the ever expanding universe of the Malazan Book of the Fallen There is an entire new dramatis personae save the exception of one character from House of Chains Also the setting of this book is before the events of Gardens of the Moon I was slightly confused at the beginning until I figured this out So just a forewarning for all you future readers of this book Having said all that this was a great addition to the story as a whole Erikson’s style and imagination with each book really puts him in a league of his own when it comes to fantasy To throw in a new storyline and new characters after 4 books is just unthinkable and he seems to do it with such ease Can’t wait to see how this ties into the main story I have my own assumptions but I will leave them to myself at this point The continent of Lether is occupied by two main societies The Kingdom of Lether in the south and the Tiste Edur in the north The two have managed to co exist for centuries but unfolding events will put that long lasted peace to the test They both have their own internal struggles and problems but it is the characters at the center of this that our story is focused around Along with a certain outside diabolical force “The tyrant was clothed in gold and the future smelled of blood” I love the way Erikson portrays his characters with so many different dimensions to their personalities This book is no different of course and I have my favorites from each book In Midnight Tides there were several story arcs that I enjoyed but none of them can top Tehol and Bugg This comedic duo rank among my favorites in this entire series Tehol’s wit and Bugg’s undying devotion mixed with their crazy conversations was comedic entertainment at its best There are specific scenes at a whorehouse and the Rat Catcher’s Guild that will stick with me for a long time Looking forward to seeing of these two in future books Here is uote from Bugg I though was cool but only those who have read the books will understand and get the dark humor “Good things came from being nice to a Jaghut something the T’lan Imass never understood” – Bugg Midnight Tides was a nice change of pace from previous books I love them all and I am used to Erikson flipping the switch with each book but this installment had a different feel to it It almost felt like a standalone or first book in series if not for a few key factors This is a tribute to just how vast this series is and how Erikson breaks the mold of the traditional fantasy genre From the prologue to the last page this was one of my favorites so far It has taken me 3 months to finish the fifth book and midway point of this series I have enjoyed every coffee filled late night and put off responsibility to read this awesome book filled minute I’m not even going to recommend these any You peeps know what to do Enjoy “The world has drawn breathand now breathes once As steady as ever as unbroken in rhythm as the tides”

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