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Finding Anna ➞ Finding Anna free download ➣ Author C.C. Masters – Alternate cover edition for BJPWKBook The members of the Seaside Wolf Pack are investigating a murder of a human on their territory when they start finding evidence of a female wolf that may have bee Alternate cover edition for BJPWKBookThe members of the Seaside Wolf Pack are investigating a murder of a human on their territory when they start finding evidence of a female wolf that may have been involved Females are rare and it is unheard of to find a female who has managed to survive as a lone wolf But that is exactly what they find when they meet Anna This is a collection of POVs that follows Austin, James, Cody, Mason, Jason, and Caleb as they search for the mysterious female on their territory and meet Anna This is a , word novella.

About the Author: C.C. Masters

Everyone has dark moments in their life that we sometimes wish we could erase or forget But sometimes it s the pain and struggle that we have gone through that gave us our inner strength For me, writing started as a way to confront some of the demons of my past so that I could put them behind me forever Most of my characters have a dark or troubled past and my books follow their progress as they emerge from the darkness that has held them down for so long As the darkness fades, hope for a better future starts to emerge like the sun after a storm A piece of my soul goes into each one of my books, and my hope and faith in a brighter tomorrow is reflected in each one of my characters Books have always been a source of escape and enjoyment for me, so I hope that my work can help others in the same way You can join my group for contests and sneak peeks at future books Seaside Wolf Pack You can check out my Facebook page for photo albums that I use for character inspiration and news about upcoming releases CC Masters.

10 thoughts on “Finding Anna

  1. Marguerite (M) Marguerite (M) says:

    Rating 4.5 stars My heart skipped when i thought about Anna She was easily the most valuable thing in the house that anyone would want to take She was the only valuable thing in the house we could not replace My heart pounded, she should be safe there but I pressed my foot down the gas We needed to get home, now. POV POV POV, it s POV paradisesighs with happiness

  2. Debbie Ruby Debbie Ruby says:

    Love the guys POVReally enjoyed this collection of POV s from the guys that went throughout Book 1 Finding Somewhere to Belong Not only did it build on the backstory of the guys but It added some new elements that just intrigued meand makes me that muchexcited for book 2

  3. Taylor Smith Taylor Smith says:

    Loved it Loved having the guys point of view It made me love the characters evenLoved the end of the book as well with the new twist.

  4. Susan Susan says:

    This book was so good I kinda liked James before, but now I like him evenI love that we see a little bit of the darkness that lurks inside him I love how this didn t repeat anything that we already knew from book 1, it gave us all kinds of new things to speculate about.

  5. Diane Diane says:

    This book made me want book 2 so bad I thought it was going to be a repeat of the first book but it was completely different Also, James I am starting to like him a lotI don t want to give away any spoilers but.MAGIC

  6. Jaimie Jaimie says:

    I thought book 1 was good, but wow This book showed that there is so muchto the story I have so many unanswered questions and I can t wait to see where the author is going with all of this

  7. Lt Lt says:

    OMG This book shows that there was so much going on in book 1 that we didn t know about The only bad thing about this book was that it was too short I need book 2 right now

  8. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I love this book It was not AT ALL what I expected I thought it was going to be like a b side of the first book but boy was I wrong We learn so much about the guys and Anna s heritage The surprise ending makes me want book 2 so bad

  9. Jess Jess says:

    Love Love this series Can t wait for the rest This book made the first book make a lotsense with the different POVs We find out a lot in this book Great job

  10. TAM TAM says:

    This book gave great insight into the other characters as well as the story line I can t wait for book 2.

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