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Calendark ❮EPUB❯ ❄ Calendark ✿ Author David Shakes – A year passes, its history carved on a calendar imposed by man on the world around him as if he had any say in the changing of the seasons, the rise and fall of the sun a relentless cycle Yet some day A year passes, its history carved on a calendar imposed by man on the world around him as if he had any say in the changing of the seasons, the rise and fall of the sun a relentless cycle Yet some days are worth remarking They are times of celebration and harvest, sacrifice and remembrance times when the natural order is subverted by Lords of Misrule, neon hearts glow in the darkness of winter, ghosts walk and murder is committed in my honour There are revels and laughter alongside heartbreak and deception and their stories are told in these pages Do you hear the swords being sharpened Do you see the stranger approaching Little man, this calendar, this CalenDark, is mine The creative team behind thebestselling anthology The Infernal Clock return with another anthology showcasing some of the best short story writers in the genre Basing this anthology on the turning of the seasons and the special days marked therein, you ll get sixteen stories to chill you to the bone, even on the warmest of days Dare you study the Calendark PRAISE FOR THE INFERNAL CLOCK If you are a fan of horror writing at all, you need to buy this book Susan Omand, Dreamcage Media Group I did not know what to expect, but as a lover of horror and from page one I knew I had made a good choice Yvonne Davies, Terror Tree.

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  1. Yvonne Davies Yvonne Davies says:

    Having read last year s anthology to do with time, this year s book intrigued me as what could the authors do with the holidays we celebrate Well I was surprised, whilst some were popular holidays, some of the stories were about holidays I had never heard off With 16 stories each featuring a different holiday this book will take you through the year Here is a pick of my favourite holidays Lord of Misrule by Christine Dalcher We all have heard of Twelfth night the night of the 5th 6th January, but have you heard of the Twelfth Night supper Professor Jeremy Stone had, and when an invitation arrived for him to join The Saturn Society a prestige group he didn t know whether it was a prank or not Through out this story there are hints to the things that Jeremy had done in his former life He had an evil streak to him which he put down to as fun even though people got hurt The build up to the supper kept you wondering what was going to happen Last Laugh by Marie McKay April fools is always a day of laughter, but April takes it one step further Bullied at school and always being laughed at, April had an unhealthy fixation with the sound of laughter April was a strange girl, and the bullying didn t help When she bumped into the old crowd, I did wonder if it was planned or just by chance, but as the story continued you could imagine April s mind ticking over and how to get revenge Loved the strange weapon of choice and very apt to the story.Revels with the Devil by Sal Page This is one holiday I have not heard off Held on the 30th April, Walpurgis Night is the night that witches gather on a hilltop to dance with the Devil Toby, Sasha and Beth love to dress up and party, bored waiting for Halloween, Toby finds this apt holiday for them to party What goes on that night effects them all Whilst reading this story, you get to learn about Walpurgis night The way the author told this story you could sense the creepy atmosphere of the gathering The escalation of violence as the party climaxed was graphic A good story and an interesting holiday.Neon Hearts by Chris Milam Winter solstice or the shortest day of the year, the night when the Wild Hunt ride The town of Lancaster get a visit from the hunt every year and on that night, they need to make a decision that affects everyone The rules were simple Pick a person who has done some type of bad deed, or screwed folks over or never contributed to the community However, whilst reading this story, it is amazing how people can be so petty when it s their choice A good story that shows how humans can be a much of a monster as a demon coming to the town.Before each story there is either a quote or an explanation of the holiday, which was an added touch and in some cases explained the holiday, if you had not heard of it A good collection of stories that showcases new authors to me The team has done time and holidays and I wonder where they will take this next year Another good anthology which horror lovers will enjoy.

  2. Alyson Rhodes Alyson Rhodes says:

    This is the a second time themed anthology of stories from the publishing editing team of David Shakes and Stephanie Ellis the first being The Infernal Clock Calendark a neat pun on the word calendar contains within its dark portals 16 horror stories with some overlap of writers from the first book , this time being inspired by the significant dates within a calendar year from the famous ones of 14 February aka St Valentine s Day and May Day to the obscure and ancient festivals now long forgotten of Mabon drawn from the Wiccan calendar and St John s Day in June This lends a folk horror element to some of the stories like Stephanie Ellis The Dance which film wise reminded me of The Wicker Man with its theme of outsiders in a small isolated community Each story is prefaced by a festival date quote and explanation which nicely chapters the stories The standard of the writing is as high as in the first anthology, and the book is well edited and presented all again for a cheap price.In the Lord of Misrule by Christine Dalcher there is ghostly pay back for a professor at the Twelfth Night supper in The Presentation in the Temple by Ewan Smith the innocuous seeming setting of a primary school with the class teacher putting on a Year 2 Candlemas Assembly is swiftly subverted into something much sinister and deadly Marie McKay s Last Laugh inspired by April Fool s day has one of the most original methods of revenge and murder I ve read in a while and a lead character I really felt for Sal Page catchily titled Revels with the Devil is powerful,creepy and keeps you on a knife edge of doubt as to whether the Devil is present the ending made me shiver Great last line.I enjoyed all the stories though, but can t write about all 16 but there is something for all horror readers here.

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