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Married to the Mop (Charlotte Larue Mysteries) ❤ [KINDLE] ❃ Married to the Mop (Charlotte Larue Mysteries) By Barbara Colley ➣ – Charlotte LaRue is back cleaning and back on a case when she begins working for notorious crime boss Robert Rossi and his high society family As family heirlooms disappear and family feuds flame, the Charlotte LaRue is back cleaning and back on a case when she begins working for notorious crime boss Robert Rossi and his high society family As family heirlooms disappear and family feuds flame, Married to Epub / the big man himself winds up dead at his own party, seemingly at the hands of his wife, Emily.

10 thoughts on “Married to the Mop (Charlotte Larue Mysteries)

  1. Diane Diane says:

    3 Good

  2. Carol Waller Carol Waller says:

    Fluffy, funny, mindlessPlus side someone in another review disliked the many discussions on housekeeping And there are a lot of them in the series But they are not pedantic, long winded and really don t repeat that much other than start at the top, but that is given as perspective as Charlotte moves through rooms houses than a discussion on methods I have say, to given the genre, the housekeeping seems much light handed than the endless obsession with recipes or scrapbooking or crafting than I find in many fluffy mysteries Many times the hook is thrown with much info dumping or long exposition that is unnecessary and not integral to the story The hook is to attract a flavour of reader Kill the hook and story isn t interesting enough for anyone to read But the housekeeping in this series, so far, has been handled with a lighter touch No history of dustmops or soliloquy about organic vs chemical cleaners Just enough to keep it in character, not enough to derail the page Minus side coulda, woulda, shoulda is the theme of every book so far Perhaps it s because they aren t meant to be read back to back in quick succession So the repetition is required to bring the reader back into the story verse But the tenth time of I should call my niece and tell her about , you know it won t happen You know, like Jessica Fletcher coming to visit, every time Charlotte gets a customer, someone will be killed a simple robbery or assault isn t enough And you know Charlotte will continue to do the wrong thing to put herself in danger But there needs to be a little randomness in it Not I found this, I heard this, and forgot to tell anyone Let someone do the finding and Charlotte do the not telling for once Plus side for once it isn t the new, hulky, gorgeous man as the primary cop, it s the niece There is a love interest maybe but it isn t the to the rescue cop retired cop PI for once okay, he is a retired cop but not really in the plot action This is a breathe of fresh air in fluffy, mindless mysteries Minus side for a woman who spends a lot of her time fretting over getting older, and Alzheimer s, and her son wanting her to retire, Charlotte is VERY dismissive of older women, especially if they are single They are losing it, crazy, lonely, chatty, out of their mind, etc That seems very forced and just flat out wrong

  3. Karol Karol says:

    This is a book that nearly jumped off the shelf at the library and into my hands I so enjoy browsing the Mysteries section the bright colors and funny title grabbed my attention and I thought why not even though I hadn t heard of the author before.Voilla A new fan is born.I liked so much about this book the main character Charlotte LaRue , the setting pre Katrina New Orleans , the delicateness of the situations working for a mob family , and the broad cast of characters in Charlotte s circle of family and friends I liked the fact that there was absolutely no foul language except for one bullsh___ that Charlotte hushed I liked that Charlotte and her family attended church She seemed like the best kind of genuine person someone trying to be the best she could, while having flaws just as we all do.The main reasons I read cozy mysteries 1 an escape, 2 seeing justice being served in the end the criminal is always caught, and 3 the character and the aspects of his her relationships that are revealed as he she works to solve the case When it comes to the mystery itself, of course I am interested but I usually find that I either figure out fairly early who the murderer was, or I don t figure it out but I feel that the author has gone way out of the way to surprise the reader to the point of unbelievability.Barbara Colley s book delivered on all of the reasons I like to read this genre And as for the mystery itself, yes, I did figure out relatively early WHO did it, but what I didn t see until the very end was WHY.Fun, light, and entertaining, I recommend this one to cozy mystery lovers.

  4. Pam Pam says:

    12 01 31 06 MARRIED TO THE MOP by Barbara ColleyRATING 4 BGENRE PUB DATE OF PGS Mystery, 2006, 244 PGsCHARACTERS Charlotte Rue owner of Maid for a DayTIME PLACE present, New OrleansCOMMENTS 5th in the Charlotte LaRue series Charlotte,is owner of Maid for a Day and cleans homes in the GardenDistrict of New Orleans She s booked up and short of helpbut when she gets a call from Emily Rossi, w a strongreferral from a long time customer, she takes the temporary job to help out in the pre Mardi Gras season She didn t realize Emily s husband is the infamous mobster Robert Rossi She s taken by sweet Emily and stays on to help but doesn t like Mr Rossi, and w the of constant bodyguards in the home Charlotte is not alone in her feelings A good addition to this series harlotte is a very likeable character.

  5. Ann G. Ann G. says:

    Oh, what a lovely title Charlotte LaRue, proprietress of Maid For a Day in New Orleans, takes on a short term job for a woman who turns out to be the wife of a mafia don.People in disguise Bad guys Missing treasures Mardi gras parties Mysterious women Are you getting the idea To quote Dorothy Parker Had she told the dicks How she got in that fix I would be much apter To read the last chapter Except I read it all the way through, despite Charlotte s completely unbelievable insistence on not telling the police anything Well, I got the book for free, and it took no time to read, so I can t really complain And that s about all I can say for this book.

  6. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    Okay, every once in a while you just need pure escape in a quick to read, I can solve that, mode with a main character who you can enjoy and relate to and that s when you can turn to Colley s Charlotte LaRue series This maid of New Orleans bad historical pun, but apt description has yet to fail for cozy reading.

  7. Linda Linda says:

    This book was a pleasant read Apparently, it is part of a series While I liked this book, I won t be searching out the whole series I wouldn t turn my nose up at other books in the s just a light, fluffy read.

  8. Robin Resch Robin Resch says:

    I love the character Charlotte, she is a sassy kick butt older lady who everyone loves The book moves along at a good pace I picked up the first one in this series and have read five of these books in less than a week Looking forward to of Barbara Colley s books.

  9. Doreen Doreen says:

    funny enjoyed

  10. Trudy Trudy says:

    Clever southern cozy mysteryfun to read.

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